ewen chia copy paste income review is it legit

Ewen Chia Copy Paste Income Review – Make 6K+ In Just One Weekend!

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How would you like to make money online – simply just by copying and pasting other people’s work?  Easy money, right? 

Well, Ewen Chia Copy Paste Income claims to be able to help do exactly this.  By offering a product that can be set up with training to copy and paste your way to success.  It on the face of it must sound interesting to any new budding entrepreneur but does it really work?    

Making money online with products promising the earth isn’t a completely new concept. Products like CB Passive Income, 12MinuteAffiliate and Perpetual Income365 (just to name a few) have all made similar promises in the past.

Compared to most of these products, Copy Paste Income definitely falls underneath the same umbrella.  Judge for yourself! but let’s look into this in a bit more detail.

In his book “How I Made My First Million On The Internet,” Ewen claims to have done his best to present the product accurately, but still, we have to wonder: can you really make $3,052.60 as he claims? 

What is the truth behind his system? Is it really that easy to make money through this method?

In this article, we will review this system in detail, and in the end, you will be able to decide if this system can actually do what it claims.

So, without wasting any time, let’s start our review.

Ewen Chia Copy Paste Income Review (2021) 

Read This Before You Buy!  Quick Summary

ewen chia copy paste income review 2022
$6,361.95 In ONE Weekend! How About That!

Product Name:  Copy Paste Income  

Creator:  Ewen Chia

Price:  $37 and Upsells


Short Description:  How To Do Affiliate Marketing Course

Pros:  Ewen Chia Definitely Knows About This Business 
Cons:  Overhyped ‘Get Rich’ claims and Bad Reviews

Rating out of 5 Stars:  2 Stars 

Verdict:   Please keep on reading 

FTC Disclosure: 

Please note this post contains affiliate links.  If you make a purchase I may receive an affiliate commission.  The price you pay will not be affected.   Also, please be aware that some products I review I do not recommend.  In any case please keep reading to see why I have to say and what I recommend instead!  

What Is Copy Paste Income?

copy paste income ewen chia click here

On first impressions, it’s fair to assume that you could most certainly benefit from this product if you are a complete newbie.  

If have no idea how to build a website then this might actually be worth a try – if you can afford to lose $37. 

Due to the fact that the teaching system doesn’t require a website, it can be easily implemented.  It means that creating a website from scratch will not be a problem for you.  As you will not need one.

You should begin with the Copy Paste Income complete coaching as soon as you enter the members’ area.  It is estimated that Evan Chia has recorded nearly three hours of coaching. 

Many people have commented positively on the coaching, stating that it was very concise and clear. 

The coaching pace wasn’t too fast for everyone, but a few people said it moved too fast.

“To become financially successful online, you copy and paste your way to success.” 

The following is an excerpt from the desk of “Wonderboy”, as he was called. 

In this course, Evan Chia shows you how you can easily make money online by studying Affiliate Marketing.

All you need to know is how to copy and paste, that’s all, says the sales page. 

It is also stated that this is the fastest way to achieve financial success.  Ewen claims that this is the best product you could ever buy and you’ll be making more money than you will ever know what to do with!  

ewen chia copy paste income is it legit

It sounds like a great opportunity, right?

So Let’s Look At Ewen Chia Copy Paste Income

Hypothetically. if you were to buy Ewen Chia Copy Paste Income here is what you should expect…

Upon reading the sales page the first thing to note is many different incredible claims

copy paste income is it a scam

Indeed,  if Ewen Chia is to be completely believed then this should be the opportunity of a lifetime.

It is $37.00 to get started with Copy Paste Income but of course, there are Upsells.

The first one of these upsells is called ‘Copy Paste Traffic’.  You will be offered as soon as you have completed payment for the main product.  According to this next page, you will be redirected to it says “This offer will never be REPEATED!”

ewen chia copy paste income upsell 1

This is a lie because you can buy this UPSELL from the back office of Copy Paste Income as soon as you buy the main product for $37.00.  BUT in Ewan Chia’s defence lot’s of marketers do this.  

However, there is something to be said about any product that offers upsells – they are not the complete package!  

So, one can assume that once you have the primary Copy Paste Income product that you will need Copy Paste Traffic to drive traffic.  This is $100 right from the get-go.  

Copy Paste Conversion is another free upsell but let’s look at everything else.

Copy Paste Income Course Contents + Upsells

ewen chia copy paste income training area

So, in the $37.00 package, you get 4 different things including a welcome video!

The rest includes;

Complete Coaching

3 hours training on how to use Copy Paste Income, how to promote your 10 free EBooks and the basic principles of affiliate marketing taught by Ewen Chia himself.

Topics include choosing the best niches, keyword research and you guessed it…

How To Promote Copy Paste Income and all of its Upsells…

ewen chia copy paste emails how to promote

Copy Paste EBooks

Here are your 10 Free Rebrandable EBooks to use as your lead magnets on social media and other recommended websites.  All of which contain links to buy Copy Paste Income but you can change these however you please.  You can swap for your own Copy Paste Income affiliate links or choose others.

Earn Easy Cash

These are the affiliate resources such as email swipes to help promote your ebooks.

Copy Paste Traffic:  Upsell 1# $67.00

Paid Traffic System?  to help promote your Ebooks.  I have not purchased but I assume it’s something along these lines.

1 Million Visitors:  Upsell 2# $197.00

Further training for affiliate marketing and using Copy Paste Income.  No doubt this is further sharing of Ewen Chia’s wealth of affiliate marketing knowledge.  Only $197.00  xx

Website Software:  Upsell 3# $197.00

How to build your own affiliate marketing website.  Seriously I can help with this myself.  Subscribe to my list and look out for my daily emails.  Do not pay $197.00 for this it is not worth it!

Affiliate Coaching:  Free Webinar

I am pretty sure this same webinar is available on Ewen Chia.com for free.

DFY System:  Upsell 4# $297.00

I have not tried but here I would assume is a landing page that people sign up to that is linked to a DFY set of email swipes hard wired to your affiliate links.  Sounds cool but again don’t bother My Online Start-Up Founding Partner offers the same $197.00 with a free DFY website set up.

Not the best set of products on offer it would appear but you have to ask…

Who Even Is Ewen Chia?

If you have never heard of Ewen Chia the creator of Copy Paste Income before here are a few things you might like to know.  

Firstly, Ewen Chia is from Singapore.  He has been in the Internet Marketing Business since 1997 and he is the creator of several different online marketing products and courses including; Turnkey Internet Profits, Unlimited Profits On Demand (UPOD), and Autopilot Profits plus many others!  

I am not sure if they are all ‘a better than the last one’ kind of deal or what but Ewen definitely seems to have a lot to offer.   His website EwenChia.com is full of different resources that on the face of it look very helpful.

Here is a video from Ewens website;

So, of Ewens achievements he is an international motivational speaker, the best selling author of “How I Made My First Million on the Internet and How You Can Too”, and a successful Internet Marketing expert.

From doing just a bit of research you can see that Ewen has really got this name out there.  His book has mostly positive reviews on Amazon.  It looks like it could be a good read.  The autobiography of a self-made millionaire (or so he claims).  

However, If some of ‘the not so positive reviews’ of Ewens products are to be believed then Copy Paste Income should be something to avoid like a plague.  

Certainly, some of Ewen Chia’s products appear to be out of date but how about Copy Paste Income?   

Can it help you make money online in 2022?

How Does Copy Paste Income Work?

The way that ‘Copy Paste Income’ works is simple.  Amongst other things Ewen Chia has some ready-made ebooks and videos for you to give out to people for free.  

These you can use to build an email list and set up affiliate links to help sell your potential customers products.

The idea is to take Ewens 10 free Ebooks and edit what’s inside to include your own affiliate links.  Hence the part about copying and pasting. 

These ebooks are created in such a way that they promote this very product inside so that when people read them, they will develop an interest and a natural curiosity to learn more about it (the Copy Paste Income product).

Really on Ewen Chia’s part what he has done is pretty impressive (kind of).  

Even if the readers of these free ebooks that you are given to promote decide not to click on your affiliate links, Ewen Chia still has a chance of landing a sale, because all you do is in essence is to promote Copy Paste Income.  

Promoting Ewen Chia Copy Paste Income

Really, this wouldn’t be such a bad thing for both parties.  However, the trouble is that the promotion strategies actually recommended in Copy Paste Income don’t actually work.  Plus the products aren’t really great either.

All you will learn inside is how to promote these ebooks on social media sites like Facebook, SlideShare, and Scribd. 

It may be beneficial to learn these strategies but remember if people keep seeing you promoting spam products, that’s it.  They will not keep trusting you.   Also, how many people are promoting the same ebooks and on the same platforms?

That’s not all.  If you invest some time in researching, you will find out that there are a lot of absolutely FREE PLR websites, filled with content that you can use without paying a single penny.

You can download these for free.  Edit them with your own links and save $37 and all the rest on Upsells.

Basically what Ewen Chia is teaching is nothing new and you can easily learn these techniques for free.

Final Verdict:  Is It Worth Your Investment?

Although the claims of the owner of this product are very high, if you consider the chances of success in the real world then you will feel that it is totally overhyped. There is no doubt that you can make money with copy-paste but the claims of this product are not very realistic at all. 

The training is also very outdated and most of the things taught in this method don’t work anymore.

Copy Paste Income is a way to make money online that is extremely short-term. With a strategy like this, you won’t make thousands of dollars every weekend, no focus is placed on building long-term assets and internet marketing skills, and it is overpriced for what it offers. You would be better off investing your time and money elsewhere.

What You Can Do To Make Money Online Instead

Now, I am not just slating off Ewen Chia and Copy Paste Income just to nudge you towards something else.  I actually would recommend his book.  How I Made My First Million on the Internet and How You Can Too“.  He obviously has been successful at learning and implementing his knowledge of affiliate marketing but come on now.

$37 + $67 + $197 + $197 + $297 = $795 USD all in!  No fricking way!

There is so much better on offer for this kind of money.

It won’t buy Authority Hackers (probably the best online training product right now)

but you can still join John Thornhills Partnership Success, Project24 Income School, Wealthy Affiliate and MyOnline StartUp.

All are much better options by miles.  However my top pick for earning money online in 2022 (see here)

My suggestion set up your own website by WordPress, follow the training (it doesn’t cost $297 – unless it’s a 1-year hosting package), from here produce content, learn SEO, how to build traffic, Email Marketing and Lead Generation.

This is how I make my money online and I never had to pay for any crappy $37 product with ridiculous Upsells.

I hope today’s post has been helpful.  Any questions or feedback please feel free to leave below in the comments.

Many thanks and all the best #ToYourSuccess ?

Alex B. Chivers

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