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Buying Websites with Flippa – How To Double The Size of Your Website

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Hi All,  So how many posts do you currently have on your website?  I have been interested in domain real estate for a while now and one thing I can tell you is this.  Content is king.  The idea I am going to present today Buying Websites with Flippa is not something I recommend lightly.  You should definitely be looking to perfect your own writing and copywriting first before anything else.

There really is no point in buying a website from somebody to redevelop and monetize if you don’t know what you’re doing already.  Of course, if you have BIG MONEY you can maybe buy a website in which you only have to change the affiliate links and add your own branding.   You can also use Flippa for this.

On the flip side (no pun intended) if you are buying something previously deemed as a failure you really should know what you’re doing.

Personally, I have had one experience like this.  On my other website I actually did this.  I bought another website with close to 80 completed posts and I moved everything over.  It was a good deal I thought but maybe instead I do think that my time and efforts might have been better spent with optimizing my pre-existing content.

Not complaining though what is done is done.  In my view – 80 x 500-word articles on Fiverr would be around $400.  I paid $275 for 80 x 1000+ word articles.  Plus I learned about some amazing new products.

Putting that into perspective It’s not a bad idea if you can find this kind of deal.  Of course, it is worth the money but it’s like I said above.  This is a better move for someone with more experience.  You might think it’s a good idea but why spend xx time optimizing 100 new articles when you can do this with 100 old articles that probably need the attention more?

Buying Websites with Flippa…

How To Double The Size Of Your Websites

Buying websites with flippa

Visit HERE

So the first thing is first!… 

My Initial Experience with

Flippa is a great website that you can use to buy and sell online businesses.  Before I started blogging again in 2019 I used Flippa for a short while back in 2017.  At the time I was making alright money with eBay and I was looking for something else to invest in for more passive income.  It wasn’t the best investment in the end but I bought 4 DFY websites.  One real estate, 2 Crypto and a website evaluation website called Search.Guru 

All of these websites I kind of lost interest in and lost access to.  They were good for a while.  During my best month, I made £120 through Adsense but I got my ads account restricted somehow so I just gave up.

Also, I took some very bad advice from a friend and used different hosting accounts for each website.  The whole idea was beyond stupid – everything just become so scattered.  I wish I listened to him about Bitcoin but this wasn’t good advice at all. 

However, I still thought Flippa was great.  The websites I bought could have definitely worked for me if I had kept hold of them.  If only I would have been more organised with my domains and hosting.  In the end, I think I didn’t even know where my domains were parked and I spent months paying for hosting even after my websites expired.

See my personal choice for both Domain Parking and Web Hosting together HERE<<<

So, I would say I had a bad experience due to this investment but it wasn’t Flippas fault.  ‘if I wanted to invest in a readymade online business, this would still be the place I would go’.  Not just for buying websites with Flippa but also mobile apps, dropshipping businesses and also for selling domains etc.  

As it is basically an online marketplace to buy and sell online assets.  A goldmine if you know how to use it right.

Using Flippa To Double or Triple Size etc.

I actually never used Flippa to buy the website that I used to double the size of my other website.  It was actually someone on Wealthy Affiliate that made a blog about selling their website.   However, people in the comments for this blog said about using Flippa and actually, this is what gave me the idea to start writing this.

I don’t think it would be as easy to find such a deal with Flippa if truth be told.  The unfortunate thing about this marketplace is it is riddled with DFY websites all filled with duplicate content.  

You can find content that is unique but you just need to know how to look.  

See this screenshot below for example;

how to find websites with unique content on flippa

See where it says ‘Uniqueness’ – look for whether it says Yes or No for ‘Content Unique?’

.Then check out the seller to see if they are selling other DFY websites and see if they have any bad feedback.

The other 2 things I would recommend is #1 first of all look for the search metric boxes on the left sidebar…

flippa price range and website age search

…And #2 for price range make sure it is $50 minimum and with age make sure it is at least 6 months old.  

This should usually mean the website has a decent amount of unique content.

Also, see if you can visit the websites to see how much content has been published there. 

Take a look at some of the websites currently for sale on Flippa HERE

To Buy Or Not To Buy?

should you buy websites with flippa or not?

I would say “Only BUY if the Website has 100% Unique Content“.  If it says ‘Design Unique? No’ I would say still buy.  But, only for the purpose of adopting the content for your own website.  

The listing must still say ‘Content Unique? – Yes’.

You probably should have a read through the content first as well.  It should be something that is already good enough to republish or at the very least something you can rework without too much hassle.

Also, try not to get too sucked in by everything on display.  Just remember your mission is to find articles/posts that you can use.  Don’t get too carried away by other things.  

This website has a ton of opportunities which is cool but don’t forget why you are here for.

The other thing – ask yourself this…  

“Could you create a website and publish content without having to add other peoples work to it?”

The opportunity is definitely here but before you buy do you really have what it takes to make a successful?

How To Make An Old Website New

how to make an old website new

Now, just to elaborate on this.  People who are selling their websites that they have spent only a short time working on; at a reasonably low price usually have very similar reasons.  

I would say because 99% of the time the website owner has had enough because they are not making any money.  

Of course, you can find successful businesses for sale on Flippa if you are willing to spend big.  If you have the money then go for it but if something is being sold for cheap ask yourself why it is so cheap!

Just, bear this in mind – if you are going to buy someone’s online asset that never made them any money, or very little what makes you think it will be any different once you have taken over?

Will you be able to correctly utilize this new asset to start making money for yourself?

It’s a lovely idea but do you know how to make a good blog post yourself for instance?  One that can make you a regular income.  Can you take this and repeat this formula to make a new blog post profitable?

I would say if you can then this is probably a good time to start looking at these kinds of acquisitions.  If not then perhaps you just put this to the back of your mind for the time being. 

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Things To Work On First…

Before Buying Old Websites

Firstly, let’s take a look at your existing content.  How many posts have you published, and are they any good?  Is your website optimized for speed, and how much traffic do you currently get?

I think definitely unless you have already published 50-100 pieces of content you can’t be too expectant on actually making money.  The content that usually does well is that on established websites that are found through organic traffic.

Not only this but you can also have 100+ pieces of content that either isn’t being found or simply just not converting.  Yes, it is a numbers game but how are people responding to your content?  Is your website loading OK – and what can you improve upon that is already there?

I would recommend taking your time to optimize your old content once you have say published 100 posts and once you have managed to work out the winning formula – then go for it with scaling up your business.

You find it starts to get a lot easier after this but till then just keep going till you can start to make things happen.

PS:  If you are interested in how to optimize old content check out this video below;

In Conclusion

I actually think Buying Websites with Flippa is a fantastic idea.  Not just websites either you can buy all sorts of readymade businesses here.   Just make sure you know what you are buying and once your new asset is acquired you know what to do with it.   

Also, Make sure you keep records of everything –

  • Domains,
  • Hosting,
  • Usernames,
  • Passwords,
  • Email Addresses
  • and Expiry Dates.

I made this last mistake and I definitely regret it now.  I’ve definitely moved on – mistakes are a necessary evil I would say.  Anyone who doesn’t make mistakes is a liar.  Although I do look back and this is my best advice – 

just because you might not be able to get something to work, it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to go back to it in the future and fix it then.

Just make sure you keep some record of your details if you ever need them.

This obviously doesn’t really apply to my idea but definitely worth a mention.  Outsourcing content is one of the best ways to scale your business long term.  Doing everything on your own is near to impossible.

Flippa is not the only place but keep this in mind just in case.

Visit HERE

I hope this content has found you well.

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Best Wishes…  To Your Success

Alexander B Chivers

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4 thoughts on “Buying Websites with Flippa – How To Double The Size of Your Website”

  1. Hey,

    This is an interesting article. I never thought you could buy websites and content so you can double the size of your website.

    To be honest, it is not really my thing and I don’t think I am going to look into this idea. But, I do see why people would do it. For the business that I am building, it wouldn’t work.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    1. Thanks Tom, Appreciate you taking the time to comment. I kind of agree in a way – this is not something I’ve actually done myself but definitely something I’ve thought about. I do think if someone was actually making money and wanted to invest I would think this is a good idea.

  2. Fantastic post. In the future with buying websites for your business I recommend one of 2 paths and that is either keep both sites intact and use the new site to link to related posts on the current site, or when you move a post over be sure to keep the old domain for at least a year and use 301 redirects for the posts on the old site to the new site so Google associates the move and you don’t start fully over on building rank and traffic to the new location.

    I fully advise the first advice though as the new content will not be in your natural tone and will potentially alienate some of your following who will know these posts were not written by the person they know and trust.

    1. Thanks Andy. I appreciate your advice at the moment my main goal really is just putting out quality content for now but I do want to do reinvest my profits into growing my content base. Flippa I think is definitely the place to go.

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