Blogger and WordPress for Beginners – My Experience

Blogger and WordPress for Beginners – My Experience

Are you new to the concept of writing your own content online?  Is this something you’ve always wanted to do but never quite worked out how?  Well, for this post I will be discussing this, using Blogger and WordPress for Beginners.

Blogger is a free platform on Google where you can build your own blogs and WordPress is if you like is Blogger’s more advanced counterpart.  For this post, I will be discussing both and how to get set up with your own website.

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Blogger and WordPress for Beginners


Blogger and WordPress for Beginners – My story…

How it all began for me was at around 13-14 years old I started writing lyrics and poetry.  I guess you could say I wanted to be the next big thing in Rap Music.  It’s silly I know but who doesn’t in this day and age! and years before that I used to write my own short stories and comic books.

2020 Clock

Writing I would say has always been an interest of mine.  It was only natural I think that after filling up boxes and boxes with books and bits of paper that I would get a computer and begin typing everything up on there instead!

Now, I can’t remember exactly when I got the internet at home only that the first sites I would begin publishing on were I think Helium and HubPages.

Helium Logo

HubPages Logo

Blogger and WordPress for Beginners – Helium and Hubpages

On Helium, there used to be these writing assignments.  It was I would say like a kind of a middle ground where on one side you had the customer ordering content and on the other was the writers.  My task along with the other writers was to try and write the best content about the chosen topic and whoever Helium felt wrote the best articles got paid.

It was really mundane stuff from what I remember.  It was kind of like a competition to see who would get paid for each assignment.  I definitely didn’t make any decent kind of money from doing this but it was a valuable experience for me I think, as was my first taste of being a published writer.

Plus there were quite regular poetry writing assignments which I used to quite enjoy.  This is one thing I miss about Helium.  I would still maybe use now just for this but it is no longer the same platform.

How It All Began – The Early Days

The site I remember (Helium) got totally revamped one day and it just didn’t offer the same kind of platform that it had before.  It was a massive blow for me at the time as it had already become such a big part of my daily routine but by this time I had already joined another site called HubPages.

Hubpages I still use every now and again if anyone would like to have a look at my previous work >>See HERE<< – It’s all pretty personal really mostly poetry.

Not really much to do with the content I publish on this website I-Business Today.

Anyway, I think the reason I joined HubPages initially was that you could actually earn money on here from advertising.  It turned out that this never really earned me anything if I’m being honest, but from HubPages, I learned about AdSense, and because of Adsense, I learned about Blogger.

Blogger is where I published my first blog site.

Chivs86 Blogspot Header

So What is Blogger?

Blogger is a free platform owned by Google to create your own blog.  It’s fairly easy to use and it’s a great way to learn web development for beginners.  I actually learned quite a lot this time about things like HTML and CSS some important skills that I still use now.

I made several blogs back then, the main blog – Chivs86 Blogspot, Chivs86 Poetry and Lyrics, Chivs86 Rap & Hip Hop Reviews, and Pubs of Old Baldock – about the history of pubs in my local town.

I think I stopped around the time that my eBay business started doing well but at least in the beginning, I was blogging about my products.  I don’t know why I stopped really have probably missed out big here.

Anyway so back to the now. I’m going to be covering a few things here today about how you can begin publishing online with either Blogger or WordPress.

Blogger and WordPress for Beginners

How to Create a Blog on Blogger;

Blogger Logo

Firstly you will need a Gmail account;

Once done follow these simple instructions below

(Or alternatively, Skip this part completely! for my No.#1 Suggestion!)

Either way…

How to Create a Blogger Account;

1.)  Go to –
2.)  Click on Create Blog
3.)  Add the title of the Blog – just the name.
4.)  Add the web address.
5.)  Choose Theme.
6.)  Click Create Blog.
7.)  Create a new post.

Things to note;  Whilst creating your first post;  Adding images/videos I find can be a bit tricky sometimes.  Sometimes you can fix this by cut and pasting.  Or just making big spaces within the text placing the image and then removing spaces.

Another thing once you’ve saved or published your first post.  On the main screen to the left of it is ‘Layout’ and ‘Themes’.  Use these tabs to choose your Layout and Themes for working on the design of your blog later on.

My No.#1 Suggestion WordPress!

Wordpress Logo

Note:  I have a much easier way for you to get WP – it’s a little bit more money but trust me it’s totally worth it.  Skip this section! to find out more.

Now a bit more complicated than Blogger, to make a WordPress site you will need 2 things.

Firstly a Domain and Secondly Web Hosting…

Put off already?

OK, fair enough I get it.  If these next steps are too complicated – skip to the next section for a much more straight forward process on how to get started with WordPress,

or go back Blogger it’s maybe the easiest platform to get started on, and it’s totally free.  The only reason I would say to join WP instead of Blogger is – how else can I put it – It’s so much better.

Now for this idea, you will need to use a platform called Bluehost.

Bluehost Get Started

If you need any help getting set up for one-to-one support you can use this link >> here <<

This is to speak to live chat.

How to Create a WordPress Account

1.)  Sign Up for BlueHost
2.)  Choose a Plan – Starter, Performance or Business Pro
3.)  Purchase a Domain – My Suggestion –
4.)  Complete the Sign-Up Process with BlueHost
5.)  Login to BlueHost
6.)  Install WordPress
7.)  Select Your Domain to Install on WordPress
8.)  Enter Your Details Into WordPress
9.)  Choose a theme for your website
10.)  Sign in to WordPress!

*Notes:   The main thing here I would like to point out is that BlueHost will actually offer you 1 Free Domain but the catch is that this domain will contain a site extension.

For example:

Free Domain =
Paid Domain =

The Benefit of a paid domain is SEO and search ranking.  An important part of having your content found on Search Engines.

Another More Easier Way to Get on WordPress

Wealthy Affiliate Logo

I started writing this post just over a month ago now.  It was because when I started blogging again on NYE a friend of mine had messaged me on Facebook to ask how she could start a blog of her own.

What I told her at the time was that I would write this post for her to read, and send it to her.  The truth was I did not have a good answer to give her then.  Although looking back this method here is most certainly what I would have suggested if I had only have known about it.

So for that friend (I won’t say her name) and for anybody else that’s found this post that wants to get started online this, in my opinion, is the best, most straightforward way.

Signing up to a platform that is known as Wealthy Affiliate.

100% The Best Way to Get WordPress

Right, so this is more expensive than the method above.  If you are like me you will want to save money sure of course, you will but why I think this way is miles better is because not only can you create your WordPress website painlessly but this website offers some of the very best training online.

This you will find out.  Whatever way you decide to make a website wherever it’s a free one with Blogger or Wix, SquareSpace etc.  Whether it’s a free domain or not you will be looking to learn different methods to improve your website and your content.

For sure there is YouTube and Google Searches but then you have to no what to look for and find the right educational resources.  This actually makes Wealthy Affiliate very good value for money because it offers you a course for Online Entrepreneur Certification.  As well as an Affiliate Bootcamp as well as much, much more!

Wealthy Affiliate Get Started Here

My Personal Thoughts

First of all.  I think the Free Membership of Wealthy Affiliate isn’t really all that.  There are a few valuable lessons in this training but to really take full advantage of WA I would 100% recommend going Premium whilst it’s still available for $19 USD

This you do need to pay within 1 week to get it or it goes up to their normal price of $49 USD a month.  Sometimes they will extend this offer for another 1-2 weeks but trust me on this one paying the $19 USD whilst you can is in your own best interests.

After this, the next problem you might face is you may not want to pay $49 for the next month.  This I totally get you may not want to pay, or may not be able to afford but what I would suggest.

Just make a back up of your website data ready to load on a new WordPress account before your next payment is due.  This way once you’re all set up again you can carry on as before.

My Own Advice – Blogger and WordPress for Beginners

You should at least try WA Premium for one month at least.

The training for the Online Entrepreneur Certification in its full capacity is worth a lot more than $19 USD.  This is only part of the training as well.  There is a whole lot more.  Plus this 1st month It works out as less than $19 even because with BlueHost you would pay $5 a month anyway.

Think of it as $14 that you are paying to learn how to build a website efficiently, effectively, and in a way that will set you up with all of the basic skills you need moving forward.

So Are You Interested?

So a good tip I would like to share – if you decide to purchase your own Domain there is the option to buy one on WA for $13.99 a year.  It is cheaper on GoDaddy and you can transfer to WA after

Without over complicating things I would just like to invite anybody to contact me personally to walk you through this process.  Another tip is to use the Honey Browser Extension.  This works like a treat on GoDaddy.  The last domain I bought with discounts cost me only $2!!

In Conclusion

Firstly, if you have read this guide Blogger and WordPress for Beginners – My Experience, and built your website than well done.  I’m glad that I could help.  If you have joined Wealthy Affiliate and you need help with anything – look me up.  My username is Chivs86.

If you are still stewing on the idea and you only want to publish an article here and there well both HubPages and EzineArticles are 2 great examples for somewhere to go.  Plus by using these your content will show up on search engines a lot faster than with your own website – most the time because of the sites huge DA.

For me personally, though I wrote this article as my opinion is there is nothing quite like having your own website to design. For creating your own brand and really getting yourself out there.

Plus for advertising especially there is so much more potential with things like ad spaces and sidebars etc.  It takes a bit of learning but for me, I have never looked back since and I hope that I will be working like this for many years to come.

So, in conclusion, good luck and if you missed it – again here is the sign-up link for Wealthy Affiliate!

Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Membership

Your Feedback

Finally hope you have enjoyed reading this post.  Please feel free to write your questions, comments, and leave feedback below in the comments section and I will try my best to get back to you ASAP

All the Best – Stay Safe x


2 thoughts on “Blogger and WordPress for Beginners – My Experience”

  1. Pretty good breakdown for anybody interested in getting started.
    Using WordPress I think is the way to go vs wix or any of the other options.

    Wealthy Affiliate is also a great investment if someone is going to take it seriously.
    For what you get for the price it’s a steal.

    • Cheers Lee. I had somebody ask me how to set up a blog at the start of the year I had absolutely no idea really. I mean I knew how to but couldn’t really explain it so well. It was good to be able to write about Wealthy Affiliate they are a great site.


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