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Al Cheesman EezeyTraffic Review 2021 – Is This a Legit System?

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Hi Guys,  For today’s post this will be my Al Cheesman EezeyTraffic Review 2021

This is one of the products currently available for sale on Warrior+.  It is labelled as a cloud-based app that can drive traffic to any of your affiliate offers on autopilot.  If you are new to affiliate marketing as well this promises to be a simple solution that you don’t need any prior tech skills for.  I’ve actually had my eye on this for months now but what is it all about.

eezeytraffic review 1 click software auto blasts free buyer traffic to any link in 60 seconds flat

This picture probably explains things better than I can.  Here is pretty much everything you’re supposed to get for $16.42.

Smashing deal right?  Well, truth be told I’m kind of quite dubious about a few products on this platform (Warrior+) but this one is one I’m very interested to find out more about for a while now.  But, here is the thing…

I think there is a lot of products on W+ that promise quite a lot, and quite frankly I’ve not really tried out any of them.  I’ve always wondered what benefit they might actually be to my business but somehow not really gone for any of them.

“First time for everything I suppose”.   

Al Cheesman EezeyTraffic Review (2022)

Well, this is a product created by Kenny Tan, Al Cheesman and David Kirby and what it promises is the world basically.

Something that does make me very sceptical.  Although probably the best thing about Get EezeyTraffic is you can purchase for a very low price and for a single one-time fee.  Usually with a $4 discount voucher.

In fact, it is so cheap I am going to go all-in with this review, and BUY THIS product myself to see what happens.

Wish me luck and I will let you know my results alongside my research.

I don’t do this for every product but keep reading and I will let you know whether this is something that is worth the $$$.

Affiliate Disclosure: 

Please note that this post contains affiliate links.  If you happen to click on one of these links and make a purchase I may receive a small commission.  The price you pay will not be affected.  Also if you do decide to click on one of these links check this review to see whether I recommend or I do NOT. 

Get EezeyTraffic Review 2021 – 

Is This a Legit System?

Get Eezey Traffic Is It Legit

Product Name:  Get EezeyTraffic

Vendor:  Warrior+

Owner(s):  Kenny Tan, Al Cheesman and David Kirby

Short Description:  Digital Software For Traffic and Lead Generation

Rating:  1 out of 5 stars 

Warranty:  180 Days

Do I Recommend?:  No, So far not Great…

Where To Buy:  GetEezeyTraffic.Com

What Is EezeyTraffic

For starters, it’s an online piece of software that you can use to build lead capture pages and to set up campaigns using its selected affiliate links.   Other than this there are 3 different training videos – a fourth has been mentioned but it still has not been added.  It is something I think has potential but it definitely isn’t as straightforward as it makes out.

Things like 1-click software and traffic to any link don’t really appear to be true.  

It may be that this is all possible but I am yet to work this all out.

My First Impressions

After paying my £9.95 GBP converted from $12.17 USD my first thoughts are wow this product has a lot of upsells.  As soon as you make your payment you are redirected through 8 different OTO pages before reaching a final page with a countdown timer that apparently offers you a final chance to buy all these offers at a special discounted price.

Right away I find this a bit off-putting but still for anyone that is curious there is still the back office to go through.  The only thing that seems true I’d like to hope is that there is a 180-day satisfaction guarantee.  However, the part about free traffic to any link still rings in my ears so we shall see.

How Does Get EezeyTraffic Work?

I am not sure this makes absolutely no sense to me.  From what I gather you can set up a campaign with one of your affiliate links and I think one of EezeyTraffics Squeeze pages but wherever the traffic comes from I don’t have the foggiest.

EezeyTraffic Back Office

One thing I can tell though is there are the following;

Products and Offers Available To Promote

CPA Offers:

  • Win iPhone XS Max
  • Simply Cell Phones Online
  • $300,000 Instant Play
  • PPR – Starburst vs Skittles
  • PPR – Bath and Body Works

What I Like

Affordable, cheap price and lets you add E-Books to help promote your offers.  You also have 24 products that you can become affiliates for and that you can use to set up your campaigns.  You are also very easily able to link either Aweber or GetResponse for integration with your account.  I, also think that with a bit of work this product could have a future.

What I Don’t Like

Training is minimal at best and the actual product isn’t as easy to use as you’d expect.  The sales page makes a whole lot of promises and nearly everyone is a lie.  Which, is a real shame because I think the sales page they have done amazingly well with.  You can see a screenshot at the top of this page – if they did everything they said they would be No.1

Also, I don’t like that for a product with 8 different upsells they haven’t done a better job with the actual gateway product.

EezeyTraffic Pros and Cons ✅❎

What Are The Pros ✅

  • Cheap Price and One-Time Fee
  • $3 Off Discount Available
  • Free E-books you can download and keep
  • Easy Approval for all of Al Chessmans selected W+ products
  • 180 Days Satisfaction Guarantee
  • IF you can not get EezeyTraffic to work its owners promise a triple your money-back guarantee

The Cons ❎

  • The actual product isn’t as great as it sounds…
  • 8 Different Upsells possibly make this an incomplete product
  • Only 3 short training videos – WORTH $197 Apparently 
  • You have to work out how to use it for yourself Pretty Much

EezeyTraffic Customer Reviews

In the defence of the creators of this product, I don’t have a whole lot to go on here but here are the current reviews from Warrior+ from October 2020 onwards;

EezeyTraffic Reviews 2 out of 5 stars from 9 orders.

Between the pair of them Al Cheesman 2 out of 5 stars from 53 orders (as of July 2021) and this is from 5,092 orders.  Basically, less than 1% of customers have left a review.  Not shown here is the refund rate which is 7%.   It does not look good but I think the kindest thing I could do for these 2 guys is to revisit this review at a later date to see what has changed. 

However, some other data you can look at is Al Cheesmans solo account.

Al Cheesman Warrior+ 3 out of 5 stars for 11500 sales

A little bit more positive here.  11,500 sales since 2017 and 3.5 out of 5 stars.  It would seem by the looks of things he does offer bits and pieces of value here and there but the big question is how will Cheesman improve on this.  It will be interesting to see.

My Verdict – To Buy Or Not Buy?

I am kind of optimistic about trying this out to see if I can get it to work but something about Al Cheesman I don’t really trust.  He seems to have launched more W+ products than I’ve had hot dinners. 

6 of these you can promote through EezeyTraffic but a quick Google search and you can see there is even more.

Note: Of the 6 Products By Al Cheesman, I requested to join none to this date have been approved!

For me, I wonder how different these cheap products actually are.  Is it like the same suit with a different bow tie I wonder?  Of course, I shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss having not tried any of these products or even the Upsells for Eezey Traffic Itself but just get the feeling I have seen enough already.

I might be being too harsh on Al Chessman and David Kirby.  Despite everything, they do seem like very good businessmen.  So, I will reach out to them and see if they can help me.  After all, if you watch the Sales Video they do say if you can’t make EezeyTraffic work they will give you triple the money back.  This could be another big fat lie or false promise but hey maybe I have got these guys wrong.

Although logging in to EezeyTraffic I see no Contact Form.  Pretty bad as during the sales pitch it does say something about 24/7 customer support. 

Very strange. 

What Do I Recommend Instead?

I think I heard this from Neil Patel himself or it might have been one of the many product reviews I have read recently.  This is that the best way to get free traffic to any website or link is with content marketing and SEO.  Social Media I’m pretty sure is right up there as well but I will use this post as an example.

Since I moved back into the world of blogging in December 2019 I’ve published at the very least 250 posts.  Even this many some people will probably point out they have published double in this time but getting to my point.  If I paid for traffic for every one of those posts it would cost me a small fortune.  

Maybe I would make my money back (I don’t know) but the point is right now I don’t have a small fortune ?

So, instead, I would hope that posts like this one I can put out there to be found within search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  Doing whatever it takes for this type of content to rank as high as possible.  It is not only free if you can pull it off but also the most highly targeted traffic you can get. 

So, with this being said I would recommend some training.  What you want to look for is something that can not only teach you how to develop content but also at the very least the basic fundamentals of SEO.

For this, I recommend my two free courses here to get started.  You will need to invest some money not going to lie but will be well worth it once you are up and running.  Basically, you can start creating blogs like this one but however, you want basically. 
If this sounds good let me know in the comments below.

Also, Before I Go – What Do You Think of EezeyTraffic… 

And Other Products By Cheesman/Kirby and Warrior+?

Have you tried out EezeyTraffic for yourself?  If so what did you think of it?  Is my review fair or do I need to give this product a bit more time?  Let us know in the comments…  

Also, have you tried any other products by Kenny Tan, Al Cheesman and David Kirby, or for that matter any similar products on the Warrior+ platform?  If so what happened – was your experience good or bad? 

I know one thing at the moment so far I am not impressed.  Of course, this could all change depending on what happens next but whatever does happen I will make the updates necessary.

Many Thanks;

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To Your Future Success

Alex B. Chivers

PS:  If you by any chance are interested in giving Eezey Traffic a try.  You can visit their website below;

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2 thoughts on “Al Cheesman EezeyTraffic Review 2021 – Is This a Legit System?”

  1. Hi Alex,
    Love this review as a friend had suggested it to me last week. Thankfully I am glad about all the information I gleaned from your review much of which I would not have been able to pull togther myself!

    The name “Cheesman” and the word “Eezey” made me think used car salesman……Reading through the review, there are too many red flags – upsells, not easy to use, minimal training, several poor reviews and difficulty getting customer service! Glad I didn’t jump in! Your alternate recommendation piques my interest and I am looking into it.



    1. Hi Ceci, I am glad you like. I wonder what your friends experience has been with this. Despite what I’ve said in this review I am still curious to how this product is supposed to work. I see something about giving people a free gift as an incentive to share your link on Social Media but the training is pretty much useless and the support is nowhere to be seen. I think your analogy is spot on used car salesman lol – the name Al Cheesman does sound a bit like that. Also glad my alternative piques your interest

      Many thanks


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