Affiliate Marketing Changed My Life! When I Felt Like Giving Up 😥 This Is What Happened Next! AND Here Is How You Can Do Exactly The Same! ✅

See How I went from a Struggling eBay Trader to a Successful Blogger and Affiliate Marketer Earning Regular Commissions Every Month To Help Ease My Financial Woes

Just Follow These Simple Steps

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This is one of the main ways I make my money online.  If you are interested in trying this for yourself – Simply follow these 4 steps;

  1. Choose an offer,
  2. Create Content,
  3. Drive Traffic and
  4. Make Money. 

This in theory is the exact same process used by countless people every day to earn Affiliate partner commissions – BUT HOW ABOUT THIS?  Is this really this easy to do?  Like could YOU adopt this very same method to start earning money online TODAY!

Well, honestly it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster for me really.  I’ve been interested in making money online for a long time now and pretty much I’ve tried everything over the years.   eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Surveys, Stocks, Shares, Crypto and plenty of other things that never really worked out for me.

But the real game changer for me was when I decided to really get involved with blogging and affiliate marketing.  For me THIS has to be one of the best decisions I ever made and is actually one of the reasons I started

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Now, Let’s Continue Shall We?

It was New Years Eve 2019 when I actually first got to work again after years away from blogging.  I stayed in that night because basically, I didn’t want to spend any money.  I’d just got back home from visiting my family after Xmas time and I was really stressed out.  I owed money out, my eBay business was struggling and I needed a solution.  Everything seemed to be going to ****!

And On top of this I had flights to Dublin booked with my cousin and I really didn’t how I would pay for it.

So, I decided to start blogging again, and for that next week, I wrote, and I wrote one blog after another. It must have been even longer before I realized but here is what happened after only one week (TRUE STORY!). 

This really happened, and what I am about to show you is my earnings from my first month doing affiliate marketing…


So I’m not sure what the hell I did here – I guess it was just a really great blog post.  But after only a few days I made 4 separate affiliate commissions.  I remember I had just got out the swimming pool and was getting dressed in the changing room at my local leisure center when my cousin text me to say if I didn’t have the money to go he didn’t want to go away to Ireland with me 😥

Honestly, I was about to give up on the idea.  What was the point if I couldn’t afford it?  But I decided to check my Clickbank account.   I don’t know what made me but you can imagine my delight when I saw these first 5 commissions.  

This is probably why I am still doing blogging and affiliate marketing now – there really is no greater feeling 🤑

Now I know people might find this unbelievable but…

I Got Lucky – I Don’t Know How But This Actually Happened!

Apparently, no one ever has this sort of luck But I am not Bulllsh*tting YOU  

One of my posts ended up being read by several happy paying customers within my first week of starting a new blog. 

After only 7 days of blogging, and on my 1st attempt at affiliate marketing I made $205.78 USD 

So, I say Affiliate Marketing Changed My Life! because I made $448.23 in this first month.

It was money that I really needed at the time and Yes I did get to go to Dublin! 

It’s funny how such a small sum can make so much of a difference but it did!  

And THIS Was Just The Beginning

Since this time I haven’t EVER looked back.  It has really been one surprise after another.

Getting text messages on my phone to say I’ve just earned a new commission.

Finding out I’ve had money just sitting there for 3 months without even knowing about it.

Being able to travel and work on my business from other countries.

It really has been an amazing few years and the future has definitely got me excited! 

If you would like to know how you can do the same I will show you!  As well as a very helpful platform that can help you get started today with a 100% free affiliate marketing and blogging course just for you.


You Can Do Exactly What I Did!

Make a website just like mine ~ 

A project that is very dear to my heart.  Hopefully this can be helpful. 

I love writing so lots of stuff to share with you all going forward!

But as of now here are probably some of my best posts that I have written so far!

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So this is still a long way away from where I want it to be.  This I’d say is just the beginning really – lot’s of plans for this blog and definitely I will be keeping the new content coming.  My aim is to help as many people as I can.  The world can be a difficult place to live in.  Money should not be everything to peoples lives but it definitely can make all the difference.

I know that it can be hard.  I’ve been there but seriously this is something you can start doing today to really make the changes that our necessary to a more financially free future.   

I Am Not Quite There Yet But Much Of The Success I've Had So Far Has Been Down To Having A Great Coach. Now I Am Offering This Same Opportunity To You!

wealthy affiliate reviews

For anyone reading this, I don’t mean to make this sound like a sales pitch.  My idea for the creation of this website is to help you do what I am doing myself to successfully earn money through the Internet.  

Largely ONE thing I am thankful for is the platform which in the beginning taught me how to develop my website and many of the different techniques about marketing that I still use today.

I don’t want to make this only about this training.  Mostly I want to offer you my guidance from my own experience.

Wealthy Affiliate I think is a great base of operations and I HIGHLY recommend it.  However I also recommend that you sign up for my free newsletter and take a read of my self published affiliate marketing and blogging tips for beginners ebook.

Simply just click the box below to get started ⏬

Now Aside From This

My vision for is to create a website that can help you build a successful blog and to help you master affiliate marketing.   You should know that It is very hard work but it’s worth it.  If you’ve ever thought about writing a book well that should be easy if compared.  Although don’t let this put you off 

THIS is one of the most lucrative businesses
 that you could ever have.

Just a few simple decisions and you can really do this. All you need to start is to have an idea. What is your website going to be about? CHOOSE YOUR NICHE!

Check out a few successful blogs below for inspiration…

At least half of these are websites from Successful WA members and are in the Make Money Online Niche.  You can actually choose another Niche if you want as there will be less competition.

Just choose a hobby, something you are passionate about and do a day’s research about related products and see what other websites are doing. DO YOUR RESEARCH

Then simply you just need to choose a domain name that is available. PICK A GOOD NAME!


You want a good name and when you have it choose a service to host your website. Bluehost and Siteground are very popular but the easiest way to do this and everything you need to do after is by following the training in Wealthy Affiliates Free Beginners Course.

Join me there and I will make sure it is worth every penny you spend ❤

I am dead serious and I am not just saying this because of the financial incentive.

Here is another alternative if you would rather look elsewhere.

Bottom Line

Statistics show that as of 2021 people spend an estimated $12 Billion USD on products advertised through affiliate marketing. Undoubtedly it MUST be a whole lot more than this if you count things like independent affiliate programs.

AND THIS is only one way that you can make money through your own blog/website.

You also have advertising, e-commerce, your own services (course, ebooks etc.)

What’s more, EVERYTHING is done digitally!

You can work from anywhere and all you will need is a PC/Laptop and an Internet Connection!

It is entirely possible that you can go on holiday and make enough whilst there to stay longer!

You could even go on another holiday somewhere else, and the best part is the work you do…

Can pay you again, and again, again.

Imagine having one good blog post that pays you $250 or more every month without fail?!

It is the business opportunity of a lifetime IF you can master it…

the possibilities are endless

Seriously SIGN UP BELOW and I will Help YOU ⏬⏬

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