5 organic seo ideas to help your blog post rank in 2022

5 Organic SEO Tips to Help your Blog Post Rank in 2022

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Getting your post found by search engines is one of the biggest obstacles for any new blog.  Of course not just getting your content found but actually having people read it.  They say “if you ever want to hide a dead body the best place is page 2 of Google” ????  Funny but so true because getting found on Google Page 1 means everything.

So with this in mind for today’s blog post I will be sharing 5 Organic SEO Tips to Help your Blog Post Rank in 2022.

I actually am sharing these tips from a lady called Zulie Rane, who I follow on Medium.com  

One of Zulie’s blog posts “3 Boring Income Streams That Earn Me 5k a Month From Writing!” [Read It Here] has a video embedded which is her SEO Tutorial for beginners.  I watched this and actually thought this was one of the best training videos I’ve watched for quite some time.

Definitely learned a lot from this and of course, I will share below along with Zulie’s 5 Tips which I think are very helpful. 

I know I might seem like I am copying a bit here.  Hopefully, Zulie appreciates the backlinks but also I’m kind of going to run a bit of an experiment here using these methods myself. 

I’m sure they will be helpful for you too though, So let’s begin, shall we…

Here are Zulie Rane’s

5 Organic SEO Tips to Help your Blog Post Rank 

5 organic seo tips to help your blog post rank in 2022

So just to note the title of this post 5 Organic SEO Tips to Help your Blog Post Rank in 2022 is a Longtail Keyword that I identified using Zulie’s method.  I’ve actually never looked at keyword research the same ever since.

However, this is exactly what I will be sharing and all these tips are from Zulie Rane’s SEO Tips For Beginners video.  If you like you can just watch this instead but I will also share these tips below the video. 

Honestly,  THIS is a great video this girl really knows her stuff.  Keyword research can make all the difference with blogging.  Some people may spend years writing new articles and will never be found unless they actually pay for traffic or spend countless hours sharing links but if you do this right your blog post (I believe) will make the first page of Google.

…Where all the Magic Happens!

This is The Way …

Now,  neither of those 2 GIFs really has much to do with the information I will be sharing today but maybe if you like them you will stay on the page for a bit longer. 

That is actually a good SEO tip itself but without overloading this page with any more GIFs let’s continue – here is the first of Zulie’s Organic SEO Tips to Help your Blog Post Rank in 2022

So, first of all, perhaps this is one you are familiar with.  I’ve definitely come across this many times before but just never really used it.   Although certainly, it can be useful so I will begin by sharing this first bit of information below;

1# – Use Googles Free Keyword Planner

google keyword planner for seo keyword research

Zulie’s first tip is actually to get to know your audience.  Who you are writing your content for? and what sort of content you should be writing for these people?  I will actually skip this part.  You will want to give this some thought when the time comes but anyhow the first tool Zulie recommends is Google’s Free Keyword Planner.

As she quite rightly says this is actually for finding keywords to use for Google Adwords PPC campaigns.  You don’t want to be getting involved with AdWords without seeing which keywords are going to be high or low competition.  They do not charge you upfront and if you’re not careful you could end up with a very large bill at the end of the month.

So that is what this tool is for but you can use this as well for just brainstorming ideas for articles.  What Zulie recommends is to just use this step to expand your ideas and take notes for different keywords.  

I have tried this and actually got the seed keyword for Organic SEO Tips to Help your Blog Post Rank this way but I also used the next tool to check the competition. 

Here is another great tip…

2# – Use Ubersuggests Daily Keyword Search

I really overlooked this one when I first come across Ubersuggest.  Most people should know of Ubersuggest but if you don’t know this is the flagship product of the very famous digital marketer Neil Patel

If you haven’t heard of Neil yet you should really look him up.  Zulie’s Tips are great as you should soon see but Neil Patel is very, very well known and his videos and blogs are a must for anyone looking to get in the business.

So, anyway I kind of understood that Ubersuggest could be used to identify your competition and steal their keywords but I kind of missed the part about the 3 (free) searches a day.

neil patel ubersuggest 3 free keyword searches a day

Think I have kind of missed out here.  The sooner you can utilize this free tool the better I think. 

Prior to this Jaaxy was always been the main keyword research tool for me but I definitely will say I prefer Ubersuggest now, although of course as a free member it is limited to just the 3 searches a day.

I still use Jaaxy a lot but Ubersuggest is for sure another very powerful keyword research tool that any blogger or affiliate marketer should be using.

In fact, as Zulie points out you should use this tool every day and each day can potentially find you low competition keywords that can easily help you rank at the top of Google.  The thing is many will think because there already busy writing a blog or because they already have a list of keywords that they don’t need to do this daily but it is still good practice.

Also, as I’m sure I mentioned If you are not using this already – it’s free and you really should so why not keep this in mind for your next blog post when it’s time to find your keywords.

Google Keyword Planner and Ubersuggest are Zulie’s first 2 tips but she actually goes even further than this.  

Please keep reading to find out more about the 3rd of Zulie’s Organic SEO Tips to Help your Blog Post Rank

3# – Analyze Your Competition With MozBar

Another tool I personally overlooked till I see Zulie’s video is MozBar.  This is another free tool that can really help with identifying your competition and helping to decide if your chosen keyword can rank on the first page of google.

You will be looking for 3 things with this tool.

  • Page Authority
  • Domain Authority 
  • Publishing Date

See my example below;

mozbar example

So according to Zulie’s Organic SEO Tips to Help your Blog Post Rank in 2022…  

Anything under 30 PA you should easily be able to outrank.  Even under 50 PA, you might have a good chance to overtake too but anything over that don’t bother trying.  Until your website actually has the authority itself it likely has no chance against anything with higher DA or PA.

Rather what you want to do is look for keywords that have results that are lower Domain authority (DA). 

It is a very good tip because you can actually see a lot of scenarios in your post ranking before it actually does.  If you can fit all the criteria such as choosing low competition keywords, interesting useful content, more up to date content and overall better content then there is no reason you can’t actually fill these places.  

In fact, another thing Zulie recommends is actually checking out the competitor’s blog posts.  Make notes on how you can make your posts better and actually add something these other posts are missing.

It is something you absolutely must try.  Plenty of bloggers actually do this and become serial page 1ers.  Seriously if you have never got a blog post ranked before wait till you do and see what it does for your traffic. 

Now, for the next one of Zulie’s 5 Organic SEO Tips to Help your Blog Post Rank in 2022 – this is an interesting one.

4# – Write a Post On Medium.com

Perhaps this is kind of a bit biased on Zulie’s part being the Medium.com girl that she is but she does make a very good point.  If you really want to help your blog post rank then publish it on a website with a high DA (Domain Authority).   Somewhere like Medium.

Medium.com is not the only place.  Hubpages.com is good.  Reddit and Quora you can write blogs on and Press Release (PR) / News websites are fantastic for getting your content to rank high. 

However, yes Medium is a great website and you can actually make money from here as well.  

It really is up to you but instead of posting on your actual blog why not post here instead?  See what happens.

I personally, use Medium.com to republish my blog posts.  I have been doing this for a couple of months now.  If you make a Medium.com account and go to stories there is an option there to import your blog posts.

medium.com import a story

It is great because it only takes about a minute to do and automatically it adds a rel=cannonical tag for you.  Although of course to really maximize your chances of ranking you should consider adding new keywords and adding in a new SEO description etc.  If you watch Zulie’s video she explains it a lot better.

Definitely, scroll back up and watch this if you haven’t done so.

Anyhow she also recommends another Google Extension which I will include as the final of her 5 Organic SEO Tips to Help your Blog Post Rank in 2022.   Check this out below…

5# – Use The Keywords Everywhere Tool

keywords everywhere browser extension for organic seo

I hadn’t heard of this one prior to watching Zulie’s SEO tutorial but this is another great tool and idea to bear in mind.  Keywords Everywhere is a browser extension that is available for both chrome and Firefox.  It works by adding a box to the right of your browser that mines for related keywords based on your google search.

This actually gives you a lot of information.  At the top, it tells you how difficult your keyword is to rank with separate scores for on-page and off-page SEO.  It then shows trend analysis data and beneath this, you get related keywords, people also search for keywords and long-tail keywords.

Here is basically my list of results below for 2 searches – Organic SEO Tips to Help your Blog Post Rank and Organic SEO Tips.  Some I have had to delete as they were the same but 19 keywords related to this blog post I have got by using this tool.

  1. “seo blog post example”
  2. “how to optimize blog posts for seo”
  3. “what is blog optimization”
  4. “seo blog topics”
  5. “seo blogs for beginners”
  6. “best blog layout for seo”
  7. “blog search engine”
  8. “what is seo”
  9. “organic search engine optimization”
  10. “how to improve organic search”
  11. “seo tips for beginners”
  12. “seo tips and tricks 2022”
  13. “how to increase organic traffic 2022”
  14. “seo tips 2022”
  15. “seo keyword tips”
  16. “seo tips to improve organic rankings”
  17. “benefits of organic seo”
  18. “why is organic seo important”
  19. “how long does organic seo take”

Perhaps this is a bit much sharing all these but just to demonstrate really.  Potentially, I can use these 19 ideas for a few different things.

For example, I could use these for subheadings.  I could sprinkle some of these within my blog content.  These could be used in my social media posts (especially Pinterest). 

In fact, some of these keywords could make up a whole new post.  

It’s kind of a lot to get your head around but you have to admit Zulie Rane has some great advice.

So if you haven’t done so yet check out Zulie’s video above, follow her on Medium and Subscribe to her Youtube

I have to admit I haven’t really gone through much of her other work but her following is pretty decent from what I can see. Also, I think if any of her other content is like the video and blog that I shared above then you can bet there are a lot more valuable tips where this came from.

I don’t really have much to add except if you don’t use it already get the free RankMath SEO plugin. If you use something like Yoast or SEO Framework already get this instead and use the Content AI tool.

That is my piece of advice.

So, My Casual Observations in Regards To Zulie Rane’s Work.

There is a ton of advice here about blogging and doing it right.  Many bloggers might start websites and blogs, not only for the potential money to be made but also because they want others to read their work.  

However, many blog posts are never found.  As many as 70 million new blog posts are published every month, with many not ranking on Google.

So considering the time spent writing a new blog post it definitely is worth planning ahead.  After all, what are 3 hours of keyword research compared to 20 hours of writing without it?  Surely taking a bit extra time to increase the likelihood of getting your content found through organic searches is more valuable. 

If time is money then hypothetically speaking why would you want to spend a whole day writing a blog if it is never going to be found organically? 

As much as it is sod’s law at times and you might still get ranked without really any extra effort at all, the time spent researching the best keywords is definitely worth it. If you can in some way minimize the risks of your posts not being found by google with a bit of SEO trickery then why not?

To be fair I think this is a great way and I really hope this can help you like it’s helped me. 

So try these ideas and see what happens, and of course, anything you would like to ask me about SEO and Organic Traffic please leave a comment below;

Final Word

Now, I hope you have enjoyed reading today’s post as much as I have enjoyed writing it.  I can’t take all the credit because much of this was inspired by Zulie Rane and her SEO Tutorial for Beginners but yes definitely blogging is a great activity for any keen writer.  Even many who blog do so as a full-time career and it can certainly become all this and so much more.

Even as just a way to make a few hundred a month blogging is a great outlet.  It really is something that you can continue to grow as well.  The more you blog the more chance you have of ranking for keywords. 

Of course, you can increase this likelihood with SEO but the more content you have that ranks the more organic traffic you will get.  

Which, won’t always mean making money let’s be real but it really is the key.  More Traffic = More Money.

So, hopefully, that explains things for you but let’s say you don’t have a blog but want to start one.

Blogger is good as is Zulie’s tip Medium.com but if you really want to go for the jugular nothing else beats building up your own independent web platform on WordPress. This is by far the best place to create a website but this does come with its challenges. 

Take it from someone who knows but at the same time this is all experience I will be glad to share.

Just simply sign up for my email list here and with this, you will receive 30 Days of Important lessons to learn about blogging on WordPress as well as my free Affiliate Marketing for Beginners EBook.

*Other benefits include my recommended free course, free website and notifications whenever I publish a new blog.

If you are interested here is is the link to sign up [CLICK HERE]   

Your Feedback 

Thanks for reading Zulie Rane’s 5 Organic SEO Tips to Help your Blog Post Rank in 2022.  Hope she doesn’t mind me sharing this blog about her.  I will find out soon enough I guess when I send her my link if she gets the message but anyway what did you think of today’s post?   Has this been helpful?  Is there anything you would like to add?

Please share your thoughts, questions and feedback in the comments below.

Many thanks for reading and until next time…

A Toast ?

#ToYourFuture Sucess

Alex B. Chivers

Contact Us at chivs86@ibusinesstoday.com

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4 thoughts on “5 Organic SEO Tips to Help your Blog Post Rank in 2022”

  1. Wow, there is a lot of great information here.
    Zulie Rane is someone who knows what she is talking about. I will be sure to check out more of her resources.

    I was introduced to Google’s free keyword planner tool recently and have used it to help me write my first ‘topic cluster’ of posts. The idea is to create 20 or more posts around the main keyword. Each post will answer specific questions that people are searching for….So, I will be interested to see if this helps me rank.

    I didn’t know you can re-publish posts on Medium.com. I’m seriously going to check this out because they do have such a high DA as you say. So its got to be good for business 🙂

    Thanks for the great tips!

    1. Hi Andrew, Yes I was very taken in by her work. She is definitely someone you can learn a lot from. Googles keyword planner can definitely be great for brainstorming and i think another good one is ‘questiondb’ I think it is called. Answerthepublic is another one. I haven’t really done a lot with the cluster idea but I see the guys incomeschool24 say about it in a video. One good point was is that you can get a lot of posts out quite quickly if they are about the same topics. Maybe I should try this myself soon but yes good idea. Also about Medium I’ve kind of changed my mind about it I think – I don’t think they like people just using it to for syndication as my account has now been suspended but I think if you use it to write a feeder post that links to content on your website maybe that might work.

  2. Hey Alex,

    interesting post. Generating ideas for blogs is important for a blogger, and any tool that helps that is a bonus. I’ve got experience with Ubersuggest and I think it has its benefits.

    Thanks for the share

    1. Thanks John, Yes I’ve started using Ubersuggest a lot more now. I think if you can get in a habit of using it daily it can definitely be a very valuable tool.

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