6 marketing mistakes to avoid in 2023

6 Marketing Mistakes to be Avoided for Better Success in 2023

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What MUST you NOT do as an affiliate marketer?  Which lessons can be learned early on that will not only save you time but will also help you make your first commissions much faster?  How can YOU make the best start possible for your online business – AND Which are the Main Marketing Mistakes To Be Avoided for Better Success?

Now, whilst many of us consider sales to be the foundation of any organization the reality is that there will be no sales or very few unless your marketing is done correctly and effectively!

When it is done right then clearly, running a successful marketing campaign can be one of the most rewarding aspects of any online business.   Having a readymade funnel for generating leads and commissions on repeat is perhaps the greatest asset that any web developer can have.  No matter how long it takes or how complex – passive income has to be the endgame for any affiliate marketing business.  

However, like any business NOT all will be successful.  Many will soon jump ship because things are not going their way but let’s not overlook this; 

One of the main reasons that most marketing campaigns fail is usually because of some very common and understandable mistakes.

By looking to correct these mistakes you might be surprised by what effect this has on your current marketing campaigns.  These by no means are everything but here are just some ideas that really might help make the difference.

6 Marketing Mistakes to be Avoided In 2023

This is by no means a comprehensive list of everything. Really if the truth must be told there are a lot more than these 6 common marketing mistakes to be avoided for better success. In fact, if you have any ideas to share it would be great to read them in the comments section.

Now, as I’ve said there may be quite a few points I’m missing here but for my top 6, that spring to mind let’s get started…

I.) Make Your Product Descriptions Clear!

product descriptions for effective marketing

Most of us will know the ads that do an amazing job of showing off their business name and brand.  They might look very professional and easy on the eye but yet where they fail is to show the actual product categories they should be advertising.

We have to remember that the average customer might see a product for sale but this alone will not always be enough for them to want to buy it.  Whether it is the advert or the packaging itself this must display clear information.  What is the product?  What is it for?  Who can it benefit?  and How will it help to solve the potential customer’s problems?   

Many marketing campaigns ARE NOT successful because they miss this basic information. [R]

Basically, It doesn’t matter how good your advert is if customers cannot understand the benefits of your product to them.

Sure, they might recognize the name of your business but if they can not even register that your product can help – then surely nothing will happen as a result.  It might be that they see another ad that is a bit clearer and will opt to spend their money there instead. 

BUT even if your ad looks better – people want to know what they are buying!

To remedy this problem be sure when creating your own marketing campaigns that you mention to your customers several times about the category that your product(s) fall into.   Be sure to remember this.

And also…

ii.)  Don’t Forget to Use Vanity Metrics

vanity metrics in affiliate marketing

How many likes were there on your last post on Instagram?

How many reposts did your last Facebook ad get?

How many retweets did your last Twitter post have?

  These are all questions to think about and you should be quite familiar with these numbers by now.  

These are what are known in digital marketing as vanity measurements. [R]

In any case, for what reason would it be a good idea for you to know every one of these?

Well, with all things considered, you can make reference to them in your marketing campaigns to show how fantastic your business is and how well it is performing on social media – There is nothing better for your business than social proof.

However, something to consistently note is that you should NOT center your marketing resources around improving your vanity metrics.  Your main efforts should be toward actual engagements and conversions.  If you focus too much on vanity metrics this is almost certain to expend your limited resources on something that will not have a huge influence on your overall marketing campaign(s).

So, try to remember this. I mean I would actually suggest giving this tool here a try to improve your social media influence

and also – another one of my top 6 Marketing Mistakes to be Avoided for Better Success…

iii.)  Don’t Overlook A/B Split Testing

Many businesses, even after setting up their marketing campaigns, fail to use ACTUAL data to their advantage! [R]

Yet, if you really want your marketing to be more successful, you should discover what actually works and what doesn’t.  

You can achieve this through a process called A/B Split testing.

Now, whilst this process might seem overwhelming, really, it is pretty simple. 

 For instance, your campaign may have two main subject lines which would be tailored to different sections of the market.

One of the subject lines, let’s call it A, had a 70% open rate, and the other B had a 30% open rate.

Analyzing both together it makes sense to choose A rather than B.  Really it is a no-brainer!

With A/B split testing, you can determine which works better and focus on that!  Not using such data is definitely ONE very big reason why businesses fail and is again another one of my 6 Marketing Mistakes to be Avoided… Much like…

iv.)  Choosing the Wrong Audience

choosing the right audience for your marketing campaigns

Really, this is one mistake that affects plenty of businesses far too often.  When marketing your products online It doesn’t pay in the long run to send your marketing to everyone. Really you only want to market to people that have the potential to be interested in your work! [R]

You should never be spending a considerable amount of your resources on marketing to see a low rate of return.

For the best results, you must first understand who your customers are and narrow them down to those who find your type of products useful.   Having distinguished this crowd, you can then direct your marketing campaigns to them.

v.)  Spreading Yourself Too Thin

Personally speaking,  one of my own biggest marketing mistakes was setting up too many websites too early.  You can only do so much in a day and each website will need separate social media accounts etc.  It is a good idea to move on to a new project once you have set up a project that can hold its own but until then you should not spread yourself too thin.

In the beginning, take care to choose a single niche.  Take some time to consider several different options but only settle for ONE.  Take at least a year to work on your one single project – learn what works and once this website (or whatever else) has enough content and is making money on its own then you can look to start over with something else.

Probably this is my biggest problem now STILL but seriously if you are just starting out keep it simple.  Choose ONE niche and ONE project to develop at a time.  You don’t need to learn every type of marketing at once either – if you are trying to do too many things at once it will affect you.   The time you could spend on 2-3 projects at once you could be spending making on 1 successful.

I mean each to our own but that’s my personal advice.  Check out this book Gary Keller – The One Thing on Youtube

vi.)  Not Having a Blog or Website

This is certainly debatable – many do very well without a blog or website but there is certainly much that you can do in regard to marketing mistakes to be avoided by developing your own blog or website. You don’t really even need your own website you can use blogger, medium, and even Reddit for writing blogs but certainly having this resource can be very beneficial. For nothing else having a well-developed website is great for developing your brand and what’s more, it’s a great opportunity to generate income.

My number one tip is to check out this platform here. It’s not for everyone but it’s where I got my start and I think it’s a good place to be if you really want to get started on WordPress with training. Otherwise, also check out my article here for my alternative tips for other ways to get started.

Final Word

When starting out in online marketing there are many mistakes that marketers tend to make. 

Above are 6 Marketing Mistakes to be Avoided for Better Success in 2023 but of course, these are just some examples to consider.

By understanding your target audience, performing A/B testing, and linking your brand to your product category, you can create an effective and efficient marketing campaign that will help generate leads for your business.

Further to this focus on one niche, don’t spread yourself thin and learn SEO.  

Also, be sure to utilize email marketing. 

Try to take in as much of this on board as possible.  Then once you scale up your campaigns rinse and repeat!

Hopefully, this helps and anything else please let me know in the comments… 

Side note:  If you like this article.  I have written most of it myself but 650 words of it including the title, and sub-headings I got as a part of a content subscription service called viralitycontent.com.  If you need an injection of extra content to boost your website traffic definitely check them out.  All big Niches are covered! 

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