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Creating Your First Website Online – Getting Started with iBusiness Today

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Hey Folks.  Welcome to  For today’s post which will be my very first post here, It will be all about creating your first website online. This could be your very first website, or it could be where you’ve tried before and want to try again.   

Kind of like myself actually as there has been a few bumps down the road for me definitely. The number of times I’ve tried to build a website in the past and failed I have almost lost count. I remember spending quite a long time with Wix building a website for my PC Cooling eBay business. That never went anywhere and I’m sure more than once I’ve tried to get my head around WordPress but really I never understood it really till I found the right training.

So, I’ve actually been active in online business for 10 years+ now I would say. This has mainly been with eBay and Amazon but I have tried all sorts of things to make a bit extra money. I actually started blogging before I did eBay – I used to run a personal blog with the aim being to make money from Adsense.

I only ever got paid from here I think once. It’s a funny one as some days you can make 0 but others you can make maybe £1-£2. It’s quite disheartening really but anyway.

I started blogging again in December 2019. Quite a crazy story – if you go to my home page you can read all about it there. It’s quite incredible, especially how I made my first commissions from affiliate marketing.

Basically, this was just really lucky but it was around this time that I started using Wealthy Affiliate as a vehicle to develop my first proper website.

I would definitely recommend their training but I will also try my best within this post to explain the process of developing your own website. So…

Creating Your First Website Online ?

FTC Disclosure: Please note this post contains affiliate links. This may mean that if you make a purchase after clicking on links on this page I may receive an affiliate commission. The price you pay will not be affected and also if you find this content useful this is a great way to support my work ☕

1.)  Introduction – Getting Started

First things first you will need 2 essential things for creating your first website online. These are both a domain and a hosting plan.

I would probably say that prior to this you should decide on your niche. Basically, the main thing which you will want your website to be all about.

This is actually fundamental to your whole future as a web developer. It’s worth taking a few days here just to make sure you have a solid plan.

But once you have decided what your website will be about and what you will call it then you can take this next step.

2.)  How to Get a Domain and Hosting?

Right well if you are really sure of yourself you can go straight to You can from here click ‘Get WordPress and Bob’s your Uncle but seriously. This is where it starts to get complicated. You can start with a free domain name with limited features but honestly, if you really want to do this properly you will want to pay for a domain and hosting. I would suggest GoDaddy for the Domain and Bluehost or Siteground for the hosting plan.

You should find it is quite doable just by following the tutorials on WordPress or even Youtube but really I would just forget about this all just for a minute.

So it is all good having all the above set up. Say a WordPress website hosted with Siteground that has a domain from Godaddy. From here you can get to work with writing your first post but this is the problem you will need some kind of guidance. Setting up a website isn’t as simple as just getting a domain and hosting. You need to set up a menu, categories, and legal pages. You can maybe pay someone on Fiverr or to help but there is more.

If you really want to monetize your website you will need to learn things like copywriting, SEO, using CTAs (Call To Actions), Getting Set Up on Social Media and all sorts.

You might think you are saving money but I would definitely say it’s best to join a platform that offers hosting, domain parking and training together.

3.) Building Your First Website

The costs of this above I will be 100% straight with you about. Wealthy Affiliate Basic is free, and they give you 2 free websites but whilst it is free the websites have to keep the extension. This is OK whilst you begin the free training. If you like you can go through the free training and then do what I said you can do above.

However, I would instead consider this – so stay with Wealthy Affiliate and work on your free website whilst you go through the free training but once you get to 2-3 weeks take the bait and upgrade to Wealthy Affiliate Premium and buy a domain through their website.

I can not think of a better way to get your site up and running. Once you actually unlock the full Online Entrepreneur Certification course this will teach you basically everything you will need to know for at least your first year online.

There is actually so much training here. Do a search for a member called Israel17 he has made nearly 800 micro training courses and he is not the only one. Many other members also have their own personal training and this is besides the main course and the WA Bootcamp.

You really can not go wrong but hey this is not the only way. You could go with say Bluehost and GoDaddy outside WA and instead get a membership with Skillshare.

4.) Learning The Basics of Creating Your First Website

This is very important. You will want to learn as much as you can about building the best website. Really you will want to start making money as soon as you can but this might not happen for 3 or 4 months. It can be sooner or it can be longer – I made my first commission within 1 week but I was just lucky. Total fluke but if you do things the right way it is possible to hit the ground running. Mostly just try to post every day if you can get your first 20-25 posts together.

You might not manage this depending on your free time but get brainstorming for different article ideas and set yourself these goals.

If you can manage 20 posts every month this is 240 in your first year and this should definitely be enough for regular commissions to start coming in.

Just bear in mind that its a learning process. As you go through each month you will develop new skills like becoming a better writer and how to optimize your content for google. Yould also learn important skills how to monetize your content and to increase the amount of traffic coming to your website every month.

You should find that Wealthy Affiliate can help you with a lot of this alongside hosting your website but here is the kicker. WA will set you back $49 a month! after the first month which is $19 and in my experience your activities on your new website will not cover this right away.

My advice is to keep working but if you really need the financial support look elsewhere to make money online till you can get the ball rolling.

I would suggest signing up with Appen. You can easily make $30 here for just a small amount of time a week and even more if your willing to commit more time.

Although, if all this sounds like too much;

How To Set up a website without Wealthy Affiliate.

Now, I’ve pretty much gone through these steps above already. I would at least give Wealthy Affiliate Premium a month for $19 and save a back up of your website to upload elsewhere after. I know many people that it have been successful with this system but also many that have not.

For anyone that isn’t keen on using Wealthy Affiliate simply follow these steps below;

1.) Buy your domain – suggest, or Hostgator. There are others but these are the most popular ones I’d say.

2.) Buy your hosting package – try BlueHost or Siteground

3.) Create an account with WordPress (Visit here) and add your domain and hosting.

4.) I will say though straight away here is the kicker doing it this way. For the sake of saving $45 a month you are missing out on the first-class training that Wealthy Affiliate provides, and if you want to get ranked online you will need to learn about SEO and Keywords. Wealthy Affiliates classes can help with all this as well as many other perks. (Read my product review here to learn more).

5.) Other than Wealthy Affiliate other training you find online for free includes Skillshare, My Online Start Up and Hubspot.


5.)  Set up your Website – Here’s How

Once you have got a WordPress website before writing your first post there are a few things you will need to consider.

  • #1 – Set up a new user in WordPress – make sure people can see your name. Then delete the admin user.
  • #2 – Write an About Me page, Privacy Policy and Affiliate Disclosure. You can add also a contact page if you wish.
  • #3 – Create an email address for your website. For me, as an example, it will be
  • #4 – Set up a Facebook business page to share your posts on.  Also Twitter, Pinterest, and even LinkedIn.
  • #5 – Plugins – I would recommend
    a.) Rankmath SEO
    b.) Monster Insights for Google Analytics
    c.) Grow by Mediavine Social Pug or Add To Any Search Buttons (Social Media)
  • #6 – Create a Google Analytics Account and also set up Google Search Console.
  • #7 – Easy Table of Contents
  • #8.) Gutentor blocks.

6.)  Writing Your First Post on WordPress

Ok, so I like to follow certain rules.  Try and keep sentences short.  Don’t bunch too many sentences together in a paragraph, and split the post into sections of no more than 300 words with subheadings.  Also, download Grammarly.

Honestly, Grammarly I don’t know what I ever did without it.  Definitely has helped.

The HTML code is hr in brackets, or just click the horizontal line button.  I only found this today ?

On Wealthy Affiliate their SiteContent tool you can find Line Break next to the ‘Add Image” box.  Which is another point I’d like to make because I only started doing this lately – when adding image add ‘Alt Text’ and image title.  These shouldn’t appear on the page and also acts as an excellent opportunity to improve SEO.

7.) Some quick notes about SEO

SEO is something that might take a bit of getting used to but remember to look up keywords to add into your post through Jaaxy.  I would fully recommend taking the training at Wealthy Affiliate for this.

Google ranking especially is very much to do with keywords.  Quality written articles are as well, but definitely, keywords are very important.  The main SEO keyword phrase which you choose needs to appear in the 1st paragraph of the post.

Take this post, for example, the keyword I’m ranking for is Creating Your First Website. 

Notice where I have put this at the top.  This should appear at least 5 times throughout the article altogether.  Then other keywords can be as the subtitles and then others as long as they fit in with the writing can be good also.

8.)  Other Things to Consider

Stick to just one theme what is called a niche.  If you want to make a website about health and business together you shouldn’t.  Make two websites instead.  One for each niche.

Don’t make your content too long either and also definitely not too short.  If you are any good at HTML adding a table of contents can really help.  It’s very new to me actually but every post I do now I have got to add one to.

Here is a link that you might find useful.  How to Add a table of Contents

Then images are important as I’ve mentioned.  Emojis if you can figure out how to use definitely brighten things up.  Videos as well you can add as the actual files but what I’ll usually do is if you go to Youtube and choose a video click on share and then embed.  From this, you should get a code which you can paste into your page HTML.

On Wealthy Affiliate, you can just paste into SiteContent and once the page refreshes it’s there.

The final thing it’s important to make sure your menu navigation is fully set up.  One good tip saves a blank page as ‘blog’ in WordPress.  If you move this to the first item on your menu it will show your blog roll for all your posts on the first page.

Alongside this, you should add your About page, Privacy Policy, Affiliate Disclosure and if you have one a Contact page.

8.) Best Website Monetization Ideas

This is maybe something to come back to after a few posts. 25 posts I think is a good idea.

My suggestions;  1.) Google Adsense 2.) Affiliate marketing 3.) PPC Ads (Vig Links, Skim Links) 4.) Amazon Associates 5.) Ezoic 6.) sell ebooks

4.)  Looking for affiliate programs on search engines.  See video;


I hope this explains things well enough.  Don’t think I’ve missed too much.  You don’t need to do everything at once just remember this.  You can always come back and work on posts again later.  It is most important to publish content frequently so try and develop a system where you can deliver new content and work on other posts for improvement.

Also, why not delegate a bit if you have the money.  Use sites such as Fiverr to hire others that can help you with things like content and graphics?

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It is hard work I won’t lie but it’s definitely worth it if done properly.  Just think about how many people use the internet and how many opportunities that there are out there just waiting. I really could go on so much here but please any questions contact me at

Also, if you would like to learn more about building websites and making money online>>>

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8 thoughts on “Creating Your First Website Online – Getting Started with iBusiness Today”

  1. Hi Alex,
    Your creativity in setting out the outline of your post with relevant pictures is awesome. Its pretty much beneficial to readers when you are giving alternatives wherever you can.

    I really benefited from your tips on website materialization. However I would love to read a separate written details of how we can go about those.

    Tip me if you do write one. I would be really interested.

    1. Hi Kemos, If there is anything, in particular, you’d like me to elaborate on further I’d be glad to help. My next post I think I’m currently in the process of writing at the moment maybe some help to you. I will drop you an email once it’s finished so you can take a read. In the meantime, I wondered if you might be interested in joining me on my platform Wealthy Affiliate it has taught me so much in the past few months. Very much worth looking into if you are not already a member. Here is link;

  2. I’m glad I came across your post. Building a website is something I have always wanted but I thought I would need to learn how to code first. I even began learning Java but I then discovered that with this WordPress, that isn’t needed anymore. I’m eager to get started online, I’m eager to build my own business online.

    1. Alex Chivers

      Hi Paolo,  Glad to hear if you look on the site there is a 2nd post about how to learn affiliate marketing.  This should very helpful as well I think.

  3. ibusiness has come to help us greatly in the creation of website, most people in recent times has failed in the creation of website, there by leaving them confuse,devastated, and frustrated. But with the help of Ibusiness today most people have been able to learn the creation of website online. Most person has seen this as a way of making money also because, after learning the creation of website they use it a medium of helping other’s and in return they get paid.

  4. Hey nice article you have there, in my quest of having a website of  my own ,in which I can promote my business has prove abortive due to the combersome process involved, my thought about the rigorous process begins to change the moment I join the wealthy affiliate, what seems deficult in other platform is done at ease here, the beginner friendly approach is something that really worths emulating, I want to say I am 78% almost done with my website.

    1. Hi Edahn,  Thank you I’m glad you liked I really enjoyed writing this post was good to be able to share my experience with WA.  Ultimately I hope I can just convince more people to join has been my mission this month, and totally agree about the website building part i never got this right until I joined either.

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