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Free Lead Generation Sites – My Top Two! LeadsLeap and Lead Lightning

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Free Lead Generation Sites – My Top Two!

Hi Guys,  so for today’s post I wanted to go over a couple of different products I have begun using.  Different Free Lead Generation Sites.  I would say there has been maybe 2 to me so far that are notable.

One of these I wrote about in my last post called LeadsLeap but I have also begun using another called Lead Lightning.

I have had so far I think 6 referrals between both of them.  One a $6 commission in total but not going to lie, at the moment as a beginner to affiliate marketing any commissions I’m kind of happy with.  As long as there is still room for improvement.

Plus as the title says Lead GenerationLeadsLeap at least has certainly helped me out there and Leads Lightning has at least paid for itself for the time being.  It has some very useful tools actually kind of different from Leads Leap but we can look into that further soon.

Free Lead Generation Sites – INDEX

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. LeadsLeap
  3. Other Reasons to Join LeadsLeap
  4. My Number #1 Tips for using Leads Leap
  5. Lead Lightning
  6. Facebook
  7. Herculist
  8. In Conclusion
  9. Your Feedback

Free Lead Generation Sites – Introduction

So, let’s first before we look into each platform look at what a lead generation site is.  For anybody new to the concept a Lead is often an email address of a customer that is likely to be interested in what you’re selling.  The best way to get leads is with a lead capture page.  If you see below this is a link to my lead capture page for Leads Leap.

Click Here Button

If you click on the above image it will go to a page where it asks for your email.  Once you give your email the page will redirect to my offer.  Plus also an email will be automatically sent out called an autoresponder.  This will be a message that welcomes you to my list, and also shares a link again to the offer.

In an ideal situation what will usually happen is that you will receive a whole series of autoresponders each time again linking to this same offer, and as is often the case also to other similar products.

Lead Generation websites are sites which offer the opportunity to share your links to these Lead capture pages, and as well if you wish links to your affiliate offers.  Although actually you should have lead capture pages for your affiliate offers anyway.

As the saying goes in Internet Marketing –

“It’s All in the List”!

Free Lead Generation Sites – LeadsLeap

Join Leads Leap for Free Leads

LeadsLeap is a kind of advertising community for affiliate marketers with several earning opportunities.  The main one is I would say is recurring affiliate commissions from its referral system.  Which payout 25% of either $20 or $30 to free members and 50% to Pro members.

Although actually, the main way to earn from LeadsLeap is actually through advertising your affiliate links.  This gives you a great opportunity to actually promote your own offers but also on top they have a lot of useful tools including ad bars, landing page builder and email list(s) integration.

(you should see a pop up to sign up for email subscribers list), on this page on exit.  This from a tool on LL called PopUpXpert.  Other than this you can also advertise LL with their own PPC ads.

See widget for PPC ads below.  These are all different affiliate marketing opportunities, and each one you click I will receive advertising points for my ad campaigns and also PPC earnings.

Other Reasons to Join LeadsLeap

Leads Leap Lead Generation System

What you can also do on LeadsLeap is read reviews to find out about other online biz opportunities, and leave your own reviews.  Your own reviews you can use to leverage your own referrals, and sign-ups.

You can find quite a few different platforms here worth your time also.  Lot’s of ideas you can get just by reading other peoples reviews.

Another handy tool is LL’s link rotator and link tracker.  The tracker is basically like BitLy but a lot better.  It provides more data, and the link rotator you can use with adverts and traffic exchanges to promote several different offers with one link.

Then how the ads work just to explain quickly.  If you are a free member you get 3 free ads and you will need to click other ads for people to view your ads.  As a premium member for $20 or $30 a month depending on when you join you get 10 free ads which you need to click on other ads for.  Plus 10 pro ads which you don’t need to click on links for.

I think this is most of it covered but just if you are interested to check out this link;

My Number #1 Tips for using Leads Leap

Just quickly though I add my suggestion.  So let’s say you are a free member with 3 (free) ads.  Convert your link with the TrckApp link tracker then use this new link to create an ad bar.  This is a way to get points to show your ads without clicking on other ads.  If you go to this link you will see a surf timer and this gets you points.   Click my link and you will see what I mean –

Another tip also on your splash page or landing page add the PPC code you will see the ads above.

Free Lead Generation Sites – Lead Lightning

Lead Lightning Review 2020

I haven’t been affiliated here for as long as LeadsLeap but there a lot of things I like about this platform.  It is a free system to join and it is also known as FLS or Free Lead System.

It is recommended that you pay $7 for the basic Lead Lightning membership, but here is the thing.  The only difference between FLS and Lead Lightning is that you if you pay the $7 (onetime fee) you can then promote Lead Lightning for a $6 commission each time.

The different resources for signing up are attractive landing pages, templates and training.

The actual free system works by sending an autoresponder series on your behalf which is already set up and works kind of like this;

Odd-numbered emails (#1 3 5 etc) will promote Lead Lightning.
Even-numbered emails (#2 4 6 etc) will promote your chosen website link.

Personally I have signed for Lead Lightning for $7 and I am still waiting to see where it goes.  You can also upgrade for either Silver or Gold tier on the Power Lead System.  This is a monthly fee of either $15 or $30 (I think) but you can get I think a 2-week free trial.

My tips for this platform are to offer the free lead system to people and use this to build your email list.  Then set up a highly engaging autoresponder series with your other offers inside.

Free Lead Generation Sites – Facebook

Facebook for Free Leads

This is obviously one of the main sites people will think of to network on.  Personally, I don’t know many people that are not on Facebook.  I remember when I first joined and I used to think this person wouldn’t join, and that person wouldn’t join, but how things have changed.

To get people to visit your landing pages, or your affiliate offers is what you want in theory.  To share your content where people can have access to it.  Facebook and actually any other social media platform is the perfect place for this.

It is no secret the people that are going to buy things from you, whatever it is.  They are regular people like me and you.  So where else better to find them then on sites like Facebook.

To find these people it is all about joining the right groups and creating engaging posts which give you the opportunity to share your content.  There is a bit more to this I will say.  I personally would rather have people join my email list through a lead capture page than linking straight to an affiliate offer, but different things work for different people.

To learn more what I highly recommend is a short $7 course, or it’s $27 upgrade (Use code “YAYBONES”) that I have reviewed on called Simple Social Media Sales.

From here I have myself learnt 2 methods – 1 free and 1 paid which have both got my offers lots of attention.  One I am currently using to get 100’s of people to join my Business page where I post all my links for new posts.

Check out a link I’m currently boosting on Facebook on my business page as an example;

See here:

Free Lead Generation Sites – Herculist

Free Lead Generation Sites - Herculist

Last but not least I thought I would add Herculist.  I have been with Herculist for a few months at least now.  In fact, I have only really just signed up for a pro membership.  What this website is and you can use it for free is called a safelist.  A safelist is a website that has a large group of members which you can basically send emails to.

Thus it can be argued along with other safelists and traffic exchanges is not the most effective way to get leads.  For instance, with Herculist they will ask you for a 2nd email address called a list email address and every member is emailed 500-1k emails a day.  Way too much to read so as you can imagine it does decrease the likelihood of people reading your emails but there are people that do have results – good reviews do exist.

Actually my stance on it is it depends on the quality of your swipes (emails).  Same as with landing pages the better quality the more attention you are likely to get.  It does help to be active with this method for sure – same with traffic exchanges but think of it like this – if people don’t like the look of the packaging then they aren’t going to want to buy it.

I would personally say about Herculist it is probably better to pay the $7 pro membership so you can send HTML emails, and the other thing is you can get  50% commissions on any ads or points bought by your referrals and also recurring commissions on a monthly membership.

In Conclusion

So this post is pretty much where I’m at with affiliate marketing right now.  Less time spent writing unfortunately and looking more into building landing pages, email autoresponders and chasing leads but it is all in the list.  My advice for people is to get a good amount of people on your list 100+ and hope that at least 5% of these people buy from you.

Just make sure that you pay attention to your open rate% on your email marketing platform.  It is all to do with the headline – if it is something boring people will not even bother opening it.  This is not what you want – you want people to read your emails – click on the link inside and buy whatever you are trying to sell,

Even sign up to another email list.  An effective funnel will lead customers from one page and to another page and so on.  You don’t need to be paying $300 a month for Clickfunnels for this.  Have in your emails a mix of affiliate links and sign up links.  Offer them value but not too much.  If you have somebody that signs up to several different lists the more chance they will buy from you.

Making friends is more important sometimes than making money – have a think about that.  People do not want people begging them for money.  They want to make their own decisions and the trick is to give them that opportunity.

“It is All in the List” – once you master this you should see exactly what I mean.

Your Feedback

Once again for me, this is another post finished.  I hope you have enjoyed reading and found this information helpful.  If you have any questions please feel free to leave me a message.  Any comments or feedback same thing – you can write to me in the comments section below, or if you prefer my email address is

Please if you could like, share and subscribe to our email list this would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks and Best Wishes x


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