Adding A Custom Domain Email Address To Windows Mail App5 Minute Reading Time

adding a custom domain email address to windows mail app
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Adding A Custom Domain Email Address To Windows Mail or Outlook – Hey, a quick guide today for anybody looking to add a custom domain email address to Windows.  Basically for easy access and so you can check your emails together with your other ones.

So, I’m hoping this guide might be helpful for anybody that wants to use a custom domain address.  Personally, I have set up mine to use with GetResponse.  On this website and I’m sure it’s the same with others such as Aweber and MailChimp I’d imagine it’s similar that adding a custom email address lowers the Spam Score.

Making it less likely for your emails to end up in the spam folder. 

This is why I’ve done it.  Although, just to let you know about a mistake I made. 

So the first custom domain email address I set up was a redirect to my Yahoo.  What I found out was by adding this to my autoresponder that it sent them out OK but I wasn’t able to receive replies.

Put it this way:  If an email autoresponder gives you the opportunity to reach your leads for potentially however long you send them emails…  Imagine how much more you can increase your chances of conversions if you can interact with them.

This you should know is imperative for setting up on Autoresponder making sure everything works as well as it can.

Adding A Custom Domain Email Address To Windows Mail or Outlook

So in case your wondering my custom domain email address is from Wealthy Affiliate.  You need to be a premium member to use this service but I definitely recommend this totally.  It’s $19 for the first month and $49 every month after but there so much else on offer here.   It couldn’t really be much easier than this.

Your other option is to buy a domain through somewhere like GoDaddy or NameCheap and you should get a custom domain email address through here.  

How to get an email address – Blog (


How To Link Your Custom Email Address to Windows Mail or Outlook

If you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate already this video should help you out.  

how to setup your WA email accounts on outlook

This I think explains things thing pretty well.  Wherever your custom domain email address is hosted.

The only thing is this is for Outlook and what I wanted to show was how to do what I did with windows mail.

What is Windows Mail?

On the taskbar, you might see a shortcut for this icon.  You can also find it by typing in ‘Mail’ into search;

what is the windows mail app

Personally, I use this for my Hotmail, and Yahoo accounts but it’s also easy to set up with Gmail also.  I like it because by the click of a button you can access all your different email accounts straight from your desktop home page.

Adding Custom Domain Emails

So basically anything else other than Hotmail, Yahoo, or Gmail.

It requires about 3 different steps;

1.)  Click on the Mail App button.  Selects Accounts and Add New Account;

How to add custom email address on wondows mail app

Have not done the best job of scrubbing away my email addresses here lol – they are all on the right.  If you’d like to private message me about anything – networking, guest posting or whatever else my contacts there ????

Step 2.)  Though…

Once you have clicked on Add Account then select Advanced Settings.  See the image above it’s the black box.

Step 3.)  

Select Internet email –  POP or IMAP accounts that let you view in an internet browser.

You then should have the box on the left.  You will need to add your SMTP settings.  Here you will need 6 things 

A Hostname, Username and Password for both incoming and outgoing mail.

How To ADD SMTP settings for custom email windows

So, first, add your email address and your username.  Your username may be your whole email address.  Do not just make this up it should match what’s in your SMTP settings.  Then the password will be your password in your incoming mail settings.

Then Account name and where it says ‘send your messages using this name’ can be whatever.

Next…  This is the complicated bit;

Windows Mail Add New Email Advanced Settings

So, the Incoming email server should be the hostname in your incoming mail SMTP settings.  This could be the domain of your website.  My incoming hostname is

For account type choose IMP4, and for outgoing (SMTP) email server this will be your hostname in your SMTP outgoing mail settings.   After you’ve done this mark the box – Outgoing server requires authentication.

DO NOT tick use the same user name and password for sending mail.

Now you should see the form settings on the right;

For the ‘Outgoing Server Username’ use the username in your SMTP outgoing mail settings – mine is yours may be different.  Then you should have a 2nd different password for your outgoing mail settings.  Use this.

For the next 2 boxes ‘Require SSL’ leave them unchecked.   

Finally, click Sign In and if all done correctly you should see this box

Adding A Custom Domain Email Address Success Screen

Test by Seeing If Your Email Can Both Send, Receive and Reply

I’m sure this goes without saying.  Once you have completed these steps test to see if everything works OK 

If so great.  Now, you can add to your autoresponder emails.   Make sure you add the email to your GetResponse, Aweber or whatever else first.  Make sure to confirm.  Then add as both your send and receive email addresses 

From here you should be all set up…

From and Reply-to email addresses GetResponse


Finally, I really hope that you have found this guide helpful.  These are honestly, the same steps I’ve taken myself to get my new email series and autoresponder funnel ready to start using.  If you would like to check this I will quickly share with you a link.  This I would love for you to join so I can get your thoughts on my work so far…  Here is the link:

Anyway, about this article, if you know anyone that would like to read this then please do pass it on.  Help me to reach as many new readers to this website as possible,   Please like, share and subscribe ????

To Your Future Success ????

Alex B. Chivers

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