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Finding Affiliate Programs For Beginners

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Hi Guys,  So I have been brainstorming quite a bit.  Thinking about what new posts I could write and one I thought of was Finding Affiliate Programs For Beginners…

Now, this is something I really just want to give to people.  I’ve done a few posts now that I think could really benefit new entrepreneurs interested in affiliate marketing.

So, read this till the end and once you’re done scroll back up and check out some of my other helpful posts (see below);

These are all things I think people should know about.  Basically right from the offset.  Making money in this sort of business for some can take what seems like forever.  I would say it doesn’t have to.  As long as you have something of real value to offer and you market it correctly there is no reason why you can’t make your very first commission within the first 1-3 months.

It can be as simple as this formula:  Traffic + (Pitch + Conversion) = Commission

I’m dead serious!  as long as you have affiliate links with your own unique code it is money on the table!

Just find your affiliate links to use.  Promote it and if done right YOU will make money! 

Which, is exactly what today’s post is here to help you with because before you start promoting, the main thing is, you will need to find your own affiliate links…

Finding Affiliate Programs For Beginners

(My Guide For Finding Affiliate Links For New Marketers)

Let’s begin with…

Clickbank and DigiStore24

clickbank and digistore24 finding affiliate programs for beginners

I can honestly, not think of anyone that these 2 vendors will not approve!  As long as your country is not on the red list applying to join is a piece of cake.  Almost as easy as setting up an email address or Facebook Account.  

Even a 5-Year old could probably do it lol

Jokes aside.  Either website is a great place to get started.  Digistore24 is not as big but still has some of its own unique products.  Whilst ClickBank has countless products you can promote for many different niches.  

There are some good one’s as well.  

I have come across a few amazing products here (on Clickbank) and no matter what you hear people say this is ‘the God’s Honest Truth’.  You just need to find them.  They are there!

Although, let’s not deter from the fact that both Clickbank and Digistore24 are littered to high heaven with products that really don’t cut it.  Plenty of these, in the beginning, I started writing about thinking everyone was amazing but a rookie mistake.  Nowadays if I review one of these products I research them a lot more thoroughly and if I think they are rubbish then I will point this out.  Honestly, this is my philosophy and I think everyone should do this.

There is definitely a lot of ****.  To be honest it’s hard to identify some of these right away but if you need any help check out out my previous post.  How To Find Verified Customer Reviews for Your Blog Posts.

Also, CB Engine is a good tool to use for finding the refund rates of products if you are willing to make a small investment.

Just Be Careful

Aside from this, another issue I thought I’d better mention is the competition is fierce

Even though Clickbank has a huge red list of countries it still has an estimated 200 Million Customers in 190 Countries!

I am not trying to put you off but one reason it is hard to make money with ClickBank and even DigiStore24 is you have so many other people all promoting the same products.  

It is a good place to start but maybe just bear this in mind!


Warrior Plus and JVZOO

jvzoo and warrior plus best affiliate programs for beginners

Another Two Affiliate Programs For Beginners I think are very easy to join are JVZOO and Warrior Plus.  These two websites are kind of similar really.  Both are vendors of digital products.  You also need to request approval for each product individually before promoting, and most products are centred around the MMO and Online Biz Niches.  

To join It’s a pretty straightforward process and I have found most vendors I’ve applied for have accepted me.  Not all of them, unfortunately, but you can definitely get approved for the majority even as a new member.  

Otherwise, I think it’s mainly a case of just getting a few sales under your belt first.  Which, is I would say is easy enough. There is a lot of quite cheap products on here so it isn’t really that difficult to at least get a few commissions for your work.

The only thing I will say is that most (if not all) of the products are MMO – (Make Money Online).  Online Business based which is probably the #1 Niche for competition.  

I wouldn’t really recommend this route (EVEN though it is one I have taken myself).


Any niche can work it mainly depends on your content and your ability to offer original and helpful information.  Although, the opportunities to be found in other less popular niches are 100% worth looking into.  Maybe give MMO a try but 100% try something else first with less competition.  Something you are passionate about that you can easily monetize. 

I would say everyone has something like this ( a personal interest) that fits into its own niche, but more to the point.

If you are doing MMO definitely sign up with both Warrior+ and JVZOO>  

Or if not there is…

Amazon and eBay Affiliate Programs

Many that find themselves drawn to affiliate marketing will quickly look to Amazon Associates.  

amazon associates for affiliate marketing

After all, it is by far the biggest online retailer in the world!  So, you can definitely make money as one of their affiliates.  That you can not deny.  Many people successfully use Amazon Associates to garner a monthly income and do so very consistently.  So, for beginners, it’s no surprise that many will recommend taking this route.

However, compared to the commissions you can earn from other vendors – what you get paid from Amazon is basically peanuts!  I would say it’s OK if you are just getting started but if you really want to unleash your potential as an affiliate then look elsewhere.  Amazon are probably one of the worst companies in the world!  

I should be careful what I say – they are actually who I am hosting this website with but yes how they have continued to treat their affiliates over the years is appalling!

Even though, it is easier to earn commissions from Amazon than from other vendors their affiliate program is awful.   Try it if you like but don’t waste the resources you could use to promote links that pay more money!

As for eBay Partner Program, I’ve not used it personally but I have heard good things about it.  I will have to give it a go at some point but if you are looking for affiliate vendors I would definitely look into it.  Watch this video below to learn more!

Try These Ideas and here are another two which I personally use.

MaxBounty and ShareASale

Yes, another 2 popular vendors for Finding Affiliate Programs For Beginners.  

I will be honest these are not for new websites with zero posts.  These are two you can apply for after 3-6 months.  

MaxBounty will interview you over the phone and Share-A-Sale you need to apply for online.  

In my experience, you can tell a few white lies to get approved with MaxBounty.  I did lol

As for Share-A-Sale, I had a bit more trouble with this but fortunately, as a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I was approved by another member.  I can not guarantee that you can do the same but I think one of the Share-A-Sale representatives is also a member so if you join ask around and see what happens.  You will not regret it – Share-A-Sale has the best products in my opinion.  MaxBounty is OK but some products I found here aren’t exactly great.

CJ, WebGains, Impact and LinkShare

best affiliate programs for beginners CJ, webgains, Impact, and LinkShare

So, Just a few more that may be worth checking out as a beginner.  I am a member of all 4 but have not used any of them much.  CJ [formerly Commission Junction]  I have used quite a bit more recently.  I had to fill out a lot of data to set up my account but some good affiliate vendors.  Webgains and Impact I will have to look into a bit more and as for Rakuten, I will see I guess.  Sometimes when I google it comes up with different offers from these networks.  So I will see.

Of course, as it goes this is another good point.

Search For Independent Affiliate Programs

For Instance type in Google, Bing, or Yahoo (Search Criteria) + Affiliate Programs.  

For example;

Health Supplements + Affiliate Programs

Hotels + Affiliate Programs

Relationships + Affiliate Programs

Pets + Affiliate Programs

MMO + Affiliate Programs

This is actually probably one of the best things you can do.  Instead of searching through the likes of ClickBank search Google see what comes up.  You may be pleasantly surprised.


Other Affiliate Vendors

Above if you count I have mentioned 12 Affiliate Vendors in total but this is no way near all of them.

Just in case you are interested I will shoot you a quick list below of another 20 Affiliate Vendor Networks;

AvanGate (2Checkout)
DFO Global
Converting Team

Please Note:  I wouldn’t say these are all the best Affiliate Programs For Beginners.  Some of these will not let you join until you have proof that you can make $$$$ on a regular basis and have very high traffic levels.  I am actually only (I think) with the first 2.  You may like to go through it yourself but either way, I hope this information has been helpful for you. 


In Conclusion / Your Feedback

I started with Clickbank and Amazon Associates.  In my opinion, this is not a bad idea because when you get started it is the small things that keep you going.  It might sound silly but if you are working on a new website flat out for 1-3 months and one day you make a $5 commission it really can spur you on.  

It’s not much but the small things are all you need sometimes to keep you going.  Some people don’t make any money at all in the beginning so this is always a good sign.  It means you are doing something right and actually you can make OK money.  My biggest issue though with Amazon is if you don’t make any money for 3 months they close your account.

So, of my ideas for Finding Affiliate Programs For Beginners, I think doing a search on Google with the method mentioned above is maybe the best.  Just one rookie mistake to avoid EVERY AFFILIATE PROGRAM you get approved for keep a record of.  Create an Excel spreadsheet and save all your usernames, registered email addresses, passwords and everything together.  

This was one of my biggest mistakes and I do wonder if there are any commissions I made that I don’t know about.  I could probably find this out but my advice to you is to be more organised!  I hope this helps.

Now… I am going to finish here for now.  If you have any questions or would like to make any suggestions based on the information I’ve shared today please let us know in the comments!

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Many Thanks and To Your Success 

Alex B. Chivers

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