7 side hustles to make money on your new blog

Try These 7 Side Hustles for Your New Blog / Website?15 Minute Reading Time

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For anyone new looking to start making money as a website owner, this post is for you.  7 Side Hustles For Your New Blog / Website!  Try these ideas to help finance your early days of running your own online business!

Hopefully, this information can help you through difficult times.  Giving you the extra financial support you need until you have your stream of consistent steady passive income that every blogger wants to get in the business for.

Recently, I wrote about what kind of results you can expect in your first year of blogging.  Just to summarise – I basically said that for most people earning decent money early on doesn’t really happen.  For most, it would seem to be in their second and third years that really the magic begins to happen.  

After 9 Months (it would appear) is when a new website can really expect its traffic to really start growing.  For those that have managed to do things properly, this should be when the commissions start to roll in consecutively.

Not to make any guarantees here but during this period many will want to quit because of their inability to fund their online operations. 

Exactly, why a side hustle to tide you over might be worth considering.

So, For Today’s Post – 7 Side Hustles For Your New Blog?  Financing for the 1st Year Online!

FTC Disclosure: 

Please note that this post contains affiliate links.  If you happen to use one of these links and make any kind of transaction I may receive a commission.  The price you pay will not be affected.

Now, I would like to put you in the shoes of someone that hasn’t made money online before.  You hear all these stories about those that have become very rich from their online activities.  Youtube, Crypto, FOREX, Stocks/Shares, eBay, Amazon and Affiliate Marketing etc.  

The shoes of someone else who hasn't made any money online

So, you want a piece of the action – many will tell you their fantastic stories about how you can start making money in next to no time!  When in reality this couldn’t be further away from the truth!  

So you might call these people SCAMMERS!  Some are, maybe more than a few,  don’t get me wrong but how many of us just give up, and much too soon?

Instead of really giving an opportunity to earn money enough time – we give up because just paying the monthly subscription fee, for instance, puts us off. Like, IF it wasn’t for this reason we would give these things more time right?  Even if we aren’t making money as long as we are not losing money we will carry on. 

Now, tell me if you think this is a realistic evaluation of society? IF We Had The Money There We Would Give These Opportunities More Time!

Take This For Example…

My Recommended Way To Make Money Online!

Skip this part if you wish but I think this does go some way to explaining things!

By this I mean my recommended solution for making money online…

Now, THIS IS if someone asks me (about how they can make money online) setting up a website, blogging and affiliate marketing.  The program for this I recommend is Wealthy Affiliate (at least for now) and it’s this I want to use as an example.  For why having a side hustle as a backup plan might be what ploughs you ahead till you find online success.

So, as a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you start with a number of free lessons and a free starter website with an ugly looking long domain name that will not let you add any plugins ?.  Something like https://example.siterubix.com.  This suffix is added to all domain names.

Now, Honestly, I am not knocking this opportunity you can learn some important fundamental lessons here.  It is how I made my start at blogging again in January 2020 and it has helped many others set up their own online businesses as well.

However, for Wealthy Affiliate to really be able to help you – you will need a Premium membership.  This unlocks all the rest of the training and allows for full WordPress hosting where you can use proper domains. As well as many other cool tools and benefits.


How Much Money You Will Need ?

This will set you back $19.00 for the first month then $47.00 every month after that.  It might sound like a lot but this is why I want you to read this whole blog post.  You can actually save a lot of money by paying upfront for the whole year (especially on Black Friday) it will only set you back $299.00.  However, let’s just say it is $47.00 per month.

I would not expect you to be able to cover this or even half of this within the first 6 months.   Not unless you get incredibly lucky.  You can make money but whilst you are not really getting very much organic traffic you will not have the readership that is prepared to take these kinds of actions.

As I discussed in my last post you need time to develop. 

Unless you already have prior skills and knowledge of website development really you will probably NOT be making the money to cover this $47.00 monthly fee or even some of it until near the end of your first year.  In my view realistically speaking 18 months to 2 years is sufficient time.

It might happen sooner but you must get yourself through this difficult period.  You must be prepared to lose money before you can make money.  Many will not be able to afford this but let’s think outside the box here…

Find Side Hustles For Your New Blog!

Now, I am going to carry on with using Wealthy Affiliate membership as my main example.  

Through its training and hosting, you have everything you need as a blueprint for a successful business.  Many members have found out that by building their websites whilst following Wealthy Affiliates training they have managed to find success building websites within their first 2 years.

What many of them will say is “you must keep working, however long it takes, and until you start seeing results”.

But then unless you have this $47.00 spare every month you probably will soon get pretty fed up with this. 

I know the feeling myself – I’ve been here. To be honest, this information which I am sharing today I could have done with showing it to people a lot sooner.  I’ve had many of my referrals quit on me because of what I’ve mentioned above. 

So, with this in mind let’s look at some ideas you can do to try and cover these expenses. At least to try and make some of the money you will need.

7 side hustles for your new blog

Here are my 7 Side Hustles for Your New Blog!

Try and find a few hours a week to try some of these ideas out for yourself!

i.)  Get Hired To Write For Other Bloggers 

Freelance Writing as a side hustle

Set up a Fiverr account and make your services (gigs) available.  $5 for 500 words should be an easy gig that you can get hired for.  6 of these gigs a month should make you $25-$30.  It might not cover the whole $47.00 for your monthly WA membership fees but it will mean you can afford them more easily.   Exactly what you will want!

Also, it is maybe worth noting even though Fiverr gigs can be very time consuming and low paying you can start to earn more as you build customer relationships and a better feedback score.  SIGN UP FOR AN ACCOUNT HERE

ii.)  Other Freelancing Gigs

What you might find is that you have other skills aside from writing which you can utilize instead.  In fact, there might be gigs which you can do on websites such as Fiverr which take you less time than writing articles.  Perhaps take a look around.

If you would like some inspiration (you don’t know where to start) check out these 2 Youtube videos below;

Your aim (I would say) should be to try to make $30-$35 a month from freelancing but ideally where it doesn’t take away too much of your time.  It is fair enough finding a side hustle to help cover your expenses but let’s not forget why you are doing this in the first place.

If you really want to become a success with blogging and affiliate marketing you need to set aside both time for work and also for other things like training etc.  Extra work on top of this should only be a temporary solution until you can make consistent earnings from writing your blog posts etc.

Although, as side hustles go…

iii.)  Sell on eBay

Personally, I have used eBay and made a living from it for just over 10 years now.   From my own experience, I would say making $25 a month at least from eBay is fairly easy.  Take advantage of their free listings with a private account.   See what you have around the house that you can sell.  Things like books, clothes, collectables, and see if you can make some money$  

You might be surprised by what people will buy.  

Look elsewhere even – garage sales, thrift shops and even on eBay itself.  See if you can find any good money-spinners. 

You can also try Aliexpress.  Some products you can buy from the Chinese market that once you have you can sell for more money.  It can be risky with some products but if you can find the right ones you can easily double even triple your initial investment. 

However, STILL, remember why you are doing this for. Do not get carried away with trading on eBay. You are trading on eBay to help to finance your new website.  Think of the money you will make when this is all up and running.   You will not regret it…

but if eBay is not for you! Try this instead maybe…

iv.)  Complete Micro Tasks With Appen.com

I am still new to Appen.  I‘ve not used it yet myself.  Mostly because I have an eBay Business and 4x websites to run already but I will give it a go soon to see what it is all about.  I’ve made an account so we shall see.

Anyhow, the reason I am sharing this idea is it does appear to be a possible solution for finding work at home jobs.  

By the looks of things, this could definitely be a solution for helping to finance your subscription fees until you can earn consistent earnings from your blog.

There seem to be some pretty mixed reviews from their userbase.  Although this might be exactly what is needed in those tough months.  Maybe you can manage OK with the ideas above but just saying this might be worth looking into.

Visit Appen.com Here<<<

v.)  Review New Products With UserTesting.com

I haven’t tried UserTesting.com either but one of my nephews used this service for a while last year.  He speaks very highly of it and upon closer inspection, it definitely looks like a good way that you could make a bit of extra money on the side.  

User Testing as a side hustle

In fact, it might just be one of the best opportunities on this whole list.  From what I hear it can be difficult sometimes to get the work but you can make $4 for every 5-minute task and for 20 minute live interviews (I assume through Zoom or Skype) you can get paid anything from $30.00 to $120.00.

According to my nephew, it is a very good opportunity but you must maintain a good reputation or no one will want to hire you.  Kind of like most things I guess but yes anyway – 12 x $14 (1 Hour of tasks) = $48.00.

I don’t know about you but $47.00 a month to pay for Wealthy Affiliate is perfect if you can get it to work.

Vi.)  Try SwagBucks.com

Part of me doesn’t know why I am bothering to mention this one.  I’ve tried other survey sites that are not SwagBucks and I can tell you the time you spend to actually make any money at all (most of the time) just does not feel worth it.

50 SwagBucks is basically the equivalent of $3.50 USD.  It is like any currency that goes up and down in price.  I see you can sometimes find tasks that might pay 1000+ Swagbucks but how long these take I think is the main question here.

Maybe try Swagbucks but only if you can’t manage to earn from any of the other ideas above.  You can try other survey sites as well but the reason I share Swagbucks and not the others is it appears to be maybe the best one.

Vii.)  Earn Credits and Commissions Through WA

Now, I am not saying this article today is just for those that are Premium members of Wealthy Affiliate that are stuck in a rut for paying their monthly memberships.  Maybe you have set up your blog without WA.  I personally recommend SiteGround if you are looking to go down this route but anyway let’s say you do join Wealthy Affiliate.

I know this probably won’t sound too appealing to most people but I have heard stories from people that have financed their time on WA by earning WA credits.  I think each credit is worth $0.50.  You earn from leaving feedback and comments for people blogs.  If you leave 94 comments or feedback reviews you will make your $47.00 lol

Waste of time if you ask me but what isn’t is if you can get just 1 PERSON to sign up under you as a premium member @ Wealthy Affiliate that sticks around this is half of your bill paid.  $23.50 every month.  50% commissions.

Managing this is easier for some more than others.  They actually have a prize for all members of WA that can make 300 Premium Referrals in ONE YEAR.  It is an all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas, and people do actually go.

Check out this blog from IvanBroz who is going to Vegas next year – he has commented on this blog before I’m pretty sure!

Anyway, if people like Ivan can get 300 Sign-Ups you can get 1 or 2 surely.  Perhaps mention some of my ideas above!


In Conclusion

Try These 7 Side Hustles for Your New Blog / Website.  This is my main point.  Your first year blogging can be a difficult time.  It depends from person to person, this much is true, but most people do not make very much money from blogging within the first 6 months to a year.   For this reason, it has to be something that you are willing to dedicate enough time to do.

You don’t have to try the ideas above maybe you could do a cleaning job for a few hours a week.  I mean you might likely have a full-time job already and blogging already is something you have very little time for.  Honestly, I would like to think you can find a ‘workaround’ here.  Perhaps you could use your phone during your lunch break or on the bus home to use SwagBucks or for listing on eBay with your photos from earlier on.

I haven’t had to do anything like this myself I must admit but seriously EVEN THOUGH I’m potentially setting myself up for the future competition – stick at it!  Create a Wealthy Affiliate account, go through all of their training and start blogging.

In my opinion, this has to be the dream job – work when you want, where you want and earn money repeatedly from your previous work.  Even keep on earning more for all the new work you will continue to do.

Make $1000.  $5000.  $10,000 or even more every month.  Plenty of others are doing this and so can you as well!

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18 thoughts on “Try These 7 Side Hustles for Your New Blog / Website?”

  1. Very interesting article. I have tried a couple of these ideas. I had not heard of Appen before. I think I will give it a look around and see if I can do a side hustle on it for a while.

    1. Hi Tim, Yes I have just made an account with Appen but have not done any jobs on there yet. User testing seems to be the better one but only if you are ok with the video interviews I think you can really earn any decent money.

  2. For a while I have been looking for side hustles to complete my online income. Ever since the covid lockdown came to an end and we have to go back to work I have been having trouble adapting. I loved working at home, so now I am working to achieve that, working from home, using my laptop. I realize that none of these sites can provide a full income, but in combination with other side hustles I think it can all add up to something substantial. UserTesting and Appen look the most interesting to me. Do you know if you have to qualify for certain interviews on UserTesting?

    1. Hi Christine, Yes I think there is an interview process for both Appen and Usertesting. One blog I read was from a Lady that had to take a series of exams before getting her work with Appen. User Testing seems to be the better of the two but I think once (if) you start getting negative reviews it can be difficult to find work but as long as you keep happy on there its apparently quite a good source of income.

  3. Hi Alex – this article couldn’t have come at a better time for me. As you corrected stated in the article, there have been many times where I’ve wanted to quit with blogging because there wasn’t enough money coming in to even cover the monthly expenses of running a blog. In fact, I did quit once during the beginning of the pandemic. Lockdowns effectively took out my niche topic, so it looked like a good time to reassess. Once I was ready with a new niche and renewed outlook I hopped back into blogging and have been enjoying it but I’m still not really generating any income yet. These ideas you’ve written about seem like a great supplement for someone like myself, I’m really interested in checking out UserTesting.com, so thank you for sharing these options and your experience!

    1. Hi Dereck, Good to hear this has been helpful for you. To be honest I’m kind of hoping I can share this post with some of my referrals for my affiliate marketing coaching. I think the trouble is many get into this business and expect results way too soon. For me, I was quite lucky to have made my first commissions very early on (I made around $400 my first month) but I soon learned after that how lucky I was because for the 6 months + I had nowhere near this amount of success and I can only surmise that if I didn’t make these early commissions I maybe wouldn’t still be doing this now. So, I mean I think people need to get to this point where they make their 1st commission just to spur them on further.

      I know that trying something like 7 side hustles for your new blog I’ve suggested is taking time away from your website development and training but I really like to think if you can spend 1-2 days a month (worth of hours) maybe this can help make the difference to keep you blogging for that extra bit longer till you can finally get that first confidence boosting commission.

  4. Thanks for sharing these side hustles. I’m sure that a lot of people will find them extremely useful just as I have! Most people start on a tight budget so having a few options where you can earn a few bucks to cover your startup costs is great. I personally would recommend micro-tasks such as WA comment credits and surveys. Great stuff!

    PS: it’s cool of you to share my success with WA (trip to Las Vegas) πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Ivan. I really hope as much that this article will benefit people looking to get into affiliate marketing and for helping them through these early months when not much is happening with traffic etc. I agree with you that most start on a tight budget and just making a few bucks can make all the difference. Leaving comments on Wealthy Affiliate for $ maybe I don’t know – how many can you leave a day and how many credits can you make?

      I think this is the question although I did see there was a Nigerian chap who started on WA with no money and he got by in the beginning just by earning credits.

      Its a shame I didn’t save the link to his blog because it was a very inspiring story. Apparently, he was stressing out one month because he didn’t make enough credits to cover his monthly subscription but he checked and he had made his first $50 commission (I think). It is doable but I think maybe it’s probably a good idea to mix it up a bit – like say a couple of hours on eBay, a couple of hours leaving comments on Wealthy Affiliate, surveys on Swagbucks, a few small gigs on Fiverr and if you can get approved Appen and UserTesting. I mean I think the main thing is just making this decision. That you are willing to work to support your opportunity if you need to.

      I would definitely recommend it but I think the other thing is you need to have faith in what you are trying to do. Even if it takes one year, 2 years or longer the more time you spend trying to make something happen the more chance that it actually will.

  5. I enjoyed reading your list of side hustles and have actually used one or two of them. Appen was by far the best as I managed to get part time work as a web search evaluator for a few months. As a Wealthy Affiliate member myself I remember upgrading after only a few days. It definitely was the best decision!

    1. Hi Kathy, Glad you enjoyed it and am interested to hear that you have tried Appen. Just out of curiosity your role as a web search evaluator did you find that it was hard to get the gig? Also how many hours of your time did this take every week?

    2. Hi Alex, The application for web search evaluator was quite lengthy and you had to pass an exam to get accepted. This was a timed exam but you were able to study for it beforehand.

      If I remember I think I worked about 4 hours a day 5 days a week. Although it was time-consuming it was well paid.

      Hope this helps

    3. Hi Kathy, Thanks for answering. Yes I read a blog about someone filling this role for a search engine evaluator on Appen. They said something similar that they had to study first and that they then had to take an exam. To be honest it does seem like it could be a bit too much of a distraction when you are already trying to put your time into blogging. Although I think maybe if you do less hours would be OK perhaps.

  6. I think writing for other sites is the best idea for affiliate marketers as it also means we are getting more practice writing….. and after all this is the basis of our own websites. The ability to write better will lead to better rankings, better user experience, and then hopefully better user conversions.

    Other freelancing gigs are also a good idea, but only as you say, if they do not take too much of our time, which is time that may be better spent on developing our own websites. But hey, we do have to keep paying the bills somehow, don’t we?

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Andrew, Yes good point so you think that writing gigs are a good idea. I think I actually see your point I have 4 other websites other than this one. Its a bit much not going to lie but its good to have the experience of writing about different niche-topics. I guess this could be one of the perks of freelance writing as well. Also, content marketing / guest posting is a good idea for backlinks and SEO and this could be good practice for this as well.

  7. Hi Alex, I used usertesting for a few months and was making a very good amount of money (more than a minimum wage job)! All it takes is a notification on you computer, a small application and 10 minutes of your time to give some feedback. 100% suggest.

    1. Hi Jacob, Thanks for commenting. Good to hear from someone that has used this themselves. Sounds like it is quite straightforward and would be an ideal side hustle for someone starting their own blog / website. So you get notified then you have to complete tasks and you get paid quite well by the sound of things.

  8. Hi Alex, thank you for this in-depth blog post on side hustles when you starting out your website. I think many (starting) bloggers will appreciate your tips, as waiting for that first sale can be hard for motivation, but indeed for finances sometime also. I like your tips and suggestions. I agree with you that Fiverr.com can be underpaid and times consuming. User testing seems as great one. I personally like the Appen.com. Actually, I did write in-depth review of Appen.com on my website, so I am sharing it down also with your audience, who can then have more insight into it. It is indeed great website where I was making $500/month for 10h/week work. I guess that could be helping boost people might need. Cheers


    1. Hi Julius, Yes I really hope this can help. I know for myself how difficult it can be just waiting for that first commission. Not just this but even just getting one commission every month if that doesn’t happen it can be a bit soul-destroying. It’s something I have had to accept you have to get through these difficult periods and I think perhaps maybe these ideas can help through these difficult times. So thanks for commenting I see you were making around $500 a month as a mystery shopper on Appen. Sounds like it could be worth a try.

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