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About Me – Alex B Chivers – Owner of iBusinessToday.com

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So, this is me in the picture above Alex B. Chivers. My full name is Alexander Boyd Chivers and I am named after my Paternal Grandfather Alexander Boyd Robson. Who might I add – I never met, and this picture is taken in front of the Hen and Chickens Pub in Baldock Hertfordshire UK.

Which, is a lovely place to go and sit in the garden on a nice hot Summers Day but let’s skip this part.

After all, you are probably wondering about the man behind all the product reviews, blogging tips and that is offering 1-on-1 coaching to help you learn affiliate marketing. Who is he and what is his experience within this field.

So, at the time of writing this. The first thing to know is I am 35 years old. I was born in England UK in Stevenage Hertfordshire, and have lived here ever since. I left School in 2003 did a few years at college doing IT and retaking my GCSEs. Nothing special really academically I don’t have any Business qualifications. Just a self-taught very eager and keen entrepreneur that loves writing.

My Story – In Case Your Interested!

I started blogging all the way back in 2009. Looking back it was nothing special really. Each blog was only a few hundred words and it was really very niche specific. I just wrote a lot about Rap Music, Popular Culture and just very random things.

This went on for maybe a year and I learned quite a few things about html amongst other things but I stopped after my eBay Business really started doing well in 2011. I used to blog a bit but I never properly got back into it. In this period I tried WordPress and I think WIX to make a website for my PC Cooling business it never quite happened as I would have liked but I guess from there I always wanted to get back into blogging.

In 2017 I kind of got back into websites again. I found out about Flippa and I was looking to invest some of the money I was making from eBay.

It was all good for a while. Really I would like to go back in time and pull myself to one side about the mistakes I made but never mind.

This must-have lasted for around a year and I will admit the whole situation got out of control.

Although, it must have whet my appetite enough to really start taking this seriously because in December 2019 I really started blogging.

My Very 1st Affiliate Commissions and Joining WA

Fast forward back to 2019 and it was a kind of difficult time. I was really worried about money and I had a trip to Ireland booked amongst other things.

This must have been October or November when I looked for ways to make money online. I found someone’s blog post and this was 100% my inspiration it said about blogging and how lucrative it could really be. That was it for me I think I watched a few videos on Youtube by Franklin Hatchett and John Crestani and I started working on my new blog (on Blogger) on New Years Eye 2019.

I got to work publishing new articles every day and seriously no lie on the 6th of January 2020 I made my first 3x affiliate commissions.

See screenshot. If you don’t believe me.

My first affiliate commissions

I honestly, must have got so lucky. Apparently, this does not happen like EVER. I didn’t even find out for a week after. I’d been on the phone trying to borrow money to go to Ireland with and really thought I’d have to cancel. Talk about the luck of the Irish – I checked my Clickbank on that day and I see those first 4 sales. I was so happy. This was not something that really continued beyond this first month unfortunately but ultimately THIS is what led me to the decision to join Wealthy Affiliate, and train myself properly how to use WordPress and build websites.

It has been almost 2 years. 5 websites and over 300 posts. I am now looking to pass this knowledge on to others that have been in my situation.

Why I Created iBusinessToday.com

When I started out in the first few months the grand plan was a dog’s dinner of a website that would be about everything basically. I still have this website DynamicIdeas4Life.com now but when I first created it the concept of ONE NICHE was a bit hazy to me. I did posts about Health Products, Business, Meditation, Money Making Ideas and it was a mess.

I created iBusinessToday.com when I realised that It wasn’t the best idea to have one website about so many diverse topics. This became my Online Business and MMO website whilst DynamicIdeas4Life.com became my Healthy Living website.

Also, I found having both kinds of work well for me because of all my experience with things like SEO, training, and other ways of marketing I had somewhere to write about it all. Plus the other thing is it has become the perfect platform for me to start helping out others.

Showing them what mistakes not to make and hopefully create a pathway to start Making Money Online ASAP

How I Can Help You

If you are interested in blogging and learning how to do affiliate marketing. Plus other ways to make money online. Of course, have a read through my different posts and pages on iBusinessToday.com but also I highly recommend you sign up to my email list.

You will also get my EBook to read, 1-On-1 Coaching from me (if you need it) and directions for how to set up a website with a very helpful beginners course.

Seriously, sign up, look out for my confirmation email, click confirm and everything should be quite easy to follow from there.

After this you can stay in contact with me via Email but also if you need them – find my contact details below;

Contact Alex B. Chivers – IBusinessToday.com

My contact details are as follows;

Email: chivs86@ibusinesstoday.com
Skype: Username is chivs862
Facebook: id=100064936035591

Please feel free to contact me about anything.

Kind regards

Alex B. Chivers

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