How to accept guest posts on wordpress

Accepting Guest Posts On WordPress, with Anonymous Post Plugin

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Hey guys,  So how would you like to start Accepting Guest Posts on WordPress?  It’s not for everyone.  It can have its problems but with the importance of posting regular content, this can be very helpful.  I’ve actually already installed the plugin AccessPress Anonymous Post, and I would like to thank Lomash Kumar from for the tip.

That is another great blog in my opinion and if you would like to submit a guest post there you will see how this idea works.  Anyway, if you would like a more step by step guide on how to do this well then.  In this post, I will show you the process as I set this up for myself, and by the way on that note if you would like to guest post here…

You can use the new Guest post tab or you can contact me directly by email or through My Social Channels.

Accepting Guest Posts On WordPress,
with Anonymous Post Plugin

Table of Contents

  1. Why You Might Want To Accept Guest Posts
  2. Why Other Bloggers Write Guest Posts?
  3. Where to Download the Anonymous Post Plugin
  4. How To Set Up AccessPress Anonymous Post
  5. Guest Submission Thank You Message
  6. Form Settings
  7. Captcha Settings
  8. Setting Up a Guest Post page
  9. Guest Post on

Accepting Guest Posts On WordPress with AccessPress

1# – Why You Might Want To Accept Guest Posts

So, before you decide to start accepting guest posts – why do so in the first place?  The main reason.  More content.  The more content you have the better.  Quality plays a big part in this for sure but the way around this is to only accept content that meets your standards.  Make sure it is enough words and is not plagiarized from other content online.

The other benefit is it can save you time on writing new content yourself, and money that you would spend hiring freelancers.  It may even make your website more popular.  You may not like to think this but these guest posts could be better than your own.  Plus this person will likely share this on their own social media channels.

Increasing your usual share count, and even possibly on new channels that you don’t currently use.

For a busy blogger that has to divide their time between things like SEO, social sharing, creating images and whatever else this is definitely something to consider.  To make your website look active to search engines it is imperative to post regular content.

Accepting Guest Posts On WordPress

2# – Why Other Bloggers Write Guest Posts?

Well, 2 reasons I would say.  Obviously both for their own benefit, but what are these you might wonder.

Firstly, one reason (maybe the main one) is to get a backlink and build your domain authority (DA).

If you don’t know what this is then it is what makes you stand out from other websites.  The higher DA the better.  Now, this is an important thing to understand.  You can get higher rankings from building your domain authority but you have to be very careful how you get your backlinks.  There is such thing as toxic backlinks – these are bad ????

Anyway, to get good quality backlinks the best way is to just let people link to your posts on their own and naturally over time.  Of course, you can also guest post and you should be allowed to get a clean backlink to your website this way.

By leaving a link to your website inside the guest post.

If you visit Neil Patel’s website UberSuggest I think it is.  He actually recommends building a backlink strategy of reaching out to other bloggers to build your DA.  Neil if you never heard of him is a leading authority within the online business arena, and he is definitely an expert when it comes to things like this.

The other reason you may want to accept guest post is to share your affiliate links on a website with a higher readership than their own, where their post might rank more easily.  Plus get more attention from potential customers.

3# – Where to Download the Anonymous Post Plugin

This is the easy part.  On WordPress on the Dashboard select >Plugins and >Add New.  You may be familiar with this process already.  It should not be too hard to work out if you aren’t but anyway.  In the box on the left next to keywords that says ‘Search Plugins’ type in Accesspress (no full stop in middle) Anonymous Post.

See the first one on the left.  Frontend Post WordPress Plugin – AccessPress Anonymous Post.  Click Install Now, and then Activate.  You should then see likely at the top of your plugins list.  Depending on how many you have that begin with ‘A’

4# – How To Set Up AccessPress Anonymous Post

Now, you have installed the next thing to do is to look for the new AccessPress AP tab in the left sidebar.  You should next come to this page here;

OK, so here we are.  On the right, you can see there is an option to upgrade to premium for a one-time payment of £25.  This is not necessary.  I have not tried myself but surely there must be some kind of added benefit here.  Anyway, let’s get started, shall we?

So Form Title – Enter the name of your form here.  Example:  Guest Post #1

Post-Publish Status – Choose between Private, Draft, Publish and Pending.  This is for your guest poster.  I would recommend keeping this as Draft.  This way you can check out the post before you publish it.

Post Format – There are a few options here but I would maybe just keep this as Standard.

Now I will just share another screenshot before continuing;

So Admin Notification – Check this box if you want to know when a guest post has been submitted.

Allow Media Uploads – Check this box if you would like to allow your guest poster to add media such as images and videos.

Check Login – This is if you would like Guest Poster to login to your WordPress before submitting their guest post.  I would probably say keep unchecked.  It is up to you.

Login Message –  If you have checked the above box leave instructions here.

Login Link Text:  Text to be shown when the guest clicks the login link.  Ignore if you’ve not checked the box in the screenshot above. 

Assign Author:  So for the example above Chivs86 is my username.  After a guest post is published this will be the assigned author for the post.  What you can do here is create a new user and call them say Guest Post.

Login Link URL:  Again only relevant if you checked the box above.

5# – Guest Submission Thank You Message

Sorry but I’ve skipped a few things here.  So on this first page, you will notice these are only the general settings.  The only thing else you need to do now on this tab is fill in the guest submission thank you a message.  You actually don’t even have to do this but common courtesy and all.

6# – Form Settings

The next thing to set up is the form settings.  This is pretty straightforward just tick the boxes you want to appear on your guest form.  There are 2 boxes for each option 1.)  Show On Form and 2.)  Required.  For mine, I have just checked the top 2.  You can leave the rest blank as I have done if you have no other requirements.

7# – Captcha Settings

Here you can either select Mathematical Captcha or Google Captcha.  You don’t need to do this.  You can actually uncheck the show captcha box but it is recommended for security.

8# – Setting Up a Guest Post page

So, the next thing is to actually create a page or post that you can insert the code for your guest post submission form.

See code in the screenshot.  Paste this wherever in your page or post you would like your form to appear;

Honestly,  this is all place either in HTML or visual editor and just refresh the page.

If you want to check out the other ways see the ‘How To Use’ tab.

See my form below;

9# – Guest Post on

If you would like to guest post on iBusinessToday please make sure content is plagiarism-free, at least 850 words, and that it does not contain anything over 2 affiliate links.

Also, it is not required but also a short bio about yourself and even a picture would be very much appreciated.  With this, I will also allow a link to your personal blog or social media channel of your choice.  If interested just start typing into the form below.



Finally,  Thanks for taking the time to read this post.  If you have any questions or need extra help getting set up with AccessPress please feel free to reach out to me.  Also if you know anybody that may find this post helpful please share with anyone this might be of use to.

Many thanks;

Alex B. Chivers

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6 thoughts on “Accepting Guest Posts On WordPress, with Anonymous Post Plugin”

  1. Very interesting! I’ve recently learned about backlinks. And I do agree that DA does matter, especially if you are in a competitive niche. Do you know how to avoid toxic backlinks? And how would one know if they have acquired toxic backlinks? Just curious how this works.

    I’m glad I came across your post about guest posting. I never knew they had a plug called anonymous post plugin. It does have me curious on how it works. 

    So I will apologize ahead of time for the many questions that I am about to have. When you say anonymous, what makes it anonymous if the guest poster has to enter their author name, picture, and so on? I’m just curious what the anonymous part is all about. If you’re entering Author name and so on, I can only assume that is not what the plugin is talking about. 

    Also when filling out the guest posting form, for example your form. How does it work? I would enter all my information and the article that I would like to submit to you? So when you login to your WP dashboard will you see the article sitting there waiting for your approval? If so, I can only assume any random person interested in guest posting will follow the same steps, right? 

    Do I have the right idea or somewhere along the right idea? If not please do lead me in the right direction. 

    Either way, this Anonymous Post Plugin sounds pretty interesting. Especially, if when guest posting is a skill that has to be learned. You must not only go out and find blogs  that are relevant within your niche but, you must approach and hope that you get accepted by the blogger.

    Thank you for sharing have a great day!

    1. Hi Lakisha,  Yes it is a very complex post.  So for your first question to find out if your site has toxic links.  My suggestion is to make a free account with SEMrush and do a backlink audit.  This is how I did mine recently.  You basically populate a list and submit it to google as a disavow file.  Your second question I don’t know the answer and the guest form is pretty simple really – enter the title, enter content, solve the maths problem and submit.  Then on my end, I will have a draft which I can then edit accordingly.  

  2. Allowing guest posting on your website is one of the parts of a good SEO strategy. Every marketer should apply it to their business. But there are pitfalls that need to be addressed, as you have written in your review of the WordPress plugin, like the quality of the posts being added and the risk of getting your website hacked.

    I didn´t know about the plugin, but it seems to be a plugin that is worth trying out as I have guest posting as one of the features to be added to my websites.

    I have been holding off on allowing guest posting until I have a bit more of my own content on my site.

    1. Hi Roy, Yes I’ve not really had much submitted through this plugin to be fair. Only once on my other website and the draft, I did not publish. It was like 330 words and I had no contact from the writer. I would have maybe let them add a bit more to the article and publish it then but never got hold of them. Other than this I’ve had a good few gust posts now but mostly these are people who contact me through social media or email. Honestly, I saw someone use this plugin and they did quite well from it but I wonder if it is even necessary. I think just a guest post page is enough with my email address is probably fine but we will see maybe I get more interest in future.

  3. This was really interesting. So, does this plugin allow people to submit guest posts on your website and then you can either approve or disapprove them? I think I may have a look at this and maybe I’ll install it.
    I have a few guest posts on my website and I like it, it adds value to the site and a different writing style. It definitely also creates more exposure.
    What are toxic backlinks? I recently got a backlink in a comment and I accepted it, I thought it looked ok, but when would you consider a backlink to be unacceptable?

    1. Hi Christine, So I don’t think I have this plugin installed any longer. One of the bloggers I used to follow the guy who runs that website I was talking to him on facebook and he actually did quite well with using this. It’s called Access Press Anonymous Post – I think it has a lot of potentials but honestly now I just try to publish my email address as often as possible and just get people to contact me through there and publish their guest posts manually.

      As for toxic backlinks I have not checked for quite some time but yes I think if you get SEMrush (free version is fine) through there you can do a backlink audit. Hope this helps.

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