are content subscription plans really a good idea

Are Content Subscription Plans Really Worth it?

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Do you struggle to regularly publish new content?  Maybe you are stuck for ideas? or perhaps just spread too thin with other work activities.   Every blogger must know this feeling…

So, Are Content Subscription Plans Really Worth it?

The day-to-day running of your own blog/website can be (is) a lot of hard work.  Especially if you want it to succeed.  It might seem like the whole thing is pointless at times.  Many people quit within the first year because they feel let down by the results.  It really can be this hard in those early days with your main priority being consistently creating new content.

Any new blog should aim to publish at the very least 100 posts on top of pages within their first year.  Those that can publish double or even triple this will be the ones most likely to start earning sooner (especially if the content is good quality). 

So outsourcing fresh content is definitely something a lot of us bloggers will likely consider.    

Setting a bit of money aside each month is certainly something to think about but in this respect

Are Content Subscription Plans Really Worth it?  That is today’s question…


 Are Content Subscription Plans Really Worth it?

are content subscription services really worth it

FTC Disclosure: 

Please note that this article contains affiliate links.  If you happen to use one of these links this may lead to me making a commission.  The price you pay will not be affected.  The links I share will be to the usual website just with an identifier to say they have come from this website.  I hope this does not put you off – this will not affect the information I share and if you find this helpful please think of this as a way to help support my work. Affiliate links help fund my blogging activities.

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Now, I am kind of on the fence here.  For any returning visitors to this website, you might have seen some of my posts where I mentioned towards the end that I got the basis for that article from a website called   

This I’m sure is not the only website offering this service, but personally, this is the service I would probably recommend.

I mean I know as a full-time blogger, it can be a very tough gig.  Many times we might find that we can spend days working on content that never gets seen.  It requires a certain mentality blogging and a lot of people will simply just quit because there is no money being made –

Even though there are running costs for things like domains, hosting and tools etc.  

I know this all too well from tougher times. Like sometimes we will just about hang in there and publish something new once a week.  All we can really manage and at times it can really be quite soul-destroying.

Even more so when we think about the way Google works. How they will almost always show people content that is from authority websites.  Those with good domain authority and page authority scores will always take the front seat whilst other less active websites will only show up if they are low competition.

Basically, those that regularly publish new content are more likely to climb googles rankings higher than those that don’t.  Just take a look at articles on and Press Release websites these rank very easily because of their constant stream of new content getting published every single day.

So, finding ways to publish new content on a regular basis is definitely a good idea to consider.  

Just one reason why one might be tempted to sign up for something like a PLR content subscription plan.

But, Are Content Subscription Plans Really Worth it?

That Is what I really want to explore throughout the rest of this post.  Now…

So, What Are Content Subscription Plans?

what are content subscription plans

Content Subscription Plans are an online service that can provide you with a source of content to reuse every month however that you please.  This might include; 

  • Articles
  • EBooks
  • Infographics
  • Videos etc. 

Basically, everything a blog or website will need to help capture its audience.

For anybody running a website (or websites), single-handedly this can make all the difference.  The websites that do well on Google are the ones with multiple new submissions every day.  Sites like Medium, Social Media websites and various press publications – seem to rank high on Google – almost without fail!

But of course, they have the luxury of being the go-to places for guest writers.  

If you have a situation where people are willing to guest post on your website, creating a constant stream of regular new content then no doubt it will have, in theory, the same effect.  Activity is what you want.

Although, you should be cautious about some people that contact you asking to guest post.  I think I should mention in case you are not aware – not every guest poster will have your best interests in mind

They could just be looking to exploit your situation just for backlinks and their content quality-wise may actually turn your readers away.  But with that said If for nothing else this will at least help boost your domain authority if you are not posting content of your own regularly.

Many can do well on Google with keywords but what Google also really likes is regular new content.  Exactly why content subscription plans for the right person might just be a valuable investment.


Outsourcing Content That Is Not Your Own ❎

Did I mention Plagiarism?  

stop plagarism blogging tips

Here is one thing I discovered recently with my new content subscription plan.  I actually don’t know why I didn’t clock on to this sooner – the content was all good seemingly but what I soon realized was that it was not original ? 

So this is the biggest problem with these articles you have to totally cannibalize them into pieces and then make sure at the end that this finished product is completely plagiarism free.

It has made my job a little more difficult but as I like to consider myself a wordsmith for me this is still something to work with (I think).  I have done this with a number of these articles now.  The ideas these present I think are good at least.  You just need to put your own spin on everything to try and create a quality end product.

Pretty much the process for me is just to rewrite the whole article whilst using the plagiarism checker on  Then once I have finished and the content is 100% original and ready I will publish it.

Although, one tip you can also try is actually publishing the articles as they are and using a rel canonical tag that links to the original article [R].  I don’t really suggest this.  These articles are only 500-600 words to begin with so it’s better to rewrite them (I think) to make them longer. 

But if you can find the original source I think it goes without saying that you can reuse these pieces and publish them right away.

I mean I do think it is better to have a longer article. Of course, it is, although saying that I think it is also good to keep publishing a regular stream of new content.  There are definitely 2 ways to think about this for sure but always the longer content will most of the time offer the most value.

And the more value you can add then the more engagement you can expect.

Long well written articles are something your readers and Google will definitely love.  100%…

But Is Doing This All Worth Your Time?

are content subscription plans a waste of time

This is maybe my biggest question.  I think it really depends on how fast you can get these articles out.  It’s like different writing assignments can take more time.  Like if someone asked you to write about something you are quite passionate about like a hobby you could probably write 3000 words in a day quite easy.  

Whereas if it was about something that doesn’t interest you that much which you don’t really know that much about then those 3000 words could take the whole week.

Blogging and writing in general is a lot of hard work.  Mentally you need to really put consistent hours in.  You should find that over time you can produce content faster if you just make the time for it.  Especially producing the likes of product reviews where you can use the same template every time to drive home the same points for different products. I think this blog on Wealthy Affiliate explains this very well.

For me, I think it can be sometimes more difficult to rewrite an article than to actually produce something original.  

Like you might find that you can still unintentionally end up with pieces of your content that show plagiarism.  With all the different bloggers out there, it’s no wonder that different people will think up the same sentences, but it’s not really something you have to worry about so much because if it does happen it will only be the odd sentence.

Nothing should put you off just writing like a machine.  Getting your article written in full and then making the necessary edits after.  That is what I like to think.

Although If you wish to check for plagiarism – again my top recommended free tool is Plagiarism Checker. You really can’t go wrong here for free – it’s a bit tedious but it works.

Siteliner is a good way to scan your website all at once too and if you can afford $120 a year Grammarly Pro is the best you will find to monitor Plagiarism issues as you write.  This can help with spinning articles from a content subscription plan as well but as saving time goes… ⏳

Delegating Your Work To Others

This was one of the first things I thought about when I started my new blog.  Hiring other people once a week to write an article.  It’s a nice idea and actually really easy to do.  Fiverr and Freelancer are a hotbed of writing services with many talented writers there at your disposal. 

You can hire someone to write for you with no trouble at all but here is the trouble…

The going rate is usually $1 for 100 words.  You will want at least 800 words and after rehiring the same people a few times they will likely want you to start paying them a bit more.  Time is money and $5 for an hour’s work does not cut the mustard for very long.  So yes it can begin to get expensive.  

It is a good idea.  Even if you pay $10 for one article a week it’s helpful and it is good to build relationships with freelancers that can help further your project along.  Although once your blog is making you money this is the best time to do this.  If you do this too much before then it might make you want to quit sooner because of the extra costs.

Except  I’ve noticed a lot of successful websites have a system in place where several articles are published a day with the help of delegating work to others.  In fact, some websites I’m sure are run by just this method alone.

Although, for up-and-coming websites that don’t have the financial support available I think that content subscriptions can really help.  I have published around 20 articles on with this method so far.  It takes some getting used to but I will be using this method still for now until maybe I can delegate a bit more.

How Does This Affect The Speed of Writing Your Own Articles?

how does publishing content that is not your own affect the writing speed of your original content.

This is a good point I think.  As helpful as this might be for building the foundations of your online project it is still important to try and do things for yourself.  Your own original content needs to flourish as well.  Many returning readers will notice that through your writing they will be able to identify you.

This is something you actually want.  Like, take a famous writer like Stephen King as an example.  Even in his different stories, you can still tell that he was the writer just by his use of words etc.  I think that is good for people really.  Being able to identify the author but besides this, I think spinning articles of already published work can be a distraction.

You will want to publish your own work still as often as possible.  Even if you do one original article and then one article you spin from a content subscription plan – this is good practice.  Just bear this in mind – if writing comes to you naturally then really you shouldn’t let anything curveball you.

If you can produce more content and publish more articles from your own creative source then you might actually find this will be what works best.  Although not to knock content subscription plans.  In terms of the ideas and concepts behind these PLR-type articles, you can definitely add something new to your body of work. 

My Own Experience with Content Subscription Plans

So I joined this service [Virality Content] back in November 2021.  I stayed with them for 4 months and if I’m really honest with you I still have articles left to publish from this source which I still need to spin.  For me, I think they really helped because I was quite eager to get my post count up on this website to over 100 posts.

This definitely helped with that for me but the downside I found was the first 10 articles I published from this source I did so without realizing they were not original so each one I’ve had to unpublish and republish without plagiarism.

Very boring really and not what you want if you are quite a creative person like I think I am – but nevertheless once I got used to spinning these articles properly I was happy to pay for the monthly subscription.

I think the other great thing was they also provided resources to promote this content on Social Media such as PinterestFacebook and Instagram

That is a lot of work in itself but you can definitely use this service to your advantage.

I don’t think I did really as much as I could have during my 4 months here but I do think for somebody else it could be different. My problem I keep saying is I’m spread too thin – 2 main websites and an eBay business is quite a lot of work I can tell you. I don’t recommend it but you can always do more working on one project than 5 ?

Final Word

So Are Content Subscription Plans Really Worth It?  I’ve definitely gone over this topic above but the bottom line is it depends.  How do you operate day to day?  If you run your own blog what works best for you – i.) having something there to work with or ii.) just writing freely from your own knowledge of the topics you are covering?

Different people will have different answers.  Different strokes for different folks.  But still, it’s worth a go I would say – even if it’s just for a month to see how you get on.  

Except I would say if you have a new blog then you should really focus on developing your writing skills first.  This can help as an investment but at the same time, it can be an unnecessary distraction.

I mean I’ve tried this myself – You can check out my recommended content subscription service [HERE] but just remember the best content, in the long run, will always come from YOU. 

Developing as a capable blogger that can regularly publish new content is the key ?   Once you can do this then this can help but take your time to decide carefully.

I will leave this discussion here but if you have found this helpful please share this with others.

Many thanks and if you have any questions or feedback please use the comments section below.

Best regards – and #ToYourFutureSuccess ?

A toast from

Alex B. Chivers

Contact us at

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2 thoughts on “Are Content Subscription Plans Really Worth it?”

  1. Hello Alex,

    Thank you for this insightful article. I learned a lot about these content subscription services. But in my opinion, I agree with you, I want my blogs to be personally created by me, with natural writing and in my own words, to the best of my knowledge and experience. I believe it’s just causing double effort and expense on my part.

    I really like how you presented this article and the intricacies of these services.

    1. Hi Lemuel, Thanks for taking the time to read. Yes, I think this kind of service can be valuable – it has certainly helped give my content a boost on this website but yes it can be a lot of effort to rewrite articles. I think you can definitely put your personal touch on these articles though but my point is if you are not rewriting an article you can write with more freedom. I would say if you are knowledgeable enough about something can make the writing process a lot quicker.

      Different strokes for different folks. I can see why using a service like virality content may be too much distraction but then I think this service, in particular, is good for another thing if you are committed enough and that is for developing your social media presence with the templates that come with the articles.

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