Finding the right vehicle for success

Finding the Right Vehicle for Success

Finding the Right Vehicle for Success…????

Hello Guys, buckle up because today this ride is going to get bumpy!  For this post I will be discussing a few different ideas for helping you with finding the right vehicle for success.

You may wonder what I am going on about??  But I don’t mean something like a car, or motorbike.  No, rather what I mean is a vehicle that can transport you along the way on your road to success.

Something that can help you reach your destination.  Where you want to get to with your online business.

This is what I mean by finding the right vehicle for success.

A metaphor for carrying something such as an entity rather than a physical thing

like how a human body is a vehicle for the soul, or how the world we live in is a vehicle for our human body…

Or how about a domain, and hosting package, a website, or a membership within a group  – A YouTube channel, a Facebook business account.  Even just an internet connection and a PC…

all these are vehicles in their own right – but the BIG question IS what is the right vehicle for you?

Finding the Right Vehicle for Success


What will you drive on your road to riches?  Here is the question… what will you use to deliver yourself to the dream that you are ready to follow.  How are you going to get from Point A as a starting point to Point B which is your destination.

By having a clear idea of where this destination is should be the first thing.  This is something I wrote about very recently in my post Developing a Positive Mindset Training for an Online Business.  Having a clear income, and a success goal is why you start a business in the first place.  Reinforcing your beliefs with goals, a plan, and an idea of where you want to go.

But once you do know, what this is, it is like what the title of this post says;  It is all about finding the right vehicle for success

Also, be sure to bookmark this page, as I want to share with you many different ideas.  Everything I can think of really.

It might be a bit of long post as will try my best to cover everything that I can.

Table of Contents;

FTC Disclosure:  Please be aware that this may contain affiliate links.  From clicking on these you may be redirected to a page to make a purchase.  You will not have to pay any extra than you normally would but as a result I may or may not receive an affiliate commission.  Click here to read more.

1.)  Hosting Platform for Creating Your Content

How will you deliver your content for your online business?  This should be the first question on every single new affiliate marketers mind.  Even to not so new affiliate marketers who might like a change.  Which is the right platform for you to create audience winning content;  the kind that will lead to high conversions, and affiliate commissions.

My personal choice I have discussed before on this website is WEALTHY AFFILIATE or WA.  Hosting wise as a premium member you can host up to 25 websites here with free SSL certificates, and a whole ton of other stuff.  The down side is you will have to pay a regular price of $49 USD a month but if you actually consider what is available this is not such a bad deal.

Also, if you sign up for premium within the first 2 weeks I think it is you will get a $30 discount plus a free traffic bonus.

Read my review here ==>>

Or perhaps your looking for something more affordable.  Another platform where you can build websites with their hosting platform is All In One Profits or AIOP.  This does not quite measure up to WA in terms of quality but for $10 a month a lot of people do use this platform.  Not just for hosting either but as an email marketing solution rather than sites such as Aweber.

Check it out here ===>

Otherwise there are many other free alternatives but I would definitely recommend paying for a platform that offers training and an active community.  Although a YOUTUBE channel should definitely be considered alongside a website, or blog for more exposure.  Having both is definitely better!  Also, TikTok I see is really taking off so maybe consider this also.

Alternatively you can use the following websites to create a free website or blog.



2.)  Training on How to Do Internet Marketing

Again I highly recommend WEALTHY AFFILIATE for their Online Entrepreneur Certification, Affiliate Bootcamp, Training HQ and Classrooms.  Otherwise another good platform to consider which is free is MY ONLINE START UP or MOS.

MOS I would say is excellent training wise and it is not be missed, as it is free unless you want to start promoting it as a partner.   Try it out for yourself here ===>

Otherwise another platform with a lot of training I have found is called ClickTrackProfit.  I’ve only just started using this platform myself but it seems to have a lot going for it in terms of training and tools.

I still need to be using it a bit longer before giving it as a recommendation, but If you are interested it is free to join.  Although I think this is very limited so it is better to pay $7 for Pro or I think it is $20 for their entrepreneur package.

See below for link;


If you’re after some other ideas just a few to choose from – not really my recommendations but here goes…

Overnight Millionaire
12 Minute Affiliate

CB University

SAS – Super Affiliate System

Then once you have your training you are going to want to find products.  The best place to look for products are on…

3.)  Affiliate Marketplaces

Once you have your website, and have started your training then no doubt with finding the right vehicle for your success you are going to want to find products to promote.  You can find a lot of websites that offer there own affiliate programs

A good example is Wealthy Affiliate that offer 50% lifetime commissions on pretty much everything but actually a lot of the platforms that are listed in this post have their own affiliate programs, but anyway if you are looking for products;

Here are some of the top suggesstions for affiliate marketplaces.



Once you have joined one of these networks, or any other that I have not listed a good idea to explore is setting up landing pages, and opt in forms to get people onto your email lists so you can send them a series of autoresponder emails.

4.)  Email Marketing Resources

Once you begin posting regular content one thing to seriously consider is setting up an email list.

After all one of the most popular sayings in affiliate marketing is – “It’s all in the list”.

Why this is – well once you have somebodys email address your chances of promoting a product can be multiplied.  By however many emails that are sent by your autoresponder.

Just make sure your emails have good subject lines and are interesting.  Not too to mention make sure you add links to your offer.  A good idea is to create a new email address to sign up to other peoples lists with.

This is an excellent way to figure out what works for other people and to duplicate it.

My number one recommendation for beginners looking to try email marketing is GetResponse which charge $15 a month for up to 1k contacts.  Once this number starts to grow you may want to consider an upgrade with GR or even something else.   This membership for beginners though is great for setting up landing pages, autoresponders and newsletters so once you are ready definitely check out the free trial;

Join here ===>

Alternatively there is MailChimp and Aweber.  Very similar platforms but with different pricing structures.

Mailchimp is $19 a month and Aweber is $27.

Other Email Marketing Ideas to Consider

Although there are other options also – All In One Profits again might be something to consider.  AIOP for $10 a month also offers an email marketing solution, but what is actually better about this platform is you can have unlimited contacts.

You don’t need to upgrade like with GetResponse for example after reaching 1k contacts.

The only drawback is that they don’t have the same quality of templates for building landing pages as platforms such as GR, MailChimp and Aweber.

Also, Leads Leap I would like to give an honourable mention to.  Leads Leap has their own system for building email lists.  This works in conjuction with their optin form builder called PopUpXpert.  I will use a pop up on this page to show you.  If you see one this is where it is from.

As, for landing pages with Leads Leap this has just been released very recently.

Be sure to check out Leads Leap here: ===>

5.)  Traffic, Traffic and Lead Generation!

Building traffic to visit your content is an absolute must but also having the right kind of traffic is very important as well.  Paid advertising is one way of acheiving this.

You can use PPC adverting such as Google and Bing Ads.  Native ads using websites such as Taboola or Outbrain.  Then there is Solo Ads which can be very effective also.  Plus there are others – text/link ads, and paid traffic services etc.

Read my post here:  SEO and Website Traffic Top Tips #2

Then there is also ways to get free traffic.  Cheif among these is using Social Media.  I will discuss this in more detail below.

Otherwise, let’s say though you are instead in trying to draw attention to a landing page.  You want to get people to join your email list, and target them more efficiently, and with different offers.


Leads Leap I mentioned about above.  This is one that I really like as you get 3 free ads as a free member but if you upgrade you get 10 free ads and 10 pro ads = 20 ads.

I have found that as long as you post good quality ads this can be a very good source of both traffic and sign ups.

Alternatively I would also suggest looking into  – FLS/Lead Lightning/Power Lead System ===>Click Here

Plus you can also try;

Leads N Profits

and Prosperity Marketing System

Or, try out some of these training platforms below to turn your Social Media into your No.#1 Lead Generation Tool!

Simple Social Media Sales  (Facebook) (Twitter)

TailWind (Pinterest)
Instapreneur Academy

6.)  Forums for Affiliate Marketing

Something again I’m not really very well versed in.  Although this has been something I have been giving some serious thought over the past few days.  Getting involved within more forum based activity such as starting discussions and getting involved in more discussions relevant to my current operations.

Marketing Checkpoint is maybe the one I am most involved with at the moment but there are a lot of different one’s.  Many are also free to join so definitely something to consider.  As this is a good opportunity to ask for help from like minded people that are trying to do similar to what you are.

Here are just a few ideas of one’s to join…

Warrior Forum
Wicked Fire

or if you have the money there is also…

STM – Stack the Money $100 a Month!
AffLIFT – $20 a month.

7.)  Safelists and Traffic Exchanges

This is a bit of a tedious one.  If you have heard of Safelists or Traffic Exchanges before you will know what I mean.  These are basically websites where people share their websites through a points based system.  Which you can use to get visits to your content.  This Can be very time consuming though, and often a waste of time completely but then sometimes they are known for some people to actually work.

Here are just some that I currently use every now and again…

Global SafeList





8.)  Downline Builder

This is for anybody that is looking for new programs to promote.  Can be a very useful tool if you are a member of many different affiliate marketing websites as it offers the opportunity to get more referrals.

Personally I have only joined Elite Downline Builder and Cash In On Banners at the moment but there lots of other sites that offer downline builders as well.

What I do is keep a spreadsheet for all the programs I join, and then add my links to different downlinnes and rotators.  EDB is also good as it offers a Bitcoin faucet where you can join different programs to earn BTC.  Not only this but you also have text ads, full page ads, banner ads and solo ads which you can all use to promotote your different offers.

9.)  Social Media Marketing

Now when I say about finding the right vehicle for your success.  I don’t mean you have to try everything.  If you want to try everything then fine good for you, but what I would suggest is just choosing a few things.  Come back later by all means but do not try to take on too much all at once.

By no means do I want to make this post feel overwhelming – make sure to bookmark and comeback if it seems like too much but anyway of my suggestions try and give each one some consideration and decide which one’s you would like to implement into your online business strategy.

Find list of Social Media Platforms that you can use for marketing below.  Many also have their own


10.)  Classified Ad Submissions

Not something I know a lot about I’ve heard this is a great way to promote different products.  Using sites such as Craigslist and Gumtree.  Actually advertising digital instead of physical products for sale –

there is a ton of websites you can use for this, and also this can be a golden opportunity to market your affiliate links for free.

This is definitely something worth learning how to do as it is one way of affiliate marketing without a website or YouTube.

One idea if you have the money is to subscribe to a paid Classified Ads autoposter.  Below is just one example;


11.)  Article Submission Sites

For any content creators with their own websites, youtube videos, splash pages, or landing pages one idea is to link through other content.  There are many websites not just the one’s below but these I think are some popular one’s to choose from.

Ezine Articles

Your goal is to write successfully converting content that will get your visitors to click on a link to visit your content.  These do not have to be long posts but long enough to offer enough information to get your readers engaged.  The good thing about these websites and there are a lot more than these 3 is they are high DA – domain authority, and there is a pretty solid chance that people will read these posts more rather than if you say posted on your own website.

12.)  Outsourcing Content

Finally, as you begin to start working more towards “finding the right vehicle for success” you may want to consider investing in getting some help.  This could be for a very large number of things including content creation, video editing, SEO, hiring a virtual assistant, or help with actaul marketing.

Below are some popular websites which you can use to hire people if ever you need any help.



SEO Clerks

Final Thoughts

OK, so I hope you have read this post, and found this information helpful.  Be sure to bookmark this post to visit us again, and to take full advantage of all these many different ideas.  Finding the Right Vehicle for Success – could not be easier.

You just need to want this badly enough this is all, and I promise you it is all in your hands!!!

Your Feedback

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If you have any questions, or would like to leave comments or feedback, see comments section below, or alternatively you can also email me at

Anyway, many thanks if you have read this far, and hope to see you all again soon.

Many thanks;


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  1. A lot of interesting things to think about. Right now I’ll just stick with Wealthy Affiliate, that’s enough to keep me occupied for now.  Once things are more established, I will probably try something here.  Just don’t use TikTok, it is connected to the Chinese Communist party, so don’t use this, unless you want your information going to China.  I completely forgot about Classifieds, going old school may still be valuable.  Pinterest is a good simple way to try to get more traffic.  Good post, I would recommend it to others.

    • Thank you, Anthony, for taking the time to comment.  Yes I would suggest sticking with WA till you at least have finished both the online entrepreneur certification and affiliate bootcamp.  About TikTok I haven’t used yet but to be fair amazon are just as bad with their alexa devices.

  2. People often say that the very best means towards success is actually identifying what we want and knowing the way to getting to it. I actually value what you have shared here and to be very honest, it would really be a great feeling ti be able to know exactly the right manner of steps to achieving success as an affiliate marketer. This is really great to see and thank you so much for sharing here


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