17 ways to drive traffic without seo

17 Ways To Drive Traffic Without SEO (for Your New Blog)

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Are you still waiting to make your first commission from affiliate marketing?  How long has it been?  Perhaps they have told you that you need to give each new article 4-5 months to rank…

That before you can start making ANY money online you need to be found first on Google Page One!  Unless of course, you can drive traffic without SEO.   Which, TODAY is what I want to talk about.  To start raking it in $$$ after only a few months you either need to be one of 2 things;  Extremely lucky or an expert on all things SEO!

Now, I guess we are all hoping to get a bit lucky.  Every one of us could do with a bit of good luck every once in a while.  Although, on the other hand, to really reap the rewards of online marketing we need a bit more than just luck!  Surely!

Except, maybe can you honestly say that you are an expert?  I know the feeling (there is certainly still much that I don’t know about how this all works) but we can certainly learn – can’t we?  Even just a few new tricks and we can forget all about SEO.  At least for the meantime, and let it catch us by surprise later!

They do say that a watched pot never boils, and I know what they mean.  So many commissions  I’ve had that have caught me by surprise.  It never seems to be when I’m compulsively checking every day but I guess this is just my luck really. 

Anyhow, so earning passive income has to be the goal.  Earning from ads, services and affiliate commissions without doing any new work. 

It certainly does happen this way for many bloggers but until it does for the rest of us we must influence our readership in other ways.  Which, is exactly what today’s post will be all about. 17 Ways To Drive Traffic Without SEO! So…

My 17 Ways To Drive Traffic Without SEO!

FTC Disclosure:  

Please be aware that within this post and others on this website I will be sharing affiliate links.  The price you pay will not be affected.  If you do use these links to make a purchase I may receive a commission (usually not much) for my referral.    This is incentive-based but I only recommend products that I either use myself or I feel are worth the money.  Others I don’t recommend I will be sure to let you know. 

Getting Your Content Found By Other Means!

You most likely will know this feeling already.  When you spend hours writing and you finally finish your new blog post.  You think “what should I do next?“.  

It’s human nature that we as writers kind of hope that for the time we spend writing that someone else will at least take 5-10 minutes to read our work.

Who really just thinks to themselves, “I am not bothered if anyone reads my new blog right away“.  Fair enough it might very well appear on Google or Bing after a while (this could take 6 months… at least!) but who really has this level of patience. I mean come on! 

According to a study by AHREF’s, only 22% of blog posts rank on google page one within the first year [R].  See this video below…

So, it’s definitely well worth using other means to circulate your online content.  I mean seriously!  For me, if I think it is a good post I will share it on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, Tumblr and any other places that spring to mind.

It is no guarantee that someone will actually read my work (I know this).  However, it has to be more likely that someone MIGHT rather than if I do nothing.  This frankly is just lazy – you still need to spend a good amount of time to produce new content but also promoting your older work is also very important.

But let’s skip this part for now.

If you want your work to be found whilst it is still fresh there are plenty of ways to make this happen a lot sooner. 

Below, I will go through just some ideas that might be helpful.  If you CAN think of any others please share in the comments…

Now, 17 Ways To Drive Traffic Without SEO (for Your New Blog) – Let’s begin with…

PPC Ads –  GoogleAdwords, Bing Ads

For anybody willing to spend a bit of cash PPC [short for Pay-Per-Click] is a popular advertising model that can be used to Drive Traffic Without SEO.  URLs are advertised alongside selected keywords and you only have to pay when someone actually clicks on your content.  

It can get quite expensive depending on the keywords that you choose for your campaign but it can work out to be fairly affordable if you know what you are doing.  The advantage of using PPC on Google and Bing is that your selected URLs will be shown at the top of search results on Google or Bing etc.  

So, how the process works is that you choose keywords related to your content #EXAMPLE:  Drive Website Traffic Without SEO, and if anyone else has chosen this same keyword you will have to bid higher than them if you want to win this advertising spot.

This can be found at the top of the search engine.  Type any search in google and you should see what I mean. These ads are pretty easy to spot.

Back to the bidding process though. The trick is to find low competition keywords that do not have other people bidding for them. 

You can also of course just pay up to outbid your competitors and in a lot of cases, if you have the funds available.  Some companies will pay thousands for PPC because of the money still to be made from being 1# on Google…

but STILL, you must make sure that…

Your content will convert to enough clicks and commissions to at least cover your ad spend.  Or if your CTA is collecting emails you must make sure that your email list is an asset capable of holding its own.

The Bottomline

100% you need to be turning a profit before you continue to use PPC.  Maybe at first you could spend a bit of money just learning the ropes but you shouldn’t just be throwing money at something if it’s not worth doing.  What you want is at least some kind of indication that making a few tweaks will get better results.

Your main goal should be scalability.  Turning a profit and being able to reinvest to make more.  

Say for example you spend $50 and make $25.  You can re-run the campaign again spending $75.  

Then now let’s say you make $50.  You can then spend $75 again on the same campaign and use $50 for a new campaign.  It is not as easy as it sounds but definitely, it can be done.  

Many are successful with PPC and use their websites as a key asset to generate these earnings.

One tip according to Wealthy Affiliate is to make your start in PPC with Bing.  It’s not as popular as Google but it’s good practice and less competition for keywords as fewer people use it.  

Also, if you are new to PPC you may get free advertising credits.  Both Google and Bing offer free sign up credits to their new customers.

So, try this or another free method is…

General Social Media Marketing

Generally speaking, Social Media Marketing covers so many different bases and a few of these I will cover separately. 

HOWEVER, I just want to look at this as a broader term for this section.

As basically, sharing any content on social media is a form of marketing.  

 suspect most people do this regardless but there are methods that can be used to improve results.  

Just sharing a post on your wall on most occasions will not convert so easily.  It usually takes a little bit more effort, and…

The word here is engagement.

Getting people to leave likes, comments and shares.  Then once they have them, use this opportunity to either share your blog posts or affiliate links. 

A good idea to do is to chat with these leads privately.  If you are sharing links in your comments section this will stop others from commenting.  People respond better through private chats as well.  Also, social media algorithms work better when more people are commenting.  

You want to encourage this as much as possible.   So when you respond to comments either keep the conversation going or invite them to chat privately.

It is a bit more than just creating a post with a link.  Try and start conversations.  Influence people to ask questions that are orientated towards the content you would like to share.

Now, another thing to know about in terms of Ways To Drive Traffic Without SEO is…

Email Marketing Vs SEO

try getresponse for free

Of all the Ways To Drive Traffic Without SEO this is one of the most important.  No doubt about it.  Email Marketing is something that every website should get involved with.  Once you have someone on your email list you can notify them whenever a new blog is published.  

This is a great way to build a following of readers that will always like, share and comment on your new material.

Not only this but these might just be the people that respond to your affiliate offers and services such as your own courses and ebooks.   The potential of a well-run email list is immense.  Especially as the numbers continue to grow into the 100’s and 1000’s.  

In fact, many website owners will not even focus on earnings through their website, at all.  These websites already make so much as it is just through their email lists so most of their marketing efforts go towards getting sign-ups.  

Indeed both newsletters and autoresponders (email series) offer vast opportunities.

Once you have people signed up to your list how it usually works is each day a new email will be sent.  This will include a  short message about something related to your niche.  You should make sure this is valuable information but still where you can cleverly showcase certain products

Many will say this “the money is on the list” and a good email list that gets people attention is a very powerful asset.   You just need to find clever ways to build your list.

It can be a CTA on your website, via social media marketing or through banner ads.  In fact, any of the other 16 Ways To Build Traffic Without SEO should be able to help.

Safe Lists and Solo Ads (Tips 4 & 5!)

Staying on the topic of email marketing BUT a very different way of doing it is advertising through other peoples lists.

There are two methods here that work in this way.  1# Safe Lists and 2# Solo Ads

Both are fairly popular in their own right.  Although, they can have some pretty mixed results.

The first one I will discuss is Safelists.  

Herculist.com for example is a very popular one.  You can pay for their Gold membership which allows you to use links in your emails for $25 a year and $45 for a lifetime membership.  You can also get their PLUS membership but I really do not recommend it. I am myself a member and it seems to have a lot of potentials but does have its cons.  Of its pros, I can email 185’000+ people every day. 

It is very similar for other safelists but the downside with all of them is mostly 2 things.  

1.)  Your selected email address will be sent 100’s and 100’s of emails EVERY DAY (So Use a new email address) and…
2.) As the recipient is also receiving 100’s of emails EVERY DAY they likely will not read your emails.

So, it’s kind of a bit spammy and low-quality traffic.  More quantity over quality but it can produce results for those with the patience

And it is a form of traffic you don’t need to do SEO for.

As for Solo Ads…

This way is a bit different.  You could say THIS METHOD is not so spammy.  The seller of the Solo Ads is someone that has built a large list but has maintained a good level of quality control over which emails are sent.  In return, the seller will usually charge a premium rate for clicks.  

UDIMI.com  is a marketplace for Solo Ads and on here you can usually find the good Solo Ad Sellers by checking their reviews.  However, the more trusted sellers charge more per click.  Prices can range from as low as $0.15 a click to $1.00 plus and buyers must order at least 100 clicks.

Once an order is placed your email will be sent out by the SOLO Ad seller until they have counted xx clicks.

Many advocate the use of Solo Ads but the trouble mostly with them is not every click will convert.  So, it is important to have a headline that will get peoples attention when they see it.  Plus your emails must have a very attractive CTA that will either earn you affiliate commissions or email subscribers.

Plus on top of this many will add a one time offer to their lead capture page for a low-cost item that will help cover the costs of the Solo Ads.  They can 100% work but it can be a lot of trial and error first.    So please use with caution.

Native Ads as an Alternative to PPC

If you are willing to pay for exposure without SEO another idea to try is this.  Native ads are adverts that appear as images and links on other peoples websites.  Websites to buy native ads include Taboola and …

See this example of Native Ads on Bing.  I have highlighted the ads with red circles.

Native Ads are quite easy to set up.  On Taboola for instance all you need to do is select a URL you want to advertise.  Choose how much you want to pay.  The more you pay the more will see your ad and then make payment.  From just looking on Taboola my selected link is $19 USD for one advert.  

The way it works is kind of the same as Solo Ads.  For my URL I just added it as an experiment cost me $0.42 per click.  So around 40 clicks for $20.  To be honest I don’t expect much from this kind of advertising but I guess if it is good content then it will convert.   I think this form of advertising is quite easy to use and many are happy to use this for results. 

Traffic Exchanges – Are They A Waste of Time?

Another free way to drive traffic without SEO is by using Traffic Exchanges.  Personally, I am kind of on the fence about this method.  On the odd occasion, this can work.  It all depends on who visits your link.

Although, generally speaking, people will ONLY use traffic exchanges really in the hope that they can advertise their own work.   Many will only stay on your page for 10 or 20 seconds just for the points that they need to circulate their own URLs. 

There are not many people that use traffic exchanges that actually do stop to really look at other peoples links. So this is most often a waste of time in my opinion.  It can work but there are far better ways to advertise than this.  

There is no harm in trying but don’t expect to get too much attention.  I know I have signed up for lists through traffic exchanges but usually, I will just click on the next link as soon as I possibly can.

Some to try out:  HitLeap, EasyHits4U, Hit2Hit, TraffUp, RankBoostUp

Just be warned this activity can affect your bounce rate and can impact your search engine rankings.

So maybe try something else.  Another idea to try…

Content Marketing and PR Articles

Actually, content marketing can refer to many different mediums including videos, podcasts and email lead magnets.  However, for this section, I just mean writing articles on article submission websites. 

ONE WAY that can really help to drive traffic without SEO.  Use platforms with high domain authority such as medium.com and EZINE articles to write feeder posts.  

Articles that you would the same for your websites but where the CTA is a link to your blog.  

If done correctly this can be a very effective way of generating free traffic because these feeder posts get ranked high on search engines and very quickly. 

This is because websites like Medium are very active and post many different pieces of new content EVERY DAY.

Also, the same is true for newspaper websites.  They are a real pain in the backside for my product reviews as they always take the top spots of google but you can utilise this method for yourself.

Publishing Free PR [Press Release] articles for online newspapers can also rank very easily.  So definitely this is something else to consider if you want to drive traffic without SEO.  Now…

How About Guest Posting?

If you run your own website you will know how important it is to post regular content.  One option is to pay others on Fiverr etc. and another is to invite other bloggers to guest post.  

Most people are just happy to have new content to post (I know I am) and actually guest posting for others has its own benefits as a way to drive traffic without SEO.  This is because in your guest posts you can link back to your website.

Of course, to really reap the benefits here you must first choose the right website to guest post for.  You will never find websites like EZINE articles or Medium that can rank basically anything.  Don’t even bother to look (they aren’t there), but you can find some quite unique websites that in their own right will really help with your promotion.

Plus it is a great way to build beneficial relationships with others in your line of work.  This can be great for feedback and can even lead to your new friends buying things through your website.

So, what is not to like.  You have the opportunity to promote your work somewhere new and not only this but where you share your links on other websites creates backlinks.  Which in turn help increase Domain Authority!  Now… 

Why Not Try Forum Marketing?

If you are looking for a new way how to drive traffic without SEO why not try Forum Marketing?

forum signature example how to drive traffic without SEO

Online Forums such as Warrior Forum, Marketing Checkpoint and BeerMoneyForum all can be used for promoting your websites or email lists.  Sharing links is most often NOT allowed but if you spend time just organically answering questions and posting your own questions etc. this gives the opportunity for people to see your signature.

As long as you are fairly active with posting, answering questions and you have a very eye-catching signature this actually can work and very well.   To test if people are clicking your signature use Bitly to track how many clicks you are getting.

You can run tests on different signatures.  Use your metrics to see which ones work the best.

Also, forums like these I have mentioned above are free to join.  You have to pay $5 on Warrior Forum to add a signature but the other two are free. If you have any questions or anything these communities are definitely very helpful.  Most of the time you will forget you are promoting a link because you are more engaged with other members solving problems.

So, definitely give this a go and another one to try is…

Banner Ads and Display Advertising

If you use banner ads on your own website you are likely familiar with this method already.  This in essence is display advertising.   However, if you are looking for a method how to drive traffic without SEO you can also display your banner ads on other websites.  There are many websites that sell banner ad space and of course, these are an option.

However, what might be a better idea is to target smaller online businesses.  Not too small but those that get a decent amount of traffic, are related to your niche and where the owner will not charge too much for banner ad space.

In a way approaching these website owners is the same as contacting them about guest posting.   Many will not be expecting you to contact them but as long as you are polite and reasonable most people will be willing to give you a chance.

Influencer Marketing – Hire a Virtual Assistant

This is paid social media marketing.  Any service that involves someone else promoting your products is influencer marketing.  You can find services on Fiverr that will vary depending on the campaign.  Mostly, though a basic social media influencer will ask for your URL and create their own banners to share on Social Media.

Results may vary depending on the Influencers experience and methods.  What you pay should really outline how much exposure your website will get.  Look for reviews and use link tracking such as Bit.Ly to keep an eye on clicks etc.

Youtube and Video Marketing

This is a good one here.  Create videos on Youtube and similar video sharing platforms and promote your links in the description.  

Youtube for instance is a search engine in itself.  It has its own SEO and it can be a lot easier to rank these videos than the actual content such as blog posts.  Making the videos can be more difficult for some people but from an audience perspective, many will respond better to video content.

Not only this but using your videos descriptions to share your links can also improve your search position. So, if you can – definitely start a Youtube channel. If you are a bit shy in front of the camera one solution is using AI video creation software such as Wondershare Filmora X (TRY FOR FREE HERE)

Now, next here is another very good idea to drive traffic without SEO…

Pinterest Marketing and Tailwind Tribes

Pinterest is another very powerful search engine.  Use Canva to create images for your pins! 1000×15000 px is the main size.  Although, you can use other sizes as well.  Just be sure to create images that people will share and engage with.

Then, once done with the description for your Pinterest Pin write up a short summary, including keywords and your links for your blog posts.  If the Pin is one that people visually respond to and has keywords in the description that rank then there is every chance your Pin can go viral. 

If it does this can be a very effective way to drive traffic without SEO.

Many swear by Pinterest as a way to earn early commissions by helping to promote content on new websites.

Taking this a step further using Tailwind Tribes is a way to really ramp things up.  It is basically a share for share agreement with other Pinterest users. If you can figure out how to do it – it is a sure-fire way to make sure your traffic explodes. Many online will testify to this.

It is actually a scheduler tool for both Pinterest and Instagram.  With this Software, you can easily schedule your Pinterest (and IG) activity months in advance.  In fact, if you can correctly use Tailwind to its full capacity there is no reason why you can not utilize this to generate 1000’s and even millions of impressions for your content.

All of which can be used to link back to your website or blog, and what’s more you won’t have to worry about SEO for your website as you will have so much traffic coming from here already.   

Search for Anastasia Blogger on Youtube for lots of helpful free training for Pinterest and Tailwind.

Craigslist and Classified Ads

Something else to try to drive traffic without SEO.  It’s a bit time consuming but it does work.  It will not bring a lot of traffic but the traffic it does will be highly targeted.  Craigslist is just one of many classified ad submission websites.  The way it works is kind of like this…

First, create an account (if you do not have one already.   Select a region to post – EXAMPLE:  LONDON, UK.  The select SERVICE OFFERED.  Choose a category – EXAMPLE: financial services.   Add town and postcode (use any in that area) then write your ad.  It should be one that is informational and that requests the recipient to contact you by email for more information.   Then just repeat these steps for different areas.  Just make sure they are free.

Also, if you really want to push it you can use multiple email addresses to get around posting limits.  Just make sure they are free listings.  Any USA listings are $5 each but countless others are free.

Once you are contacted ask the recipient if they have any questions, and once the opportunity arises send a link back to your blog/website or to your email list landing page.  You can try this method on any classified ads website including Gumtree, and countless others.  Just make sure you have an email address ready where you will see these emails.

I use a custom domain email address for each website and add it to the Windows Mail App on my desktop. 

Engaging With Leads On Instagram Reels

I haven’t tried this method myself.  Instagram is like an Alien Planet to me ? as are most things related to Smart Technology ?  Maybe I should miss this one out but I see my 16-year-old Nephew doing this for his IG channel. 

Making very quick slideshows with Instagram promoting different online business ideas.

He doesn’t share any links at first but uses his comments section to start conversations with interested parties.  I personally thought what he was doing was a bit amateur, as he didn’t have any affiliate links or blog posts to share.  Although I definitely see the potential of what he was doing.  I was quite surprised by the engagement he was getting in such a short time.

I don’t really know exactly how it all works but from what I can gather.  This method is done by using images (or screenshots), short video clips, emojis and whatever else you can to get peoples attention.  When they comment and ask for more information this is usually a golden opportunity to share your affiliate link or website (blog post).

It seems like it is something you’ve got to be quite active with but especially for those on the move, it is a fantastic tool!

As is this last one…

Quora Spaces (I Really Like This One)

Quora is not exactly new for me.  I’ve had an account for the best part of 2 years now and it’s a great tool.  I probably don’t use it enough but here is something I’ve found out recently.  If you can build up a good following Quora will message you and invite you to create a Quora spaces page.  To get one you need around 250 followers but there IS loads you can do here.

I don’t have my own Quora spaces page as of now ( I only have 1 follower lol) but it’s worth getting one I would say.  My tip is to follow others and see if they follow you back.  It works well for Twitter and other Social Media so maybe it does as well for Quora.  Do this till you get a Quora Spaces account and fill it up with questions and try to use it every day.

If you can do this you should have no problem with finding ways to drive traffic without SEO.

In Conclusion – How To Drive Traffic Without SEO

As you can see above there is a huge deal of different techniques that you can try.  There are many Ways To Drive Traffic Without SEO, and I’m sure there is many that I have not mentioned in this post.  Any others you can think of let me know in the comments.  I know John Crestani was sharing a spreadsheet that might be helpful I will share it below ⏬

Quite a lot to go through here but as for the ideas I have mentioned.

I would say THEY can all work but be very careful with PPC ads and be extra careful with Solo Ads.  Also, Safelists and Traffic Exchanges can be a waste of time in my opinion.  

Others might say differently but maybe they know something that I don’t.  As for the rest…

I would say Youtube, Instagram and Pinterest are my top tips.  Even Quora is another one.  Email marketing I think everyone should do.  Once you have people on your list this is basically money on tap.  As long as you send great emails that drive people to either your content or your offers directly then you are winning xx

Hope this helps – Best regards Alex 


YOUR Feedback

If you have any questions or would like to leave any feedback regarding the topics I have discussed today please let me know in the comments section.  Also please help support iBusinessToday by sharing this content with your friends and contacts on Social Media.  Many thanks in advance and look forward to seeing you all again hopefully soon.

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15 thoughts on “17 Ways To Drive Traffic Without SEO (for Your New Blog)”

  1. Matthew/Deloris

    All 17 tactics that you mentioned are great to use if you can not rank high in SERP. We found this article because we are finding other ways to get our brand names out and build brand awareness.
    The ones that stuck out to me was YouTube and Pinterest making these into another channel to feed on to branch off of to reach potential audience increasing chances.


    1. Hi Matthew&Deloris, Thanks for commenting glad you found it helpful. Best of luck with building your brand awareness. Yes, both Youtube and Pinterest are very good social platforms to attract more views and traffic. Both have their unique search engines and SEO methods but the best thing is they are a lot easier to rank your content with.

  2. Hello and thanks so much for sharing, I must go back and read your post. I have booked marked it. I found out that one of the hardest things in this online work is in driving traffic. What you are sharing is so helpful, thanks again.

    1. Awesome. Took me a few days to write this. Was away in Scotland at the time with no WiFi so mostly just had to pull from my pre-existing knowledge but am very pleased with how it turned out and if this can help you more in future then great. I agree totally getting traffic to your blog can be very difficult in the beginning you do have to get creative I think.

  3. These are great tips. I haven’t tried PPC yet, because I think I should learn more about it first, like knowing which keywords to use for an ad. I have seen those native ads but I didn’t know that they were native ads, I had been wondering how those ads ended up on those pages, so now I know 😉 Perhaps native ads is something I can take a look at.

    1. Hi Christine, Thanks. Glad you think so. Took me some time to write this. Almost 5k words so I’m glad it has been so well received. About PPC honestly, it is something you need to put into practice to learn. I think the main thing is that your content is good enough first because in essence you really want to use this opportunity for your offers to convert. If you haven’t tried already I think to start with Bing and learn the ropes there. Then try google you should have a sign up offer for free credits with both (depending on your location).

      As for Native Ads for the most affordable campaign on Taboola, it is around $15 I think. Yet to try it myself but will have to soon to see what kind of results I get. I did try with one of my weight loss offers but my ad was not approved.

  4. Thanks for this valuable information, Alex. I have bookmarked your article for future reference. There are so many ways to generate traffic other than SEO. By putting together a good strategic marketing plan and with the consistency of measuring your results and making any needed changes along the way a positive outcome can be expected. I appreciate this information. All the Best.

  5. Wow, thank you so much I have booked marked your page read it, and will go back and visit it again these are Amazing Ways to drive traffic without SEO because in my mind I REALLY THOUGHT that you need SEO To drive traffic which will convert but NOW I SEE this is not the CASE. Thanks Again.!!!!!

  6. Hi Alex
    This is a great article. You obviously know what you are talking about. I have used some of these marketing tools over the years and I can honestly say they do work but you do need to be consistent, patient and find one that works for your niche. I am still learning and I am bookmarking your article, because it is so simply written and straight forward. Thanks gain.

    1. Thank you Angee for your kind words. I like to think so. 2 years almost I have been doing this for blogging almost every day. I am still learning and pushing for better results but I think one of the best things I can do is try and help people and if this helps to get me more traffic and even earnings then great this is definitely a bonus.

  7. This is really good advice. I’ve actually bookmarked this page for future reference. I do a considerable amount of freelance writing and don’t always have the time to take care of my sites as well as I should. That’s a pattern I need to change. What you’ve listed shows some good tips how to do that.

  8. Hi Alex, wow some great ideas here. Been having some trouble with my new website. Any tips for social media marketing thanks. Beth

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