affiliate marketing without clickbank

How To Do Affiliate Marketing Without ClickBank – What Else Is There?

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Affiliate Marketing Without ClickBank – What Else is There?

Hi Guys,  So for today’s post I wanted to write about How to do Affiliate Marketing without ClickBank.  This will be a new technique of writing for me actually because for my title I am not choosing based on my keyword research. 

I’m not sure how this will impact my SEO but just going to take the ball and run with it.

For the basis of this post though – I thought that I would share some of my experiences recently of choosing products for my affiliate marketing.  There are some that I have chosen to use already and some that I am seriously considering.  Also, some that I am not 100% sure about.

Anyway, throughout this article, my aim is to provide information about different options available for keen affiliate marketers to consider other than Clickbank.

How To Do Affiliate Marketing Without ClickBank – What Else Is There?

FTC Disclosure:   Please be aware that within this post there are affiliate links and if you make a purchase as a result from clicking these links I may receive an affiliate commission.  See our Affiliate disclosure (here).

affiliate marketing without click bank

Affiliate Marketing Without ClickBank

Table of Contents

  1.  Introduction
  2. Other Marketplaces
  3. Affiliate Marketing Marketplace List
  4. Website Based Affiliate Programs
  5. Other Places to get Recurring Commissions
    a.)  Leads Leap
    b.)  All In One Profits (AIOP)
    c.)  Cash In On Banners (CIOB)
    d.)  Elite Downline Builder
    e.)  Herculist
  6. Promote Your Referral Links
  7. Final Thoughts / Your Feedback

Affiliate Marketing without Clickbank – Introduction

clickbank alternatives for affiliate marketers

Right well, I’m guessing most people who have found this post already use Clickbank.  For anybody that doesn’t though, or who isn’t familiar with this platform I will tell you.  Clickbank is a marketplace for affiliate marketing where anyone can join, providing they are on the list of accepted countries.

Some products do need to be approved but the majority of people can join Clickbank and promote right away.  On the downside of this is the high competition of other people promoting the same products, but It doesn’t mean that it’s not worth using ClickBank.

This site has tons of opportunities, and lot’s of people make money from here.  I would actually suggest people use Clickbank but the good thing about looking elsewhere is there are products you may be able to promote on other platforms with less competition from other affiliate marketers.

Affiliate Marketing Without ClickBank – Other Marketplaces

One example of a popular Clickbank alternative is Share-A-Sale.  This is another marketplace like Clickbank but you have to apply to be an affiliate!  Obviously, this is a huge opportunity for anybody whose application is successful.  But it can be difficult to be accepted which I know only too well.

Or one marketplace with the same kind of perks as this is MaxBounty.  On this marketplace, your application is decided over a phone call so for anybody that hates having their plans rubbed out by AI this might just be for you.  Plus if you refer somebody you can earn 5% of their commissions.

Here is my link to join:

Another popular marketplace other than Clickbank is JVZOO.  I’ve only just started using JVZOO but I quite like it.  It is fairly easy to join similar to Clickbank but for every product, you need to request affiliate permissions before promoting.

JVZOO along with Clickbank and another site called DigiStore24 I think are maybe the easiest platforms to join in my opinion.  Digistore24 and JVZOO are less popular than Clickbank as of now (21/06/20) so have that added benefit of less competition for their products.

Affiliate Marketing without Clickbank – Marketplace List

Just to show you quickly there are actually several different marketplace sites made especially for affiliate marketing.  Let me know in the comments below if there is any I have missed;

CJ Affiliate (Formerly Commission Junction)
AWIN (Affiliate Window)
AvanGate (2Checkout)

Affiliate Marketing with Website Based Affiliate Programs

Aside from these platforms’ there are also many websites that you can earn affiliate commissions from for things like memberships and points.  One good example I use personally is Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing platform that is ideal for beginners.  Here you can build successful WordPress websites and also learn many other important lessons.  I have been a member here myself since January this year (2020).  What they offer is 50% lifetime commissions on everything that is purchased by your referrals.  You just need to persuade them to follow the training and upgrade.

Wealthy Affiliates Commission structure is a very generous one.  Basically, your downline everything that they purchase as long as you are a member you get 50% of.

Another useful website that I am a member of is LeadsLeap.  What I found out about this website that is cool is that even with a free membership I was easily able to get over 20 sign-ups to one of my email lists.  This also gives you 50% recurring commissions as a premium member.

I will talk more about this platform in a short while;

Join ..>>Here<<

Affiliate Marketing without Clickbank – Recurring Commissions

recurring commissions in affiliate marketing:  why they matter

Right, so you can actually get yourself a neat little system together here.  Myself as an example I use Wealthy Affiliate, GetResponse and LeadsLeap almost every day.  2 referrals basically for each program covers me for the month.  Anything extra goes into my pocket.

This I will be honest about I am yet to achieve but this would be my ideal situation.

But these are not the only programs with this kind of affiliate structure.

On LeadsLeap for 50% of my ads, I have to view other people’s ads to get them seen.  If you are a member of LeadsLeap you will see many platforms advertised that people use for affiliate marketing especially MMO and a lot of these have recurring affiliate commission structures.

Here are just a few examples;

1# – LeadsLeap

This platform I mentioned in the last section.  It is somewhere that you can use to generate leads and even commissions by posting adverts.  As a free member, you have 3-free ads which work as a point-based system kind of like a traffic exchange.

As a pro member though you get 10-free ads which need points to be viewed, and 10-Pro ads that do not need points.  You can also generate referrals by writing reviews, and blurb style ads to your followers.

The commission structure is mentioned above (50% as a Pro Member).  As well as there are handy tools such as list builder, pop up (opt-in) creator, Link tracker and rotator.

See Link in the last section.

2# – All In One Profits – AIOP

This a platform with a lot of different affiliate marketing tools.  I think it is a little dated personally but none the less it has some very good tools.

Its features include web hosting, site builder, downline builder, link tracker, landing page builder just to name some but maybe best of all is the affiliate commission structure!

You need to pay a $10 referral fee to join.  Then every person you sign up gets you $10, but it doesn’t stop here.  It basically works like this you get all the odd-numbered (1,3,5,7,9 etc.) commissions and pass up all the even commissions. Then if your referral recruits somebody you get all their odd commissions also.

Personally, I have only just joined.  At the moment I’m only really using for their ads and their downline builder.  I will probably use their blog every once in a while and there is a ton of free stuff you can download also such as images, headers, landing page templates, and re-brandable ebooks.

– Join Here –

3# – CashInOnBanners

Cash In On Banners is a very good website for advertising banners and is one way to get you offers the attention that they need.  More so their affiliate program works so your $10 one-time fee for membership you will get back from your 1st referral, and from then on every odd-numbered referral gets you $10.

It is a bit complicated for me to explain really.  It is free to join and you get like 3 banner spots but for $10 you get 8 which are rotated even on other people’s pages.  Also, you’re downline of referrals also passes up $10 payments.  For just $10 as long as you recruit just 1 person you are all good.  Free advertising for life and the chance to actually make money on top.

-Join Here-

4# – Elite Downline Builder

This is maybe not as lucrative by Its commission structure.  It pays 10% to free members and 20% to pro($7) members then 35% Gold ($17) 50% Platinum ($37) and 75% Diamond ($75).

It is though a very effective advertising platform, and joining is a lot more attractive than a lot of other platforms that are available.

Personally having only just joined I am quite impressed with what is available for a free member.

>Join Here<

6# – Herculist 

I have been with Herculist since the start of the year.  I’m kind of still undecided about how well this works.  It is mostly a platform to post Solo Ads but you can select one link to be shown to people.

I actually wonder if this has got me commissions before but if you become a member you get $5 and 50% recurring commissions although it is not a lot to join in the first place only $7 for Gold and I’m not sure but there may be other opportunities for commissions such as your referrals buying credits.

– Join Here –

6.)  Building a Strategy to Promote Your Referral Links

So my strategy is this – on LeadsLeap I pay $20 a month and I get 20 ads plus all their other amazing resources.  It is actually free to join Leads Leap but it is much better and effective as a Pro member.

Here I will publish ads for everything that I’m signed up for with an affiliate program.  So basically Wealthy Affiliate, Herculist, AIOP, GetResponse, etc.

Then I can use Wealthy Affiliate to blog about these platforms with my affiliate links.  I can use GetResponse to build email lists for each product, and the other platforms I can advertise on as well.

I will definitely add to this more and more but there are countless opportunities for marketing.  It is really just about getting a system together that works and then bursting the floodgates.

This is what I think anyway.

Use your referral commissions to join new platforms with recurring commissions and use all your different bases to spread your content out as much as you possibly can.  Also, don’t forget your offers from places like ClickBank, JVZOO, or wherever else.  Promote these through these platforms as well.

There are tons of opportunities out there it’s just about finding them.

Final Thoughts

Affiliate Marketing Without ClickBank.  Remember this isn’t the only place you can market online.  As much as people may tell you about all the money they make from certain offers do not let it sway you to thinking this is the only way you can make money.  It is just one place and there are plenty of others.

Try JVZOO and DigiStore24.  See if you can get accepted for Share-a-Sale and MaxBounty.  Plus see what other options are also available including websites with their very own affiliate programs.

It can be a bit of a rabbit hole.  Which I have found out for myself – AIOP for example on their downline builder they let you add a few of your own but then there pre-selected platforms that you have to join.

Just be careful joining some of these – 2 I have read not-so-good things about are LeadGenSecret and EasyCash4Ads.  I was actually going to recommend EasyCash4Ads but I read a review that put me right off.  Came close to paying their $19 joining fee too – lucky escape I think.

Anyway, have a good look around there are loads of opportunities you just need to find them.

Your Feedback

Comments, feedback, and also questions are all most welcome.  Feel free to leave in the comments section below, or if you would like to contact me directly you can at

Also if you have found this post helpful or you have enjoyed reading this then please Like, Share and Subscribe!

Many thanks, and Best Wishes;

Alex C

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4 thoughts on “How To Do Affiliate Marketing Without ClickBank – What Else Is There?”

  1. Interesting article!
    I had heard there is a lot of competition for those promoting products on Clickbank and also JVZoo and Warrior Plus, so I’m really interested to learn from your research about alternatives.

    I’ve heard good things about Share-A-Sale, but I hadn’t even heard of MaxBounty and DigiStore so am pleased to learn about them here.  Does DigiStore24 promote the same products as ClickBank or different products?

    Fascinating to read about your strategy in promoting the advert and downline banners.  Will this riddle your website with adverts?
    What about user experience?  Will those help the user.  I personally believe we must always help our users and put them first.

    1. Hi John,  Digistore24 is for digital products it has a lot of products quite like click bank.  As for you other questions it won’t riddle your website with adverts although you can add widgets and banners to your content and ad space if you wish.

  2. With my business being limited in budget, I wonder if after I have joined the free programs that you have recommended here like JVZoo or Max Bounty, joining the other sites like Leads Leap, Herculist, Wealthy Affiliate, and Elite Downline Builder, how much will they cost me all in all if I join as a premium member of those sites?

    In what I understand how these things work, I have a better earning power if the level of the membership I join with these sites is either premium or paid membership level.

    1. Hello Gomer,  Leads Leap is $30 a month but occassionally you can get for $20 and all the others are $7 a month.  Although you can join each one for free.

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