David Perdew Daily Content Profits Review How Does It Work and is it really worth the money?

David Perdew Daily Content Profits Review – Is This Product Worth It?

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Digital marketing for those just finding their feet is not something every person picks up straight away!  

Of course, creating content is easy enough to do.  Anyone that knows how to type on a keyboard can create content but knowing how to market your content after – is certainly the more difficult part in which people fail to make their mark.

Something that the David Perdew Daily Content Profits 2.0 guide claims to help people figure out. 

The right guidance really can be what makes the difference between success and failure but is David Perdew just the latest in a long line of marketing gurus offering a crappy product and bad advice or can he really help? …

For someone struggling to turn their content into passive income is this really the help they need?  You can not deny that content marketing is neglected by many people but is this something that David Pardew can actually help with?  …

Well, here are my thoughts.  I’ve just bought this product so for anyone curious here is what I think.

Have a read through this review and see why I think this product might just be worth your time.

David Perdew Daily Content Profits V2 Review (2023)

Is This Product Really Worth It?

Product Name:Daily Content Profits V2
Creator: David Perdew
Website:  https://mynams.com/daily-content-profits-v2
What Is It:82-Page Guide, Checklist and Content Planner
How Can It Help:Teaches About Content Marketing and Promotion
Things To Note:On the face of it some very good advice but actually finding success with this product seems to require a very strict protocol.
Short Pros:Lots of Good Information, Affordable One Time Price
Short Cons:Recommends Other Tools That Cost Extra
Rating Out of 5 Stars:5 out of 5 (In My Own Opinion). Although I may Update This Later.
Do I Recommend?:YES I Actually Do!

So let’s start here…

Who is David Perdew?

david perdew

For anybody just chiming in David Perdew is a digital marketer who has been on the scene for quite some time now.  

He actually runs his own company called NAMS ~ The Novice To Advanced Marketing System.

To be truthful I can’t find much out about David but he claims not to be Guru.  He is from the USA as far as I can tell and whether or not he is LEGIT –  I’d say this does appear to be the case – that he is.  

By visiting his NAMS website you can see that he has put a lot of work into developing educational resources for marketing.

I really will have to delve deeper into all this but it’s very complex what he is offering.  There is maybe 20+ different courses on the NAMS website and there seems to be quite a community of entrepreneurs involved with this project.  

Actually I never realized before that I bought another product of David Perdew the Email Profit System.

For some reason I never actually went through this when I bought it.  Will do so in a future review no doubt but certainly I think personally that I trusted David Perdew enough to buy both products.

I think it was through Elite Downline Builder I first heard of his work and his tips to make $50 every month with Crypto.  I unfortunately lost his post but the rest his history I guess you could say. 


What Is David Perdew Daily Content Profits?

You probably read this in short in the table above.  David Perdew Daily Content Profits is an 82-page Guide and Checklist (or To-Do list) of Content Marketing Strategies.  This includes several links and videos that will help you get your published blog posts out to the masses.  Something that many fail to do because really they don’t know how to.

Largely this is down to the fact that content marketing can be quite overwhelming.  Writing a post and then consistently sharing it with enough people so it eventually gets read is one thing.  Another is getting enough people to take actions such as buying affiliate products and become an email subscriber.  

It says as much in this introduction video…

So David Perdew Daily Content Profits shares many strategies that can help this along such as effective keyword planning, SEO, and Social Media Marketing; and best of all THIS IS A ONE-TIME PURCHASE.  It really is a great read for anyone stuck for ideas after publishing a new blog post.   Which I will admit is the reason I bought it myself  xx

How Does It Work?

Once you have purchased Daily Content Profits (if you decide this is for you) firstly you will be given a link to login to the MYNAMS back office and the Daily Content Profits home page you should see all the following;

download MYNAMS daily content profits

The top box is the main 82 page PDF this you can use to print off worksheets to help you effectively follow through with David’s Ideas for creating content that people want to read and then what to do it with it after.

So for instance the first worksheet includes 3 questions on a simple page with boxes to write your answers inside.

This for example you could print off several copies of or copy to a google or word doc if you prefer.

Really its like a step by step course to mastering David’s methods to making Daily Profits from your content.

The first topics covered are keywords, hashtags and writing epic content.  I’d say this itself you should take a couple weeks with but the best things is this is really just the beginning.  So… 

Possible Benefits If You Decide To Buy TODAY!

Of course there is no urgency if you buy this product now or later.  However, the sooner you act the greater likelihood of David’s methods playing into action becomes possible.  

It’s definitely something you can buy to work on later.  If you know what its like to join a training platform or a piece of software that requires a recurring monthly fee it can be quite stressful having to feel like time is running out before you can make something work.  This is nothing like this because it is basically just like a book that you buy once and its all yours.

That is the first benefit a ONE-TIME deal but for its educational benefits the potential is absolutely MASSIVE.   

Is Daily Content Profits Legit?

This I would guess people are actually asking.  Mostly because one of the main vendors of Daily Content Profits is Warrior Plus.  Many people that have bought products from Warrior Plus will know that this website is full of crappy products that offer the earth but are nothing more than a waste of time.  Al Cheesman EEZEY Profits is one product that springs to mind but seriously David Perdew Daily Content Profits is one of the rare exceptions.

Although, really this is largely my own opinion I’m sure there are other good products I just have found them.


Is Daily Content Profits a Scam?

One of the main flaws about this product I’d say from my own experience as there are extra costs for tools that are not mentioned when you purchase the original product.  These include;

  • Keyword Atlas
  • iTaggz
  • ClickTracker
  • CoSchedule
  • Buffer
  • Missinglttr
  • Pictory.Ai

Although, it does seem mostly these are one time purchases and they do seem like great tools.

The top 3 are from MYNAMS but the bottom 4 are not.  I would not consider this a scam but anyone that doesn’t pay for these tools will need to improvise.  I am really new myself to following this guide but its given me a lot to think about for one.

I think maybe I will start with the Clicktracker and any commissions I make I will probably use to invest in the rest. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Now, the main product David Perdew Daily Content Profit is $34.00  ~ I was able to get this for $17 and this was because I used a discount code.  I am not sure if this discount code is still valid BUT if you are willing to purchase using my link I would gladly sure this with you, and I will share a free ebook 0-1000 email subscribers in 30 Days as an added bonus…

Contact me with my email chivs86@ibusinesstoday.com or use my contact form (here)

What Else Do You Get? (The Bonuses)

Four bonuses are included with the 82 page Daily Content Profits PDF.  In the image I shared towards the beginning this shows what the products are;

  • 16 Bonus Trainings and Tools
  • NAMS TWEET Composer
  • NAMS Hashtag Manager
  • NAMS Resource Directory…

And if you are willing to accept David’s invitation to receive his future emails occasionally you will receive extra bonuses every once in a while.  I will say they NAMS do send a LOT of emails so be sure to remember this.

Daily Content Profits Pros and Cons

What Are The Pros

  • One Time Price
  • Extra Bonuses
  • Extensive resources to help MMO
  • Ideal for Struggling Bloggers

The Cons

  • Extra Costs Involved (Optional)
  • The work Involved Can Be Overwhelming
  • Not Really For New Bloggers Straightaway
  • I Didn’t Learn about this Sooner!

Daily Content Profits Vs. Smart Content Profits – Is There a Connection?

I was a bit confused when I heard of Daily Content Profits because I know there is another product with a very similar name called Smart Daily Profits.  I will quickly just summarize what this is here – this is another Warrior Plus product.

In fact, I totally forgot but I reviewed this last year [See Here

I never did get round to checking this product out but this was created by Paul O’Keefe and Richard Fairburn.  Its a product that sets up your blog to auto post articles.  Not tried it so not sure if its any good but anyhow its nothing to do with Daily Content Profits apart from the very similar name.  

I thought it was maybe a copy of Daily Content Profits or the other way around before I remembered.    The fact that I actually reviewed this and forgot lol but 3 years blogging over 500 posts on 3+ websites this does happen.  So…

Should You Buy This Product – My Experience

Yes totally if you have published at least 100 blog posts and you are struggling to build a stream of growing traffic; and you are making either no money or very little then I reckon this product shares some ideas and strategies that can help.

Some of these you can check out in my previous blog post:

Otherwise for a One-Time Fee why not check this product out for yourself – and if you would like a discount code for 50% (if this still works) contact us here or message me at chivs86@ibusinesstoday.com

Final Word

So I must say that when I got the email about Daily Content Profits I was kind of at a loose end.  I’d just paid for a consultation on my website and one thing that was made clear was that I wasn’t really doing enough to get my content out to people.

It’s bad really because I spend a lot of time writing here about how affiliate marketing changed my life and how you can make money online with blogging but really I don’t say enough about my struggle.

Maybe Daily Content Profits could be the product that changes everything.  We will have to see but I think it can definitely help anyone that is committed enough to follow this to the letter.

I will leave the rest up to you but of course, if you could give this a share and leave me a comment with feedback or your questions in the comments section below this would be awesome.

Many Thanks for reading and #ToYourFutureSuccess

Alexander B. Chivers

Contact us at chivs86@ibusinesstoday.com

PS:  If you’d like to try my discount code for 50% off Daily Content Profits and my free ebook contact me here 

I will finish up here but if you’d like to learn more check out the link below…

discover how to create cash with content daily content profits david perdew

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8 thoughts on “David Perdew Daily Content Profits Review – Is This Product Worth It?”

  1. Hey,

    This is an interesting article as I had never heard of David Perdew before. He seems to know his stuff and his product has quite a few upsells as you get into it further which will cost a bit more. At these current times with the cost of living crisis, I don’t think this would be for someone who is starting out in blogging or affiliate marketing. It seems to be more for the advanced marketer such as yourself and many others around the world.

    Thank you for sharing but I don’t think this is a product for me at this time. I will keep an eye on David Perdew though and see if he comes out with anything new that would be more appealing.

    Keep up the great work my friend.

    All the best,


    1. Hi Tom,

      I see your point I really do and I am sharing affiliate links in this post which I know might sound quite biased of me but I don’t agree with your point. I get that there are products out there that will likely be bad for new bloggers because once you buy you will be held to ransom over their upsells etc.

      But please let me explain I have bought this product. It’s basically a very well-put-together PDF with a multitude of different ideas and helpful links. There really are no upsells – the money that David Perdew makes from this product I would say no doubt in my mind is because alongside other things he recommends tools created by his organization such as Missinglettr (which you can join free), NAMS (The Novice To Advanced Marketing – which also has several great resources) and a couple more…

      BUT he also recommends other tools (mostly as a means of scheduling social media posts and marketing your content in the correct way that are not his such as Buffer, Medium and Hootsuite.

      Honestly, I get the apprehension you would have towards something that could possibly negatively impact new bloggers but I actually think for someone 3-6 months in this guide could actually be very helpful. I’ve wasted a lot of money on crap online over the years but I actually think I could have really benefited from finding something like this sooner.

      Honestly, Tom, If you like email me at chivs86@ibusinesstoday.com I could share with you the first few pages or something so you can maybe see for yourself. Sorry to go off an a bit of a rant here by the way – appreciate your comment thanks for taking the time to write it ? and hopefully we can continue to share our new blogs with each other again in future.

  2. The name David Perdew sounds familiar but I’m not sure where I heard his name before. The fact that he claims not to be a guru speaks very well of him, and the package looks good. I think that there are many many bloggers who have written over 100 articles and haven’t made much or hardly any money with them. If David Perdew’s package helps with it, it will be worth looking into. I just wonder why he is using Warrior Plus if that platform has a bad name. Doesn’t it hurt his business?
    I would also be interested in learning more about his tips on how to make a monthly profit with crypto.

    1. Hi Christine, Yes I am very happy with it personally. I am not actually sure where I heard of David Perdew before I think it was either through an ad on Leads leap or Warrior Forum I think but yes agreed I think the right advice can be so valuable to the right people.

      As for your question about Warrior Plus I have bought a good few products from there. Mostly crap but I guess this is proof that there are some gems hidden here. Kind of a bit like Clickbank really but W+… really and truly (I think) is not the hardest place for you to launch a product – so many amateurs come here to launch theirs and also many scammers operate here that will launch a new product once a month then change the names of these products when people realise how terrible they are but still lots of people use this site and I guess whilst they do it really is too good an opportunity to pass for the publicity.

  3. I realized it’s not just enough to own a website and churn out articles. Being able to market the content and get it out to people to read is the main work. Initially, I was a bit skeptical of the authenticity of this program because there are tons of digital products like this online that pretty much don’t give much value. After going through David Perdew’s website and reading the reviews from people who purchased the product, I could say it’s genuine. If David Perdew’s product is designed to help people still struggling with content marketing for their website products works well, I think I might want to look into it as well and maybe recommend it to a few people.

    1. Hi Femi, Yes I definitely recommend you do, and also keep a look out for my new couple of posts because definitely also may be of some interest to you.

      Best regards;


  4. Hi Alex,
    Thanks for this review. Creating weekly/daily new content is really challenging for every blogger (except for those lucky ones who are outsourcing content writers). So, the extra helping hand would be welcomed by every struggling blogger. I am just curious if this can work…I mean, don’t get me wrong, this Daily Content Profits has a lot of potential, the thing is, I just I haven’t had a great experience with that kind of affordable purchase. In my experience, the quality “hacks” were always recurring payments. Therefore, the product owner was committed to providing you with quality. However, let me know if you see changes in your blog, and thanks for bringing this to our attention. Cheers mate!

    1. Hi Julius,

      Creating weekly/daily new content is challenging totally agree with you. Coming very close to 3 years now for me since deciding (again) that this was something I wanted to try and do and yes hard work it certainly is – so anything that you can do to make this task easier I think should be considered. Outsourcing, hiring freelancers, and accepting guest posts I think are the more obvious ideas but one thing that David Perdew has really opened my eyes to has been the importance of growing your web-based audience.

      I mean how many times do people say about good SEO? Tweaking your posts so that hopefully when google feels like it they can rank your posts for people to find them at the top of their search engines.

      Wealthy Affiliate I know sells people the dream based on this fact. Good platform in a lot of ways but with Daily Content Profits the approach that David Perdew makes to the readers of this guide is that writing a blog post and then just leaving it to sit there in the hopes that google will do all the rest is lazy and stupid. The jist of this guide (I would say) pretty much is that firstly you need to craft your blog posts with an angle – who are you writing for? what problem are you looking to solve? and what solution you can propose? it is advice you really can’t fault but this is really just the beginning. You ask if I can let you know how I get on with these tips I’m sure you will see sooner or later but just my two cents here I have bought this and already it was worth every penny I paid for it.

      I think it is kind of like a front-end product if you read my comment that I left for Tom. Mostly because in this guide (DCP) it recommends a few tools alongside others that David Perdew and his team have put together. I think this is really how they make their money but seriously there is so much to unpack lots of bonus material too. I have barely started really kind of just been so blown away by this and Missinglettr that I’ve really wanted to share what I can. I will let you know but honestly, if you want to email me at chivs86@ibusinesstoday.com I can give you a sample of a few pages so you can see for yourself.

      I know what you mean about sneaky low end products but probably best I’ve found so far tbf

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