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How To Choose the Right Niche, for Your First Website

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Hello Guys, Today I wanted to answer a question that I see somebody ask on one of the Facebook groups in which I’m a member – How To Choose the Right Niche, for YOUR FIRST Website.  I see this on Facebook and I thought that next time I see someone who asks this question I would like to answer this as best as I can…

How To Choose the Right Niche, for Your First Website

Introduction on to How To Choose the Right Niche, for Your First Website

1# – Choosing the Right Niche

Now, pay attention because this is IMPORTANT, and it deserves TIME.  We don’t have forever sure that much is certain but is it not a good idea to get the best start that you can?  I have been blogging for some time now and this is one thing I often wonder about.  Have I chosen the right path?


The top 5 niches are MMO (Making Money Online), Health, Relationships, Self Improvement and Pets.

My three I have chosen are Health, MMO and Meditation.

For one I think that you CAN go for Gold here with any of these Top 5 but you must be able to make your writing resonate with you.  After all if you are building a website this is the SAME as knocking on somebody’s front door.  I think at least but let’s make ONE thing clear the more DETAIL the better.

2# – Deciding on Micro Niche Ideas

Sorry, Guys Not the Best Example but perhaps you get the idea.  Apologies to the writer of this segment if you happen to come across this post, but that is a little confusing.  The part about (or Vegetarian or Diabetes) ~ not 100% sure what this means but let’s use this example shall we – Diabetic Vegetarians!  That is a Micro Niche.

Also, checking on GoDaddy this domain is available

More on Domains in the next section.

Another Micro Niche let’s see – how about this – Blue Plaid Fedora Hats.

Again this is available

And let’s do one more Designer Baby Clothes

This is also available and this has bags of potential I think BUT it’s expensive

Gold dust I reckon.  If you have the money go for it.  You should be able to find affiliate programs for this easy.  If you are actually interested in this opportunity you could set up a store for affiliate links to buy designer baby clothes.  You will be targeting rich people, to buy expensive products and receiving a cut of each sale.

I would actually do this myself if I could afford it.  ==>>Visit Godaddy here

You can also use Namecheap and there are others but I like GoDaddy personally.

3# – Look Up Domains on GoDaddy

Yes, I know I covered this already BUT let’s kind of summarise everything.  How To Choose the Right Niche, THIS is worth spending some time on!  A good idea is to write down a bunch of different ideas and see what is available.  If you are new to GoDaddy you can actually get a deal with them to BUY a new domain for $0.99p

I will explore this in another post but anyway take your list of ideas and see which one’s you can get cheap.

If you are not new to GoDaddy it’s $9.99 I think but still, this is a great way to find niche specific domains.

Like Designer Baby Clothes that is a keyword.  This is a perfect example of a very niche-specific domain name.

Look for names, KeyPhrases like How To Be Healthy, or Where To Find True Love.  Use typical questions and phrases that people might type into search engines.  Hats for Cats or Best Books for Cooks ~ a catchy name can go a long way!

I would say unless you really have your heart set on creating something your passionate about then come up with some ideas to search for domains on GoDaddy or NameCheap, or wherever else and let that be what helps you choose your niche.

Note:  If you need help with getting set up I would recommend reading a recent post I did. 

See here:  Transfer Domain from GoDaddy to Wealthy Affiliate 

#4 – Search for and Join Affiliate Programs First!!!

THIS is another sensible thing to consider.  If you are planning to set up a new website.  How are you going to monetize it?

For me, there are 2 ways that really spring to mind.  3 if you sell your own products!  But 1 + 2 – Affiliate Marketing & Advertising.

The latter you can’t really rely on unless you got a decent amount of traffic but if you can successfully utilise Affiliate Marketing then it for sure is a goldmine.  This is why I set this website up by the way.

Read More here:  Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

About searching for and joining affiliate programs first though.  OK, well you obviously MUST have an idea of what niche you want to choose first but let’s consider this.  You have a list of different ideas which you might decide to do something with.  You haven’t actually bought a domain, or set up a website yet.  Well, start coming up with some ideas for content, and with each one lookup affiliate programs, and see if you can join.

This is not always easy.  Some platforms will only accept proven experienced marketers to join their affiliate programs but anyway take a look, and don’t get put off by any that you are not successful in joining.  Maybe try again when you have set your website up but here is your goal – Get a clear idea of what you have at your disposal.

If let’s say you can join 5 affiliate programs related to 1 niche and you got a domain etc. and ideas then go with that.

I will finish up this post with MY HONEST, TRUTHFUL advice on this matter.

#5 – My Final Verdict On Choosing the Right Niche

Ok, right for starters!  Micro Niches (if you can find the right one’s) are bursting full with opportunities! But here is the trouble – monetization.  The more micro the niche the lest opportunities might be there for affiliate programs.  I can tell you Amazon – Don’t bother – they are crooks!  I am guilty myself of putting money in the pocket of Jeff Bezos myself but seriously their affiliate program is one of the worst.  100% make sure you have other options available.

You can try Amazon affiliates don’t get me wrong but don’t until you are properly established.  And by this, I mean getting thousands of visitors a month.

Secondly, look on GoDaddy to find a great name for your website with keywords that match your niche.  And then go for it! But still, take your time to properly iron out the creases.  Give yourself the best start possible so before you even begin adding content to your new website it has a clear direction.

As eager as you might be to make money bear this in mind

Not this picture but let it remind you Rome was not built in a day.  Get the best start possible.  Before you launch write xx to save as drafts and give yourself a head start.  On one of the websites I go on the main writer there Lomash actually give me this advice ~ before you launch your website have 10-20 posts saved as drafts ready to unleash.

Publish 1-2 a week till you have enough content to post more regularly.

But take time to learn how to choose the right niche.  It’s easy enough to choose one of the top 5, health, MMO, travel, relationships, and pets but remember this.  These are not the only THING what people look for. and this I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt MICRO NICHES is where the money is.

MY No.1 Suggestion – Read More HERE ==>  (Click here)


Guys, once again (assuming you’ve visited before)  Thanks for taking the time to read.  It is always a pleasure for people to read my work, and I mean this sincerely.

Any questions / comments / feedback see comments section below.  Or send me a message directly at

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Yours Sincerely…

Alexander Boyd Chivers

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6 thoughts on “How To Choose the Right Niche, for Your First Website”

  1. I am yet to own a website, so reading this article before I get to own a website is really wonderful and live saving. With the knowledge o have gained from reading this article, I will be able to choose the right niche for my website. Thanks for this article that has given me invaluable knowledge that will be of great help to me.

  2. Reading this article has been amazing. Seeing the guides and tips offered in this article on how to choose the right niche, I am very positive that creating my first website would not be a waste and will be very beneficial and lucrative for me. Thanks for this helpful guide on the topic on choosing the right niche.

  3. Thank you very much for sharing with us how these micro niches are our best choice. I will make a list of the things I would like to write about (or would be comfortable writing about for a long period of time) and share it with you to hear what you think. I know that choosing the right niche is important.

    1. Hi Ann,  Yes that is fine by me, and you make a very good point actually.  Yes, you should try and choose something you are comfortable writing about.  It is all good coming out of your comfort zone but maybe if it is your first website it is helpful to be able to write about something you have prior knowledge of.

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