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Affilorama Review – Is this a Worthy Investment in 2023?

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Are you looking to become a Successful Affiliate Marketer? Would you like to learn how to do that at Affilorama? This Affilorama review is one I strongly encourage you to take a look at if this is your scenario.

These days, there is an endless supply of scam affiliate marketing products online.  Every somewhat successful affiliate marketer is trying to sell you their own course.  Some good some not so much.

Exactly, why you should make sure you read about products before making a decision to purchase them.

I mean I guess this goes without saying really.  Getting involved with anything educational must be an investment of both your time and your money.  To have the future you want at the soonest convenience you don’t really want to waste either.

So, This Affilorama review will show you everything you need to know about the program, from whether it is a scam or a legitimate Affiliate Marketing course, to if it’s even worth your time at all.

From my own research, I can tell you now that Affilorama is not the worst training you will ever come across.  It has actually been around for a good number of years now.  However, of course, there are definitely some things you should know before you decide to sign up. 

Precisely what I will look to cover in today’s post.

FTC Disclosure:   

Please note that this review contains affiliate links.  If you happen to make a purchase as a result of clicking on any of the links on this page I may receive an affiliate commission.  The price you pay will not be affected.

Affilorama Review – Is this a Worthwhile Investment in 2021?

affilorama review - is it a worthy investment

Product Name:  Affilorama

Owner:  Mark Ling and Simon Slade

Year Released:  2006

Short Description:  Combination of both free and paid tools and training to learn affiliate marketing.

My Verdict:  Keep on reading to find out more…



Introduction… What is Affilorama?

affilorama review - is this a worthy investment in 2021

So, this is what you will find on the Affilorama homepage.  It’s pretty easy on the eye I would say.  If you are interested you can start the training for free.  I am yet to go through this myself but I will leave this up to you.

The course was created by a renowned affiliate marketer Mark Ling back in 2006.  According to Mark –  All your affiliate marketing needs can be taken care of from a single source. 

This website offers free registration and provides apparently useful information for both newbies and experienced marketers.

Videos and detailed articles provide the training lessons. Ling makes available all the tools one can utilize to earn six figures from scratch.  Not tried yet myself but I definitely have something to say about this.

At the time of writing, Affilorama has a community of over 300,000 members worldwide. In light of affiliate marketing’s expected growth, it looks like many will look to Affilorama whilst it is still up and running.

Sidenote:  I first heard of Affilorama last year when I began affiliate marketing.  Back then I heard the same thing I am hearing still now.  They haven’t updated their training in years and a lot of this is now very outdated.

My current top pick other than Affilorama as of now I’d say is either (1) of these (2) courses.

I would say there are better alternatives than these 2 but as a beginner, I really don’t think you can go wrong with either. 

Also, many which I would highlight as better alternatives are a lot more expensive.


Who is Affilorama Suitable For?

From what other reviews are saying online.  I find it hard to defend Affilorama.  What I find is totally shocking is the potential a program like this could have if it actually got the attention it deserves from its developers.  In my view, Affilorama could have been huge if Mark Ling only just put the time and effort into rehashing the old training and making it more relevant.

I wonder if it is too late for this now or not but one thing is for sure it still promises the same benefits; 

  • The aim of Affilorama is to teach anyone how to become a successful affiliate online,
  • If you are looking for niches that are profitable, this course might be for you
  • Training how to research and create niche-specific affiliate websites,
  • Lessons for creating a lucrative affiliate website.
  • Suitable (apparently) for beginners to advanced affiliate marketers,
  • You can start learning affiliate marketing for free (applicable only to the free memberships).
  • Easy-to-follow step-by-step guides.

I DO NOT Recommend Affilorama for its upgrades but If You Would Like To Create A Free Account [Click The Banner Below]

Affilorama: How Much Does It Cost?

Well, I mentioned that you could join Affilorama for free.  You can and actually, there is quite a lot you can take away from these free lessons.  Admittedly it’s a lot of information to go through but actually what I like here is this is 76 Lessons that you can tick off one at a time through the Affilorama website.  

I haven’t been through everything yet but for free you really can’t complain.

Here is a summary of the lessons you will get as a free member of Affilorama. 

IntroductionMarket ResearchSite BuildingContent Creation
Step By Step Guide for BeginnersBest Niches for Affiliate MarketingBuilding a Basic Web PageEasy ways to get content for your site
How Does Affiliate Marketing Work? Keyword Research: SEO  AnalysisUploading your website with FilezillaWriting Product Reviews
How To Identify Affiliate SitesWhat does your market want?Linking Your Domain with Your HostingHeadlines for Affiliate Sites
Best Examples of Successful Websites10 Alternatives to ClickBankWhat to Look For in a Hosting ProviderWriting Pre-sells and Sales Letters
Beginners Guide to Finding the Best Affiliate Marketing ProgramsHow to do Keyword Research: 7 Techniques & ToolsFinding and Registering a Domain NameHow to Write Winning Email Subject Lines that Get Opened!
Affiliate Marketing Without a WebsiteUnderstanding market interactionsAnatomy of a Web PageHow to record affiliate videos
How to Get Traffic to Your Website Using Alternative MethodsHow to use CJ (Commission Junction) By ConservantGood Housekeeping7 Steps To Improve Conversion Rates
12 Essential Tips to Double ProductivityHow to Choose an Affiliate ProgramWeb Design Troubleshooting
The fastest way to get started online?Anatomy of a Web Page #2
Hide your affiliate link with redirects
Simplifying Navigation with PHP
Date Scripts
How to create a rollover button
7 Crucial Site Building Mistakes To Avoid
Marketing IdeasSEOPPCAffiliate Outsourcing
Introduction to BloggingSitemapsIntroduction to PPCIntroduction to outsourcing
How to Write a Blog PostMove Your Pages With 301 RedirectsWhat Is PPC?Top Tips for Hiring
5 ways to monetize your blogURL CanonicalizationHow to do Keyword ResearchKeeping Workers Productive
The #1 Newsletter StrategyRobot.txtPPC Landing Pages
How to Use Twitter for AffiliatesIntroduction To SEOWriting and Placing PPC Ads
Social BookmarkingWhat is Google PageRank?Conversion Tracking
Inbound Marketing – 5 “Forgotten” Traffic Methods You Can Use Today4 Simple Steps to Building Quality Links that Google will LoveBonuses for better PPC conversions
Introduction to Email MarketingTop 6 On-Page SEO FactorsAlternative sources of traffic
How to Use Facebook for AffiliatesHow to Get Your Website Indexed
Web 2.0 introductionGetting Backlinks for SEO
Creating a Buzz with Viral PDFs4 Areas To Tweak For Better SEO

Alongside these free lessons, you also get Affilotools basic membership and access to the Affilorama forum.

affilorama affilotools

In my view getting all this free you would be a fool to turn your nose up at.  Even if some of the lessons might not be fully up to date. 

There is definitely still a lot you can take away here.

In addition to this, Affilorama offers other products for more advanced learning. 

Listed below are Affilorama’s upsell packages (add-ons):

  • Pathway To Passive $19 (One-Time-Fee)
  • AffiloTools ~ Premium $17 – $97 per month.
  • AffiloJetpack Membership – $997 (One-Time-Fee)

How Does Affilorama Compare to Other Affiliate Marketing Training?

i.) Affilorama vs Wealthy Affiliate – My Honest Opinion

affilorama vs wealthy affiliate who wins

As a legitimate affiliate marketing training program, Affilorama definitely isn’t a scam. The Affilorama affiliate marketing training program is also probably one of the best free courses (I think) that you can probably get started with.

A lot of people online attack Affilorama as a way to leverage the reader towards different products.  Wealthy Affiliate is one such course and actually, I love WA but putting things into perspective what I don’t really like about it is this.  As a new member, you only have a limited time offer to upgrade to Premium for $19 a month.  

This only lasts 3-4 weeks and then it goes up to $49.

In my view, Wealthy Affiliate should give their new members more time than this to actually go through the free training.  It’s not my business but new members should have this offer there, for whenever they are ready.

Affilorama might have some outdated training but at least new members have plenty of time to go through it all.  

Then if they want to afterwards they can pay the $19 for Pathway To Passive.  Exactly the same amount for Wealthy Affiliate Premium if you buy within the first few weeks.  I mean ‘Wealthy Affiliate’ is a bit more direct.  I would recommend you join as a premium member but before you do maybe go through some of the free training with Affilorama first.

Although, maybe avoid setting up a website with Affiloramas instructions.  Skip their site-building section in favour of setting up your own website through Wealthy Affiliate Premium.  

To get some practice in with writing blog posts/product reviews – I highly recommend making a start with

Now as for the Rest…

ii.) Affilotools Vs. Jaaxy Vs. UberSuggest 

Affilotools has a free version.  As does Jaaxy and the same goes with Neil Patel‘s flagship product Ubersuggest.  The latter is the only clear winner for me.  If you are going to invest in the more expensive plans for either Jaaxy or Affilotools you may as well give your money to Neil Instead.  

However, with this being said, I have been happy enough using the free version of Ubersuggest for quite some time now.  

It reminds me a lot of Affilotools actually but you definitely have the more advanced tool with Ubersuggest.

As for Jaaxy I still think this is a great Keyword Research Tool once you learn how to use it.  If you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate you get it included as part of your premium membership.  Instead of paying $17 a month for the Affilotools Bronze membership consider this as $17 off Wealthy Affiliate Premium.  

It works out as £32 left to pay but with this, you do get quite a lot of other cool features.  Read my original review (here).   

iii.) So, Pathway To Passive – Is It Worth It?

Well, I would say if you liked Affiloramas Free Training Pathway To Passive is $37.00 one time.  I’ve not actually been through this training myself but I like these kinds of deals.  Where you can just pay for something once – go through it and hopefully walk away with something that benefits you in the end.

I mean for the fact that Affilorama gives you so much training for free already $37.00 is the least they deserve.   Sure there are a lot of haters out there.  The first review I read about Affilorama on google said the training was too out of date to make anyone successful in 2021.  

It said something similar about Wealthy Affiliate as well.  I will not link to this website.  They do make some very good points but just from taking a quick glimpse through Affilorama’s free training there is definitely a lot of value here.

Whether Pathway To Passive can complement this in any way I will have to let you know when I’ve actually had the chance to go through it.  If $37.00 is not a big deal to you It is only a one-time payment and I think if you have benefited from Affiloramas free training then why not check it out.  

Although, after this, I probably would not consider paying $997 for the next upsell AffiloJetPack

iv.) AffiloJetPack Vs. Other High Ticket Products

Now, I’m not saying AffiloJetPack isn’t worth its high price.  I am sure it definitely has some good points about it but when I think about some of the other products you can get out there AffiloJetPack would nowhere near be my top pick.

Authority Hacker’s Authority Site System is probably one of the top-rated courses out there right now.  This is also $997

authority hacker vs affilotools

I am not a member of the Authority Site System so I can not say for sure if it is better than AffilioJetPack but if you look at the reviews online it definitely appears to be very much miles ahead of its competition.

What’s more let’s look at some of the other high ticket courses you could spend your money on instead…

Name Of CoursePrice Compared To AffiloJetPack
Commission Hero$997
Wealthy Affiliate 1-Year$299 Per Year
IncomeSchool24$449 per year $249 After That
Legendary Marketer’s Club$179 a Year
Savage Affiliates$197 or $297 One Time
Super Affiliate System$997
The Affiliate Lab$797
Passive Income Geek$299 per Year $99 After That

Pros and Cons of Affilorama

The Pros of Affilorama

  • Very Extensive Free Training
  • Instructional Videos and Progress Bar 
  • Free Access To Community Forum
  • Members of top affiliate organizations can provide support and feedback,
  • With AffiloJetPack, you can choose from a range of payment options
  • Affilorama surprisingly has a very high score on trust pilot

Cons of Affilorama

  • Affiloramas free training is more educational than action-based
  • There are more direct methods to start earning money from affiliate marketing
  • If you add the enhancements offered by Affilorama(up-sells), Affilirama can become quite expensive.
  • Although some of their products have been updated since 2016, some of the training still seems outdated.
  • Mark Ling does not appear to be very involved with Affilorama at all but is still the face behind it.

Is Affilorama a Waste Of Your Time?

As I said above the free training is worth going through.  Even if you just skim through a few lessons.  During my time as an affiliate marketer, I don’t really spend as much time as I probably should with training.  I mean I absolutely think that there are new ideas that I could do with implementing more in the months ahead.  

The majority of Affiloramas training I think is a lot of stuff I know already but I will not be so stuck up to think that there isn’t something in there that could help me.  I will go through it at some point definitely and update this review.

So, no I don’t think it is a waste of time but I think if you do feel like you are ready to set up a website…  You have learned about niches and some of the other very basic aspects of affiliate marketing then definitely check out Wealthy Affiliate Premium

I will also be there to personally coach you if you need it.  

As soon as your website is done and you have published your posts send your links my way and I will give you my input. 

In my view, Wealthy Affiliate is only worth paying for if your coach is willing to help you as much as they can.  

It also gets a lot of crap because of some of its lessons being out of date.  However, the founder Kyle Loudon has promised that the training will be getting updated and the work has already begun.  So, that will be interesting to see but about Affilorama…

My Final Verdict – A Worthy Investment?

In the past year of marketing, I have come across a lot of people now that want to get into the business but don’t want to spend any money.  I get this kind of.  If it really is a matter of putting food on the table or paying for a new course, even if it doesn’t seem like a lot of money, why should you go hungry?

In this respect, I really think Affilorama just like MyOnlineStartUp are great free courses that people can utilise whilst they are struggling financially.  If you as someone in this situation can accept that learning certain skills before you can make money is something that needs to happen then this is a good idea I think.

The training is long enough I would say to give you a bit of time to save up a bit of money here and there.  If you actually follow this plan through then you should be able to make a very good start when the time comes.

Whilst I am not wholly sure about Affiloramas upsells 76 Free Lessons is nothing to baulk at.  If you have money then go and buy yourself a high ticket course that will leapfrog you months ahead good on you.  If you haven’t got money to invest then using free tools like Blogger, Youtube and free training courses like the above are as good a place to start as any.  

I mean don’t just take this from me either look at these reviews…

affilorama reviews trustpilot

So, I’m not going to spend the rest of the review trying to sell you something else.

If you’d like to check out Affiloramas Free Training check out my link here and please let me know what you think in the feedback section below…


So, what do you think of my Affilorama review?  I didn’t think it would be so nice but there you go not all things are always as they seem.  I Will revise this again in the future when I’ve gone through a bit more of their free training but have you taken any of Affiloramas training – Free or Paid?  

Please let me know what you think in the comments section below.

If you know anyone that might like to read this post or that might benefit from reading this information please share the link for this post.  Helping to get this content out there will help this website to grow.

Many thanks and #ToYourSuccess

Alexander B. Chivers 

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2 thoughts on “Affilorama Review – Is this a Worthy Investment in 2023?”

  1. Hey Alex,

    thanks for your thorough review! I agree with your assessment. Affilorama had so much potential, but it seems like they got started well and then ran out of ideas of what to do with it. It’s legit, and their free training has some benefits, although not sure how up to date it is. But other than that, it’s definitely not worth it (I don’t think) when you moved to the paid elements.

    I prefer your recommended program, as they are constantly updating their platform to ensure it helps and supports people. A really beneficial platform.

    Thanks again for the review!


    1. Hi John, Yes totally agreed. I mean I still feel like the platform for its free training has a lot to offer. The only issue is the support here seems to be pretty much non-existant. I couldn’t log in because the confirmation email was not sent to me. I sent a link to a chap from India as well that was looking for some free training. I believe he has had the same problem as well. In my view, I think this platform still has bags of potential. It has just been very poorly neglected – if only someone had the money and the kind of knowledge and resources to take this over they could really make this great I think. The framework is all there but just seems to me maybe the creator has made his money now and is no longer interested. Probably too busy drinking out of a coconut on a paradise island somewhere to care lol

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