Developing a positive mindset training

Developing a Positive Mindset Training for Online Business

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Hi Guys,  For today’s post, I wanted to cover something very important for anybody looking to find success.  Developing a Positive Mindset When Training for Online Business.

This is kind of the thing that get’s you interested in the first place I think – a desire for success and being able to keep working towards your ambitions.

Setting goals, making plans, and positively charging yourself to build for your future.  Six months into my Online Business journey and I remember certain things I was told when I began.

Like on Wealthy Affiliate – one of the first things you do is set yourself a goal of how much money you would like to earn a month, and how much money you would be ecstatic to earn a month.

I look back now and I can see the significance of this.  You need to motivate yourself towards something.  Recently I began some new training for Developing a Positive Mindset.  This is actually my inspiration for this post.

This training identified something important to me that I felt can help others also.

Developing a Positive Mindset Training for Online Business

1.) Having a Sense of Purpose

What this new training taught me fairly quickly was that the thing that motivates people more than anything else is having a sense of purpose.  Not really for how much money you want to make but something that you are personally invested in.  So, for example, your purpose could be to take your children on holiday or to buy a new car.

It could be to impress somebody that is special to you.  Actually, we may do these things already but on a much smaller scale but it may just be we do not realise this.  If we are simply just trying to keep a roof over our head and just get by then that is a purpose but having a greater sense of purpose is what this is really all about.

This training I have still not completed yet myself.  I have not even got past this Developing a Positive Mindset part but I felt it has given me enough insight at least to write this article.

It is not that I want to stop and start all over again completely but still, this has given me plenty to think about.

So, there is something that I really would like to get out there with this post – a concept I was made aware of because of this new training I am taking.  This I will cover in the section below.

Or find out about the new training which I am taking here;

Developing a Positive Mind Training for Online Business

2.)  Going through Pain for Pleasure

Something that really made me reevaluate things was this idea.   “You Must Go through Pain to Feel Pleasure”.

An example of this that really made me take note was getting up out of bed when you wake up and getting straight in the shower.  I will be brutally honest with you this has never been me.  It has been recently after taking this on board but before that, I would just wake up like I usually do which is quite early 6 or 7 o clock and go back to sleep.

Taking shower in the morning I never did either – honest truth here it would be usually just before I had to go out.

Now though every morning it isn’t really all that pleasant getting straight up out of bed and doing this I tell you what afterwards it feels great.  Plus also because I am now waking up earlier I am getting a lot more work done.

The other thing this is true with is all of the mundane things that you need to do on the way when setting up an online business.  I keep a schedule and there are many things on here that I will put off and put off again but once I get these out the way I feel good that I can work on something a bit more enjoyable.

3.)  The Perfect You?

The next part of the training was about creating the perfect you.  Still some way to go for me on this one but I really liked putting this idea in my head.  That I would get up once I woke up in the morning and take a shower and then get straight to work.  That is not quite the perfect me – I think there is more that I can do to push this idea but it is a start.

It says in the training then to not take any more of the training till you get a grasp of what this is.

The perfect you?.

The next part I really shook my head at – you have to choose a future date, make a very ambitious plan for what you would like to achieve and then video yourself saying it out loud.

Then after it is recorded listen to it every day.

I did do this and we will see if I manage to achieve any of these goals but it is – I don’t know a bit far out.

You have to actually pretend it is the future date you have chosen and everything has happened that you said would.   I like this idea but I realise this probably is not for everyone?

4.) Mapping Out

OK,  so this part I will credit to Kyle from Wealthy Affiliate.  It did say a bit about this at the start of the training taking notes but this concept I am a 100% sure is worth its weight in gold.  Set yourself a schedule!  ?

It doesn’t matter if there aren’t urgent things to do – I keep a list of things – a schedule!  This way I can make plans and it always keeps me coming back.  So if I do get sidetracked I still have a plan to follow.

I keep my schedule as a word doc but actually even you can write on a note pad.

What is a good idea I think is to have several different documents set up?

✅ A spreadsheet with things like login details and links for all the platforms you use.

⚡ Somewhere to take notes of ideas for things like future posts, and pages.

✅ A master schedule where you plan things in advance.  Even more, than you can do in a day.

⚡ Keep a daily schedule which you pick tasks off from the master schedule to do on that day.

I kind of do all these things but what I think is important with your daily schedule is to break things down and don’t overdo it.  So take a look at your tasks and see if you can break them down.  Just so you can get through things without being put off.
You can always set more tasks later but just make sure your daily schedule isn’t too much to do.

Also, you can set your day to day tasks into your daily schedule also so they are getting the attention they need.

5.)  Positive Mind Training

Again not something that I have found to be in my recent course.  This course I have barely started really – I am still on the first module.  Started maybe 3 weeks ago but what I mean is so far is there has been kind of some positive mind training techniques but not like this.

There might be something like this coming up I don’t know but anyway what I would like to write about here is something different.  This is actually using mental programming techniques to develop a positive way of thinking.

Strange as it sounds when I first started doing affiliate marketing I was very much into things like Meditation, the Law of Attraction and Manifestation.

Now, I am not sure what to believe here I think this is either something totally beyond anything else, or it is just a kind of mental process.  Actually I did say in my recent training something like the brain can not tell the difference between if something is real or not.  Like if you imagine being scared or happy that is what you will think.

So, I wrote about a product on my other website Meditation24x7 around this time called Manifestation Magic.  I actually did not buy this but what I thought was included in this digital product I tried to replicate.  Every night for 2-3 weeks I fell asleep listening to abundance meditation music.

This is what happened.

6.) Positive Mind Therapy

This way my first month of affiliate marketing.  Somehow I managed to make just under $450 basically from nothing.  No email marketing, no chasing up leads, I wasn’t posting a whole bunch of links and didn’t really know much at all about any marketing.  I like to think this is how this happened manifestation and the law of attraction but I don’t know.

What I do though is that I haven’t really tried this again since and I maybe should to see what happens.  Other than that I can only surmise that sleep meditation whether if it has the ability to warp reality or not has at least one very useful benefit.

Positive mind therapy…

What if you don’t make any money in the first 3-6 months?  How negatively will that impact you?  Also, if there is something that can help you stay positive through the hard times than could this not actually be what helps you seal the deal?

Whatever works for you to make you feel positive try it.  2 things have helped me – positive affirmations and meditation.  It may not work for you but this is definitely something you should consider.


Finally,  so this training I have been taking is from a website called  I heard quite a lot about before joining.  If I remember correctly I was very sceptical.  Too many people were pestering me to join but I am glad I did.  If you are reading this and you are interested in affiliate marketing you should join as well.

It is free.  That is why.  The whole training course is free!!  Although I have heard that they require for you to have an account with both GetResponse and ClickMagik plus for whatever else (I don’t know)

Still, I would recommend it solely for just the first part of the training.  I can’t say much about the rest as I have not taken it yet but for anyone that feels like they’ve hit a roadblock, and want to start some new inspiring training for free you can not go wrong.  Just at least listen up to the part where you have to make the video of yourself lol

I am so curious to watch this in the future when the date has actually passed to see how much this has helped me.

Your Feedback

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If you have any questions or would like to leave some feedback or comment please leave below in the comments section.

You may also contact me directly at

For anybody looking for help getting set up with affiliate marketing, or anything else feel free to contact me anytime.

Many Thanks

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4 thoughts on “Developing a Positive Mindset Training for Online Business”

  1. The importance of mindset is vastly understated in the public education system and people are not prepared to face the world due to that. This conversation is starting more and more in the entrepreneur space but we need to get this mindset practice more far and wide for society to progress and people to be happy. Just like for business, it is important to set goals and have a prupose in life.

  2. DigitallyRajesh

    Hello Alex Chivers, Really an insightful article. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful article. This conversation is starting more and more in the entrepreneur space but we  need to get this mindset practice more far and wide for society to  progress and people to be happy. Just like for business, it is important to set goals and have a purpose in life.

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