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True Story! This Actually Happened!

Hi Opportunity Seekers! My name is Alex Chivers, and I am from the UK and I started blogging around about 2007-2008 (kind of). Since then I have stopped, written the odd blog here and there. Stopped and started again. I have had my fair share of failures but most recently I started blogging again full time in December 2019.

In between, I have tried all sorts trying to earn money online but here I think is where I have settled!

When I look back at my early blogs they were pretty rubbish really (I am not going to lie) but this definitely gave me the desire to come back one day to do something that I feel like I am very passionate about.

So I stopped I mentioned that part. I started an eBay business in 2011 (I still have this) but honestly what led me here was actually realising that I wanted more. To not have to worry about going out at the weekend and being able to afford new clothes. Things like that etc. I mean eBay has treated me well but it hasn’t always.


I think maybe around 2017 – I Wanted to find a side hustle to make a bit more money to help pay off my debts a bit faster. There were times where I couldn’t order the stock that I’d run out of which were quite frustrating and I just thought I would be a lot more successful with an extra injection of cash on the side.

So I got involved in something that helped for a while. A business partnership on the side that wasn’t really in the end in my best interests. I actually wanted to find a side hustle for that because it was basically just all going wrong! 🙃

At this point – I had a long hard think about what I was going to do next and I come to the conclusion that I would start blogging again and do affiliate marketing! I’d heard about this before (affiliate marketing) but I never actually tried it until this month back in 2019.


Note: if you are not familiar with the process of affiliate marketing check out this infographic below ⏬

Now, Let’s Continue Shall We?

It was New Years Eve 2019 when I actually first got to work again after years away from blogging. I stayed in because basically, I didn’t want to spend any money that night. I was at my wit’s end basically pulling my hair out. There was my eBay business, my partnership (the less said about that the better), and I had a flight to Dublin booked for 3 weeks time which I had paid for back in October. I basically, needed money for EVERYTHING it felt like!

So, For that next week, I wrote, and I wrote one blog after another. It must have been even longer before I realized but here is what happened after only one week (Swear to God!). What I am about to show you is my earnings from my first month doing affiliate marketing…

My first affiliate commissions


This is not normal but it is what is possible

I just got lucky I guess

Apparently, this rarely happens to anyone but it did for me. One of my posts ended up being read by several happy paying customers. After only 7 days of blogging again, and on my 1st attempt at affiliate marketing

I made $191.78. Basically in my 1st week…

So, I say Affiliate Marketing Changed My Life! because I made $448.23 in this first month and this was enough to convince me to end my Toxic Business Partnership. Keep going with my eBay Business and Yes I did get to go to Dublin! It’s funny how such a sum can make this much of a difference but it did!

It Was A New Beginning

Since this time I haven’t looked back.  I am now the publisher of 4 different websites that are all growing to be something very special each in their very own little way!

If you would like to know how you can do the same I will show you!

You Can Do Exactly What I Did!

Make a website just like mine 

A project that is very dear to my heart. It still needs a bit of work but it’s all coming

I love writing so lots of stuff to share with you all going forward!


But as of now here are probably some of my best posts that can help you in my opinion!


This will be updated again in the near future at the moment I am still working towards getting this website more organised so please bear with me! It’s coming together but its a lot of hard work 🤣

Although, I am so far loving this website, blogging and affiliate marketing and I hope you will as well. 

Most Of My Work I Have Done Has Been Due To This Training

wealthy affiliate testimonials

For anyone reading this, my idea for the creation of this website was initially just to promote MMO (Make Money Online) products as an affiliate. I still intend to publish a few posts like this (not going to lie) but after a year another goal of mine with this website is to help others break into the business of blogging, building websites, and themselves promoting various different products as an affiliate.  So that is the other thing helpful articles!

My inspiration I would have to say is the platform where this website is hosted called Wealthy Affiliate.


So, check out Wealthy Affiliate I have found this to be the perfect base of operations. It does what I need it to 🏆

Before trying this program I tried Wix, Shopify, and all sorts of other things to build up an online business. None successfully. Blogger, I had some success with but it wasn’t till I took the Wealthy Affiliate OEC (Online Entrepreneur Certification) that I was able to properly develop my first WordPress website and begin the development of websites such as #IBT


Now, Wealthy Affiliate is by no means perfect. It teaches the important fundamental things and for that, I highly recommend but MAKE sure you have someone good to mentor you about what to do in the very beginning.

I don’t mean to blow my own trumpet 🎺 but please take a look around and see what you think?

If You Would Like Me To Coach You 👨‍🏫

I will keep this short. To find out more about me check out my about me page, but just a few words quickly. 

I am 35 years old and was born in 1986 at a hospital in Stevenage Hertfordshire (UK). 

I’ve always been interested in reading and writing since an early age. The first proper blog I published was back in 2009. 

It was mostly about my own personal interests. I didn’t get much attention from it, but It was good practice.

However, I would say I never really properly learned about how to build a website and write a successful blog until I joined Wealthy Affiliate. It certainly has its haters but for me, I was very thankful for its early lessons.

I am still a member today and its community and support has certainly got me out of some difficult situations. 

It’s not perfect but this was 100% what led to the creation of this website so I will be forever grateful.

If you would like some help getting started with Wealthy Affiliate, please…

Email me at for more information!

Now Aside From This

My vision is to create a website that can help you build a successful blog. It is very hard work. If you’ve ever thought about writing a book that should be easy if compared. But don’t let this put you off this is one of the most lucrative businesses that you could ever have.

Just a few simple decisions and you can really do this. All you need to start is to have an idea. What is your website going to be about? CHOOSE YOUR NICHE!

Choose a hobby, something you are passionate about and do a days research about related products and see what other websites are doing. DO YOUR RESEARCH

Then simply you just need to choose a domain name that is available. PICK A GOOD NAME!


You want a good name and when you have it choose a service to host your website. Bluehost and Siteground are very popular but the easiest way to do this and everything you need to do after is by following the training in Wealthy Affiliates Free Beginners Course.

Join me on Wealthy Affiliate and I will make sure it is worth every penny you spend ❤

I am dead serious and I am not just saying this because of the financial incentive.

Here is another alternative if you would rather look elsewhere.

Bottom Line

Statistics show that as of 2021 people spend an estimated $12 Billion USD on products advertised through affiliate marketing. Undoubtedly it MUST be a whole lot more than this if you count things like independent affiliate programs.

AND THIS is only one way that you can make money through your own blog/website.

You also have advertising, e-commerce, your own services (course, ebooks etc.)

What’s more, EVERYTHING is done digitally!

You can work from anywhere and all you will need is a PC/Laptop and an Internet Connection!

It is entirely possible that you can go on holiday and make enough whilst there to stay longer!

You could even go on another holiday somewhere else, and the best part is the work you do…

Can pay you again, and again, again.

Imagine having one good blog post that pays you $250 or more every month without fail?!

It is the business opportunity of a lifetime IF you can master it…

the possibilities are endless

Seriously SIGN UP BELOW and I will Help YOU


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