Guide to Social Media Marketing in 2020

Guide to Social Media Marketing For Beginners – The Basics

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Social Media Marketing for Beginners is a HUGE deal! Whether you are trying to promote a blog or website, or anything else (Including affiliate links) there really is no better way. And If we really think about it and the amount of time Just people we know spend on the likes of Facebook and Instagram this goes to show how targeted this traffic is.

Why as a marketer trying to promote something online the results can really speak volumes. When we consider the alternatives such as SEO and other people naturally sharing our links the time frame is second to none. Simply this could take months even years otherwise but with social media you can promote your URLs right there and then for maximum exposure to a highly targeted user base.

It is for this reason that Social Media Marketing for Beginners can be so beneficial. This really could be what makes the difference between sticking at it after the first few months which typically never shows much fruit for your labour.

I was very fortunate here. If you check out the home page and read my story you will see what I mean but yes I think my early success was probably due to two things #1 my experience as a writer beforehand and #2 sharing my content on Social Media (Facebook).

So I definitely do recommend this for beginners and this is what today’s post is all about.

A Guide to Social Media Marketing For Beginners

Now, in this guide, I hope to share with you some good ideas to really help you with getting your content out there to a wider audience. As someone that has been eager to make money online for well over 10 years now, I can tell you that it can be VERY tough at times. It has been for me and many that have taken this path.

Being sold on an idea to become successful only to spend months where it feels like you are making little to no progress.

Blogging is a good example of this and when no one seems to have no interest in what you spend hours doing can really be a difficult pill to swallow. If you wonder what you are doing wrong then the right marketing techniques really can save the day here. Social media is at the very core of this, and I hope I can share some ideas with you.

Marketing On The Internet: How Did We Get Here?

Guide to Social Media Marketing

Digital media in the modern age has become the place to go for all and any kind of information.  In these days and times, people are always fiddling with their electronics and pay very little attention to what is actually happening outside of its parameters.

You probably do this yourself! I know that I do too, and it just seems to be the way of the world in the modern age.

Now, marketers, shrewd as they are, have wasted little to almost no time in coming up with new ways to pitch their products to the modern customer, and as a result, we have what we now call Digital Marketing.

Back In the early days of the Internet when Digital Marketing came into play to attract and lure customers into buying products it was very different than it is now.  One advert could totally ruin your online experience very easily.  Some will remember these times that thankfully are now long gone but since then marketing has changed dramatically and with the rise of other mediums such as Social Media platforms this could not be more clear.

The Basics of Social Media Marketing For A Beginner

Social Media Marketing

In the beginning advertisements on the internet used to be scattered, and unorganized.  Pages that allowed certain advertisements used to have these adverts on the edges of the page.  Usually in a format that the consumer after viewing the contents of the web page would then notice as their eyes wandered off to the side of the page.

This method often failed to leave a lasting impression on the consumer and we could say that this initial marketing effort was hardly EVER successful.  But then the businessmen/women decided to take charge of the situation and began looking for opportunities to market their products in better ways than their previous attempts.

It was with this that the golden goose came flying right into their hands as they discovered social media marketing

What is the Meaning of Social Media Marketing?

The name is of course pretty self-explanatory but Social Media Marketing, in its essence, is by far the most effective marketing technique in current times.  Mostly because the majority of online traffic IS from Social Media.  With us being the social beings that we are naturally, a lot of us use Social Media, and over the years it has become integral to our lives.

How much time we all spend online on websites such as Facebook, Twitter and the rest pretty much says it all.

Naturally, we look at disguised advertisements put out by clever marketers and fall prey to them.

We make more purchases from looking at Social Media advertisements than we would do on a day out shopping.  It is crazy to think really how true this ACTUALLY is but I have fallen into this trap as I’m sure very likely so have you! Exactly why this can be such a great marketing technique to learn YOU HAVE (I’m GUESSING) SEEN THIS WORK BEFORE!


Social Media Marketing – Tips and Tricks

The video above it mostly talks about short videos

a. Create A Business Profile

For an aspiring marketer, a normal account will not do.  Be it on Facebook or on Instagram; the marketer has to create a Business profile.  As making a business profile provides benefits of the buyer directly being able to contact you, the seller without any third party being involved right from the get-go.

i. Facebook– visit and create a business profile.

ii. Instagram– current personal accounts can be switched into business accounts by heading over to settings and then clicking on the business profile.

iii. Pinterest– Just like Instagram it’s easy to create a business profile the same as Instagram.

b. Creating A Marketable Ad For Your Product

a. Photos for products are a necessity in the world of social media marketing. Views of products from different angles can give buyers a feeling of value for money.  More so, as the tangibility of the product is further solidified.  For the consumer, it is always better to get an idea of the product’s dimensions, colour, and texture from the pictures of it.

b. Creating a catchy “headline” for an advert is one of the most challenging things to do in business as there are a lot of parameters to be kept in mind. Encapsulating what the product is all about and what could be a buyer’s impression of the product into a single statement is tough.  However, the right tagline for the product can do wonders with respect to the generation of response from buyers.

5. Use Promotions for Better Results

Use Promotions

a. Facebook

Sponsored ads of your business profile or page on various other pages or on the media, in general, is yet another way to factor in the audience. Inviting friends and family to be like and share your page can increase visibility and in turn, increase traffic to your business. Also, using the address of your page on letterheads and business cards is another way of promoting your business.

b. Instagram

Following industry-relevant pages and using relevant hashtags increases the visibility of the business profile. Mentions by friends and acquaintances or big names in the industry can boost traffic to the profile tenfold as then it would just be a click away from any potential customer.

6. Post High-Quality Content Regular Basis

People use social media as a fun platform to chat with friends, family, loved ones and even strangers. The cosiness of the platform has to be maintained through the advertisements by subtle marketing.

Posting content regularly and joining in forum discussions would help in maintaining the credibility of the seller by establishing him not only as a business persona on the platform but also as someone who is interested in listening to his audience and cater to specifications they have in mind.

Having a human voice on social media platforms is an absolute must for marketing.

7. Deploying The Right Tools For Business Profiles:

a. Facebook


The insights tool provides the marketer useful information on who his target audience is, who choose to like his page. The consumer’s information is collected over time and then the marketer can tailor his advertisements to the consumer’s specifications- age, interest, locations and choice even without their direct engagement.

Business Manager

To maintain smooth workflow in the organization internally, marketers use this tool to manage and share access to information on assets and other business-relevant information to partners, vendors and also to the designated marketing team. The business manager has made managing assets and tracking ads awfully easy for the marketer.

b. Instagram

Influencer Dashboard

The growth rate of your business profile is to be monitored closely. The ratio to which the posts and the followers are increasing for the page must be measured. Likes and comments on the posts are also used to measure engagement rates.

Sprout Social

Business profile management tools such as these are in high demand currently. It measures the number of clicks a link gets in comparison to its user engagement ratio. This helps the marketer reach his audience, build a community and measure overall performance or how well the profile manages to advertise to a broader spectrum of audiences.


Hopefully, the above-stated steps will help you as a Guide to Social Media Marketing on a good note.  Obviously this is only the tip of the iceberg but in all truth each Social Media platform you use is work in itself. I would say running a facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest and youtube channel is hard work, and this before we even begin to look at LinkedIn, Reddit, Quora, TikTok and the many different Social Media channels you have out there.

My advice just try to stick to 2 or 3 till you can start making the process more automated. Post schedulers are definitely the way forward I think. Just remember you are only human after all.

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