6 Best Plagiarism Detection Platforms For Bloggers In 2023

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Plagiarism-free content is a HUGE deal when it comes to blogging.  Mostly because if google flags your content for plagiarism then this can have a serious negative effect on SEO.  The best advice I would give is to use Grammarly Pro and their site content platform to detect plagiarism before you submit to WordPress but alternatively here are the 6 Best Plagiarism Detection Platforms For Bloggers In 2023

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6 Best Plagiarism Detection Platforms For Bloggers In 2023

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When it comes to content in today’s digital world, there are a variety of ways to distribute it.  Platforms like blogs, websites, and even apps have introduced us to a new way of sharing our ideas.  Thanks to social media platforms, we also have a number of different ways to share that content with the world.

Content is delivered not only through blog posts or websites but also through apps and social media content.  These platforms have opened up new ways for people to share their ideas and content with their audience; however, they have also opened the door for plagiarism.

People who create a blog post or article can copy another person’s work without giving credit.  It may seem harmless when it is just words on paper, but what about if those words are video streams?

What is Content Plagiarism?

Content plagiarism is the act of using someone else’s content without providing proper credit.  Whether you copy and paste the content, rewrite it, or use a content aggregator, plagiarism is a serious breach of ethical writing.

Plagiarism can occur across many different platforms, including social media, video streaming, and even apps. 

In cases where plagiarism is committed this could be by copying a piece of text and not giving credit to the author.  However, it can also involve copying someone’s ideas and images without providing any form of citation.

Worst case scenario in some situations plagiarism can result in legal trouble due to cases of copyright infringement and fraud – so it is definitely something to be cautious about (R

Now…  What Are These…

6 Platforms for Detecting Content Plagiarism

what are the 6 best plagiarism detection tools for 2023

Now that we have discussed how to detect content plagiarism and its negative impact on SEO and possible legal repercussions, let’s take a look at a few platforms that can help detect plagiarism.

1. Grammarly for Plagiarism Detection

grammarly logo

Grammarly is a grammar and plagiarism detection app that can be used across all social media platforms. Grammarly allows you to scan your own content, as well as other people’s content.

This AI content marketing tool is helpful for bloggers, writers, and anyone who has a blog and needs to detect plagiarism. Grammarly allows you to scan your own content by clicking on the “Check for grammar and plagiarism” button.

After you click on this button, you can plug in the URL of any article, blog, or website. This plagiarism checker will then scan the content and provide you with a plagiarism report.

2. Copyscape Plagiarism Detection Tool

copyscape plagiarism detection tool logo

Copyscape is a free plagiarism checker that helps you search for plagiarism across the Internet.  This plagiarism checker is helpful for bloggers, writers, and anyone who has a blog and needs to detect plagiarism.

Copyscape allows you to plug in the URL of any article, blog, or website.  It will then search the Internet for the content and provide you with a report. 

This plagiarism checker also allows you to search for a specific piece of content by typing in the URL or copying/pasting the content.

3. SmallSEOTools Free Content Plagiarism Detection Tool

smallseotools logo plagiarism detection tool

SmallSEOTools is another plagiarism detection website that can be used to detect plagiarism in different types of content, including images and videos. This is a free platform that allows you to scan content and view plagiarism reports.

Editors Note:  As a free tool this is actually my top pick but one downside is this can only be used for 1K words.  It has served me well over the years though and my only preference over this would probably be Grammarly Pro.

4. DupliChecker Plagiarism Detector

duplichecker plagiarism detction

Duplichecker is a plagiarism detection website that allows you to check a website’s content against several different databases. This plagiarism detection app is helpful and can be used on any type of content, including images and videos.

5. Quetext for Content Plagiarism

quetext plagiarism detection tool logo

Quetext is great for detecting plagiarism for writers and copywriters
. It helps you discover similar words used in a sentence or a paragraph.  This tool can detect any copy-paste sentences in an instant. 

If you want to check your article in detail, you can use Quetext easily.

6. QuillBot Vs. Grammarly for Plagiarism Detection

quillbot logo

Quillbot is quite unlike the other plagiarism detection apps on this list.  Mostly because this tool not only allows you to check for any plagiarism in written content but also helps you rewrite your piece to a new one. 

This tool is perfect if you want to repurpose your old article but still want if you want to pass plagiarism detectors.

Final Word on Plagiarism

plagiarism cartoon

It can sometimes be very difficult to detect when a piece of content is plagiarized.  However, there are a few ways to tell if someone has plagiarized your content. 

One way to detect plagiarism is to look at your page view statistics. If the content has been copied, the views are going to be lower than yours.

You can also detect plagiarism by comparing the number of backlinks and citations for each article you have written.  If there are several websites linking back to an article that you didn’t write, that is a definite red flag. 

Check out the tools above to help you detect plagiarism by searching for words and phrases on the Internet.

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