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top 50 recommended affiliate marketing tools for 2022

Hello Opportunity Seekers!  Coming up to 50 Posts on this blog now and this is an idea I’ve seen a couple of other bloggers do. Affiliate Marketing 50 Recommended Tools ~ In fact, I think my previous post “Finding The Right Vehicle For Success” is very much in the same vein as this.  I went over a lot of different tools within that post but today I want to take a more current perspective on this.

All the main tools I use day-to-day I will share here within this post.  My main goal is to try and help new web developers with their first websites. 

Hopefully, you can find this information helpful.

So without further ado.   Let’s get started;

Affiliate Marketing 50 Recommended Tools For 2022 (Updated)  

Table of Contents

Everything I use for My Online Business Plus More!

Affiliate Disclosure:  

Please note that this post contains affiliate links.  Not for every single link but for some.  The price you pay will not be affected and each of these tools (mostly) are one’s that I highly recommend and have used myself. For further details please feel free to contact me at

Affiliate Marketing 50 Recommended Tools For 2022

1# – WordPress For Web Design

ibusinesstoday recommends wordpress

Since getting started with affiliate marketing and my latest attempt at blogging this has been one of the main (if not THE main) assets I’ve used for publishing my content.  For sure you might have heard of Wix and Squarespace but this to me is the best one out of the lot of them. 

Once you understand WordPress and all its Plugins you will never want to look elsewhere ever again.

2# – Blogger (by Google) ~ Alternative To WordPress

I love WordPress but I will always have a deep affinity with Google Blogger.  It is free to join and actually a great place to get started.  You don’t need to worry about paying for domains and hosting plus it can definitely be used for both blogging and affiliate marketing.

I actually started here myself many years ago and after a failed attempt at running several WordPress websites back in 2017, I came back and started a new blog here in 2019.  I didn’t use it for much more than a month but I made my first affiliate commissions through Blogger so will always recommend it to others.

Although, it is nowhere near as customizable and advanced as WordPress. So, I will say WordPress Is the BEST!

3# – Wealthy Affiliate Premium for Hosting, Domains, Training, Courses and Affiliate Tools

Wealthy Affiliate 2022

Recently, I read a pretty scathing review of WA.  Unfortunately, I felt a lot of it was true but still to me this is a very important tool.  Basically, because I can host all my websites here and park my domains with SSL certificates for only $14 a year (on top of membership fees). 

For a new user, this is good as you get the opportunity to host 10x Premium website Installs and 25 Free website Installs.  This used to be more but still 10 Website Installs is plenty. You only need one to be successful. To get started it’s just $19 a month (if you pay within 21 days) then it is $47.00 per month after.

It might seem a bit high but given that you have the opportunity to earn 50% commissions from referrals and you also get other amazing perks such as 24/7 Support, Social Networking, and countless training videos this is still a great deal (I think). 

However, to really benefit I would recommend buying an annual membership. Especially during the Black Friday weekend. If you really get to know this platform this is an amazing offer.

It’s not for everyone but here’s what you get with both the Free (Starter) membership below and Premium ⏬

Wealthy Affiliate Starter Vs. Wealthy Affiliate Premium 2022

Read More:  My 1st Year @ Wealthy Affiliate or Sign Up Here!

4# – Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Jaaxy is Wealthy Affiliate’s keyword research tool included with Free, Premium and Premium Plus membership.  You can get this independent of WA but of course for what you pay it is better to get both together.

It has taken me a bit of getting used to Jaaxy – not going to lie but I use this fairly often. Many use this in conjunction with other tools – I don’t blame them to be fair but STILL, it’s a handy tool to have once you get the hang of it. Alongside Jaaxy here are some other tools to check out.

  • Google (Search Your Keywords to check out the competition)
  • Answer The Public – Compare Keyword Suggestions
  • QuestionDB – Generate Ideas for questions
  • Hubspot Blog Topic Generator,
  • Tweak Your Biz Blog Title / Headline Generator,
  • Buzzsumo – Generate Content Ideas

Read More HERE:  How To Improve Site Ranking With Jaaxy!

5# – Grammarly For Spelling Checks and Grammar

Download the Free Google Extension Here

I think this tool is absolutely essential for any blogger.  Even the free version is amazing and you never have to worry about making spelling or grammar mistakes again.  Most new bloggers I find really should get this tool ASAP.

I even use this for my social media but as a blogger, this is an absolute must. 

Also, if you can afford it Grammarly Pro is even better and will not only help you to improve readability and grammar even further but on top of this is the Grammarly Plagiarism Checker

You can find free tools to do this with as well but usually, they are limited to 500 words.   Of which you have to copy and paste bit by bit whereas Grammarly Pro can scan the whole document (or URL) all at once.   Definitely a time saver.  Sign Up Here for free or alternatively SmallSEOtools is a good tool for checking Plagiarism for free too.

6# – Canva For Featured Image Design and Pinterest

Join Canva

This is another one of my most used tools.  I honestly, wished I had started using this a lot sooner but this is an amazing design tool with which you can create things like Logos, Featured Images for WordPress (1200x630px), Pinterest Pins (1000x1500px), E-Book Covers, and much, much more! 

You also have the option to upgrade to Canva Premium.  This gives even more access to things like Premium Images and really is worth every penny. 

I personally used the free version for well over a year and it’s definitely best to get started here but once you get the chance and you can afford to pay for it the paid version.

Alternatively, if you looking for a similar tool Snappa is something else very similar that may be worth looking into.

7# – Gutentor Gutenberg Blocks

Another amazing free tool.  If you notice the highlighted sections within this post and others.  I do that with Gutentor.  It also works exceptionally well with Thrive Leads and you also have things like columns, customizable recent posts, recommended post blocks and much more. 

Many will be aware of the Classic Editor plugin. This is basically on its way out, as block editors are getting better all the time. At first, I found this plugin to be a bit awkward but now it’s like 2nd Nature. It takes a bit of getting used to at first but once you get the hang of it – it’s a great tool to have.   Ultimate Blocks is another one if you prefer it.

Now, so one great thing about block editor plugins (generally speaking) is their integration with the following…

8# – Thrive Suite incl. Thrive Leads, Thrive Architect…

thrive suite all in one toolbox for affiliate marketing and web development

This is the new updated model of Thrive Themes.  I’m still learning the ropes with this but once you start to gain more experience and start with building email lists this is a whole array of different tools that can really make the difference. 

Read My Review HERE:  Thrive Suite Review 2021

This is one of the best Lead Generation toolkits out there in my opinion.  Once you have developed your website a bit more this will be one of the best investments you will ever make (in my opinion).

It has been for me and I highly recommend it. Although, something similar to consider instead is Hellobar!

9# – Hire Freelancers Through Fiverr

ibusinesstoday recommends fiverr

You’ve probably heard of Fiverr (Who Hasn’t?).  You can buy all sorts of services here.  I wouldn’t recommend going too crazy here whilst you’re still learning the ropes.  It can be very easy to lose sight of things and throw money in all the wrong places but as you continue to grow your business this can be a tremendous help.  

The other thing is if you are new to affiliate marketing and web development this can also be a great way to earn some fast cash whilst you are still getting set up. Same with my next recommendations too.

Read More HERE:  Does Fiverr Work – YES, I made Over $3000!! + 7 Side Hustles For Running Costs!

10# – Freelancer and

Another alternative to Fiverr is I don’t use this as much as Fiverr but it’s another option to use as you begin to delegate a bit more.  If you use my link below ⏬ you can get started on here with $20 worth of Free Credits. review 2022
[Sign Up for Your Free $20 HERE]

You can also try out  This I’ve only used a handful of times but it has some good services on here as well. There is also iWriter, Upwork, Guru and many, many more! All which you can hire as well as earn from.

11# – Thirsty Affiliates For Cloaking Affiliate Links

This is another must-have tool that I use on  It is (if you don’t know) a WordPress plugin that allows you to save and customize affiliate links and other website links, with your own domain name.  It is essentially a link management tool but also makes things a lot more convenient and helps to cloak long affiliate links.

It is a premium tool that will cost a one-time fee for each site but you can make savings if you wish to add to multiple websites. This is definitely one of the best tools for affiliate link management but another good tool to consider (for free) is PrettyLinks… I’ve only used ThirstyAffiliates for a few months it is better but so far I’m quite happy with it.

It’s very helpful if you are an Amazon Affiliate also and you can easily use this tool to store Amazon links.

Now, Next On My List is a very important (free) tool that everyone should be using.

12# – Google Analytics / Search Console

ibusinesstoday recommends google analytics

This is an absolute must for any website whether it is WordPress or not.  Even Blogger.  It can be a bit of a nuisance obsessing over things like traffic and results but it can be helpful to know this information.  

Both Google Analytics and Google Search Console are an absolute priority for new websites and can provide invaluable data. Through Google Search Console you can do 2 very important things. 

Request Indexing to help speed up indexing of new posts and
you can submit your sitemap. 

I try to resubmit this quite often as it lets google know the latest for your website.  

Also, many use GSC to help out with Keyword research. Same with Analytics which you can use to understand what your best posts are. Overall, many use these tools for an overall better understanding of their online activity.

13# – Bing Webmaster Tools

This is exactly the same (kind of) as Google Search Console but for Bing, Yahoo and AOL.  You should definitely submit your sitemap here and each time you publish a new post you can also submit your URLs. Overall, this doesn’t get the traffic that Google SEO does but yet it still counts for 1/3 of the market and is worth paying attention to.

14# – Elementor Pro Page Builder

elementor pro page builder 2022

So, I’ve not used Elementor Pro for long but the more I do the more I’m glad I found it. Mostly, I use Elementor for my pages. In my opinion, this is the perfect tool for building an attractive home page. This is ideal for setting up lead generation page elements. It takes some getting used to but once you do you should see what I mean.

Read More: Elementor Pro Vs. Thrive Architect – Which Is Better?

15# – RankMath SEO Plugin

Now, you can either use this or another plugin called Yoast SEO”.  There are plenty of others as well but for me, hands down Rankmath is the best.  Yoast I used for a long time and I even upgraded to Yoast Premium for a time. The reason I left after hearing about Rankmath was that it could do everything the same as Yoast Plus much more.

I got Yoast Premium to mainly use this for redirects but once I learnt that Rankmath could do this for free and better this was why I swapped plugins. Honestly, I am glad and I highly recommend this.

You can also use it to set secondary keyphrases and alternative SEO titles. Definitely check out the training on Youtube

16# – Sassy Share Buttons or ShareThis

I actually love this plugin.  Haven’t used it for long enough if truth be told.  I was using a plugin before called Grow By Mediavine. This was a good one but I switched to Sassy Share Buttons as it has so many more options for places to share content with.  In my opinion, every website should have a plugin like this.

Having people share your content on Social Media is very important for SEO. Sassy is not the only one – Monarch is one I am testing out at the moment but one I see that I am really looking at going forward instead is “ShareThis” Share Buttons. They offer more places to share (I believe) and more options (I think) for the placement of buttons.

Read More:  Where To Share Your Blog Posts – 50+ Websites Revealed!

Now, here is one I could have done with finding out about a lot sooner…

17# – Easy Table Of Contents

This is optional but honestly aren’t websites better off with a table of contents?  Now, I didn’t find out about this till only a few months back.  Before that, I was coding all my tables of contents which basically takes forever.  I actually see a lot of websites using this and definitely, it is worth installing.  It takes a bit of getting used to at first but it’s a great plugin. Having a Table of Contents is good for SEO as well so definitely check this out.

18# – Astra and Astra Pro Theme

My theme of choice is Astra.  I wouldn’t say I recommend it to everyone.  For new web developers, I would say it is probably a wise decision to experiment with different themes but if you don’t know what theme to pick this is quite simple to understand and quite easy to customize. Plus it supposedly can help improve site speed.

I actually use the premium version.  I’m not actually sure about the difference between free and paid is but I’m sure there is something good about this.  I’d personally choose this or my other pick GeneratePress Premium.

Note: There are countless Themes to try online – definitely take your time to explore but my Pick is Astra Pro.

DOWNLOAD Astra or Astra Pro Theme HERE<<<

19# – Leads Leap For Lead Generation and Advertising

This is a very powerful tool if used properly.  I have managed to get 100’s of Sign-Ups by using this website.  It has both a paid and a free version.  It’s definitely worth a join at least for the free version and it also has link tracking and rotator tools.   Plus much more now including landing pages and free email marketing tools.

I’ve not used much recently but I will be over the next few months.  Mostly, as I develop this website more but what I noticed is this is a great set and forget it is a tool to drive traffic to not just your landing pages but also your blogs.

20# – CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

This is unfortunately not a free tool (I don’t think) although it does have a free trial.  For the more experienced this is 100% worth using because of the importance of good headlines for both SEO and catching the eye of potential visitors to your websites.  What I like about it personally is it shows what headlines your competition is using and makes suggestions for better headlines that you can use yourself. You can also add to Google as an Add-On which I really like.

>>>Give CoSchedule a Free Trial A Go Here<<<

21# – Facebook For Social Media Marketing

ibusinesstoday recommends Facebook

I probably don’t need to say much here but Facebook business pages, groups, Facebook Ads, and even just good old networking are all very valuable tools.  I think there is a lot of flaws across this platform but to me, this is such a powerful asset.  If you use it correctly it can help build your business in a very big way.

I have taken various training for Facebook but one cheap course I would recommend is Simple Social Media Sales by John ‘Bones’ Rodriguez.  {If you’re interested CHECK THIS out HERE<<}

Also, Check out my post about Facebook Marketing HERE 

22# – Youtube For Video Marketing

ibusinesstoday recommends youtube

OK, so I don’t really do a whole lot on Youtube at the moment.  Mostly because I don’t have the set-up and equipment for it but I have a channel that hopefully, I will use more in the future.  However, I use Youtube fairly often for embedding videos in my posts because this is great for getting my visitors to spend longer on my websites.

Otherwise, I don’t really use Youtube to its full potential. If you actually make videos and add links to your content in the description this is actually a very powerful backlink that will really help your blog/website in search rankings.

It doesn’t have to be a case of getting behind the camera EITHER. You can still use something like Filmora X by Wondershare for creating videos out of your blog posts.  Not as good as professionally made videos but a great place to start. They are also great ways – providing you leave a link in the description to get backlinks for SEO.

23# – Reddit For Q+A, Content Promotion and Marketing

I use Reddit for 2 different purposes.  One for sharing my posts (traffic) and two I think it is a great place to reach out to others.  For both support and feedback.  In my view, it is always a good idea to ask questions and in my experience, a lot of Redditors can be very helpful people.  So, this is probably one of my go-to places other than forums.  

Check Out Some of My Posts On Reddit Here<<

24# – Twitter For Social Media Marketing

I think that Twitter is a great place for sharing content – both old and new.  It is usually one of the first places I share my new content.  What I have found about Twitter is it is the perfect place to build a following and a niche-specific audience.   I try to tweet at least once daily, schedule my saved tweets with TweetDeck, and follow new people as often as possible. The trick is to follow people for follows back to build up your amount of followers.

25# – Pinterest For Image SEO

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, the training talks about Pinterest quite a lot.  In my experience, for many, I have read this is a hotbed for traffic.  Personally, I have had a few pins that have brought traffic to my website but honestly, I don’t really Pinterest as much as I should. You can get an add on to easily pin images which I highly recommend but really take at least a day a month to create new pins with (SEO) targetted descriptions.

My advice here is when you publish a new post if you have the time publish 2,3 pins for each.  Use Canva to make images 1000x1500px and fill out your descriptions to include keywords and a call to action.  This can be especially helpful for new websites that are not getting traffic.

If you need some pointers look on Youtube and search for Anastasia Blogger who has made loads of very helpful Pinterest videos.

Also,  be sure to download the Pinterest extension for your web browser, and once you are more experienced check out…

26# – Tailwind For Pinterest and Instagram

Try Tailwind for Free

As mentioned above Tailwind is a tool related to Pinterest.  It is a pin scheduler and a networking platform where you can join something called Tailwind Tribes.  Who are, a group of people you can collaborate with to share each other’s content.  I have briefly tried out this platform but never really got into it properly.  In my opinion, it is worth setting up but only when you have around 30 boards with 30 pins each.  It definitely takes some getting used to but it is a tool that can help increase your views dramatically.

Its also something you can use as well for Instagram;

>>>Visit HERE<<<

27# – GTMetrix For SiteSpeed Optimization

GTmetrix for site speed data

Now, this is an important one (I think).  If you really want to reach the top of google you realistically need to have a good load time on your website.  Basically below 3 seconds.  Things like javascript, page requests, loading images etc. and the like all influence how long this takes. 

Getting your site speed to where it needs to be is essential for ranking your posts on the first page of Google. You can’t actually fix this with this tool but you can use the data it provides to identify issues.

28# – Google Pagespeed Insights

This is another tool that you can use with or instead of GTMetrix.  I tend to fluctuate between using the two but this is basically as the name suggests a tool to diagnose website speed and load times. For me, I think it can be worth using both as you can always get a 2nd opinion before you start messing with your site to bring the speed down.

29# – WP Rocket WordPress Cacheing Plugin

Speed up your website with WP Rocket

This is just one of many different site speed optimization plugins you will likely come across. Although, many will tell you though that this is the best one out of the bunch. I am still kind of making my mind up about this but so far so good. Using a tool such as WP Rocket is definitely important though – as mentioned above site speed is crucial for good SEO.

So using a plugin such as this can make a hell of a difference.

Find Out More about the WP Rocket Cacheing program here<<<

Note:  Another 2 plugins that are maybe worth mentioning are Autoptimize and Async Javascript. I currently use these 2 plugins still on my other website but currently deciding whether to switch for WP Rocket.

30# – Imagify For Image Optimization

Another speed optimization tool I use is Imagify. It is one of four different plugins for image optimization that are quite popular. The others are Smush, Shortpixel and Optimole. All have both free and premium packages and you really should choose one of these plugins to use as images can often be a burden to site speed.

I personally, use Imagify it allows a good percentage of my images to be optimized every month but maybe the downside is there is a limit on how many images can be optimized every month. Only 25MB and then £4.99 for every 1GB after. I probably might switch to Optimole will see what happens in the future.

31# – UberSuggest By Neil Patel For SEO

ubersuggest keyword research tool

This is a platform you can join for free created by successful internet marketer Neil Patel.  It’s kind of advanced but even as a free member there is quite a lot you can do to help find areas to improve with your website SEO. 

An SEO site audit for one is very useful because it helps identify areas that you can resolve such as missing image alt tags, and too-long titles. 

You can also use it to help scope out your competitor’s keywords as a means to outrank them in search results.

32# – SEMrush For SEO and Keyword Research

ibusinesstoday recommends semrush

I remember when I first started out again in January 2020 I joined SEMrush and never could understand what it was.  It is maybe not one that you want to join right away but once your site is a bit more fleshed out – 100% GO FOR IT>

Once you get to this stage this is a very useful tool even with the free version.  It can be used to make many improvements to your SEO and also it is another place where you can do keyword research and identify your main competition. I found their backlink audits are very good. Good quality backlinks are a factor in SEO.

Plus a lot more as well – most I don’t quite understand although I do know that this tool is very popular.

33# – AHREFS Webmaster Tools  

AHREFS is a keyword research tool used by many advanced marketers. It’s definitely only recommended for already successful bloggers as it is $99.00 PER MONTH for its cheapest plan. However, you don’t need to pay to get set up with AHREFs webmaster tools. I don’t use it very often but I feel like this is worth a mention because once set up it automatically scans your website every month and notifies you about potential SEO issues that need fixing.

34# – Buffer for Social Media Scheduling

One very handy tool that I have come across recently is Buffer. This is a tool that allows you to work on all your Social Media promotions at once by scheduling several posts at a time and this can be used for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. I’ve not known about this tool for very long but it’s certainly good for a free tool.

35# – Medium for Content Syndication

I’ve known about Medium for some time now but I never really thought about creating an account till recently. Why I did was because of Medium’s content syndication feature. I didn’t know about this before but You can quite literally upload your blog posts to Medium with just a URL. Very easy to do.

You do not have to worry about plagiarism either as Medium automatically adds a rel canonical tag. It might seem pointless to some people but if your content is not ranking this is a great opportunity to get it found by more people. The domain authority for Medium is very high as well so definitely a good idea.

I will be adding many of my old blogs to Medium over the coming months and not only this but if you can syndicate your posts on other platforms – Even the likes of Quora and Reddit, this could really help your business.

36# – Bitly

You are likely familiar with Bitly.  It is a link shortener website.  I use it mostly for my tweets but also for cloaking my long affiliate links and for creating easy-to-remember URLs for my social media campaigns. 

As well as another good use for this tool is tracking. If you have a banner for instance you can add a bitly link and use the Bitly back office to keep an eye on how many people are clicking on your banners.

37# – Google Docs, Sheets, and Skype

A few other tools that I think are worth a mention are Google Docs, Google Sheets and Skype messenger. If you work with anybody else this can be very helpful for sharing documents. Not everyone will be so keen to collaborate with others but definitely, 2 Heads are better than one. Which, is exactly why Skype as well is useful too.

Also, Google Docs I think is very good for writing EBooks and once you’re done you can save it as a PDF.

38# – Google Adsense / Ezoic / Mediavine

ibusinesstoday recommends google adsense

Right, well here is the thing. Some websites will find it easier to make money than others. It’s all a part of the game but of course, one tool that many will look to as a solution is Adsense. I currently, use Adsense on 2 of my websites – it doesn’t pay a lot but on good days it can. It depends on Traffic (I think).

Just don’t try to cheat – one bit of advice DON’T click on your own ads – once you lose your AdSense account is very hard to get back again.  I found out the hard way in the past. It can be a disappointing result wise but it does get better. The trick is to get started with Adsense and then once you start to bring in more traffic apply for Ezoic and Mediavine.

For Ezoic you need to be Adsense approved first. You need to have an established website with xx views, traffic, impressions etc. Try every once every few months or so till you get approved. As once you do the money is much better than AdSense. The same goes with Mediavine.

39# – AccessPress Guest Post

This is something to definitely consider.  Allowing others the opportunity to guest post on your website.  With, the amount of work that goes into managing a blog guest posters really can be a godsend.  For one Guest Posters are people that are willing to write content for your websites for free and two publishing ready-made content can help free up your time to work on other tasks.

AccessPress is a plugin that allows guest posters to publish on your site with just a few clicks.

Read more here:  Accepting Guest Posts On WordPress

40# – Windows Mail Desktop App

If you have Windows 10 you probably know about the Mail App.  It is basically just an app you can link your email addresses to for easy access on your desktop.  It is a little advanced but if you create a custom domain email address you can add this here. I have used this for around 6 months and definitely makes my life a lot easier.

Learn More:  How To Add a Custom Domain Email Address To Windows Mail App

41# – Google AMP Plugin

This I think is an important one and one that is becoming more important. More and more people use mobile devices these days and Google is definitely taking note. In fact, if your sites mobile optimization isn’t up to scratch then this can affect where your content appears on search rankings.

You can use tools but like GTMetrix to test your mobile site speed but actually making the adjustments can be complicated. Exactly why using AMP can make all the difference as it automatically optimizes your mobile site speed.

42# – UpdraftPlus

This is kind of something that I have installed and it’s really just a kind of safety net. It works in the background creating regular backups of your content so if anything goes wrong you can use this plugin to restore anything you lose.

43# – GetResponse Email Marketing and Lead Generation

Get leads. Get sales. Get growing.

Honestly, I can’t believe I have left it so long to share this tool.  It has been my go-to solution for email marketing for well over a year now.  I like it because it is cheaper than Aweber and you can save 1k email contacts.

Sign Up For a 30-Day Free Trial HERE 

44# – Warrior Forum for Forum Marketing

This is one of my top 3 forums I use there networking with other affiliate marketers.  It’s a great tool that I highly recommend for people to join. You can also use it for affiliate marketing by adding a signature to your forum replies.

This you must pay $5 for but it is a good idea if you can make an eye-catching CTA. Warrior Forum does not allow you to share affiliate links or even your own links but this is still highly effective if done correctly.

45# – Marketing Checkpoint Forum

I don’t use this one as often but it is still good to interact with others about online business. It can work very similar to Warrior Forum. It is free to add a signature as well.

46# – BeerMoney Forum – Earn Free Crypto

This is a good place because as well as having all the other advantages you can also earn BMF tokens which can be exchanged for CryptoCurrency.

>>>Join BeerMoneyForum HERE<<<

47# – ClickBank For Finding Products To Promote

This is one of the main vendors you can try for affiliate links.  Has a good deal of crappy products but it isn’t actually all bad.  You just have to know how to research the products you’re planning to review or whatever.

Please Note:  There is an earning threshold with CB and if you don’t make enough money after a while ClickBank starts deducting from your commissions.

48# – ShareASale Affiliate Vendor #2

Offers better products than ClickBank in my opinion but much harder to get an account with.  Once you have built up your authority platform (website or youtube channel) definitely check this out.

49# – DigiStore24 Affiliate Vendor 3#

Another like Clickbank you can easily get approved for.  Based in Germany and products are quite similar to Clickbank but they are graded on quality.  Plus if you are in a country that doesn’t use ClickBank you may be able to get approved here instead.  I would say it is worth joining as many of these vendors as you can just as long as you save your username, passwords, etc. so you can check any accounts use in the future.

50# – MaxBounty, Warrior+, and JVZOO

A few more vendors you can try.  MaxBounty uses a CPA model whilst W+ and JVZOO are two of the main ones for digital products.   MaxWeb, Commission Junction, Impact, Webgains there are more as well.

Content is probably one of the most important things but you also as well want to monetize your content.  Exactly why these websites are so important.   You can also google for affiliate programs.

Bonus Tools

Below are just a few more tools that might be worth taking a look at…

In Conclusion 

I have maybe missed a few here but these were all the tools I could think of that I use or have used in the past.  Maybe I will do a ‘Part 2’ in the future. If I think of anymore but let me know what you think and if there are any tools you think are worthy of a mention please let me know in the comments section below.

Also if you know anybody that this list may be of benefit to please share using the buttons to the left.  

Many thanks;

And To Your Success 

Alex C

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    Thank you.

    1. Your welcome Muslimah I think it was actually your post you did actually that partly gave me the inspiration. If you would like to share a link here for my readers you are again most welcome to do so.

  2. Hi Alex, thank you for your in-depth review on these amazing 50 tools every affiliate marketer should have. I am myself an affiliate marketer and I am using many of the softwares you mentioned and I can just agree with you, there are amazing. I have a question though. I purchased Thrive Themes recently. Seeing your Leads Generation Leads Leap tool. Should I use that one as well or would I be ok with Thrive Themes? My concern is about lead generation. Thanks in advance Alex.

    1. Hi Julius, Lead Generation Leads Leap tool? Which one is that I will be glad to help but just a little confused. Do you mean my slide-in / free ebook offer?

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