How To Attract Repeat Customers -Try This For Your Business in 2022

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Turning Your Business Customers Into Repeat Customers – How To Attract Repeat Customers -Try This For Your Business in 2022.  If you know YOU KNOW – this is the foundation of a solid business.  Not only having a good customer base but having customers that pay for your service again and again.

Here is how to Increase Revenue With Trust-Building.   To begin with, this is key – how to attract repeat customers…

So we can all agree that Social media has been revolutionary for the way we do business.

No doubt, it has helped boost our brand’s awareness and has increased our reach by opening up geographical boundaries.

More so it has become an excellent way to generate leads and increase profits massively.

For this reason, it is clear that if you run a business in 2022 it should be supported by a solid social media presence.,

If you have already managed to integrate this within your business it may be that you thus far have a decent following.

However, it must be stated that it isn’t just all about followers on Social Media.  It might seem that growing our online presence here that equates to success – more followers, more customers but here is the thing.

The truth is that you don’t really need all that many customers at all.

In fact, just a small number of loyal, repeat customers is all you need to start growing your business bigger.

If you can get this part right about How To Attract Repeat Customers this is the foundation of any good business.

Follow these steps to turn your new and existing customers into repeat customers today…

How To Attract Repeat Customers -Try This For Your Business in 2022

i.)  Give Them Something Irresistible

irresistible magnet for repeat customers

The simple thing to understand here from the offset is that amongst most potential customers what they will have in common very often is they will all be attracted to free stuff.

If you wish to make your business attractive (irresistible) for them then try to make use of discounts, promo codes, or giveaways.  Free EBooks, reports and courses may also be very tempting.

All in all, this is a clever way to get followers to engage with your business. 

And since people are creatures of habit, they are more likely to continue buying products from you as they wait for the next opportunity for a discount or promo code.

So as a start – Look into ways of creating an irresistible, tempting offer that is just too good to just pass by!

ii.) Make Your Customers Feel Valued!

make your customers feel valued

Perhaps the single best way to increase your selling activity and encourage your followers to continue doing business with you / buying your products is to make them feel like they are valued.

To help this along try as often as you can to reply to comments on social media, answer their questions and even offer help and guidance to them in any way you can.

If you can make your followers feel important and special by building these relationships then they are much more likely to become repeat customers.  You may also give them a special mention to let them know what their loyalty means to you and your business.  Even you may take this further by rewarding them for using your service.

For instance, I mentioned above about using coupons and discount codes you can offer something like this as a thank you.

In hindsight, let them know how much you value them as a customer and this will no doubt encourage them to continue doing business in the future.

iii.)  Provide Proof of Good Customer Service

prood proof of good customer service for repeat customers

This has to be the cornerstone of any legitimate business venture.   Both your Customers and followers need assurances that they are spending their money on products or to a business that is 100% legit.

Of course, most people will know that one of the best ways to provide proof of good customer service is by them finding good reviews online.  Even by word of mouth, the same applies, so whenever you do business try to get your customers to leave feedback.

It is for sure when new customers and followers see that others have been happy with your products that they will feel more comfortable about trying them out for themselves.  Then as a result they will be more likely to develop trust in your brand and commit to buying your products.

iv.)  Reinforce Your Content Strategy!

reinforce your content strategy to grow your customer base

In the modern age, as we look at How To Attract Repeat Customers one thing is certain – Social media users… are on a constant basis being bombarded with new information.

Therefore, it is an absolute must that whatever content or information you decide to publish you must ensure that it stands out from the rest.

It is here how you will get noticed, and from this is what will get your customers thinking more about your brand and business.  So the main thing to do is to Invest in quality.   Take your time and effort to ensure that you don’t provide boring, generic content.

Even, if needs be, consider using Fiverr or Freelancer to hire the services of a professional artist or video editor.  It may set you back a bit financially but at least this might go some way to ensure that you provide nothing but the very best.

v.)  Tell A Story!

tell a story to attract repeat customers

Once upon a time, oh those magic words…  Everyone loves a good story and everyone has a story to tell.

Your business is no different and one way to build trust and How To Attract Repeat Customers is to tell a good story.

How did your business start, what has happened since then and what are your greatest achievements?

People love stories, so definitely consider this –  even if your rag to riches story may not seem as impressive as the story of Amazon, Apple, Microsoft etc.  People might still want to hear it – you will be surprised by those who do.

Plus for the readers of these stories, this is the perfect introduction for customers to better identify with your business.

Therefore they may be more willing to engage and purchase your products.

Consider it as a means to take your followers behind the scenes on how you run things in your company.

If you can create a feeling of openness this will build trust in your brand.

Customers who trust you will be more willing to engage with your business, and also come back again in future.

So, In Conclusion – The Final Message

How To Attract Repeat Customers -Try This For Your Business in 2022

In order to keep customers coming back to do business with you.  The main lesson here is that you need to focus on their needs and focus on ultimately making it easy for them.

So, you will want your customer’s experience with your company to be a good one.  If they can remember what you have done for them in the past they will think more favourably of you in the future.

For this to work focus on the customer experience, the value you can offer, the pitch, the quality of your product(s), and the customer service.  If you can get all this right your existing customers will come back for more every time.

So just remember this is the foundation of every good business.  Imagine being paid $15 a month for the next year ~ then imagine this is 2 people, 3 people, 5 people or 10 people etc.  Once you get this formula correct you can pretty much guarantee success.

So this is it – I hope you have enjoyed reading.  If you have read this far thank you for your time and very much hope to see you here again in future for more usual tips and advice.  Please share this with others if you know anyone that might like to read this xx

Best regards and #ToYourFutureSuccess

Alex B. Chivers

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2 thoughts on “How To Attract Repeat Customers -Try This For Your Business in 2022”

  1. Thanks for this informative blog post, Alex. I think that creating long-lasting relationships with customers is the crucial point in every business. I heard somewhere that to get a new customer is double so hard as to convince the old customers to purchase again. So, if you manage to repeat the sale it is just better. I have a question though: How do you stand out on Social media? As a majority of people just pointlessly scroll up and down.

    1. Hi Julius, Thanks for commenting yes you are totally right and good point – having a customer come back to buy from you again, it is easier to convince them than somebody new to make a purchase for the first time. I think if you can get a customer to sign up once for recurring commissions that have to be the best feeling. Often I think it would be great if I could get referrals for all the tools I use just so I got them for free at least but yes actually building that initial relationship is the difficult part and just for say the first month but actually maintaining that relationship long term.

      As for your question – how do you stand out on social media? I have some ideas already, of course, you must build a following – like if you had another email address you could say for instance build a Facebook account just for people interested in your niche. Then the next thing would be to post regular engaging content that people like ~ I mean I honestly wouldn’t know where to begin here I don’t know if people use swipes or what but say you are in the internet marketing niche and you had a 1000 friends also in your niche then basically don’t outright copy there posts but just figure out how you can do something in the same vein that people will find engaging.

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