100 Niche Ideas for a New Website

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Hi All,  So I was thinking about what would really be useful for new visitors to this website.  Not only this but for anyone looking to create a new website.  I know how hard it can be to decide on what to make a website about so here are ‘a 100 Niche Ideas for a New Website’.

So, I have tried to group a few things together.  The top 5 are probably the most popular (high competition) but take a look choose one, and try and build a website from there;

100 Niche Ideas for a New Website

So here are my ideas.  If there are any good ones I missed.  Please let me know in the comments section.

  1. Health
  2. Travel
  3. MMO
  4. Relationships
  5. Pets
  6. Real Estate
  7. E-Commerce
  8. Educational
  9. Gardening
  10. Men’s Clothes
  11. Women’s Clothes
  12. Baby Clothes
  13. Golf
  14. Tennis
  15. Fishing
  16. Football
  17. Rugby
  18. Boxing
  19. Baseball
  20. Ice Hockey
  21. Snooker
  22. Karate
  23. American Football
  24. Formula 1
  25. Knitting
  26. Sewing
  27. Comic Books
  28. Trading Cards
  29. Manga
  30. Animation
  31. Rock Music
  32. Rap Music
  33. Dance Music
  34. Classical Music
  35. Popular Music
  36. Meditation
  37. Yoga
  38. Book Reviews
  39. Film Reviews
  40. Cookery
  41. Adult XXX
  42. Local Interest
  43. Engineering
  44. Motorbikes
  45. Cars
  46. Electronics
  47. Gadgets
  48. Smartphones
  49. Science Fiction
  50. Mother and Baby
  51. Children’s Toys
  52. Record Collecting
  53. Model Making
  54. Dolls Houses
  55. Home Security
  56. Wildlife
  57. Art Collecting
  58. Stamp Collecting
  59. Gaming
  60. Lego
  61. Astronomy
  62. CryptoCurrencies
  63. Unexplained Mysteries + Paranormal
  64. DIY + Interior Design
  65. Caring for the Elderly
  66. Caring for the Disabled
  67. LGBT
  68. Wrestling
  69. Precious Metals
  70. Cycling
  71. Canoeing + Kayaking
  72. Motor Homes
  73. River Boating
  74. Camping
  75. Creative Writing + Poetry
  76. Cleaning
  77. FOREX
  78. Skiing
  79. Skateboarding
  80. Snowboarding
  81. Ice Skating
  82. Roller Skating
  83. Fancy Dress
  84. Celebrities
  85. Politics
  86. Christianity
  87. Judaism
  88. Islam
  89. Hinduism
  90. Jehovahs Witness
  91. Train Sets )Hornby etc.)
  92. Scalextric
  93. China Dolls
  94. Puppeteering
  95. Bird Watching
  96. Steam Engines
  97. CBD
  98. Psychology
  99. Watches
  100. Accessories (Sunglasses, Handbags, etc.)

Choosing the Right Niche

So for me this very important.  Building a website or a blog is very much like writing a book or trying to do a giant jigsaw puzzle.  You will need to spend a lot of time on it and you don’t really want to be working on more than one at a time.

Very big jigsaw puzzle

Some people make blogs and they don’t really stick to any certain one thing.  I didn’t with my first blog.  It was basically 5 different niches rolled into one.  I think back and honestly, I always question how big a mistake I made here.

The concept was sound I thought.  Dynamic Ideas for Life.  Making Money, Affiliate marketing, Health, Meditation, and all sorts really.  I don’t regret it completely but all the feedback I was getting was the same though.

“Stick to one niche”.

So I moved everything away from my website which wasn’t to do with health and ended up with 5 different websites.

I can honestly say I don’t recommend this.  Trying to publish on 5 websites simultaneously is very, very hard work.  It’s not impossible.  As a full-time blogger, you could post once a day for 5 days a week with 2 days to do editing, social sharing, SEO, and whatever else.

Fairplay to anyone that can manage this but instead of doing 5 posts on 5 different websites a week it is much better to publish 5 posts a week on one website.

My suggestion if you can to choose one website (2 Max.)  Create a website about one of the 100 ideas above.  Or any idea you can come up with about just one thing.  Publish 150-200 posts then if you want to create a new website do it after.

If everything is done right you will have posts that rank, and hopefully, some that start to earn you commissions, etc.

Then for your new project (if you choose to do so), you will be more experienced.  After developing a website with 200 posts you should hit the ground running when you start on a new one.

Just remember it is always better to focus on one thing at a time.

Micro Niche Ideas

Another thing to consider when choosing your niche.  If you really want this to be a source of income how can you really compete against other websites?  Well, I like to believe that any niche can work but it does help to narrow things down and this could be the thing that really takes off.

For example Pets.  You have dogs, cats, hamsters, budgies, parrots, etc. Then you can narrow that down again.  Parrots could be narrowed down to Macaws.  Dogs you could do a website about supplements for dogs

If you did 2 websites one about pets and one about hamster accessories which would be the better idea?  Of course, you could do a website with different sections about different pets and if done right you could make it work but how about something more specific…  Exotic Pets, or Horse Riding Equipment.  What would have less competition?

You could apply this rule to any of the 100 ideas above.  Cars for example.  Mercedes, Fiat, Peugeot.  Every type is a micro niche and you can go even further vintage BMWs, Ford Escort Parts, the list goes on.

So when you choose a niche think if you can come up with something a bit broader.  Just make sure it’s something you can write enough content about and that it’s something you can monetize.  Also, ideally, you should choose something that you are interested in.  Something like a hobby that you will enjoy writing about and that you are knowledgeable of.

How To Set Up Your First Website

So, assuming that you haven’t already set up your first website.  The things you will need are hosting and a domain.  Aside from this, you should also benefit from having guidance and support.  My suggestion is to sign up for a free account with a platform called Wealthy Affiliate.  I am myself a member and have been since January 2020.

Once you join you will have 2 things;

1.)  A short course which will explain how to set up your website


2.)  Free hosting for your starter website.

The training should take maybe 2 weeks and by the end of it, you should have your starter website.

You will then have the option to upgrade to Premium and unlock the full Online Entrepreneur Certification Training and Bootcamp.  Further to this, there is a very big community that is always on board to help others.  This includes me too and anybody who joins through my referral link I will give 1-on-1 coaching too.

Contact Me Through One of My Social Channels if you would like to find out more.  Please just explain you’ve read this post and you would like to find out more about Wealthy Affiliate.

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8 thoughts on “100 Niche Ideas for a New Website”

  1. This article really has great niche ideas. I was thinking of starting a blog, but after I read your post I realized I was thinking too broad. I need also to decide on microniche ideas. Do you think that blog about low-maintenance green plants is a good idea? Perhaps should I micro-niche my idea and select only one plant, like monstera? Monstera plant has quite a big family with different colours and variations.

    1. Hello Vesna,  I would say take your time.  Try to narrow things down as much as possible then think of ideas for posts and how you could monetize.  Then if you find you don’t have enough to work with broaden your idea until you are happy with what you have.  Then choose the domain after I would say.  The amount of time you will spend on a website preparation is everything I would say.

  2. Hey Alex. Thanks for another great post with helpful tips for blogging. I think that to find YOUR NICHE (narrowed down as much as possible) is one of the most, if not the most important ingredient for successful blog, won’t you agree? I also see you mentioned, 200 blog posts as mark for starting receiving commissions. Would you say anyone above that mark not earning, is not successful? Cheers.

    1. Hi Julius, I’m still learning if I am being 100% honest with you. I think the thing about a niche is the broader you make it the more competition you will come up against. Although contrary to this if you make it too narrow it might mean that either your audience is too small or you can not come up with enough content to make the website worthwhile. The trick I think is to find a narrowed down niche that you continue to expand upon. So you can cater for your small niche audience but still develop further into something bigger. It’s quite a complex thing really – I think as well you could pick still a top 5 niche (Health, MMO, Pets, Relationships and Travel) and you could still do very well with it as long as you develop content that people enjoy reading and respond well to. 200 posts I think is a good staple to be fair as you can probably just get everything good, revise your old posts to be the best you can make them and then move on to a new project. This way you can take all those new lessons to start painting again on a blank canvas with all your new knowledge and a better eye for detail. Even though, you can absolutely start earning money a lot sooner. I think it is not too unrealistic to think if you can crank out 60 alright posts in 3 months there is no reason why you can’t make your first commission within this period. In fact, even a new website or blog with just a few posts can make you money within the first week with the right traffic sources. Which, I can tell you from past experience I started on Blogger (again) in 2019 and true story I made my first $190 commission 7 days later. It was very strange but I think someone found my post on Facebook I’m not actually sure how it happened but in terms of SEO and generating income passively you do need a good amount of quality content. I think maybe 100 very good posts have maybe more chance of converting than 200 not so good posts but 200 very good posts with decent products and I think you should definitely be making at least some $$$ money. If you’re not I think you need to try and find where you’re going wrong. Maybe start a new project and come back to your old work and see if you can find a new solution later on. I would say though it’s definitely a numbers game the more content you produce the more chance you have of making money. Although yes a good niche definitely helps.

    2. Thank you for your detailed response Alex. I agree that it is really game of numbers and it might hard to determine the right number of posts before one can make it profitable. It all depends on the quality, rather than the quantity. I think crucial is the niche and also the audience. Interesting question I hear often though is, does first come the niche or the audience? Because you can be as well in narrow niche with great potential, but without the right and narrow audience you probably won’t go too far. What do you think? Cheers

    3. Hi Julius, That is an interesting question. I would say the audience but you aren’t going to get an audience without something that you can at least call a niche. I would say if you were to go for a very narrow niche you should see maybe what kind of interest it has elsewhere. From this, you could maybe see what interest there is from others and also what other people are doing. I think too many people miss these kinds of things. It is all good having a domain name you love and what you think is a game-changing idea for a website but is this something that will draw the crowds in and is it something you can monopolize. I definitely think Niche is most important but without an audience you are all on your own

  3. Hi Alex,

    I agree that publishing 5 articles a week on a website is definitely better than one article per week on 5 websites. Since you focus on one site only, you’ll probably have more time to do online researches for better topics with top-performing keywords to rank your articles higher on search engines. It’ll bring you more chances to let people land on your posts ahead of others.

    I also love the idea of finding a micro niche for your website! Even when you are in the micro-niche, you can still write relevant posts to share your enthusiasm. If you are writing things that you really enjoy talking about, it’s the best. 🙂


    1. Yes Matt, 100% even though I must admit I am guilty of this myself. There are 3 websites I am currently working on together at the moment but I really want to try to make this clear to people. If you can actually just take your time when you are starting out to choose a niche for a website that you can make your sole focus you have more chance of making it successful this way. It is all good creating a second or 3rd website but I would say maybe save it until you have made your first website successful. As for choosing a micro-niche if you do this correctly the upper hand is yours. Competition is good it means you have a pre-defined audience but having a smaller audience definitely has its advantages.

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