Affiliate Millionaire Review (2022) – Is This Program The Real Deal?

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How would you like to make $1,493,482.70 in ONE YEAR from Affiliate Marketing?   It sounds like BS sure but according to Andrew Fox and Thomas Owen, the creators of the Affiliate Millionaire System, this is what is possible.

Apparently, every Facebook Ads account has a hidden feature that can earn you a 345%- 507% return on Investment (R.O.I.)  And By following this training you can learn the essential information on how to run Ads compliantly.  You will not have to worry about Ad Account closures and will be able to rinse and repeat this method till you make 1 Million…

This is backed up by Kyle Kostechka, The business development manager at Clickbank who shares a recorded video testimonial of Thomas Owen’s meteoric rise to success.  You definitely get the impression that this is LEGIT but let’s not get carried away here.  

There is quite a story to tell here but for this Affiliate Millionaire Review (2022) – I will be asking if this program is the real deal?  Can this really help you Make 1 Million from Affiliate Marketing, in One Year and if it can’t what can you do to at least make a decent amount of money online elsewhere?  Please keep reading to find out more…

FTC Disclosure: 

Before we continue.  Please be aware that I am an affiliate of Affiliate Millionaire.  If you happen to purchase this product I may receive a commission.  The price you pay will not be affected and the following information will not be biased in any way.  I also do not recommend every product that I review so please read carefully!

Any questions please feel free to contact me at

Now…  Here is my…

Affiliate Millionaire Review (2022) – Is This Program The Real Deal?  (TOC)

affiliate millionaire system

Product Name:  Affiliate Millionaire
The Owner (s):  Andrew Fox, Thomas Owen 

:  Affiliate Marketing via Facebook Ads Training Course

Price:  $39.00 One Time

Warranty:  30 Days

Rating:  4.5/5 Stars

My Verdict:  Please keep reading

Do I Recommend?:  I think so.  If you can afford this plus the running costs of tools and ads etc.

Now,  so let’s get started… 

What Is the Affiliate Millionaire System?

click here to join andrew fox affiliate millionaire

Now, according to their website, the Affiliate Millionaire program is a beginner-friendly affiliate marketing course created by Andrew Fox and Thomas Owen.  It consists of 7 main modules plus 4 bonuses.  

This includes short, easy to understand lessons.  Each with around 5 key steps to take away for setting up your own successful Ad campaigns.  In hindsight, what Affiliate Millionaire teaches (apparently) is;

  • The most effective way to pick products,
  • Build High Converting Landing Pages,
  • How to Drive Traffic Through Facebook Ads,
  • How to Collect Targeted Leads,
  • How to Write a Winning Email Series and…
  • How to Make Affiliate Commissions Through Clickbank.  

For anybody that is just hearing about affiliate marketing and making money online, this basically claims to teach you everything you need to know…  

What the Affiliate Millionaire System promises IS to help you make thousands without spending hours writing blog posts; how to avoid Facebook account closures, no more having to ‘fake it till you make it, and no more wasting your time on free traffic sources that DO NOT work.  

Essentially, all the time-consuming stuff that people really don’t want to do.

They are not the first entrepreneurs to make such BIG claims but for those that are not familiar with affiliate marketing here is what you must know…

The Shocking Truth About Affiliate Marketing

In 2022 Affiliate Marketing is more popular than EVER.  Since the COVID-19 Pandemic especially, more and more people forced out of work and have begun to look online for new innovative ways to work from home independently.

Affiliate Marketing (if you don’t know about it) is a business model where somebody joins a companies affiliate program then promotes their products for a commission on any potential sales made.

Since 2015 this is an industry that has tripled in size.  As a whole, it is now worth an estimated $12 Billion.  In the USA alone as of 2022, the amount spent on products promoted through affiliate marketing, this year alone, is expected to reach $8.2 Billion

USA affiliate marketing spend statista 2022
See the above chart to see what I mean…

Now, Of course, the money-making potential is undeniable and not only this but another very attractive aspect of this business is something that is called the Laptop lifestyle.  The opportunity to work from anywhere with the Internet, anywhere in the World.  For those that can make this work, it is literally how to live your dream life.

Do what you love Prague Czech Republic
This image above I think is a great example of this. These guys here on the left (on their laptops) run a business together in Prague (Praha), Czech Republic. It is called ‘Do What You Love‘. As you can see they have a bar, a ping pong table and this is just what you can see. This is the sort of dream you can make come true with a successful online business. This would be a dream come true for me but how about you?

Now, the creators of Affiliate Millionaire are not the first to promise to teach eager wannabe entrepreneurs how to make money online.  The internet is littered with crap that promises everything and delivers nothing.  So far this might sound like a great opportunity but please keep reading as there is still much to discuss ⏬

Now, Who Are Andrew Fox and Thomas Owen?

andrew fox and thomas owen affiliate millionaire review 2022

Well, Thomas Owen, first of all, is an Affiliate Marketer from the UK, that got into the business after a nasty fall where he ended up puncturing his lung.  He searched up “How To Make Money Online” on Google because he was worried about not being able to provide for his family.   Then over the space of 5 years, he tried all the usual MLM, surveys and everything else with little to no success.  In his own words, it just was not working out for him. So around 2017 he started an Online Agency for running Facebook Ads

This apparently was making him around 10k to 30K a month during this time. It, he (Thomas) claims became too much as the workload was too intense.  So, around 2020, he shifted gears towards Affiliate Marketing and enrolled in Andrew Fox & Peter Parks “Super Affiliate Mastery Course”.  Which, with its help, Thomas was able to utilize alongside his skills with Facebook advertising to make a mindblowing $1,493,482.70 in one year. ?

The exact reason why Andrew apparently hired Thomas as a coach for his Super Affiliate Mastery course – was because of how well he was doing with his own affiliate marketing efforts. 

thomas owen earnings from clickbank affiliate millionaire review 2022
These are apparently some of Thomas Owens results from this 1st year!

But How About Andrew Fox – Who Is He?

Andrew Fox is from Northern Ireland and he is the co-creator of Affiliate Millionaire but as mentioned above he is also the co-creator of a product called Super Affiliate Mastery.  He and his brother Chris Fox have been in the business since the late 1990s.  Some of the products they have launched together include Easy Sketch Pro, iTaggz and Mobile App Agency. 

Apparently, Andrew has been known to run ‘$25K a seat’ workshops from his private Yacht.  There is not much information to be found about him after that but a quick google search for his Super Affiliate Mastery website, there is a testimonial by JVZOO CEO Laura Casselman that verifies Andrew Fox as a Super Affiliate.

So I mean, so far so good I would say but don’t get too ‘bought in’ by the hype just yet.

Is Thomas Owen Affiliate Millionaire LEGIT?

Well, everything seems good here.  There are testimonials for both Andrew and Thomas that prove they are Super Affiliates.  The course sounds very good value and definitely an attractive proposal. However, aside from this is a video by Dr Harlan Kilstein who was given early access to this product.  His endorsement as a Super Affiliate himself that has made over $100 Million in sales definitely makes it seem worth a try.

In his own words, Kilstein says that “Affiliate Millionaire is a total breakthrough.  Its simplicity defined – showing you how you can rapidly launch a successful affiliate marketing business“.

He is definitely, one person who advocates this product to people.  Also, this Youtuber ‘Are You Looking For This?‘ was another marketer that was given early access.  His analysis is not as kind but still, he recommends the product.

Mostly, his evaluation is that it isn’t as beginner-friendly as Andrew and Thomas make out and that Thomas’s claims about his success appear to be slightly fabricated.   Mostly, because some of this training was recorded in 2020.

Skip the video to 6:17 seconds to see what he says. 

It’s still not really a negative review though and this does actually seem like it could be a good course to try out.

If you are interested – please keep reading below ⏬ or visit the Affiliate Millionaire website HERE

Now, Here is What you Get…

The Full Course and Bonuses

introducing affiliate millionaire affiliate marketing course


Before the training begins this is a short Introductory to developing the Millionaire Mindset that you will need to become a highly successful affiliate marketer like both Andrew and Thomas.  These 3 main points are discussed;

  •  Understanding the Importance of Numbers – You will Apparently Fail If you Learn This First Lesson! 
  • The 40/20/20 Diversification Rule – This is apparently the secret to consistent success.
  • Knowing the Difference Between High Risk and Low-Risk Campaigns and Deciding Which Works Best.

Module 1:  Research

module 1 research affiliate millionaire

For this first module, Thomas Owen walks you through the first step towards affiliate marketing – choosing the right offers to promote.  From here you will learn the following;

  • How To Find the Best Niches and Hot-Selling Products
  • The Secret Hack To Spy On Your Competitors Successful Ad Campaigns
  • Recommendations for Best Affiliate Networks and Products
  • Selecting the Best Funnels for High Ticket Commissions
  • Bonus: A-List Offers Playbook – Guide To Proven Affiliate Offers

From this step of the training, the main thing you should take away is how to find the best affiliate products to promote and which offers will give the best return on investment (ROI).  Find what’s hot and trendy and use this to make the best start to affiliate marketing possible.

*This and the next step should be paid very close attention to…

Module 2:  The Perfect Landing Page

Module 2 Affiliate Millionaire Andrew Fox Review

Now for this next step of your training, you will learn about the 3 best types of landing pages and how to make them all fully compliant with Facebook Ad Guidelines.  

These 3 variations are.;

  • The Quiz Page – Learn These 4 Important Questions Which Helped Thomas Owen Net $39K Profit in One Week 
  • The Splash Page – The Secret to $1.73 EPCs That Nobody Else Uses.
  •  The Blog Post – How To Get 400% Cheaper Clicks

In Summary, from this module, you will learn how to develop the best converting landing pages.  PLUS how to make the best CTA’s (Call To Action) for collecting leads before forwarding them to your affiliate offers and THEN YOUR Email Swipes.

*This I can definitely tell you is how you can retarget your leads several times for Increased opportunities.

Module 3 – Building Funnels and Tracking

affiliate millionaire module 3 funnels and tracking

In this next module learn how to develop the perfect Email Follow-Up Sequence that can potentially net you in between $100 > $500 every single day.  

Learn about Tracking Pixels – How to use your Pixel in Conjunction with Clickbanks new system and how this system can be utilised to skyrocket conversion rates.  

PLUS find out about the Gold Standard of Ad Trackers that costs Pennies to the Dollar that consecutively shows the winning 237% most profitable campaigns.  

Also, on top of all this How To Work Alongside Affiliate Vendors to Help you to Build the Ultimate Facebook Lookalike Audience!  With this and the next step, you will not be disappointed…

Module 4 – Targeting and FB Ad Campaign Set Up

affiliate millionaire module 4

In Module #4 here you will learn how to set up your Facebook ads campaign, lessons include;

  • About the “AZ” advertising structure,
  • Campaign Structure, 
  • Audience Targeting and 
  • The Best Way To Test Daily Ad Spend.

Also, how to warm up your FB Ads account with the “German Handshake” Method (for penny clicks) and as a bonus the hidden untapped traffic source that nobody is telling you about.

Module 5 – The Perfect Ad Copy and Creatives

Now, when it comes to actually posting your Ad it is fundamental that your Ad copy is perfect and that you use the best creatives (Images, Infographics, GIFs, Videos etc.) you can find.

module 5 affiliate millionaire the ad copy

Within this module, this is exactly what you will learn about.

  • Where to Find the Hottest Converting Images to use for as little as $5
  • How To Create the Ultimate Ad with Regular Household Items.
  • Ways To Save a Fortune on Expensive Freelancers
  • The Double Conversion Ad Technique 
  • How to Repurpose Your Ads for 5x – 10x Different Variations.

*Once you have your landing page, email autoresponder set up and your ads ready to launch – you will finally be ready to start making some money by clicking your ads to go live.  For best results, the next training module is key  xx

Module 6 – Launching Your Campaign

Here you will learn all the essential things about launching your campaign right and how not to lose your money:

module 6 affiliate millionaire the launch

Thi next section of the training will teach you all of the following lessons;

  • When the best times are to run your campaigns without burning through your budget with no results.
  • The “Secret Tracker” method to get the best conversions (Increase ROI by 349% with this technique).
  • Learn about Day Parting Software.
  • Which is best – a Lifetime or Daily Budget?
  • The Optimal Daily Budget and Testing To Find The Best Campaigns.

* I really think this could actually work if done correctly.  Facebook is a very awkward platform but maybe following these steps above are what will make it actually work for a change.  If it does then this next part you really need to listen to;

Module 7 – Optimization and Scaleability

For the last module, Thomas finally shares how you can reinvest your commissions to grow your earnings – again and again!

  • Learn the S.H.A.F “quickfire” method for Finding The Winning Campaigns.
  • Setting Up Yor Ads On Autopilot
  • Campaign Budget Optimization and Scaleability
  • How Manual Bidding Works and How to use it to Increase ROI by 200-300%

So this is another important lesson.  Making a Million in a year might sound farfetched but if it was possible it would be because of consistent reinvestment.  Turning $100 into $1000, $10,000 into $50,000 and so on.  If you do this right it might take longer than a year but as long as you spend the money you could effectively make $1 Million.

It is just that Facebook Ads is troublesome.  They will close your account for the slightest mistake so this is why you must learn how to create compliant ads with no issues long term.


, I have mentioned some of them already.  They are probably quite important really to the overall product.

1# You firstly have The $185 k (confirm numbers) in 7 Days – landing page template.  You might find a lot of people are using it already which might make things difficult – competition-wise but it is an extra so no biggie there.

Then you also get 2# The Holy Grail – A-List Offers” Playbook.  Basically, a list of products to choose from that has been known to sell well in the past.  I would say don’t rely on this too much but there is likely a few gems here.

THEN – this is one bonus I think could be a massive help.  3# How to save your restricted Facebook Accounts.  Apparently, this is a little known trick that 99% of affiliates have no idea about.   It sounds like alone something that I think anyone that does Facebook Ads would love to have but does it really work?

And Finally – the 4# Bonus is access to the Affiliate Millionaire Private Facebook Group.

All sounds great I think but before you rush off to BUY Affiliate Millionaire>>

How Much Does Affiliate Millionaire Cost?

So the good news is that as of now the Affiliate Millionaire System will ONLY set you back a ONE-TIME fee of $39.00.

This does not include UPSELLS but here is the important thing to be aware of.  You will need;

1#.)  Extra Money For Facebook Ads.  It is recommended that you spend around $20-$30 USD a day.

2#.)  For creating the best landing pages it might be a wise investment to get yourself a landing page builder such as 

Clickfunnels, Page Wiz, Lead pages, Convertri etc.  You can find free Landing Page Builders but for best results, you may want to look at some of these tools.  It is said they are not recommended but they probably will be.

affiliate millionaire are there any hidden costs

How The Affiliate Millionaire System Works?

How Affiliate Millionaire Works - the 4 step method

Actually, this is a bit more than just how Affiliate Millionaire works. This is how Affiliate Marketing in general works.

1.)  Choose Your Offer and get your Affiliate Links ?
2.)  Drive Traffic To Your Links ?
3.)  Basically Collect Leads and redirect them to your product page ?
4.)  Get Paid When These Leads Buy From Your Links.

So, this in essence is what this course teaches but just to elaborate a bit further.  The 2nd step and 3rd step are more or less the main things you will learn.  How to effectively use Facebook Ads without too much trouble and then how you can actually market these products through a landing page with a follow-up email series.

When you consider the price it definitely does seem worth the small investment.  For me, it seems to be everything that Thomas Owen learned from Andrew Fox’s Super Affiliate Mastery course. 

By comparison, that is £97 a MONTH so this is a steal compared.  Also, Commission Hero is another similar course and that is $997 so $39 does seem like a steal.

But What Do These Courses Offer Which Affiliate Millionaire Does Not?

That’s what I wonder.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable – Only $39.00 One Time
  • Testimonials By Authority Marketers
  • Up to Date Training as of 2021
  • No Upsells (as of now)
  • Apparently Beginner Friendly


  • Requires Extra Costs (Ads, and Tools)
  • Facebook Ads Accounts Are Easy To Lose
  • Some Clickbank Offers Are Very Questionable
  • Only 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Possible Exaggerated Claims 

What I Like and What I Don’t?

Actually, on the face of it, I like the look of this course a lot.  The price for one – $39.00 one time fee looks like a steal.  Also, that it’s less than 6 months old (as of now) I think this is attractive plus it talks a lot about creating Ads that will NOT be flagged by Facebook.

The potential here is HUGE.  Just imagine having one successful Facebook Ad campaign after another.  Each time reinvest your profits and watch the returns just keep growing.  This appears to be what Thomas Owen was able to achieve under Andrew Fox’s guidance.

But let’s not forget this is somebody that spent years running their own FB ads agency. Experience definitely counts.

For me, I think this is what makes this course so exciting.  You have the opportunity to learn from one of the experts with first-hand experience and the fact that Andrew Fox is involved seems to boost the credibility of this product even further. 

However, you do wonder what is the catch.  Robby Blanchard is charging $997.00 for this same training [See My Commission Hero Review] and even Andrew Fox, for his Super Affiliate Mastery course it’s $297.00 a MONTH.

I will share a screenshot to show what I mean;

super affiliate mastery andrew fox peter parks

These lessons from Super Affiliate Mastery are basically the same things you learn from Affiliate Millionaire;  

  • Finding a Converting Offer ?
  • Staying Compliant ??‍♂️
  • Running Paid Traffic with Facebook ✅

Although, You do have to ask yourself why Andrew Fox has effectively launched a course that is only $39.00 when he usually charges for the same information for $297.00 a month?

Maybe he has just decided to endorse Thomas Owen out of the kindness of his heart but YES maybe not all is how it appears to be.  I would suspect this is likely bait for another more expensive product. ie. Super Affiliate Mastery!!!

In Conclusion:

So, I am not aware of any upsells for this product.  Usually, with these cheapish digital products, something like this would be the front end offer.  You would go through the course and then be told to pay up for something else.  There doesn’t appear to be anything like this which is kind of strange.

However, this could be because they have plans to change this product in the near future maybe?  Like MyOnlineStartUp for example – that is a course that has undergone big changes since its launch.

So, Affiliate Millionaire – It looks good but there is actually a lot that can go wrong here.   Facebook Ad Accounts are very volatile and basically managed by robots (A.I).  Most times they can be very difficult to reinstate.  That is the first thing but then you can lose a lot of money on top of monthly expenses for tools, subscriptions etc.  

Advertising on Facebook takes experience and amateur mistakes can be costly.  Also, if as expected this course is recommending tools like Clickfunnels, ClickMagick and Leadpages these are all extra costs you’ll have to cover.  

So just be sure before you buy you have the extra funds available to invest.  You should count this as gambling but of course if this course really is as good as it says it is then this does give a cause for optimism.

IF you would like to try something else instead then please keep reading till the end.

Before I get to this part – here is how you can purchase Affiliate Millionaire…

Where To Buy Affiliate Millionaire From?

Click here to join affiliate millionaire today


Now, How I Make My Money Online?

In case you are wondering.  I have been making money online by various methods since about 2011.

I have done quite well selling on eBay and Amazon but also I started blogging in 2010 ~ On and Off.  Although, mostly, my work has been through eBay, dropshipping and other side hustles.  

From blogging though I have found there to be 2 main income streams – Advertising and Affiliate Marketing.  The latter I would definitely say has been my favourite so far.

Making money and NOT having to buy the product first or ship it out after – this is one of the greatest feelings.  Also, being away in another country sitting in a bar/cafe with a laptop hooked up to the WIFI and making money whilst you are there.  This I have experienced too and for me, it’s what every online business owner dreams of.

I mean I haven’t seen anywhere near as many places as some nomadic bloggers have but this is why I continue to learn the trade of affiliate marketing and one website that has really been great for me has been Wealthy Affiliate. 

It’s not everyone’s top pick but I personally have found it to be a great website that has so far been very helpful.

So, Affiliate Millionaire Vs. Wealthy Affiliate

So, as you can see there is a lot that you get with Wealthy Affiliate that you do not get with Affiliate Millionaire.  The thing to understand here is that WA is a much more advanced platform.  You will not only get a lot more training here but also web hosting, domain parking and various tools including keyword research (Jaaxy).

Many members have had success with Wealthy Affiliate and there are many testimonials to prove this;

Wealthy Affiliate testimonial Jim-Bo
Wealthy Affiliate 14K in 3 Months Saco


For Further Reading…

Check Out Some Of These Success Stories Below ✅

I Made Over $1 Million With Affiliate Marketing.

What Does $1000 Per Day Look Like?

WOW, $40,000 In One Weekend!!!

A Very Humbling $12,803.26 Month – August Progress Report

It’s Getting Better: $500+ in 2 Days

Newbies Pay Attention! $5,195.20 Affiliate Check for June: Thanks WA!

Joined the 10K Per Month Club. January Earnings $13,481.39

New Record: $1,300+ Per DAY! Affiliate Marketing Works & Rocks!

Made $7,395 in a WEEK: First Black Friday Results!

Pretty great right?  Yet however, I will say that you will not find the same exact lessons from Affiliate Millionaire in Wealthy Affiliate.

Although, there is some training for Facebook Ads in WA that might be cool to check out.  See screenshots.

wealthy affiliate facebooks training screenshot 1#
wealthy affiliate training for facebook ads
wealthy affiliate facebook ads training

It is a lot I know.   It’s obviously a mish-mash of different things here with WA and Affiliate Millionaire compared seems to be a more advanced step by step course.  One… which might I add, seems to be a very tempting offer.  Yet here is the thing about Wealthy Affiliate there is lots more training for other aspects of Affiliate Marketing.

Facebook Ads, and Building a Landing Page is pretty much it for Affiliate Millionaire.  It looks to be good training but certainly, I would say give Wealthy Affiliate a shot.  Sign up for a free account, take a look around and If you like what you see – UPGRADE to Premium for $19.00 within the first 3 weeks.  

*Note I am currently preparing a welcome pack for all new Premium Members of Wealthy Affiliate ~ email me for more details at

You will not regret it – I PROMISE YOU!

Your Feedback

If you would like to share your thoughts on the Affiliate Millionaire System or if you have any questions regarding anything in today’s review please feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

Also, please give this content a share on social media or with your email contacts if you’ve found this helpful.

Many thanks if you have read this far and hope to see you all again soon.

All the best and #ToYourSuccess

Alex B. Chivers

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2 thoughts on “Affiliate Millionaire Review (2022) – Is This Program The Real Deal?”

  1. Hi Alex, a couple of very interesting things here and it actually triggered a bit of an unrelated question. I just saw Clickmagick being mentioned and I considered it before as I am guilty of not always tracking as I should and Clickmagick looks so easy in doing just that.

    But then of course there is a monthly cost involved with Clickmagick and all the costs starts adding up very quickly. What do you do to track all of your links easily and effectively?

    Secondly I fully agree with you in regards to the volatility of relying on FB ads etc. I am currently reading Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson and he mentions exactly this issue in regards to those relying on algorithms that can change at any time, whether it be Google on social media algorithms.

    Thanks for sharing – best regards


    1. Hi Schalk, Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. About ClickMagick I think this is a great tool – maybe not if you are just blogging but if you are running ad campaigns through landing pages, lead capture pages because you can see what is working and what isn’t – for instance say you spent $50 on Facebook Ads, $50 on Solo Ads and you also promoted the same link through warrior forum as your signature. Obviously, you would need to use unique links for each but at least this way you would know what is working and what is not. So say you only made your money through Solo Ads well you would know to instead reinvest there next time and maybe cut your Facebook ads investment, or you may even find that warrior forum is what is making all your money so instead you could save your money instead for something else. It (Clickmagick) is definitely a tool for paid advertisers more I think and it actually is something that is worthwhile because you can save money from knowing what is working and what is not.

      I mean I think personally, I am just blogging for time being so I just use quite a bit to track my banner links and my youtube/Twitter links. I’d consider Clickmagick most definitely but not whilst i’m not running any ads.

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