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My name is Alex Chivers, and I have been working on websites and blogs on and off for over 10 years.  This website I first developed in April 2020. It was created in conjunction with 2 other websites after I made the decision to get back into blogging. To be honest I never planned to do an online business blog. First of all, I did a blog that was about all sorts but on the advice of a website consultant I decided to split this website up into different niche-specific sites.

This is actually, how iBusinessToday.com was born. Since then it is a project that has really grown on me. A lot of the training I’ve taken and the different things I’ve learned about I’ve used this blog to write about my experiences. I’ve actually ended up writing a few steps by step guides as a result.

These include;

Creating Your First Website – Getting Started with iBusiness Today
How To Learn Affiliate Marketing for Beginners
How to Easily Create an Ebook – #2 Ways, Free and Paid
How to Set Up Sales Funnels – Step by Step Guide
How To Choose the Right Niche, for Your First Website
How to Improve Site Ranking with Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool
How to Get Leads for Your Business on WordPress

Most things I’ve learnt I’ve shared here so far. I really hope that I can help you too.

So far I am loving this website and I hope you will as well.  Most things I will post here but for extra helpful content and tips, I definitely recommend that you join my email list  – Find out about my recommended course too…

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About iBusinesstoday.com

For anyone reading this, the idea behind this website will be to promote different Internet Business and Marketing concepts, ideas and products.  Mostly to do with MMO – Making Money Online!

My inspiration I would have to say is the platform where this website is hosted called Wealthy Affiliate.

On Wealthy Affiliate, there is a section called SiteComments.  It’s where you can earn community points for reading other members posts and leaving a comment.  The general idea is for every 2 points earned you can request a comment for one of your own posts to help boost SE rankings.

I was basically inspired by one of these posts on SiteComments.  It was a bit in your face I won’t lie but the guy behind the site clearly knew what he was doing.  He is basically the reason I’m writing this right now.  He said that I should use this site to help share my journey with other bloggers.

More About Me and iBusinesstoday.com

Alex Chivers Owner of iBusinessToday.com

I’ve already introduced myself above but I will quickly tell you a little bit more.  I’m 34 Years old from the UK.  The first blog I made was around 2006/07.  Back then it was more about my own personal interests it didn’t really end up working out so I stopped to focus on what was at the time my new eBay business around 2010.

I’ve done bits and pieces since then but the new websites that I’m running now I’ve only been working on since NYE (2k19). Not that long ago really considering but I got off to a pretty good start.

I actually began using Google’s Blogger platform. This was before I even knew what Wealthy Affiliate was. The reason I joined because I wanted to do this professionally. Although, I really can’t knock Blogger because within one week I made $210 from ClickBank commissions. True Story!

By the end of that month, I’d made $450. In a way, I wish I never give up on that blog but after moving to WordPress I fell in love with it ❤ The plugins, the design features, and most of all being able to make a proper website.

It has been a bit up and down since then but the main thing is everything I’ve learned in this time.

Joining Wealthy Affiliate I have to say has been worth every penny. You can actually make money from here as well. It was only very recently I read somebody saying that just 3 referrals fully signing up will cover your monthly subscription. Times that by 100 in a calendar year and they will take you to Las Vegas.

Somewhere I very much hope that I get to go to. We shall see!


Finally, so I’ve said a bit about myself and my plans for this website. Will be the next level for me hopefully and maybe I will be able to help a lot of people along the way.

You can see my link for Wealthy Affiliate above I’m sure, and this is one way I can help you. If you want to join this platform I can personally mentor you alongside its creators Kyle and Carson, as well as all its countless other members.

But enough about Wealthy Affiliate for the time being.

My name is Alex, this is iBusinesstoday.com

and I will look forward to sharing new content again with you all soon!

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