Are you using social media enough to promote your website or blog

Are You Using Social Media Enough For Your Website?

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Are You Using Social Media Enough For Your Website?  Is this a question that you are asking yourself? – SERIOUSLY!  And if so why NOT?  Is it because this seems like too much work? or are you simply just stuck for ideas?

REALLY I feel your pain – I really do!  this lack of promotion for your blog posts could be the difference between making money or having to go hungry ?   I’m probably being a bit over dramatic here but why spend so much time blogging when the traffic coming to your website is an absolute JOKE!

Take it from someone that knows what this is like.  3 years almost it took me to realize this.  You can write a million blog posts and still fail.  The lifeblood of any website is traffic and unless you are absolutely nailing it with keyword research, SEO and you are extremely lucky this can be a pretty big pill to swallow!

However, FEAR NOT as in today’s post this is exactly what we will look to address, and hopefully, I can help solve this problem for Good!

And just how? Well firstly I begin will be by asking this very simple question…

Are You Using Social Media Enough For Your Website(s)?

So, I would say this is something to definitely think about.  If you have written over 100 blog posts on your website and none of these are being found on page one of Google you must find where you are going wrong.

It could be that your content is the problem for sure.  Maybe you need to go back and work on a few posts but it could be that you’re content is good and you’re not doing enough with your SEO such as keyword research etc.  

Either way, one idea to consider to help get to the bottom of this is to use other means of bringing traffic to your site.  Something that using Social Media is absolutely perfect for.

But are you using Social Media enough?  This is the key thing here because you will need an audience to actually determine if your content is good or not.  

Simply if a lot of people are viewing your content and NOT taking some kind of action such as sharing, commenting, or actually clicking on your links, SIGNING UP TO YOUR LIST, AND even buying products through your links ~ THEN you will need to bring your attention here instead.  

Although either way, even the process of sharing your content on social media is good practice so it’s definitely a good place to start if bringing it to your blog is the actual problem.


What Solution Am I Offering?

How about access to a piece of software that can take a blog post and use it to create an extensive social media marketing campaign that is planned out for the whole year ahead?

Speaking from experience YOU will want something like this as a means to schedule several social media posts at a time.

Really I ask this question – Are You Using Social Media Enough For Your Website?  because I know that many new bloggers will just share their posts once and that is all.  They won’t even think about promoting their content long term which is key to earning PASSIVE INCOME when you least expect it!

The difference is timing.  Sure you can share your post on 10 different social platforms after your new blog is posted which is all good but after that who will actually go back and share this post again in 3,6,9 and 12 months?

If you are anything like myself then the main focus will always be your most recent piece of work and the rest is less than an afterthought but here is the beauty here – you can use a scheduling tool to set up a campaign that will automatically share your content over the course of a whole year rather than just 2-3 days or whatever.

This is something that I’ve found out very recently myself and if you are reading this post today this is something that I can absolutely help you with.

So What Do I Recommend?

Firstly, I think building an audience is a very good idea.  Specifically, I’d say on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Medium, and Pinterest.

To do this joining groups is one good idea and also following people with similar interests is not a bad shout either.

For Facebook, I’d say try and join some groups with a lot of people, make a new account for your business to add people in your niche, and set up your own business page (and group).  

On Twitter and IG chose a name that lets people know what you do.  This will encourage more people to start following you.  You can message new followers to see what they are about and ask them if they’d like to read your new blog post.  

On Medium and LinkedIn it is a bit different than this – here you should try and publish blogs whenever you can and interact with others.  Then follow them and they should follow you back, and better still… if people like your work this should get followers all on its own.  Try not to use affiliate links on Medium but make sure to include a link to subscribe to your emails.

Also IF you are using LinkedIn and Medium to syndicate (cross-post) your previously published blog posts make sure you don’t do this too soon.  Give it at least a week to give time for Google to crawl your new post.  You should also consider changing your title and subtitles slightly and if it’s medium make sure to add a rel=cannonical link in Advanced settings. 

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So Should You Buy a Social Media Post Scheduling Tool?

Well, for those of us who could turn things around with a bigger social media presence, this is exactly what you need to get.

Cranking out high-quality blog posts on a regular basis besides this is of course important but really doing this whilst remaining active on your social media channels regularly is of equal importance.

Even with the possibility that your blog posts might be found on search engines, you should know that otherwise, this should not be something you should really rely on until you cracked the code.

If this is NOT  happening then you need to draw your audience in with other methods.  

Nothing else will help you achieve this better than a flooding stream of carefully planned social media posts.

You can only do so much in your day which I’m sure is something we all know only too well but with the help of a bit of computer programming, you will be very surprised how many people you can reach with this method.

I do have a tool you can buy in mind by the way (which I will share with you soon) but I’m guessing you probably want to know about this as well.

What Is The Best Free Social Media Post Scheduler?

Actually, there are 4 different tools I am going to share in this blog post and 3 of these have a free plan.

One of these I’m currently using and I may upgrade to their paid plan within the next 1-2 months depending on how well things go with the free plan but yes this one platform at least I think looks like it is a must for all new websites.

Their free plan does look somewhat limited but I’m sure this is worth checking out to see how much the upgrade might actually benefit you and your website (s).

I have already asked – Are You Using Social Media Enough For Your Website?  but really if you are not this must be something to at least think about.

Is a Social Media Post Scheduler a Good Investment For Your Online Business?

I think this is a no-brainer if you can get one of these tools like this to work 100% this can be a good Investment. Using a set-and-forget method to share your content whilst you get to work on new material…

Of course, it is equally important that you are making the effort to build a following through your social channels.

On the basis of the 30/70 rule – 30% content creation and 70% promotion using social post-scheduling tools are a huge deal. Plus what’s more, this is something that as a new blogger you can begin doing right away.

My Top 2 Social Media Post Scheduling Tools

Probably if you want to make sure this idea of mine works the best it can my tip is to spend $37 one time to buy a product called Daily Content Profits.  It may sound like a crappy Warrior+ product that you shouldn’t touch with a 10-foot barge pole but I’ve bought it and it’s actually where I found out about this first tool…

1# – Missinglettr

I don’t know how I ever got by without this tool.  If I could go back in time this would get a very honorable mention alongside Bitcoin, Monero, and selling EBooks on eBay at the turn of the century.

One of my next posts will be a more fleshed-out product review for this amazing technology but of course, there are other tools that can help you take this strategy a step even further.

UPDATE: I have published my MissingLettr review and you can read it here

2# – Buffer

Buffer social media post scheduling tool

Not tried this actually yet but I hear great things about it and you can join for free.  Obviously, this is with limitations but alongside my idea above this is a very good logical next step to consider.

Honorable Mention – 1# HootSuite

Spending money SUCKS I know but this is the elephant in the room.  If you have a website that is starting to make a bit of money already and you are toying with ideas on how to get your brand out there more I have not tried this yet but I’ve heard great things about it.  I will need to check this out sooner or later.

buy me a coffee

Honorable Mention – 2# TailWind

I have tried this tool and only the free plan but potentially Instagram and Pinterest are a big deal.  Scheduling posts on both these websites are a stream of traffic you should not be turning your nose up at.  Tailwind is a tool with potential that people would never believe.  I really can’t write this post without throwing its name into the mix.

Final Word

Are You Using Social Media Enough For Your Website?  YOU SHOULD BE.  Money doesn’t grow on trees or appear out of thin air.  A great Inventor is only as good as the publicity he gives the things he invents.

What I recommend doing is getting a free plan with Missinglettr for starters and getting on all these platforms to promote your web-based business;

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Reddit
  • Medium
  • Pinterest

There are actually another million things that you can do too.  Not a million ? but anyhow check out David Perdew’s Daily Content Profits and MYNAMZ, not every person trying to sell something has invaluable goods.

Maybe one of my best recent investments.  Other than this if you want to know my secret to success I can begin here…

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7 thoughts on “Are You Using Social Media Enough For Your Website?”

  1. This is a great way to use social media to get our content seen by an audience, which will help with future engagement with our potential subscribers and followers. We are glad that we ran into this post, which got us inspired again to go create our brand into a empire that will be sustainable. We’re going to look at how we can get our brand out there for the rest of the world to see.
    Thanks again your right.


    1. Hi MnD, Really this is just kind of a warm-up post for my most recent review for a social post scheduling tool called Missinglettr.

      See my review here:

      This is an amazing tool that is not only very simple to use but you can start using it for free.

      So look my tip is if you don’t have a Facebook business page already make one. Then create a blogger post about something in your niche and add no links. Then when you got this setup then pay £5 to boost your blogger post this bit is quite tedious but everyone who likes your post sends them invites to your business page and use MissingLettr every time you publish something new to schedule your social posts. Basically, you can set up 9 posts to be published over 365 days. Plus you can also check a box to get a draft of your post sent to Medium for easy republishing BUT just be aware that Medium is quite funny about what links you share – make sure you do your homework first.

      I have actually messed up here but if you need any help definitely let us know. My email is

  2. Hey,

    This is such an interesting article to me. I am doing my best to build an audience on LinkedIn and YouTube, and so far I’m not doing bad. People are viewing my videos, reading my posts and opting in to my free E-Books. But, I am not seeing as many sales as I’d like at present.

    So, you have made me think, should I move into Facebook, Twitter etc?

    My online business is on leadership, personal growth and influencing strategies. So very business and leaders targeted.

    Apart from YouTube and LinkedIn, what would be the next social media channel(s) I should focus on?

    I would love to know your opinion.

    All the best,


    1. Hi Tom,

      LinkedIn and Youtube are good – so keep doing what your doing there – by the sounds of things if people are actually signing up for your list then that is definitely a step in the right direction.

      Although I am wondering if people are subscribing to your email list and you are not making sales then this might be something that you need to cultivate a bit more.

      Really I don’t know what your situation is completely but most bloggers they say make the majority of sales from their email subscribers so maybe this could be an area you need to improve.

      I think that this is what you want – firstly to notify people when you post something new and also you can send these leads a newsletter either weekly or monthly. Basically you want to create a good relationship with your subscribers – learn how to read the metrics and once you are confident enough to do so you can start adding in campaigns and promotions with your affiliate links.

      So my advice is to do this firstly and about moving into Facebook and Twitter – yes you should absolutely. You want to get followers though (main thing) if you don’t have these then you probably wont get really much in terms of traffic but once you get this down these platforms are basically like having a 2nd and 3rd email list. Instagram you should get too and actually the tool I mentioned in this blog post Missinglettr get that because you can use this to automate your social media posts (facebook, Instagram, twitter, linkedIn and Medium).

      Also, Buffer is another tool you can use as well and another tip you can use to automatically post to your facebook page – look at

      Hope this helps


  3. This is a really great article about how much we use social media to promote posts, and I’m also sure that all of these tools with a free plan are great options. I will have to go through everything again to see what plan would work for me. It is true that we have to invest 30/70% percent 30% in content writing and 70% in the promotion if we want to be visible on Google and if we want more traffic and our posts need to be optimized otherwise it is in vain to write and publish posts. I’m sure this article will be useful to many as it was to me 🙂 Keep up the good work and I wish you success and good health.

    1. Hi Zvesdan, It’s funny actually that you have commented here because my last 4 posts I’ve written have been basically about content marketing strategies. I’d say mostly I was inspired more than anything by a digital product I bought recently (David Perdew’s Daily Content Profits) but actually before I got this I remember reading your blog post;

      So I see in this you wrote about the 30/70 content promotion rule. I’ll be honest I’d never heard about this before so you definitely know your stuff but yes anyway out these tools definitely check out Missinglettr – you can join as a free member. The others I think Buffer is the only other one you can join for free but my tip use Missinglettr and Buffer to build your social following and once you’ve actually built this up to be a reliable source of traffic you can then think about using HootSuite and SproutSocial.

      You can read more in my latest blog post here;

  4. Great post here! It’s so important to make sure we’re using social media effectively in order to reach our target audience and effectively promote our business. It can be easy to get caught up in the daily grind and neglect our social media presence, but as you mentioned, it’s crucial to regularly post and engage with our followers to build a strong online presence. I also really appreciated the tips you shared for maximizing the use of social media, such as identifying our target audience and utilizing analytics to track the success of our efforts. Overall, an informative and valuable read for anyone looking to make the most out of their social media marketing efforts.


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