How Affiliate Marketing Changed My Life! When I Felt Like Giving Up 😪 This Is What Happened AND Here Is How You Can Do Exactly The Same! 😎

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My Story!  Why I Started Blogging 💻

Have you ever felt that things are not going your way?  Like desperate for money because everything you have tried to do to try and survive has only plunged you deeper into the abyss.   This might sound a bit overdramatic but I remember the last few months leading up to December 2019 I needed to find a solution because financially I was pretty screwed.

Around this time I was running a dropshipping business for a Chinese partner and whilst this started off profitable during this time it was losing me so much money that everything else I had worked so hard to build, like my other main eBay business, was starting to suffer as a result. 

It was the first time in years that I really knew what it was like to have no money 😥

Now, during this time I had found a temporary solution with UK Matched betting.  For 2-3 months this really was a godsend but after I used up all the different signup offers I was back to square ONE!

So here I was once again needing to find the money I needed to support my businesses that even before COVID was really struggling.  I am not quite sure why I did this but one day whilst surfing online I decided to search for “How To Make Money Online?”.

So I remember finding this great blog post.  It actually mentioned several ideas which I could try but the one that really called out to me was actually blogging myself and going down the route of affiliate marketing.

…Which, I know maybe it is overhyped but actually, I had a bit of experience with blogging and HTML etc. from way back in the day around 2010, and actually, I always wanted to get back into it.  So this was really it for me.  I didn’t know so much about affiliate marketing but this is definitely highly relevant.

Note: if you are not familiar with the process of affiliate marketing check out this infographic below ⏬

Now, Let’s Continue Shall We?

It was New Years Eve 2019 when I actually first got to work again after years away from blogging.  I stayed in that night because basically, I didn’t want to spend any money.  I’d just got back home from visiting my family in Hampshire UK and I was stressing about the money I owed out  AND not only this – I had a flight to Dublin booked for 3 weeks time.  A trip away with my cousin which I had paid for back in October. I basically, needed money for EVERYTHING it felt like!

So, For that next week, I wrote, and I wrote one blog after another. It must have been even longer before I realized but here is what happened after only one week (Swear to God!). What I am about to show you is my earnings from my first month doing affiliate marketing…

Now I know people might find this unbelievable but…

I just got lucky I guess

Apparently, this rarely happens to anyone but it did for me. One of my posts ended up being read by several happy paying customers. After only 7 days of blogging again, and on my 1st attempt at affiliate marketing

I made $191.78. Basically in my 1st week…

So, I say Affiliate Marketing Changed My Life! because I made $448.23 in this first month.

It was because of this I was able to recover my eBay Business and Yes I did get to go to Dublin! It’s funny how such a sum can make this much of a difference but it did!  and…

It Was A New Beginning

Since this time I haven’t looked back.  I am now the publisher of 4 different websites that are all growing to be something very special each in their very own little way!

If you would like to know how you can do the same I will show you!  As well as a very helpful platform that can help you get started today with a 100% free affiliate marketing and blogging course just for you.


You Can Do Exactly What I Did!

Make a website just like mine @ 

A project that is very dear to my heart. It still needs a bit of work but it’s all coming together nicely!

I love writing so lots of stuff to share with you all going forward!

But as of now here are probably some of my best posts that can help you in my opinion! 

Creating Your First Website – Getting Started with Blogging 
How To Learn Affiliate Marketing for Beginners
How To Write a Killer Blog Post – Introduction to Copy Writing
How to Set Up Sales Funnels – Step by Step Guide
How To Choose the Right Niche, for Your First Website
How to Get Leads for Your Business on WordPress
Affiliate Marketing 50 Recommended Tools For 2022
Developing a Positive Mindset Training for Online Business
Finding the Right Vehicle for Success – What Will You Drive?
MAKE Fast Free Money with Affiliate Marketing
100 Niche Ideas for a New Website
17 Ways To Drive Traffic Without SEO (for Your New Blog)
Try These 7 Side Hustles for Your New Blog / Website?
64 Lessons To Learn About Affiliate Marketing (Blog Checklist)

Some of my best posts I think.  All I’m sure need a bit of extra work but this is the fun part about blogging everything is a work in progress.  To actually make this profitable there is so much still that you can do.  

Even for me after 2 years of building this website as a side project things just keep getting better!

Something That I Would Definitely Like To Thank This Training For...

wealthy affiliate reviews

For anyone reading this, I don’t mean to make this sound like a sales pitch.  My idea for the creation of this website was initially just to promote Make Money Online products as an affiliate.   At one stage I was trying to run one blog with about 5 different niches (silly idea) and because I had a few Online Business blog posts I bought this domain. 

Although, another key reason was to have a platform where I could share my training every step of my journey and help others along the way.  A lot of this especially in the beginning I thank this platform for here…

The platform where this website is hosted along with my other 3 websites…

Wealthy Affiliate – It’s not everyone’s cup of tea.  If you google it there are some pretty long nasty reviews but it has helped me and I definitely do recommend it…


Here Is Why!

Wealthy Affiliate I have found this to be the perfect base of operations. It does what I need it to 🏆

Before trying this program I tried Wix, Shopify, and all sorts of other things to build up an online business. None successfully except Blogger.  I had some success with this but it wasn’t till I took the Wealthy Affiliate OEC training that I was able to properly develop my first WordPress website and begin the development of websites.

I recommend it to others for this reason.  It taught me the basics, I’m pretty sure it can teach you the basics and what’s more I can help you get to where I am now but a lot faster.  I am not ashamed to say I made a few mistakes to get here.  These can now be shared as valuable lessons to help you get the best start possible…


If You Would Like Me To Coach You 👨‍🏫

I will keep this short. To find out more about me check out my about me page, but just a few words quickly. 

My name is Alex Chivers.  I am a 36 year old Man born in 1986 in Stevenage Hertfordshire (UK). 

I’ve always been interested in reading and writing since an early age. The first proper blog I published was back in 2009. 

It was mostly about my own personal interests. I didn’t get much attention from it, but It was good practice.

However, Since then I have come a long way.  I still continue doing what I love (writing) to help make my dreams of travelling the world and drinking the worlds finest beers come true.

And I would like to help you do the same…

Sign Up Today!

From my Free Coaching, eBook, Daily Email Tips, Free Website and 2 Free AM Courses!

Now Aside From This

My vision for is to create a website that can help you build a successful blog and to help you master affiliate marketing.   It is very hard work but it’s worth it.  If you’ve ever thought about writing a book well that should be easy if compared.  Although don’t let this put you off 

THIS is one of the most lucrative businesses
 that you could ever have.

Just a few simple decisions and you can really do this. All you need to start is to have an idea. What is your website going to be about? CHOOSE YOUR NICHE!

Check out a few successful blogs below for inspiration…

At least half of these are websites from Successful WA members and are in the Make Money Online Niche.  You can actually choose another Niche if you want as there will be less competition.

Just choose a hobby, something you are passionate about and do a days research about related products and see what other websites are doing. DO YOUR RESEARCH

Then simply you just need to choose a domain name that is available. PICK A GOOD NAME!


You want a good name and when you have it choose a service to host your website. Bluehost and Siteground are very popular but the easiest way to do this and everything you need to do after is by following the training in Wealthy Affiliates Free Beginners Course.

Join me on Wealthy Affiliate and I will make sure it is worth every penny you spend ❤

I am dead serious and I am not just saying this because of the financial incentive.

Here is another alternative if you would rather look elsewhere.

Bottom Line

Statistics show that as of 2021 people spend an estimated $12 Billion USD on products advertised through affiliate marketing. Undoubtedly it MUST be a whole lot more than this if you count things like independent affiliate programs.

AND THIS is only one way that you can make money through your own blog/website.

You also have advertising, e-commerce, your own services (course, ebooks etc.)

What’s more, EVERYTHING is done digitally!

You can work from anywhere and all you will need is a PC/Laptop and an Internet Connection!

It is entirely possible that you can go on holiday and make enough whilst there to stay longer!

You could even go on another holiday somewhere else, and the best part is the work you do…

Can pay you again, and again, again.

Imagine having one good blog post that pays you $250 or more every month without fail?!

It is the business opportunity of a lifetime IF you can master it…

the possibilities are endless

Seriously SIGN UP BELOW and I will Help YOU ⏬⏬


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