what marketing strategies no longer work?

4 Marketing Strategies That No Longer Work – What Are These?

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In case you are wondering about what works still and what doesn’t with marketing (especially to new customers), there are certainly a few things to look at for anyone willing to invest their hard-earned time and money.

We might ask “What Are These 4 Marketing Strategies That No Longer Work?”

And some things are quite clear.  

Over the last decade and perhaps over an even longer span of time things like technology and human behaviour have changed significantly.  Many of us who are old enough to remember will think back to the days when our purchasing decisions were made through the likes of brochures and TV commercials.  

But do these practices still work?

Indeed, how much has everything changed in the past 25 years?   

Where online videos, the internet, and social media have taken over from the likes of TV Advertising and Classified Ads.

Times have definitely changed and this is undeniable.  Just take a study from back in 2018 as one example where it was concluded that the average person would spend around three and a half hours on their mobile devices each day.  Quite a chunk out the day really, if you think about it but further still. This was followed up by another study taken in 2021 that concluded that these same people were spending close to five and a half hours on these same devices by comparison.  

So it just goes to show how much time’s have changed.  Marketing strategies especially are now a very different kettle of fish – but do traditional methods of marketing still work?  That is the question.

Let’s explore this a bit more to help you decide whether these ideas are still worth your time or not – so…  

4 Marketing Strategies That No Longer Work in 2022

Let’s take a look at this – what works still and what doesn’t.  Many things have changed in Marketing over the past 10-20 years.  Things will no doubt change again but taking a look at how things are now here are a few tips that may be worth taking notes for.  

The video below should offer you some insight but keep on reading after this for my 4 Marketing Strategies That No Longer Work

So some of these strategies you might feel are debatable.  Honestly, these are just some of the things that have come up in my research.  If there is anything you would like to discuss regarding these points please feel free to leave a comment at the end of this blog post in the comments section. 

I shall begin with my first strategy here>>>

i.)  Finding Clients Through The Yellow Pages

yellow pages marketing techniques that no longer work

Most of us in the UK that are old enough will remember having the yellow pages delivered.  This is a publication that ran from 1887 with its final issue printed in 2019.  [R]  The UK business – “The Yellow Pages” still can be found online as Yell.com but these days their days of sending out phone books are no more.

Which is kind of weird as I can remember having this book delivered once every year growing up.  Like, If anyone ever needed to find a business this was how we would find them.  It was the only solution back then before the internet. 

So much so that my parents I can remember them asking me if the new Yellow pages had been delivered.  It used to be quite important back then but fast forward to now – the internet nowadays has pretty much rendered this type of service useless.  No longer do people need to rely on a book being left on their front porch. 

Now the Yellow Pages is definitely a thing of the past and this also goes for paying to list our businesses and services in these directories.  

Like why would we? – when in today’s world it is just as easy to advertise our business online instead.  

A Thing of the Past

And such is the power of today’s technology that we can not only create ads but tailor them to hone in even further on our target audience.  Keywords, SEO and Google Ads have quite simply added a new dimension that wasn’t there with publications like the Yellow Pages.

Although, strangely enough, you can still find books like the Yellow Pages in some countries – including the USA which has Yellow Pages in every phone directory for their business pages. But the question now is who still uses them?  Why bother when there are other much more effective marketing strategies?

I will briefly cover a few of these towards the end of this article but continuing on with Marketing Strategies that No Longer Work the next one we shall look at is…

ii.)  Are Billboards Still a Worthy Investment?

are billboards still a worthy investment - marketing strategies that no longer work

Right, so many businesses still use billboards.  This is unlikely to change anytime soon.   Billboard advertising especially in big cities like New York and Tokyo is VERY POPULAR!

 However, really when we think about it when was the last time that you see a business contact or website on a billboard?

They definitely serve a purpose that’s for sure but if we are talking about collecting leads for our business is this really the best way we can spend our advertising budget?

Even if we created an attractive billboard, what really would the point be unless it was for a big, big product?

It’s really like why bother? – when so many people including our parents and even our grandparents are on social media these days.  Why not just try and grab people’s attention from there?

Plus Social Media Marketing allows for defined targeting, which ultimately translates to getting quality leads a lot more effectively.

And unlike billboards, this method can gather data that can be used more efficiently to improve your marketing campaigns and product delivery.

iii.)  TV Commercials – Are They Still Effective?

TV commercials and marketing

OK now so kind of like Billboards TV commercials have lost their spark in the past 20 years. 

In 2022 they just aren’t as popular as they were.  I know they are still a thing but let’s face it if we are talking about marketing strategies that no longer work this is definitely one of them.

Most people just simply do not watch TV in the traditional way anymore and have switched over to streaming services like Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, Hulu and Netflix.

Plus not even just this – nowadays people that might have spent a lot of time watching TV before are now spending this time on Social Media and even Youtube is more popular for some people.

The world is a very different place from the 1990s and even the Noughties.  People are so used to such a wide vista of information now that even their attention span has dropped.  [R]

So much so that It only takes a few seconds for someone to switch over to different content online.

Although, it should still be noted that using videos for marketing is definitely still a good medium.  Even for those with goldfish-like attention spans.  TikTok is a great example of this but even Youtube is a great tool in the modern age.

iv.)  How About Printing Leaflets & Flyers?

printing - marketing practices that no longer work

Seriously, looking at Marketing Strategies That No Longer Work another one that can certainly be included on this list is printing things off like leaflets, and flyers. 

This one could be argued about as many businesses still use this method.  In fact, many businesses that print such materials such as the likes of leaflets and flyers are still going.  It can not be denied that for some things printed advertising is still effective but for marketing in a digital world really we must ask if it is still worth it.   

Like why spend money printing and delivering leaflets and flyers when you can reach an even bigger, more targeted audience with social media and content marketing?   

Really, there are some benefits to this technique – as a well-designed flyer is a lot more difficult to ignore than something like an email or online advert but as for being less effective this definitely does appear to be the case. 

It isn’t that this method of marketing is completely dead but for what it is worth many people get on just fine with digital marketing.  Social media, blogging, vlogging, email marketing and PPC are all much more popular in the modern day.

Plus what’s more, you can evaluate the performance of your marketing campaigns a lot more effectively.  Using tools like A/B testing makes these methods a lot more scaleable and really there is no competition.

In Summary

As much as we may argue that some of the old marketing tactics we’ve mentioned above still work it can not be denied that there are other options available.

In the digital era, there are plenty of effective marketing strategies that you can be utilized. 

In terms of ROI, the difference can be utterly mind-blowing.

So why not look beyond these old, dysfunctional beliefs and adopt the new way of marketing in its many forms?

Please keep reading below to find out what marketing strategies work where the others don’t.

What Marketing Strategies Work In 2022

what marketing strategies work in 2022

So, after sharing 4 Marketing Strategies That No Longer Work in 2022 I think it’s perhaps only right that I briefly share a few strategies that actually do.  Think I’ve actually mentioned all of these already at some point within this post but let’s quickly just go through these 4 Marketing Strategies That Do Work In 2022.

So let’s begin with…

i.)  Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Reddit, TikTok, Snapchat and I’m sure I’ve missed something here, but seriously who doesn’t use Social Media?  It seems like these days everyone and their cat and dog seem to have something like a Facebook account.  Around 4.62 BILLION people in 2022 are thought to use this medium [R]

ii.)  SEO [Search Engine Optimization]

So writing blogs like this one is something that a lot of people are doing to try and make money with marketing in 2022.

Many people like myself dedicate countless hours to blogging but really if people are not reading your work – what really is the point?  Surely blogging is not really marketing unless you are actually getting your work seen by people and more so to the point where they are reacting to your CTA’s [Calls To Action].

In this respect, SEO is absolutely essential so that your blog posts have the absolute best chance of being found online.

III.)  Email MarketingAccordion Panel Title

“The money is in the list”.  How many times have you heard this mantra being repeated by people in the digital marketing space?  I mean if you haven’t heard this saying you are probably not very experienced in this world but absolutely this is true.   

Many actually prefer to do their marketing through their email lists.

Having a CTA in a blog post that leads to a sales page with an affiliate offer of course does work BUT this is literally just one single chance you have of converting this reader into a customer. 

After they click x on your page they are gone – If you don’t make a sale there and then well you might as well forget about it. Unless you can somehow manage to get their email address to tell them a bit more at another time.  This is the way to do it –

Instead of focusing on making a sale focus on collecting leads and then use email marketing campaigns as your strategy to make sales.  You should find a lot more success this way [Read More About This Here]. 

Also, if you would like to check out my email list for some inspiration everyone is welcome to subscribe for free [Here].

IV.)  Paid Ads (PPC, CPA, Native and Banner Ads)

Well now here is a big one instead of wasting your time on Marketing Strategies That No Longer Work how about Investing in Paid Ads?  This is not exactly something I’ve really had too much success with if I’m really being honest but many people have really done well with Paid Ads.
Bing Ads, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and plenty of other services have made plenty of millionaires over the years.  If you can get the nack of this and consistently reinvest in the right way this is very powerful and effective.
Although, just be careful if you don’t get things right with Paid Ads they can burn through your money like nothing with very little to show for it after.  You could say it is like gambling but really it is just about knowledge and application.

What I Recommend For Marketing in 2022

Of course, none of the Marketing Strategies That No Longer Work that I listed above are included here.  Except maybe for a local business which is a bit different but digital marketing right?  How about that? 

So if you are not already a successful marketer you will need two things – TOOLS & TRAINING.  And the money I guess you will need to cover running costs with but yes so tools and training.

I know this might sound off-putting.  You want to make money right not spend money that you don’t really have.

But seriously so the main thing you should have – is a laptop or desktop PC with Internet.   Then you can really take a few different paths – running a blog, running a youtube channel or social media marketing.  You can also run ads besides this.  You can get started doing these things for free but here is the truth…

For the best start, you want to make some small investments into your setup.   Like you want to invest in things like a domain, web hosting, email marketing services and most of all training. You can also pay for services such as web design, graphic design and for things like articles.

But to get started I would actually recommend a website called Wealthy Affiliate as they will allow you to get started for free with basic training and a website.  Plus they will show you everything you need to do next. 

This after 3 weeks will cost you $33.00 [which is optional] but from here you will also have plenty of support from me and others with tons of training available besides this. 

I will let you decide but if you are interested used this link to sign up to my email list first and I will also share my personal welcome page that includes; 

  • 2 Free Affiliate Marketing for Beginners EBooks
  • A 2nd Free Course
  • My Personal 1-To-1 Coaching 
  • My 30-Day Online Business Email Tips.

You can Sign Up with This Link HERE or if you would prefer to just go straight to the website ⏬

Hope this all finds you well and till next time  

~May Good Fortune and Success Be With You 

Alex B. Chivers

Contact Us at chivs86@ibusinesstoday.com

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2 thoughts on “4 Marketing Strategies That No Longer Work – What Are These?”

  1. While I generally agree with premise that digital marketing is better than old school marketing , can you definitely say the old school marketing (print flyers, bill boards, leaflets) don’t contribute to the decision making across the customer journey?

    With the exception of yellow pages, yes i agree thats non existent.

    Just because other forms of marketing are harder to attribute ROI to – I don’t think its fair to say they don’t work flat out. They do contribute to law of 7, a new person sees hears ad 7 times before developing trust. Trust that can then be reinforced by digital marketing.

    1. Hi Arbonne, I do actually agree with you to some degree. There is a reason why people use these methods still because they must have some degree of influence. I mean really I was given this article to post as part of an old content subscription plan I got last year. Maybe would have been quite different if I was writing the whole article from scratch but I do think there some good points here about utilizing your advertising budget on more modern techniques online.

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