can manifestation help with affiliate marketing

Can Manifestation Help with Affiliate Marketing and MMO?

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Hey Guys;  So they say big things come in small packages.  I made my first affiliate commission yesterday in January.  Only $22, and I know this isn’t much but for now, I will put this down to inexperience.  My fingers are crossed that more commissions are on their way ~ but Can Manifestation Help with Affiliate Marketing and MMO?

I skipped a couple of sentences here but actually, this is relevant.  You see I think there may actually be something to this.  

Manifestation is a kind of sleep meditation that you listen to.  Subconsciously!  It involves hearing certain sounds that programme your brain into thinking positive thoughts.  It might be what some people term as the law of attraction but incredibly I have done this with very impressive results.  

I mean maybe I haven’t but there have been some pretty amazing coincidences that have happened…

Regardless of how crazy you might think this sounds at least just consider this.  Even if you are just training your mind just to think more positively.  It can only be a good thing, right?   

Like in the grand scheme of things.  So, why not just give this try?

Can Manifestation Help with Affiliate Marketing and MMO?

Table of contents

  1. My Experience of Manifestation
  2. The Reason Why I Think This…
  3. First Month of 2020
  4. By Coincidence. I’m Not So Sure
  5. The Best Part of This All
  6. The Here, and Now
  7. Can Manifestation Help…
  8. My Final Advice

Can Manifestation Help with Affiliate Marketing and MMO?

1# – My Experience of Manifestation

So, I have told this story before on another website I have called meditation24x7.  You are more than welcome to check this website out and have a read for yourself but I would actually like to put a new spin on this.  

For starters, this website here is not about meditation or manifestation.  Or about any of these kinds of out-this-world concepts as such.  Although I would like to share this information today because I do feel like it is somewhat relevant.  More than people would think actually because becoming rich does involve a certain aspect of dreaming.

In fact, one of my earlier reviews here on #IBT was of Wesley Virgin’s Overnight Millionaire course.  That actually has a module for meditation and more so MANIFESTATION!  And the way this guy makes it sound… you could actually pull anything from your most, wildest dreams – out your backside, in a heartbeat.  Apparently, he has done the exact same thing for himself! lol

And I joke looking at the other guys trying to DO what I am!, such as Wesley Virgin and John Crestani I don’t fully believe they’re successful as they say.  If you want to be that rich YOU better damn well near sell your soul.  That is what I think.

Although I do believe that in a way you can MANIFEST… THINGS… INTO REALITY!!!

2# – The Reason Why I Think This

Last year I was in trouble.  I got screwed over BIG TIME ~ I was working as a virtual assistant, listing various products for sale and THINGS went horribly wrong.  Of about 20 customers maybe 15 of them for each $120 sale didn’t get what they paid for.  My business partner at the time I already paid a good chunk of the money to and long story short – it was me who ended up losing out.  

I was at my witts end.  This was the beginning of the end.

So, I looked everywhere online for an answer HOW that I could get myself out of this horrible situation.  Wow… Just to think very close to one year ago I was reading this blog post off google.  It was called something like 21 ways to make money online successfully.  Boy was they right about one of these things.  Blogging!  This was my eventual solution.

I used to do a blog years ago before this.  So this idea 100% appealed to me.  I agreed with myself that I would do this.  And I did ~ instead of going out on NYE 2k19 I stayed in, and guess what… I started a new blogsite.  More so, coincidentally my first post was about Manifestation.  

When I think about it – it was an amazing set of coincidences.  

3# – The First Month of 2020

I will be forever grateful for this.  Looking back now I can’t believe how bad this year has been in retrospect.  Somethings that have happened this year (2020) will haunt me for the rest of my life but going back to January I started my new blog.  I didn’t really know jack s**t about affiliate marketing and within one week I made my first affiliate commission on Clickbank.

 Now, this is 100% true.  Above is a screenshot from my Clickbank.  I stayed in NYE ~ the 31st of December and on the 6th January, I made $192.80 within 10 minutes.  People that start affiliate marketing as newbies almost never make money this FAST like ever.  They say that only 10% of people ever make it in affiliate marketing.

This is my screenshot from January.  I made $448.23 altogether but after that, you could say my luck just run out.   I made a few more sales but the last one of $39.12 from March I never even saw.  As, after a while of not getting any sales Clickbank starts taking $1 a week and after $5 a week.  My last $5 was taken in either October or November and I’ve only just made the next commission very, very recently.

I think though this may have something to do with manifestation though.  During this first week in January, I was falling asleep each night to Meditation music.  I always wonder if it was my own self-belief that helped me achieve this and the fact that I LOVE writing but I was looking into certain mystical aspects such as meditation at the time and voila.

4# – By Coincidence, I’m Not So Sure

Well, one thing that really sticks out to me from last year was coming home from my cousin Declan’s in Basingstoke, and being at the train station waiting for the train.  I don’t think I had been up to visit him so many times in one year in my whole life.  Some amazing memories for sure.  

Anyway, I would always go and check out the swap-a-book box at the train station while I was there, and on this occasion, I found one about Meditation.

It was a proper course with CD-ROM and everything.  I still have it now as it goes.  So, as I was saying I remember looking at this angelic-looking woman at the train station.  Thinking how beautiful she was more than anything but this was another strange coincidence.  

When I started writing my first blog on NYE it was for a product called Manifestation Magic (See HERE)

There was some sales video for this product and I dunno, I reckon it’s BS but the guy in the video said something like “I lost my job, I lost my house, I split up with my Girlfriend and after I thought I lost it all I found Manifestation Magic“.  

Apparently, he also see a very beautiful, angelic-looking blond haired woman, and a week later won the lottery, or something.  What are the odds? 

And I know it sounds like nonsense but I got interested in meditation because of this book, and I started doing sleep meditation around the same time I started running my first new blog of 2020.

5# – The Best Part of This All

So, I was in no position to quit my job as an eBay VA in January 2020, or so I thought.  I actually never realised straight away that I had made my Clickbank sales.  At the time I had flights booked to go to Ireland with my cousin for the 23rd (I think).  I was so stressed because my finances were dire.  How we both ended up going I think was an act of god.

Earlier I messaged my cousin Declan about us having to ask to borrow money.  I was getting changed after swimming when I got the text – saying he longer wanted to come.  Obviously because of the money but when I got home for some reason I checked my Clickbank and there it was – the ANSWER to my problems.

Because of this, I went to Ireland.  Stayed in Dublin for 2 nights and Galway for 2.  I had an amazing time and the best part I finally plucked up the courage to tell my (now former) business partner to go (.) himself.  Not worked for him since, and what a parasite he was.  My belief I think was what made all this happen, and since then I have carried on.

6# – The Here and Now

So, today to my delight I got a new commission on Clickbank.

It is not much and yes fine I agree ~ for the sake of writing a post about my own success maybe I should wait.

Although, fun fact I have been doing my manifestation rituals again.  When I logged in to find out about this commission I full believed that I’d made a sale.  Don’t ask me why.  One of my links had 220 clicks that is why I checked but wow a few nights prior I was half asleep listening to all these different positive messages like, “you will be a success, you’re going to be richer than in your wildest dreams, and sooner than you think.  Everything you ever wanted is about to come true” lol.

I guess you never think these things.  I’m a pretty banal person ~ very accepting to what doesn’t actually work out for me but I believe that there is a mystical aspect to life.  Like-kind of, if you think about bad things then bad things will happen.  Negativity breeds negativity – like you don’t work hard because you don’t think it’s worth it.  

I can tell you now if you think this you will NOT reap your rewards.  They call this the Law of Attraction

However, it goes both ways – if you are optimistic, if you are positive, and if you truly believe in yourself.  That what you want to happen WILL happen.  There is something cosmic about all this for sure.  

7# – Can Manifestation Help with Affiliate Marketing and MMO?

Honestly, I think this is a question that only God himself knows.     This post is nothing more than pure speculation but after a year of doing affiliate marketing.  Facing the ups-and-the-downs I really believe there is something to this.  In fact, between my 3 websites, I believe there is kind of a trifecta here.  

iBusinessToday is about Mind and how to run a business.  DynamicIdeas4Life is about the body and being healthy. Also, important for achieving your goals, and Meditation24x7 is about the soul.  

Your soul I think of as the hands behind the wheel.  The vehicle is your body and I guess you could say your mind is the engine!

Whether you believe in magic or not there is one very important, vital, necessary and required thing you need to run your own business ~ wholehearted belief in YOUR SELF.  

To me, I think even if practising Manifestation doesn’t help in no magic way.  Still at least it can make you take positive action.  The kind of POSITIVE ACTION that makes your wildest dreams possible.  If you wonder how Wesley Virgin and John Crestani can pull it off (out their backsides) THIS is HOW!!!

8# – My Final Advice

I would recommend 3-different things.

1.)  Buy Manifestation Magic (Try This)
2.)  Try Wesley Virgin’s Overnight Millionaire ~ I am on the fence but it isn’t really expensive.  Less than $30
3.)  Type into Youtube stuff like Manifestation Music,  Abundance Meditation and 888Hz Healing Meditation.

Watch this video – I think this is a good one!

Also, maybe most important of all KEEP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING.  Things can only ever get better…

If you run a website – keep writing
if you run a free blog ~ same thing
Youtube Channel x You get the picture
TikTok, Irish Dancing, walking on tight ropes WHATEVER!

Never give up ~ IT COULD BE YOU!!


Finally, if you have any questions or feedback please feel free to write something in the comments section below.  If you have found this helpful – please share this with others.  Also, please like, follow and subscribe.

Many thanks;

Alex B. Chivers

PS:  One last thing if you are interested in learning the ropes as a web developer or affiliate marketer.  I highly recommend that you take a look at this free course.  It has helped me so hopefully, it can help you too!

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