how to create a marketing message that converts

5 Tips How to Draft a Marketing Message That Converts

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Generally speaking, once you have got the attention of your audience you might wonder what you can do to keep it up.  Initially, one sure thing that should help is the knowledge of How to Draft a Marketing Message That Converts.

Regardless of your marketing campaign whether it is running Facebook ads or creating a message for your homepage, the message needs to resonate with people and it must do so in a powerful way. 

Only then can you gain an edge in compelling people to purchase your products or services.

However, this is often something that is more said than done in the case of many businesses. 

Where they fail is to create powerful and impactful messages. Instead where they go wrong is by creating messages that are far too generic which then fail to grab the attention of their targetted audience. 

By doing this eventually, the business will fail to match up to its competitors and they will suffer as a result.

So how do you ensure that this doesn’t happen to you and your business?

Here are 5 Tips To Better Understand How to Draft a Marketing Message That Converts…

How to Draft a Marketing Message That Converts

5 tips how to draft a marketing message

Whether it is for;

  • The home page of your blog,
  • Your Forum signature,
  • Welcome email or 
  • Social media posts 
  • Even leaflets (circulars)
  • Banners ads etc.

To be successful as a marketer having a clear message that your audience will respond to is very important.  What you will want is something that is not only going to grab their attention but also that is appealing enough for them to take action after they see it.

Many within the Internet marketing space will tell you exactly this – it is simply not enough for people to see you for them to respond.  The average spammer will spam their links all day and nothing will happen even though hundreds of people have seen their types of marketing messages countless times.

It is all good getting your name out there to people but if they don’t like what they see then the chances are they will not respond to your message.  

Why you must understand how to draft a marketing message that converts because if you don’t then it’s pretty certain you will not make any money. So here is why you should follow these 5 tips…

Let’s begin with 

i.)  How to Create a Marketing Message for Your Audience

understand your audience

The first thing is to understand is who you are marketing to?  What are their problems, wants, and needs?

To establish this you can begin by identifying a niche and marketing persona.  With this set up you can then get to work developing the ideal message for your marketing campaign. 

Make sure this is one that resonates with your target audience.  The more helpful it is the more likely it is that this will convert. It should also identify, call out and survey your target audience to find out what they are searching for.

It might seem difficult at first but as you communicate with more members of your audience, you will begin to notice similar patterns in their behaviour. Many experts use this to their advantage and this is all data that you can then use to assist you in how to draft a marketing message that converts.

ii.)  Just Don’t Give Up, Be Consistent

be consistent affiliate marketing

On your journey to becoming a successful marketer, there might be many times that you will feel like throwing in the towel. Especially in the first 1-2 years but keep going and be consistent until you learn how to draft a marketing message that converts. Once you do you should find the sales will start rolling in one after the other.

You can start by trying to follow the same framework for the message that your business uses. With this the more customers you can identify with the more they are likely to trust you and your brand.

Customers like consistency and it is this consistency that creates a feeling of trust and reliability.

For example, you can use a headline, and value proposition on all your brand messaging. You can then craft your sales copy around these same value pillars that you already use to showcase your business

Then as more people begin to respond positively you should be able to see the difference that this makes.

iii.) Marketing Messages to Customers

how to draft marketing messages for the people

If you are still trying to decide how to draft a marketing message that converts – there is one strategy that you must understand. This is Conversational Marketing. When you are writing your powerful marketing messages you must convey this in a way that it ‘speaks to your audience’ and not just ‘about your audience’.

For instance, within the marketing messages to attract customers use a second-person voice.

Note: This means when you write your message focus on using “you” and avoid using “them” as your pronouns.

Then not only this but another thing to avoid is using complicated words and jargon. When people read your work they must be able to understand you. If they can’t this may leave people feeling confused and worst still that the advertisement just wasn’t meant for them.

For this, to work we must write in our marketing message examples like we would in a normal conversation.  We must act as if we are actually in the same room as these people and talking to them in an everyday situation. 

The more our audience can relate to your powerful marketing message the better chance you have of them buying what you are trying to sell them… But, Just remember… STILL

iv.)  Keep It Short, and Simple (K.I.S.S)

keep it short and simple marketing messages

With marketing, the goal is to always first and foremost grab people’s attention. 

Don’t overdo it by using long and complicated words and lengthy paragraphs.

Instead, keep it short and simple as this has been proven to be far more effective. 

Not only at grabbing people’s attention but also getting them to take action. Whether it be by actually placing an order or by in most cases signing up for your email list.

As you create your sales copy, read through it and see where you can make it shorter. Don’t make it too short but try to get the right mix so it’s not too long yet still maintains its clear customer-friendly message and offers value.

v.)  Make Use of Emotion

make use of emotion with marketing messages

When deciding how to draft a marketing message that converts one way to ensure that your message resonates with customers is by making use of their emotions. If you can envoke feelings inside your leads that make them feel like they need to use your product then this can increase you conversion rate.

If you can figure out what is going on in your potential customer’s heads – what they want, their biggest concerns and how much they might be able to spend then you can use this to appeal to their emotional side.

When marketing, try to talk more about the benefits of your products and how they can help. Focus on this more rather than the products features. Most customers aren’t bothered by the technicalities that go into creating a product. Instead, they care about whether the product is going to be helpful for them and their loved ones. 

So the kind of message that you convey to your leads should be made with this in mind.

Also another tip is to try and incite feelings such as excitement, urgency, and satisfaction. If you can do this then it will definitely help boost your chances of making a sale.  In fact, some customers you might find will actually even pay for subscriptions based on these feelings… Especially TRUST. 

So when you are looking at How to Draft a Marketing Message that converts definitely take this on board.

And actually another tip…

vi.)  Try A/B Split Testing

When learning How To Draft a Marketing Message that converts one very good idea is to learn about A/B Split Testing.  For new marketers it might seem a bit intimidating to hear about this practise. I find it a bit overwhelming myself but for anybody serious about their craft it is something that can certainly make a HUGE difference.

You can use this method of testing for a whole pleathora of marketing content. Landing pages, opt-in forms and autoresponder emails are just a few things that one might expect to collect data from.

However, marketing messages in the same way can be tested out with this technique as well. 

When testing your content for the best performers try running different variations with headlines, colours and images/gifs.  Even videos if that’s your thing.  Run these tests to help find what works the best for lead generation, sales and CTR (click-through rate).   

It might seem complicated but definitely have a look on Youtube or Wealthy Affiliate for some helpful training.

*I would suggest another tip to make several squeeze pages at once and use a link rotator and do A/B Split testing after some time to determine which page performs the best. You can then try a new page or update which ever pages under perform to carry out further tests.

It is intimidating sure but check out this video to learn a little bit more…

Final Thoughts

How to draft a marketing message that converts is not as difficult as it may appear. With a few tips and tricks that appeal to the customer psyche, you can then utilise this knowledge to further increase sales. 

Just make sure to what works and what doesn’t work and make tweaks wherever necessary.  By doing so this helps ensure your message resonates well with your target audience.

It seem difficult to begin with but look for training videos and not just this but look to see what other people are doing.  Do some research on the competition, sign up for their lists, screenshot their forms and see what kind of marketing messages they themselves are using. Don’t copy them but let them inspire you.

Also try to put yourself in the shoes of the consumer.  If you see a marketing message that you like then try and create something similar.  Don’t copy but let them inspire you. Then keep creating, tweaking and testing and let the results do the rest of the talking.

And with this in mind here is How To Draft a Marketing Message That Converts. I hope you have found this helpful if you have any questions or would like to add anything else relevant to this content please let me know in the comments section below…

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Or perhaps you have some tips to share of your own or maybe there is something I have missed?  

Either way, it will be great to hear from you.  Your feedback is important to us and we will look to respond in a timely fashion ASAP

Many thanks in advance and hope to see you all again soon.

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