5 email marketing mistakes to watch out for

5 Common Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid in 2022

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The importance of emails for online communication in its very essence can not be overstated.  Of course, where would we be without emails to stay in the loop? For not only our personal matters but also for our business dealings. 

Indeed, when it comes to the latter sending emails is fundamental to the very fabric of any online business.

Especially in Email Marketing, so what are the 5 most common email marketing mistakes to avoid?

For anyone looking to get started, as an extension of any business, this can be one of the most rewarding marketing strategies you can ever use.  Just a quick search on Google and you will see that the average return on investment (ROI) of email marketing is said to be 42 to 1 [R]

This means basically, for every dollar spent on email marketing, your business is likely to earn back $42.  Which is pretty amazing if you can get these results right? 

However, unfortunately, not everyone that sets up an email series will be this successful…   As email marketing is something that MUST be done right!

So with this in mind here are 5 Common Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid in 2022…

Please keep reading if you are interested in Investing in Email Marketing.  Take it from someone with just under 2 years of experience – “the Money is In the list… “.  Building a list that converts is the key to any successful web-based business.

In this post, I will show you how to do exactly this…

5 Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid in 2022

5 mistakes not to make with email marketing

Let’s begin with creating our very first successful email marketing campaign(s).    There are several variables to consider with email marketing as a beginner.  It might seem complex and complicated for a new marketer – who quite often will be prone to making errors – but with a bit of understanding things can eventually be made to work in our favour.

So rather than making the same mistakes that each time affects the success of your whole campaign.  We can begin by identifying the most common email marketing to avoid.  For not only helping to achieve (at least) the 42:1 average for results but also for acquiring new customers (sign-ups) and retaining your old customers from before.

Try these new strategies today and see how taking on board these 5 Common Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid can help you become an even more successful affiliate marketer!

Let’s Start Here…

1# – Make Your New Subscribers Feel Welcome 

make your new email subscribers feel welcome

So, you have managed to get a new lead to sign up for your email list…  SOMEONE has taken the time to read through your website (or lead capture page) and decided to fill in your signup form.  This is exciting news for sure but have you taken the time to say thank you to your new subscriber for giving you their email address?

If you haven’t then this is the first of the most common email marketing mistakes to avoid.  By not doing this straight away you are doing your business a huge disservice. First impressions say a hell of a lot. Not only about you but even more so they can make or break your chances of keeping your new subscribers engaged on your email list.

So, always be sure to welcome any new subscribers you get.  It really is as simple as sending a “thank you” email.

You can either do this by sending a follow-up message to say thank you directly or through your autoresponder. Just saying thank you and welcome will show your appreciation, and in most cases, this by itself will be perceived positively. 

Although, another thing to note is you may help build this relationship further by offering some kind of value. You may consider dropping an affiliate link in this first email but just remember you want to make a good first impression.

To do this you don’t want to come across as trying to sell something too soon.

Instead, a free gift will no doubt look a lot better. Something like a free eBook or checklist should be good here.

But let’s skip this part for now. If you’d like to learn more [Read This Article} about writing the perfect welcome email.

#2 A Lack Of Personalization

why personalized emails work

One of the biggest problems that businesses face with email marketing is that people, in general, already receive too many emails.   Every good business and a lot of not so good businesses use email marketing and so many people will be sent a flood of different emails. Most of these will get ignored for this very reason.

In fact, this is actually because of another one of my Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid – If you really want to ensure your customers don’t ignore the emails you send make sure to remember this…  Use PERSONALIZATION to get your customer’s attention.   It won’t always work but it may definitely help.

Customers want to feel like your email has been sent specifically to them.  It might not seem like much but personalization can make them feel special and valued.

You can achieve personalization by ensuring that the email heading, CTA, and everything in between reflects the recipient’s persona.  This will greatly improve click-through rates.

Hint:  Use {NAME} {firstname} tags in your emails so they display with your lead’s name in your emails.

Now, for the next one of my 5 Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid…

3# – Not Getting To Know Your Audience

understanding your audience email marketing 101

For the next one of my 5 Common Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid this is a major factor affecting click-through rates.  This is what is called cold traffic.  Sending emails to people who just aren’t really interested. 

Like, you have somehow gotten their email address but they are not really the right audience for what you’re promoting. 

This can be tough.  Trying to figure out who is who? And since you can’t always send emails asking your customers what their actual interests are, this can often be a big problem. 

However, this is where something called Customer Personas come into play.

This is in case you’re wondering is a fictional archetype that is designed to describe your target audience.

Doing this allows you to put yourself in your customer’s shoes to better understand their needs, wants, and interests.

As a result, this can create a basis for what the customer’s interests might be. This can then be used to develop email campaigns that appeal to their needs.  It might seem like a lot of guesswork but if done correctly your email campaigns should be received more positively and thus will have a higher click-through rate.

Learn more by watching this video…

Now, doing the above is definitely something to take on board with your email marketing campaigns but as well this here is another of my 5 most common email marketing mistakes to avoid…


#4 Not Using Segmentation

5 common email marketing mistakes to avoid ~ not using email list segmentation

Right so, once you have built up your email list you will find it will comprise of different customers each searching for different things from your business.  Indeed, this can be a good thing as it narrows down your target audience for specific areas but what it also means is that you can no longer send everyone the same emails. 

Of course, you can send everyone the same emails there is nothing stopping you but the trouble is that you run the risk of appealing to only some of your subscribers and not all of them.

So, It is important, therefore, to utilize the demographic and psychographic data.  If you checked out the video above you should have some idea about what this means.  You will have already gathered information on your mailing list to create different marketing personas but now with this, you must use it to appeal to the different segments of your mailing list.

If you use something like GetResponse or Aweber this may prove difficult but something like ConvertKit that allows you to add tags may be helpful here.  Again I will share a video below that might be able to explain this a bit better. 

So, I hope this hasn’t been too complicated so far.  Knowing the most common email marketing mistakes to avoid is obviously important.  The list above should give you some good advice but finally here is the other thing…

#5 Not Using Email Marketing Analytics

5 of the most common email marketing mistakes ~ not using email analytics

This is probably quite obvious to a lot of people struggling to find success with email marketing.  You must know how successful you actually are.  How many people are opening your emails? how many clicks are you getting? and how much is this percentage-wise compared to the number of subscribers on your email list?

To find this information out you must utilise your email campaign analytics.  Metrics that allow you to track performance and KPIs such as open rate, click-through rate (CTR), and Conversion Rate (sales).

Only by doing this can you know what works and what doesn’t.  You must know if certain emails are being opened if you need to change a  headline or Call To Action (CTA) to do what is necessary to increase your scores.

Tip:  Learn how to use A/B Split Testing to perfect your first 10 (at least) emails.  You can work on things like segmentation later but as I’m sure I’ve mentioned already first impressions are important and this is ultimately the key factor in customer retention.  

If your new leads like what they’ve read in the first few emails chances are they will want to read more.

making a good first impression with email marketing

Final Word On Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid in 2022 (and Beyond!)

Well, it certainly is important to understand what a HUGE asset your email list actually is.  Developing an authority platform such as a blog or a Youtube channel is all good but how many of your visitors will never come back again?

So this is the importance of building a list of contacts.  You can keep them updated on your business moving forward.  

However, when it comes to email marketing and the actual communication aspect (after you have collected your leads) here is where you need to be efficient.  One simple mistake can make the difference between success and failure.

Thus by knowing what you need to do, and the most common email marketing mistakes to avoid, you surely can help take your online business to the next level.

So why wait?  If you are already collecting leads then definitely take notice of these 5 email marketing mistakes to avoid that I have shared above.   

Or if not – if it is actually collecting leads that is your problem I have some great resources to share.

Recommended Tools and Resources

*Please note the following may contain affiliate links.  If you happen to make a purchase I may receive a commission.  However, the price you pay will not be affected.  If you have any questions drop us a comment below, contact us here or send us an email at; chivs86@ibusinesstoday.com

 Now, so if you check out my previous post I shared a review for a product called the Click Wealth System.  There are a good number of reviews online that are not in favour of this product but I have bought it, and I can tell you it can help you collect leads.  WHY?  You might ask because for only $9.00 you get two amazing professionally made lead capture pages.

Maybe you could get someone on Fiverr to make you some pretty great pages on there as well but another thing is you get a set of follow up emails to use.  They are not the best but you can definitely use this as a spine and modify your emails to best suit your marketing potential. 

You will want good Lead Capture Pages 100% so definitely CHECK THIS OUT! It is a great place to start!

Also, you will want resources to help you generate traffic to your lead capture pages.  I have a few recommendations here as well.  For ONE set up Social Media profiles on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest with your link in your main description. 

The free resources with the Click Wealth System will help with this but also check out this $7 mini-course for utilizing Facebook. I have also bought this and used it. This has helped me massively!

As has MyOnlineStartUp (Join Free Here) and LeadsLeap (Join Free Here). Both should really help!

But, just bear in mind you will need to sign up for an email marketing website where you can collect your leads.  I would recommend GetResponse because you need it to use with the ClickWealthSystem but also Aweber is very good too.

So click these highlighted links above if you want to do what I do to collect leads.  You can easily collect 100-200 leads in just a few weeks maybe more if you are really good.  If you need any extra help also check out this ebook for free.

Hope this is all helpful, again any questions or feedback please share in the comments section below.

Many thanks, best regards and

#ToYourFutureSuccess ✅

Cheers ?

Alex B. Chivers

Contact us at:  Chivs86@ibusinesstoday.com

PS:  One other thing I would like to mention…

The basis of this article was originally 650 words which I got from a content subscription service called viralitycontent.com.  I have used them for almost 6 months now.  Highly recommend them! All big niches are covered and great for any website that needs a boost for extra content and ideas. 

Any questions contact me via the email address above ♥

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2 thoughts on “5 Common Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid in 2022”

  1. Hi Alex,

    Ensuring you capture leads straightaway is really important, as they may never come back to your site. You need to build trust with your readers, and building a relationship via an email list is really important.

    Too many marketers overlook it, but the earlier you can get your email list up and running the better.

    1. Hi John, Yes absolutely. List building is the real key to success online I think. Earning commissions from affiliate marketing can be very tough otherwise I think but if you can build a good list of people that are happy to read your emails every month you are definitely on the way to being successful.

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