Forex Trendy Review 2020 Forex Trend Scanner

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Product Name:  Forex Trendy

Creator:  Unknown

Price:  $37

Rating:  3.5/5.0 Stars

Quick Summary:  Forex Trendy is a computer program described as a forex trend scanner.  It claims to be able to identify positive forex pairs and the most sensible time to invest.


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Introduction to Forex Trendy

Hi Guys, How are your fortunes?  Today this is my Forex Trendy Review for 2020.  I can not verify whether this product is legit or not, but I’ve decided to update this post today.  Why, because I think that by the end of this post I will be able to provide you with at least some valuable information.

You have maybe stumbled across this post because you want to learn more about Forex Trading.  The method of cashing in on currency exchanges at just the right time.  This product claims to be a useful tool to help people get the edge on upwards and downwards trends as there about to happen.

But for my Forex Trendy Review, I’m going to try and give this to people as clearly as possible whether I think this is a safe opportunity or just another questionable get-rich-quick scheme that is not worth peoples time.

Honestly, there are so many programs that claim to have the answer to how to take full advantage of volatile markets.  This could very well be the answer but honestly, it’s not my suggestion for how to make money online.  Mine is very different and involves something called Affiliate Marketing.

What is Forex or FX Trading?

Forex Trading for people that don’t know is an investment strategy where people invest in the upwards and downwards trends of the currency exchange.

There are many websites online to get started with FX Trading including Ninja Trader, Beta Trader, and Trade station.  It can be a very risky process if you don’t know what you’re doing, but it’s the same as investing in stocks and shares, and also flat out gambling.

Although there is a danger of losing money there are people with certain skill sets that can turn this into a successful career.  No doubt it is like anything if you actually put the hours in to educate yourself than this very well might be something you can take full advantage of.

How Forex Trading Works

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How it works is by exchanging one currency for another at the right time.  So let’s say you’re going on holiday.  You go to the Currency Exchange and trade £200 GBP for 250 Euros.

Then you get to the airport, you miss your flight, and as a result, don’t end up going on your holiday.  A massive kick in the teeth it almost happened to me last year.  My sympathies go to anyone that this has happened to by the way it’s an awful feeling.

Anyway, so with these Euros let’s say a few weeks later you go to the Currency Exchange again and trade your Euro’s back for GBP.  You get back £210 for £250.  5% profit.

Now imagine this is £2000 and you make £100 this is how FOREX Trading works.

Currency Pairs Explained

How many currency pairs are available to trade on the Forex market?

On Quora, somebody recently asked this same question, and this was one of the answers;

forex question quora


179 pairs as of 2017.  This could be more now or less.  The more popular currency pairs are EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, USD/JPY, etc.  Although I have seen the new thing is cross exchanges between Petro Dollar and CryptoCurrency like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.   So pairs like BTC/GBP, LTC/USD, and ETH/CAD are only going to become more common.

For this reason, learning how to invest in FOREX trading and other currencies is something that is an increasingly valuable skill to have.

But as not many people do have these required skills there is always the need for guidance in some shape or form.  What FOREX Trendy supposedly does is this with the help of a bank of computers. It finds the best times to invest and sends you an alert to let you know about it.

Obviously, things can go wrong like with anything but this software as it claims may be beneficial at least in the capacity that investors will lose a lot more without it as opposed to if they actually use it.

Forex Trendy Review 2020 Forex Trend Scanner

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Now so there is only so much I can write about in this Forex Trendy Review.  Soon I will be delving into what other people on the web are saying about this product.  Before I do though something I’d like to share is the video I downloaded from the Forex Trendy Website.  Just to explain how this product works a bit more clearly.

View Product Video Below;

What Others are Saying about Forex Trendy

At first glance of some of the other reviews on Google, it appears that a lot of people are all for this product.  The first review I read made a pretty honest statement though.

That they prefer to pick out longer trends which is better to do on your own but for shorter day to day trends than this product is very helpful.  Opposed to that they also say that to use this program you need very high internet speeds.

The second review it starts off very much singing Forex Trendy’s praises but a bit further down the article it says that this product should only be used by somebody with knowledge of the FX market, or alongside somebody who knows what they are doing.

Another thing they say is that contacting the customer service reps in real-time can be quite a headache although they usually respond to emails in quite a reasonable amount of time.

My Thoughts about Forex Trendy

My opinion is that this isn’t a scam.  It’s actually an OK bit of software but for beginners, I would say that you need to proceed with caution if you don’t know how the Forex markets work.  Oh, and have a decent speed internet connection.  These seem to be the biggest flaws here and not being able to contact customer service by live chat.

I can only imagine that alone can be very frustrating.  You can’t understand a piece of data and either you don’t end up making a trade and losing out, or you do because you don’t have someone there to tell you you’re making a mistake, and you end up losing your money.

Aside from this what I didn’t mention above about what was said in the other reviews is that Forex Trendy is apparently very straightforward and easy to use.  They use live charts which are supposedly another very good feature, and they offer a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Forex Trendy Pros and Cons

Forex Trendy Pros and Cons


  1. Easy to Use and Straightforward
  2. Offers a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  3. Uses Real-Time Data and Charts
  4. Mostly Favourable Reviews
  5. Reasonable Price


  1. May Not Be Suitable for Beginners
  2. You Must Have a High-Speed Internet Connection
  3. No Live Chat and Delayed Customer Support
  4. Creator of Product is Unknown
  5. Requires Software


I’m going to come right out with it.  I don’t have any interest personally in trading in Forex or Crypto Currencies.  Briefly, I tried a few years ago with Stocks and Shares which wasn’t for me but this right here Forex Trading and Crypto for that matter have too many scams which I find really off-putting.

Forex Trendy is not a scam I truly believe this and there are multiple links inside this post if this is something you would like to try out.  However this, not my suggestion for making money online.

Mine is building websites and affiliate marketing.  Click the button below to find out more;

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12 thoughts on “Forex Trendy Review 2020 Forex Trend Scanner”

  1. Hello.

    I really appreciate the honesty that you gave in this review. It really has covered the as you said it would and one can really have a good picture of the product from your review.

    However, i will be around for the time you really let us know if its a real product or another scam online. Because there is a whole lot of it out there and we can always count on you to help us avoid them.

    thank you again for the review. Quite elaborate 

    • Thank you glad to hear you liked.  Originally wrote this article months back but updated to be more clear for people.  Seems this product might be for some and not for others.  I wouldn’t warn people off it completely but my choice for MMO is definitely affiliate marketing as know a lot more about it.

  2. I like this world of Forex and I have studied a bit about it. I even started to create a trading bot for mini index but didn’t finished, unfortunately. As you mentioned about beginners, if you are a beginner to stock markets, I’d say that this software is not for you. However, if you are an intermediate to advance, this software would sum when placing your orders. You analyze the market, compare to the software, and then place the order, Forex Trendy might polish your skills!

    • Yes from what I have heard.  I mean, to be honest with you it is only coming from one source that this is not recommended for beginners a lot of other places say it’s ideal.  It’s not something that interests me too much to be fair but it’s a good price review are OK so will leave up to other people I think.  If you do try out let us know and I will add to the article your honest review.

  3. This is really highly infirmational and also thank you for your honesty in sharing this information, personally I find this very interesting, and I’ll give it a try and I hope to get a positive result with Forever Trendy as  a guide in carryout my trade in the forest market.

    • Hi Jomatta,  Yes, by all means, give it a try.  Let me know how it goes.  Many thanks for your comment.  Kind regards;  Alex 

  4. Reading this review creates a sense of listening to a genuine personal thought. Thanks Alex. A choppy internet connection or lousy computer is not something you want to have when it comes to the high stakes and this looks like one of those. It is clearly a game for the big boys with well-oiled machinery and financial cushions that can take the occasional dips in the market. As a newbie, I’ve gleaned valuable tips and I’ll gladly stay away from this one.

    We are Blessed.

    • Hi Mark,  Yes I am a bit mixed on this one.  It seems like it could be the real deal but then it seems like a bit of a shot in the dark also.  I can’t fully attest because I haven’t tried but mostly reviews have been good for this so the jury is still out I think.

  5. Splendid review on the forex trendy 2020 forex trend scanner…. I did have the zeal on forex trade but never did knew how to go about it cos I didn’t have much knowledge in it….haven gone through your review, I really did get a lot out of it and I think am going to give a thought to it…
    Thanks for your intriguing article

    • Thanks, Evans.  Best of luck if you decide to try.  There are good reviews out there for this.  60 Day money-back guarantee if you do not like.

  6. Hello, Thank you so very much for this amazing review on Forex Trendy Review 2020 Forex Trend Scanner. Personally, I have learned a lot here. I have never understood this until I came to this website. It is so good to know that there is a computer program that is capable of know and letting me know when to invest and when to hold on. Thanks.

    • Hey Joy,  Yes, there is actually a few of these on the market.  This one has its faults for sure but very good for its price.


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