content marketing strategies for websites not making money online

7 of the Best Content Marketing Strategies for Websites Not Making Money Online in 2023 and Beyond…

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Do you spend hours writing blog posts for your website only to be left disappointed by the lackluster results?  We can talk about offering value before profits till we are blue in the face but let’s address the elephant in the room here – What Are the Best Content Marketing Strategies for Websites Not Making Money Online in 2023? ?

For website developers not making ends meet giving it all up is a conclusion that is very often repeated.  Even when the key to becoming successful is sticking it out through the hard times until fortunes begin to improve.

However, really what these same people might not tell you is if you don’t take the right actions none of this will change, and actually giving up may be the best idea for making their time more valuable.  

Except… here is the thing for Websites Not Making Money Online the right content marketing strategies can make all the difference.

Having the right Instructions to act in a manner that not only will you start driving in an influx of new visitors to your website but to the point, you finally start seeing results begin to seep through.

So how do we do this then you might be wondering?  Well, here are…

7 of the Best Content Marketing Strategies for Websites Not Making Money In 2023

best marketing content marketing strategies for 2023

*Please note this post contains affiliate links. Read more here<<

Now, just to make this clear – anyone can put a blog post together really.  More or less anyone that can read or write can type up something like a product review or Informational article.  In fact, many people try blogging as a side hustle on the premise of how easy actually developing content really is.

However, what some might not realize is that no matter how good or bad their writing skills are simply just creating blog posts is most often NOT enough to successfully market products.  

Hence why we must practice content marketing strategies for websites to help them get the attention of potential readers that otherwise would not see them.    

Because only then can we really make the numbers up that constitute people taking action towards things like buying our products and subscribing to receive our emails.

So, today here are 7 of the Best Content Marketing Strategies for Websites Not Making Money In 2023…

*Please note my inspiration for today’s post is the newly released Content marketing and Distribution guide by David Pardew.  This contains a lot more than 7 strategies over the course of 81 pages including checklists, and videos.  If you would like to try this product with a 50% off discount contact me here

Now the usual price for this product is $34.00 but if you would like to try some of these ideas for free please keep reading… 

Now, Let’s start here… ⏬

1.)  Getting Ready To Promote Your Blog Posts with Content Planning 

how content planning can help your websites make more money

If you are reading this post right now as a blogger with a website that is not making you money then you possibly may have overlooked this.  Perhaps you already think that you are constructing a content plan that is doing enough already.  

You have chosen a keyword to target, a title for your blog post, your headings, and a product that you would like to promote.

It’s all systems go right?  but what is it that you are missing?

Are you writing to resonate with your reader’s problems and are you offering the right solutions?  Have you identified your target audience and have you developed any content in addition to that in your blog post?

This is one of the first topics that is discussed in David Pardew’s guide and it’s a very good place to start.

Although, of course with content planning comes the steps towards content marketing strategies such as…

2.)  Utilizing Social Media Content Distribution

what are the best social media content marketing distribution strategies

As much as I don’t want to spoil David’s content marketing guide (as I think it’s packed full of great valuable information) I will tell you what I mean here.  

When we go through the process of planning for new content we should not just only create content for our blog posts but for other things as well to help promote our blog posts to a wider audience.  

On social media especially we will want to create a stream of promotional posts.  Many new bloggers will fall into the habit of just sharing their content on Facebook and other platforms just one time but of course, this is why many fail to make money.

Inside David Pardew’s Daily Content Profits guide it provides instructions to prepare these promotional materials alongside using scheduling tools to regularly target new readers to your website. 

It must be said that a kind of 70/30 rule must be applied.

30% of our time should be spent on content whilst the other 70% on content marketing strategies that work!  

Note: One social media scheduling tool that should not be overlooked is missinglettr [Check this out HERE]

3.)  Repurposing Old Content for New Mediums

These are some good ideas above I think.  Shout out to Larry Kim for sharing this great infographic!

So, many that fail to make money with their websites do so because they do not look beyond writing blog posts.  Creating extra content to distribute across a range of different platforms is effectively casting the net out to catch new readership and by doing so the results are very clear to see.

You can use these other mediums for your content to either promote things such as affiliate links or to actually bring more readers (traffic) to your website.  Options-wise there is much that can be done here – creating slides, videos, and podcasts are some examples.

It might be some of your blog posts that are not really doing much in the background that can be given a new life in other forms.  

Which can be very good as a new opportunity to create links to bring new readers to your website.

I am kind of just stewing with a few of these ideas myself now but besides David’s Guide this link here I think this is worth sharing

Actually, before I bought David’s guide I was given a lot to think about by just reading this free material.

So, continuing on…

*Please note this and other links within this post are affiliate links.  Find out more about how affiliate links work here


4.)  Cross-Posting and Content Syndication

Syndicate your content here

Something else that many people overlook after writing blog posts is reposting this content on other platforms.

LinkedIn and Medium are just two websites that can be utilized here but these are not the only ones.

Websites like LinkedIn and Medium essentially have their own search engines where their own members can find your content independent of the likes of Google and Bing.  Both are well worth doing research on as a means of being introduced to your content distribution strategy. 

Reddit and Quora can be good places too but in this respect, you definitely need to get a bit more creative.  I myself need to learn more about this before I start making suggestions here but still these are ideas to consider.

Also, if you do decide to check out David Pardew’s Daily Content Profits Guide there is a list here of other places.

5.)  SEO and Content Marketing

This has to be something at the back of all web developer’s minds.  For the typical lazy blogger that doesn’t put the time into content promotion SEO is the only friend they have.  If you can master this one thing and get your results in people’s searches then you really are laughing.  

All of the above can be forgotten about really (to an extent) but then here is the other thing…

Content Marketing Strategies for Websites help with SEO!

Things like backlinks, comments that are left by people finding you via social media, and the actual traffic that comes from Social Media itself are all factors that can help you rank higher in search engines.

Although, STILL keyword research for blog posts should not take a back seat because this is STILL a HUGE deal!

An extensive marketing strategy is something that can really blow the competition away.  

People fail because of the things they are not doing more than failing because of what they are doing.  So whatever things you can do to benefit SEO consider them!

6.)  Social Bookmarking

This is something that has been in my thinking in the past and now more so.    

Really I’ve NOT gone to too much effort with this Content Marketing Strategy (Social Bookmarking) but 

I think to determine whether a strategy is really worth it tracking views and the attention you are getting from each platform is an absolute must.  From here you either need to consider whether you are better off cutting this time short or improving your activity to garner more attention from the platforms that are not working for you.

Also, on this note keeping a diary of your promotional activities may be beneficial if you see good results from your site metrics.  Link tracking is the best tool here but the good old-fashioned way doesn’t hurt either.

Like if you post on Twitter, IG, and Facebook one day and you notice the next commission then really either one of these or SEO is likely the culprit.  Knowing what works is key to this rinse-and-repeat method which is key to online success!  

7.)  Invest In the Right Resources

In a lot of ways, there is nothing that is worse than badly spent money.  When considering the best Content Marketing Strategies for Websites you want the best return on investment possible (ROI).

Things to consider include;

  • Educational Resources
  • Virtual Assistance 
  • Articles and Videos
  • Promotional Images – memes, infographics, banners, etc.
  • Online Coaching

Setting aside a monthly budget is good for up-and-comers.  It is often better to make mistakes than to not try at all.  Really the process of hiring freelancers and virtual assistants is something that involves a degree of trial and error.

It can involve costly mistakes but once you find the right people and the right services this will increase your potential for earning from your website dramatically.

Where To Buy Online Content Marketing Strategy Guides That Work?

Finally,  I would just like to conclude this blog post here.  A lot of my thinking towards writing this blog post has been because of what I read from David Pardew’s Daily Content Profits PDF.  I only bought this product yesterday.  I’d describe it as a content marketing strategy guide and checklist which includes tutorial videos and recommended resources for successfully implementing David’s marketing strategies.

I actually got this half-price after I requested a discount code by email.  This I can offer anyone that is interested.  Just send me an email at  or use this form [HERE

Not really going to the effort of looking up any others but personally, I’m very happy with this purchase and everything mentioned above PLUS a lot more over the space of 82 pages is why this guide includes (i believe) the Best Content Marketing Strategies for Websites Not Making Money.  I will leave the rest up to you but seriously if you are interested also [check out my review here].

Your Feedback

One last thing if you have any questions, would like to say thanks if you’ve benefited from this information shared or you would like to leave feedback in regards to this information shared within this post drop us a comment below and we will get back to you at the soonest possible convenience.

Many thanks for reading and #ToYourFutureSuccess ?

Alexander B. Chivers

Contact us at

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4 thoughts on “7 of the Best Content Marketing Strategies for Websites Not Making Money Online in 2023 and Beyond…”

  1. Hi Alex,

    Great article and thank you for these tips on how to increase our earnings online as beginner bloggers.
    I have recognised myself in some of the practices while others I have read for the first time.

    I am just curious, are you engaging in all the activities you mentioned or rather just as few and if so, which one or top 3 would you recommend beginner bloggers to start with or focus on in the beginning?

    I am curious to know because I always find that I am struggling with time. I have an office job on top of which I am trying to grow my business, therefore time becomes scarce and the activities I can focus on are limited.

    Thank you and keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Tatiana, You are most welcome I think we are in the same boat really in a lot of ways. Have learned a few things from your website definitely but yes anyway so these tips are based on a few things that I’ve recently been researching online. Mostly due to a product I bought called Daily Content Profits which is an 82-page PDF guide with helpful links, videos, and resources.

      I would definitely recommend getting a copy but from my observations here is the first point it makes in this guide. This is that your content must be valuable. So before writing, you should look at 3 factors to try and resolve. 1# What the problem is that your content is looking to solve, 2# the solution that your content is proposing, and 3# who is your target market? These 3 tips should be enough to come up with a good blog post but from here is really the tricky part…

      So SEO is one thing to put in the back of your mind. If you correctly research your keywords that are low competition with a half-decent search volume that is a good idea there and really besides this if you are a new blogger it will likely take time for your articles to rank so from here content promotion is key. I’d say get an account with Facebook, Twitter, IG, LinkedIn, Reddit, Quora, Medium, and Pinterest. Maybe Youtube too but basically for every good post you should consider sharing to these platforms. Each really requires different strategies and of course like with an email list you must try and build an audience who you must try to interact with whenever the opportunity arises. I’d say that maybe your Facebook page or group or even both you can set an autopost instruction via your RSS feed.

      One website I use for this is IFTTT I usually change the date on my posts after I update them so it triggers IFTTT to post on my FB page. You can set up similar actions for other social platforms too I think.

      Also, you mention time being a problem. Another thing to try is setting up scheduling for a social media campaign. I have just started using a tool called missinglttr this I will need to write a blog about very soon but definitely check this out. I’ve only used to set up one campaign so far but basically this post will be shared I think 10 times throughtout the year on my FB page.

      You can do this for every post as well and what’s more if you become a paid member you can also set up campaigns as well on other social platforms. And besides there are a few other scheduling tools to try such as Buffer, Hootsuite and Tailwind.

      Plus there are so many more ideas in this guide I’m not even really past page 10 yet but so far I am definitely sold.

  2. Thank you, this was very helpful. I use SEO and social media, but lately I have not been consistent with my social media accounts. I should especially be more active on Linkedin, so I will do that from now on. By repurposing the content on Linkedin and Medium, do you mean sharing the link to your blog post or copy and paste the post on those platforms in your account?
    I’ll also check out the missinglettr. Is it a free service?

    1. Hi Christine, Right so I think many of us struggle (myself included) with being consistent on social media. So I just left a reply for Tatiana I think that will be helpful for you to read as I’ve outlined quite a few more ideas here that I think will be helpful for you.

      As for Medium and LinkedIn what I mean is both these platforms you can use to republish your content for a new audience on each respective platform. So LinkedIn do not index people’s blog posts but on the LinkedIn network, there are plenty of people here that could potentially stumble upon your work. Medium is the same except you must go to advanced settings before you publish your blog post there and add in your original link to create a canonical tag. I’m sure you should see it once you are there.

      Also, one thing you should probably do is leave it a week before syndicating to other platforms. This is so your new post can be crawled by search engines. As well what Neil Patel suggests when syndicating is to use different headlines and wording whenever you feel it is possible to do so. I need to get a bit more practice here but if you are interested in the Daily Content Profits guide I think there is a guide to posting on Medium as one of the bonuses.

      PS: Missinglettr yes there is a free plan which allows you to link to one social media profile with 50 scheduled posts. Great for you to try it out but if you like you can then upgrade to their next plan which allows 3 social media profiles, 500 scheduled posts, and 1 extra user. This is $19 a month or $150 for the year. Their ultimate plan is even better but I guess this is only worth getting if you are making a good amount of money because this is $59 a month or $490 a year.

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