Do This Everyday To Become More Successful – Good Habits To Follow!

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For today’s post, I am going to share something special with you.  A technique that habitually successful people do every day consistently without fail.  Simply follow this protocol EVERY DAY to change your life.   Do This Everyday To Become More Successful!  Please DO NOT click away I promise you that reading this will be worth every second!

For anyone that is looking to develop a more fleshed-out routine to get more fired up for the rest of the day, you might wonder what I am on about but don’t worry I shall get this shortly.  

But just TRUST ME!  What I am about to share is Information that can change absolutely everything!

Do This Everyday To Become More Successful!

So, How many times have you talked to somebody you know who you think is successful at what they do? 

I am just making an assumption here but I’m guessing you would have got one of two responses;

#1 – The First:

This is what you could maybe call the typical natural response from someone that works hard, pays their dues, makes the right sacrifices, and thinks long-term. 

This is actually a perfect and socially acceptable answer that is quite common, with an emphasis on this person’s hard work, vision, and willingness to take risks.

It kind of evokes images and themes from Great American Success Stories. 

Where American success is built on the foundation of hard work. 

So far, so good, right?  You work hard to get the things that you want out of life.

EXCEPT Here’s the problem. 

There are tons of people who work hard and unfortunately, most of them don’t achieve the success that your friend, mentor, or community leader has managed to achieve.   Working hard does not always get you success.

So, What gives?   We will come back to this example of the hard worker soon.

But how about example #2 – Number TWO?

So, on the other end of the equation are the people who would tell you that their success is based on nothing else but good luck.  Of course, they might give you a different terminology. 

Such as; 

  • It was Their Destiny,
  • Their Faith In What They Were Doing,
  • or Simply Just Good Fortune and Random Events. 

And THEY would like you to believe that whether they worked hard or not things just happened at the right time and place with the right people to produce the right results.  BUT…

HOLD UP WAIT – What if I told you that both these explanations are BS?

I mean truly I’m not doubting these people’s sincerity, but if you want to get a real understanding of how habitually successful people achieve their results you have to move away from the standard explanation of hard work on one hand and random events/good fortune on the other.  

The Truth Is It Is Not Either – Not Luck Or Hard Work!

The Truth Exposed About Successful People!

the truth about successful people

Success is not just made from hard work or random luck. 

To achieve success in any kind of field, you have to have a target.  This is called your goal. 

You have to focus on where you want your actions to lead you and you must make this happen.

You’re not just going to move around randomly and all of a sudden find yourself at the top. 

Sure, you might, from time to time this does happen. But in terms of what really works, this is not a winning strategy. 

If anything, all this really ensures is that you stay put where you are.

Because Success is not just random

It requires premeditation, advanced planning, and seeing the big picture for what it is.

Please understand that victory, regardless of how you define it, doesn’t just happen overnight. 

It takes consistent effort.  

This means putting in the work and believing in your dreams despite the fact that you continue to fall flat on your face.

You must be able to do this even if other people around you are pointing their fingers and saying that you’re crazy, stupid, dumb and there’s no hope.   If they keep telling you to quit. You must be able to filter this out.

Success Does Not Happen Because of Luck

Tsuccess does not happen because of luckhere is no getting lucky with consistent success. It just doesn’t happen that way. 

Success is a habit. In fact, if you look at very successful people, it seems that they can’t help but succeed. 

I know that sounds crazy to somebody who struggles. But if you look at these people THIS IS 100% TRUE!

Success is a habit but not in the way you think. 

A lot of people might think that they are where they are because they found themselves at the right place, at the right time, and were doing the right things with the right people to produce the right results, but this could not be further from the truth.


Achieving A State OF FLOW

how to acheive a state of flow to become more successful

If this worries you DO NOT LET IT.  The good news is you have achieved your own personal state of flow before. 

You probably did not realize this at the time. You probably define it more in emotional terms. 

Maybe you’re not even all that fully aware of it but everybody’s capable of achieving a state of flow.

You probably wonder what on earth I am talking about.  But don’t let this confuse you.

The State of Flow is a mental and emotional state where you are able to stick to your goals and achieve them regardless of your circumstances.  No matter how you feel, you don’t give up until the task at hand is complete…

For example, if you’re supposed to write a midterm essay that is 20 pages long, you already know this takes quite a bit of work because you’re going to have to start with a thesis, and finding the right thesis takes quite a bit of time and effort.  

There are, after all, many other people writing their own thesis that are just like yours.  So you will want to create something that stands out.  This is a difficult task in itself but then once you have that, you’re then going to have to present that thesis. 

This alone can be very frustrating.  What position you’re going to take?  What arguments you’re going to make, etc?

And even after you have that all together, STILL you’re going to have to dissect it.

How exactly are you going to prove that thesis? 

What parts are involved?

What Is The State of Flow

what is the state of flow

So now you have to go through the PROS and CONS. You can’t just focus on the evidence that supports your position. You also have to pay attention to how this will be perceived once you finally hand this paper in.

The finished product must be something that is easily readable that not only contains the points you’re trying to convey but makes your points in a firm, clear and effective way.  


So It’s no surprise that a lot of college students struggle with this because it takes quite a lot of work and focus to complete. 

But when you achieve A STATE OF FLOW, this is where you blast through the whole process.  You go from a confused idea to zeroing in and covering everything single angle, leaving no stone unturned and doing whatever is necessary.  To not only produce your best work ever but to blow the competition right out of the park.

…Which is really the exact thing you must Do This Everyday To Become More Successful!

Understand How The Flow State Works

So once you achieve your state of flow what can be assumed to be a painful investment of hours can be concluded within minutes or, at most, an hour or two.  Time works differently – it is used a lot more effectively and efficiently.

And anyone put in this position will know this when you’re outlining your work, it’s too easy to get lost in the jungle of details and reach your point of saying you’ve had enough. 

You can become discouraged and depressed and you can become distracted.

Then what becomes a  cheat day, where you took it easy, becomes a cheat week and before you know it, it’s GAME OVER! 

This is not a state of flow but when you achieve a state of flow, on the contrary things will fall into place. 

You go from section to section and everything is tight, backed with the right information, and written well enough for you to be able to easily put it together later on.

So actually you could go out for a bite to eat.  The work is already pretty much completed so now you can do whatever.

When you know you’ve achieved a state of flow you can just bounce from idea to idea and do an amazing job incorporating the bits and pieces of evidence that you need to come up with something compelling, tight, concise, and effective.  

This is the state of flow. 

So Pay Attention to the Process!

Did you notice that neither achievement nor performance had anything to do with this example? 

  • You may be feeling crappy.
  • You may be feeling like life sucks.
  • You may be feeling down because your boyfriend or girlfriend left you. 

But none of that matters when you are locked into a state of flow.

Your state of flow doesn’t involve what other people around you feel.  Maybe everybody’s getting ready to go down the street and go drinking.  You just say goodbye to them and you get back to your paper. You don’t feel that you’re being left behind. The idea that you’re missing out never enters your head. Instead, you stay locked in.

Also, there may be a snowstorm outside. It may be miserable and you’re feeling cold and damp.  But no matter how bad your external circumstances may be, you don’t let them bother you because you remain focused like a laser tractor beam on the paper you have at hand.

This sounds awesome, right? 

Well, fairly often there are these times, we have people around us who basically give us a tough time.  We know at least one toxic person.  This person is just a fountain of negativity.  This is the person that can reliably tell you that whatever it is you’re doing or dreaming is just flat-out impossible.

You can count on this person to say, “Give it up. It’s hopeless.” 

Well, guess what? Even if you have that person around you and they’re second-guessing your work and telling you that your writing sucks, you’re still able to focus and get the job done.

Finally, even if you think that a deadline is coming and you normally freeze and remain mentally and emotionally paralyzed, you’re still able to get the stuff done. 

This is the state of flow. 

This is when things are easy, clear, and predictable.

You also find yourself making bold moves. 

You also find yourself being able to think of something and then, all of a sudden, you realize that you’ve done it.

Let’s face it.  Most of us spend quite a bit of time hoping, wishing, and dreaming about things that we could do.  We obsess about the things that we should’ve done, could’ve done, would’ve done, but here you are, thinking about your thesis or your job or your project. Deciding on a specific action and before you know it, you have done it.

I’m not just talking about barely making it to the finish line. I’m talking about not only blasting through the task at hand but also producing incredible results.  Your state of flow enables everything to just click together and work.

Habitually successful people are able to achieve more!

Do This Everyday To Become More Successful!

Here is how habitually successful people achieve consistent success.  They are able to do 3 things consistently and, not just this but time after time, after time.  This is what separates them from mere mortals.

This doesn’t mean that they are born that way. In fact, most people who achieve consistent success are self-made.  The reason why they’re successful in the first place is by learning from their mistakes. 

They pay their dues. They go through hard times.

So take hope from this REALITY.  Gain confidence from this fact. 

If they can do it, you can do it too!

In fact, if you’re completely honest with yourself, chances are you probably are starting out with more advantages than many of these people. Yet here they are, they are at the top of their game. So can you be? 

You just have to focus on achieving your state of flow so you can do 3 things.

do these 3 things

Do These 3 Things?

Knock these 3 things out of the park and success is a foregone conclusion for you. It doesn’t really matter how you define success. It doesn’t matter what kind of field you’re focused on. It’s just going to happen because you have the right tools and you have the proper fuel.


SO First, they are able to achieve more. This means raw output. A person who is truly successful is able to get more out of an 8-hour period. They demand more of themselves.

Let’s face it, anybody can talk a good game. Anybody can say that they have all this potential and it’s only a matter of time until they get the results that they’re looking for. Well, that’s not going to cut it.

Truly successful people are able to produce more.  If you are working in an office and you’re supposed to produce 10 reports a month and you can barely manage 3 reports, then you are underperforming. 

If you produce 10 reports, then you’re average. That’s what’s expected of you.

HOWEVER, If you blow that away and produce 15, 20, or 30 reports a month, then you’re a superstar.  

At least in terms of numeric output. 

A lot of people play this game BUT STILL, it’s not really the number of reports that counts. 

It’s not really the dollars that you have in your name that matter. 

It’s not really the product units that you produce that matter the most. 

What matters the most is QUALITY!

So stop fooling yourself!  This is the most basic indication of success. Can you do it or not? 

Can you produce more than others? This is black and white. There’s no dancing around this. There’s no ducking it.

The first thing that habitually successful people are able to do is that they’re able to achieve more on a numerical level.

WHILST Consistently successful individuals achieve higher levels of quality.

Let me tell you if you want to be viewed as a success and if you want to truly be successful, you can’t overlook quality.

 The last time I checked, a million times 0 is still 0. If your output has such low quality that it’s basically worthless, it doesn’t really matter if you’re able to achieve more in terms of output.

You’re still producing garbage. You’re still producing low-quality materials that people would rather not deal with. 

Do you see how this works? You have to pay attention to output quality as well. 

Don’t just focus on cranking out the number of things that you produce every single day. 

Each unit should also meet higher and higher levels of quality. If you’re able to do this, then you have multiplied the value of your output.  If you want to get paid at work, then you have to increase the quality of your work because last time I checked, a company owner or a supervisor is not going to pay somebody $30 an hour when the value of that person’s work is only $10 an hour.

After all, they run a business. It was put up to generate a profit. It’s not a charity or non-profit. So, cranking out more units over a certain period of time is only half the battle. You also have to increase the quality of your work.

This leads to greater value. The more valuable you are to any organization, the more reluctant they are to let you go. 

They will pay you more money, they will promote you. They will give you more benefits. They will give you more leeway and discretion. How come? Well, you have proven yourself.

Consistently successful people are able to scale up

I remember when I was working my way through college, I actually had to work at a factory, there was a guy there that specialized in one machine. 

When people needed to get their pieces processed through that machine, he was their go-to guy.

He didn’t get promoted. He didn’t get paid all that well. He basically just stayed in that section. Everybody knew that he did good work. But the problem is scale. It’s not enough to be the best in micro tasks that you do.

You have to scale it up. You have to pack more value in your work by doing things that are not expected of you. In other words, you become indispensable

That’s how you prove your value to the team or to the organization that has you as a member.

This is how you stand out. This is how you get promoted. This is how you get raises. This is how you get the recognition you have coming to you.

Thankfully, achieving a state of flow enables you to do all 3. 

You’re able to achieve more and crank out more units per day. You’re also able to produce higher-quality output. 

Finally, if you achieve a state of flow, scaling up beyond your job description, beyond your specific segment, and beyond your particular work section, becomes easier and easier.

Sounds awesome, right? Well, here’s the thing. Achieving a state of flow is available to everybody, but not everybody achieves it. How come? You need motivation. Motivation is the key that turns the engine of our personal states of flow which stand to revolutionize and change our lives for the better.

If you’re looking for a practical guide for sustainable motivation so you can achieve habitual success, click here.

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