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Are You Looking for Tips for Conversational Marketing?  New Ideas for how to approach your leads for a far more effective marketing strategy.  If so please keep reading because in today’s post we will be exploring these methods to help you easily begin to put these techniques into practice.

Actually having conversations with your leads.  As a means of canvassing your various products and services.  Have you thought about this?  Perhaps you have used a similar strategy already.

I mean I have (used this method) but actually the term Conversational Marketing (I won’t lie) I’d never heard of this before until I got the draft for this article.  (I got this as part of a content subscription plan – I will discuss this towards the end).

So,  I’ve personally used Facebook, LinkedIn and even Craigslist to try and capture leads for my affiliated products.  I would most definitely call this conversational marketing.

Although, the other side to this is setting up interactions via things like chatbots which I haven’t really used.

Anyhow, so I will look to try and cover this all before I finish and towards the end, I will share these 3 Important tips to help improve productivity by means of the Conversational Marketing technique.

Conversational Marketing – How to Do It Right

Now, I can’t actually remember being online without it… but when live chat first came out, it revolutionized service delivery.  Its Introduction made it easy for customers to get an agent and receive support.  These customers as a result felt heard like never before.  Because of this, they reported higher levels of satisfaction.

And The Internet has never been the same since!

This is the power of a conversation obviously not just online but generally speaking it is more customer-friendly.

However, the advantages of taking conversations alone are not only convenient but also help to remove different barriers such as language.

The great thing is that it is also being utilized in other areas of marketing.

But what is it?  (Conversational Marketing)  Let’s explore this a bit further…

What is Conversational Marketing?

conversational marketing

Of course, I have given a little bit of information about this already above but just to make this clear;

Conversational marketing encompasses all methods used to engage with the customers in a dialogue or conversation.

This can include;

  • Live Chat,
  • SMS Messaging
  • Good Old Fashioned Phone Calls
  • Live Video Calls (Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube etc.)

So basically any means of interacting with potential leads in real-time.  This is quite easy to understand I would say but there is definitely a lot more to this that isn’t so black and white.

Why Your Business Should Use Conversational Marketing – How It Can Make The Difference

There are some key advantages to conversational marketing that goes over and above the more traditional marketing methods such as online contact forms and email marketing.

A more personal touch means that any potential customer is far more receptacle to any products and services that you have to sell them.  Of course, this means that your interpersonal and communication skills must be trained to a certain standard but you are already in a better position to sell when you are talking to your leads about what is important.

How To Better Understand your Customers’ Needs

how to better understand your customers needs with conversational marketing

Having a conversation with a potential customer is the best way to build a good rapport and relationship. Via conversation you are also able to better assess your customers’ pain points and which solutions they are looking for.

With the information gathered through conversation, you can improve the product, tailor marketing campaigns, and create content that best appeals to the needs of your customers.

Knowing what your leads actually want is key to marketing success.  Whatever your methods are this is universal.

The Potential for More Sales

the potential for more sales with conversational marketing

Traditional methods of lead generation have one flaw—lag time.  Often there is the time between a customer filling out a form and a marketing agent reaching out to them, or before sending an email and getting a response.

During this time the customers could lose interest and switch over to a competitor.

With conversational marketing tools such as live chat, you can respond to a customer as soon as they reach out.

In fact, many customers will opt for such tools due to their quick response time and for a much faster, streamlined solution.

Helping Customers With Decision Making

descision making affiliate marketing

No, we don’t mean offering support here.  What we mean is that when it comes to online shopping, customers do not have access to a salesperson to help them during the shopping experience.

The downside to this is that in case the customer has a bad experience there is no one there to try and resolve what has gone wrong.  You actually may be none the wiser to this.  In fact, you might not even know that they even visited you in the first place but from where they are standing they have had a bad experience which is all they will remember.

As a consequence, they are likely not to return to your online store or website again.

However, with conversational marketing tools such as live chat, a customer can ask questions and ask for support if they need it.  Not only this but they can often receive both within an instant.

At other times, If a customer is shopping during odd hours chatbots allow them to still receive assistance as it mimics the human experience.  They do not come close to real human interaction but it is better to have them than not to have them.

3 Essential Tips for Conversational Marketing

Now, as promised here are my 3 essential tips for conversational marketing.

1.)  Install Live Chat

Live chat is the quickest way to utilize conversational marketing in your business. Often businesses will include chat boxes that offer fast assistance to customers while also providing them with the option of talking to a live agent.

To Install a live chat interface on your WordPress website there are a few plugins out there you can try.

If you have a GetResponse account this actually one of the new tools.  I’ve not installed it myself but this is the first one that springs to mind for me.  Zendesk I think is one of the more popular ones and Live Agent might be another to consider.

If you have any other suggestions please let me know in the comments.

2.)  Offer Personalized Message

If you opt for chatbots, it is important to keep in mind that customers prefer speaking to a live person.  However, as discussed it is better to use chatbots rather than not use them.

The trick is to tailor your chatbot messages to respond in a helpful way.  Kind of just like they (the customers) were actually talking to you yourself.  So, they sound just the way you do when answering questions.

Ensure that the chatbot feels natural by altering the time and the responses to sound as if a live person is responding.

Of course, most people will clock on that they are talking to a robot but if it helps it helps.

3.)  Conversational Marketing with Digital Marketing

Another tip that might be helpful is to combine Conversational Marketing with Digital Marketing.  As, whilst conversational marketing is a great way to offer a more personalized experience for your customers still it is important to say that you do not neglect other digital marketing options for relationship building.

Whether it’s social media marketing or email marketing. They should both complement your conversational marketing plans.

An effective marketing strategy should be extended to different techniques – so there is your website/blog, articles, videos, and your email list than things like SEO and advertising.

In terms of broaching contact for prospective leads, you must also have something that can entice them into the conversation.  You can try adding them as friends on your socials, even follow them for a follow back but the best way in my experience is to have your leads approach you first.

Giving away something like an EBook or a free course is great here.  Not only is it a perfect opportunity to collect emails but as well it is a great conversation starter.

Final Thoughts

Conversational marketing opens new doors to lead generation and customer retention. It also offers opportunities for better understanding the customer. The information you gather through conversational marketing can help improve the very foundation of your business model.

It is in a way a bit of a contradiction on what some marketers say with phrases like Make Money On Autopilot!  These are kind of the exact phrases that we want to hear but they couldn’t be further than the truth.

At least from a beginners perspective.  Whoever has told you that you don’t have to talk to anyone, that you can just sit back and watch as the money falls on your lap is a LIAR!

You don’t have to use conversational marketing but you are a lot better off for it.  It is for certain something to look at.

In fact, I wrote a post about Facebook marketing a few months back (very much the same thing I think) that is probably worth taking a read.  I recommend a course here for $7 definitely it is worth every penny!

How To Set Up a Chatbot?

Now, before I go I thought this might be a good thing to share.

So first you will need a live chat plugin.  Something like Zendesk or Live Agent.

Of course, you can automate firstly with the usual “Hello, Thanks for Stopping By, My Name is xx and How Can I Help You Today?  Then once your customer has responded you can follow up with something like;  “Your Solution is important to us.  An agent will look to respond within the next 24 hours.  Please leave your name and contact details below.”

You can also take this opportunity to program further messages such as a link to previous questions and answers that you have helped to resolve.  Also, if you start to receive similar enquiries you can program certain responses that may actually help your potential customers without you even needing to speak to them.

Side note:  If you like this article.  I have written most of it myself but 650 words of it including the title, sub-headings I got as a part of a content subscription service called viralitycontent.com.  If you need an injection of extra content to boost your website traffic check them out.  All big Niches covered! 

Your Feedback – Share Your Thoughts Here!

What do you think of today’s post?  Have you heard of Conversational Marketing?  Maybe you have used it yourself?  Would you like to share your experience?  Perhaps you have some questions?  In any case, it would be great to hear from you.

Please leave your feedback below and if you know anybody that might find this content helpful please share this link.

Also, if you know any good groups to share this post on Social Media then please do so.

Many Thanks and All the Best #ToYourFutureSuccess

Hope To See You All Again Soon.

Best Regards;

Alex B. Chivers

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