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My name is Alex Chivers, I am from the UK and I started blogging around about 12 years ago. Since then I have stopped, wrote the odd blog here and there. Stopped and started again but most recently I started blogging again full time in December 2019.

This website I created after a couple of months of getting started again and the main reason I made this specific website was/is to share articles about affiliate marketing, blogging tips, and online business.  

This is actually, how was born. And since then it is a project that has really grown on me. In some ways, it has kind of become a diary of sorts where I can share my newfound knowledge and research into various different products.

A lot of the training I’ve taken and the different things I’ve learned about I’ve used this blog to write about my experiences. I’ve actually ended up writing a few steps by step guides as a result.

These include;

Now, most things I’ve learnt I’ve shared here so far, and I really hope that I can help you too.

I am so far loving this website and I hope you will as well. 

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For anyone reading this, my idea for the creation of this website was initially just to promote MMO (Make Money Online) products as an affiliate. I still intend to publish a few posts like this (not going to lie) but after a year another goal of mine with this website is to help others break into the business of blogging, building websites, and themselves promoting various different products as an affiliate.

My inspiration I would have to say is the platform where this website is hosted called Wealthy Affiliate.

By using Wealthy Affiliate I have found the perfect base of operations. Before trying this program I tried Wix, Shopify, and all sorts of other things to build up an online business. None successfully. Blogger, I had some success with but it wasn’t till I took the Wealthy Affiliate OEC (Online Entrepreneur Certification) that I was able to properly develop my first WordPress website. It has since then been one commission after another.

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More About Me and

Alex Chivers Owner of

Now, I am a real person just to let you know.  I was born in Stevenage in the UK (still live nearby).  Always been interested in writing since an early age and the first blog I made was around 2006/07. 

Back then it was more about my own personal interests. It was good practice but I never did it to the level I did since joining Wealthy Affiliate.

I actually began using Google’s Blogger platform. This was before I even knew what Wealthy Affiliate was. The reason I joined because I wanted to do this professionally. Although, I really can’t knock Blogger because within one week I made $210 from ClickBank commissions. True Story!

By the end of that month, I’d made $450. Proof that affiliate marketing if done correctly can work very quickly. It does not work this way for everyone but if anyone reading this let me know because I will help you to get the best start.

The first things you need are a website, a domain and hosting. The secondary you need to decide on a niche and once set up you need traffic.

Join me on Wealthy Affiliate and I will make sure it is worth every penny you spend. You can actually make money from here as well.

It was only very recently I read somebody saying that just 3 referrals fully signing up will cover your monthly subscription. Times that by 100 in a calendar year and they will take you to Las Vegas. 300 people and if they stick around $6750 a month what is not to love ❤

and this doesn’t include the money you will make from other affiliate programs and advertising.


Finally, so I’ve said a bit about myself and my plans for this website.

Will be the next level for me hopefully and maybe I will be able to help a lot of people along the way.

You can see my link for Wealthy Affiliate above I’m sure, and this is one way I can help you. If you want to join this platform I can personally mentor you alongside its creators Kyle and Carson, as well as all its countless other members.

But enough about Wealthy Affiliate for the time being.

My name is Alex, this is

and I will look forward to sharing new content again with you all soon!

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