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How to Create an eBay Account to Sell Stuff in 2022 – Top 10 Tips

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Are you looking to make a bit of extra cash?  You may have very likely heard of eBay before but How to Create an eBay Account to Sell?  This might seem like a walk in the park but in fact running an eBay account, especially during the early days can be problematic.  I can tell you.

Not for everyone but there are certainly some things you should be aware of before you make your 1st sale.

This has definitely got a lot worse in recent years.  eBay has clamped down a lot on new accounts because of fraud and policy violations but even innocent resellers looking to get in the business of flipping have felt the repercussions.

Actually, a friend of mine recently had this trouble with his new account.  Last I heard (not too long ago) they still have not been able to recover this.  What they said was that “eBay every time they have spoken to them have been an absolute nightmare” xx.  Like every time they have spoken to them they have just been impossible – same blunt answers every time.

So, for my friend and anyone else looking to avoid similar problems with their new eBay account here is my guide…

How to Create an eBay Account to Sell Stuff With In 2022 – Top 10 Tips To Avoid Restriction!

So actually, personally I have used my eBay seller account since 2012.  I first opened my account in 2008 and honestly, if I could go back in time I’d for certain say to my younger self to start selling on eBay a lot sooner.  In fact, I’d probably have a whole lot more to say as well but anyhow yes since 2012 eBay has served me very well.

During this time I have accumulated over 35K positive feedback and honestly, I do wonder if I tried to do the same now with starting my business selling old records from the ground up if it would still be so easy.  

From my viewpoint, things have changed so much now.  In my friend’s case, I really couldn’t believe it.   All they were trying to do was declutter and twice their eBay account was shut down.  They managed to get it back the first time but more recently they still (as far as I know) have a restricted eBay account.

For them, it’s a shame and this is pretty much what inspired me to write this – How to Create an eBay Account to Sell Stuff With In 2022!!!  For my friend If only I’d have written this article a bit sooner but anyhow here is my advice to build a strong eBay account that will not get restricted!

i.)  Post Your eBay Orders On Time

ebay seller standards when you create a new ebay account

How to Create an eBay Account to Sell Stuff With In 2022
.   This is my first tip.  Believe it or not, this is not even the biggest risk to account closure but I will share it anyway.  eBay will not actually penalise you for posting orders late.  Not unless it goes on for months on end.  You will actually be given time to improve your account activity.

Still though in the beginning, it’s more than ever all about your reputation.  Each eBay account has seller standards.  Below Standard, Above Standard and Top Rated Seller.  These are based on mostly how quick it takes to ship your items and for them to arrive.

It basically works out that if you fall below standard for 3 consecutive months (I think) your account will be closed.  After 2 months if you are ‘below standard’ you will be given 1 month to improve and if you can’t well… it won’t be good news.

You should aim for above standard or even Top Rated Seller as this way you can save on eBay fees.

I am not sure what the difference is but I know as well if you are ‘below standard’ you will have to pay more fees.

Here is a screenshot of what you can expect with a below standard account;

ebay seller standards below standard screenshot


ii.)  Be Careful with Order Cancellations

This is very important.  Even if your buyer has not made payment DO NOT be so hasty to cancel their order(s).  Firstly, reach out to the buyer and ask them if they still want to make the purchase first.  Give them time to respond and if they don’t get back to you then contact eBay to request cancellation of their order(s).  

It might seem a bit extreme but order cancellations can get your account flagged and restricted!!!

Act in a timely manner –  as to whether the customer makes payment or not one of the worst things about eBay is that will charge you fees as soon as the order is placed.  Whether the payment is made or not.  So, don’t fall into this trap but still don’t be careless.  Too many cancelled orders that are not on eBays terms will get your account restricted.

In fact, it is this that I believe was my friend’s problem.   They cancelled too many orders without speaking to eBay first.  One was actually one that was paid for and cancelled because they didn’t trust the address.

This I think was their worst mistake and what actually got their account suspended but also by the sounds of things (I think), all the other cancelled orders were contributory factors as well.   

So, this is very important – DO NOT cancel orders unless the correct protocol is followed. Leave 24 hours at least before relisting items as well.  Just in case the customer does actually get back to you.  My friend that got suspended relisted his item within 5 minutes of cancelling the order – I think this was very hasty of him.  Especially as the buyer paid for the item.

So!!! if you are wondering How to Create an eBay Account to Sell with DON’T make the same mistakes like my friend that is my second tip, and my third is this…

iii.)  Use eBay to Print your Labels

purchase ebay label to for proof of shipment

For sure NOT everyone will have a printer at home xx  I certainly never did in the beginning but if you’re wondering How to Create an eBay Account to Sell on I would if you can take this advice.  Unless you can upload a tracking number to your order then you should print your labels off through eBay.

I mean I don’t think this is something you will actually lose your account over.  Unless you are very unlucky but yes it is good to print your labels for your orders through eBay as this updates their systems with confirmation of postage.

If your account gets restricted (for any reason) eBay might ask you to prove confirmation that your orders have been posted.  My friend told me that this was another thing after his account was restricted eBay asked him for confirmation that his orders were actually posted.  

Of which he was NOT able to prove apart from 2 orders sent as ‘tracked post’.  If they would have used eBay to print their labels in the first place they would not have had this trouble.  I mean I really didn’t understand this part.  If this really was one of the reasons why the account was suspended.  If you saw what my friend sold I’m sure you’d agree.


iv.)  Don’t Go Too Crazy with Listing Items

be careful with how many items you list on a new ebay account don't go too crazy

How to Create an eBay Account to Sell with?  if you are reading this then my next tip is don’t list too many items at once on a new account.  I mean actually, honestly, you can if you want to.  If you have a brand new account with 100 listings you can go for it and list everything you have in record time but beware xx

The reason I say this is that this can lead to a temporary account restriction.  You most likely will be able to get your account back after a 10-minute phone call with eBay but they will end your listings.  

If you want to avoid this then take your time.  List 5 items a day at most or just prepare for the inevitable.  A phone call with eBay to discuss your business plans and having to relist all your items again – which is fine except if you have an auction with bids because if eBay feels the need to suspend your account this will be affected.

Now, my next tip for How to Create an eBay Account to Sell Stuff

v.)  Block and Report Suspicious Buyers

Here is where you need to be vigilant.  According to my friend, several of his orders were highly suspicious.  In their own words, they would get a new order with no payment and then they would receive a very suspect message afterwards.

Here is one of those messages – my friend apparently received several that were very similar;

suspicious buyer ebay example

Several orders on my friend’s account were like this.  Much the same with everyone either asking for them to contact them on Whatsapp or by email to arrange payment.   THIS is never something you should entertain.  Taking sales off of eBay is in violation of eBays terms and conditions.

So, How to Create an eBay Account to Sell with tip #5.  If you ever receive such an order on eBay watch your back.  Contact eBay and tell them you have received an order that you feel is suspicious and that you would like to cancel the order.  Then take the action necessary to block the buyer.

It may mean throwing another eBay member under the bus (I know) but it is important to protect the integrity of your new eBay account.  If they are a scammer or an eBay agent undercover trying to test you – you will want to show that you are compliant with eBays policies.  I had an issue similar because of a mix up between 2 orders which made it look like I was arranging a sale away from eBay.  I lost access to my account for over 2 weeks because of this.

eBay is very strict here so be extra vigilant with people sending emails and phone numbers etc.  This depending on how you respond very often can spell a lot of trouble.  Remember this and my next tip for How to Create an eBay Account to Sell on.


vi.)  Request Feedback From Your Buyers

ebay feedback profile example

After you create a new eBay account you should start to see after a while your first few sales xx  This might be fairly soon depending on whatever you’re selling.  And you may find that your customers will quite happily leave you feedback without even asking.  However, if they don’t send them a polite message.  Say “Thank you for ordering” first but also ask them “if it isn’t too much trouble could you please leave feedback”.  

Not every customer will but it’s good practice because as your feedback score continues to grow the more trust you will build with eBay and your future customers.

Next tip How to Create an eBay Account to Sell Stuff

vii.)  Use a Legit Name, Address & Contact Details

When you create a new eBay account of course this is a given.  However, many people will consider making fake accounts.  Most likely because they have had an account banned in the past.   It might seem tempting for this reason but whilst this might have been easy enough a few years ago things have changed a LOT.  

Especially since the introduction of eBay Managed Payments.

Now, you will not only need a fake ID, fake documents but now also a fake bank account that matches the name on your account.  eBay has definitely clamped down on this over the last 2 to 3 years so please don’t even bother.

Also, my next tip for How to Create an eBay Account to Sell with – DO NOT do this either…

viii.)  Do Not Dropship

drop shipping definition wikipedia

I’ve never tried dropshipping before other than with Amazon FBA.  From what I can gather there is certainly a lot of appeal to the idea of dropshipping on eBay.  Basically, selling something that is shipped from another location.  This is pretty much living the dream if you can do it successfully.  Mostly, because much like affiliate marketing you can work from anywhere you want with nothing else other than a working laptop and WIFI.

However, eBay DOES NOT look at drop shipping favourably.  Over the years eBay has, as a brand, suffered as a consequence of dropshipping.  Counterfeit products, late delivery times and even sellers taking advantage of customers by bumping up the price of products for sale on other marketplaces.  Which is fine but not when this is done through dropshipping.

eBays policy on this is quite clear.  Dropshipping is not actually disallowed but you are only allowed to buy from wholesalers and of course the actual suppliers of your products.

According to eBay, their dropshipping policy states the following;

“listing an item on eBay and then purchasing the item from another retailer or marketplace that ships directly to your customer are not allowed on eBay.”

Basically, as long as you follow this rule, the customer is happy with their purchase and the product is arriving on time then everything is good.  However, if you are wondering about How to Create an eBay Account to Sell with don’t even think about dropshipping.  The risk simply is not worth it.  

If the products are not good quality or do not arrive on time this could be bad news for your new business. 

And besides this tip #9 for How to Create an eBay Account to Sell stuff…

ix.)  Never Sell Counterfeit Items

ebays policy on counterfeit goods

Surely,  this is a BIG no.  eBay has a bit of a checkered past when it comes to its members selling counterfeit goods.  There are plenty of factories around the world that actually specialise in the manufacture of counterfeit goods.

This is actually very big business as well.  Because there are plenty of people that do not even notice the items they buy are fake.  In fact, there is a good percentage of people that actually don’t care.  If they can save $100 as long as what they buy looks the part they will gladly wear these products like they are the real thing.

So, of course, this is a problem for eBay and as a result of this fraud many account holders have found it increasingly difficult to continue with their illegal activity.  Which is fair enough right?   but then sometimes it might be that someone doesn’t notice.  

 I will discuss this more in the next section but yes never try to sell counterfeit goods EVER!!! 

If you want to learn How to Create an eBay Account to Sell with THIS is definitely very important to know.

…Which, actually, bring me to my final tip.


x.)  Be Careful Listing Designer Goods (Even If They Are Authentic) – These Are High Risk!

So, How to Create an eBay Account to Sell with…  For this, I would recommend 2 things.  1# don’t go too mad listing everything at once.  List 3-5 items a day, just at first.  Get some sales under your belt and some positive feedback.  

Then 2# the other thing anything like high value like designer clothes, aftershave, perfume and any branded goods that are often counterfeited – doesn’t matter if they are genuine.  DO NOT sell anything like this until you have built your account up.

When you have one idea if you wish to sell anything like the above add clear pictures and if you can a receipt as proof of original purchase.   If you are selling sneakers (or trainers as we English like to call them) or wristwatches you can use eBays authenticity guarantee app for anything you plan to list over $200 USD.

This will no doubt be expanded or another App to download is   I might be overreacting here but certain products that you list can bring a lot of unwanted attention to your account so just make sure the timing is right.

Other than this for anyone that wants to know How to Create an eBay Account to Sell with, in 2022 I will also share a few more tips that will help to grow your eBay business account LONG TERM.


Other Tips For New Sellers

1# – Research previously sold items to help value your products for their true worth.  

If you watch any of the videos on Youtube which I do (I will share a couple below).  You will see that all these professional pickers and flippers look for comps (previously sold for prices) to list their inventory with.



2# – List Items as Buy It Now and Accept Offers

Auctions can be great for some items.  If they are rare and valuable this can be the best way to try and make as much money as possible.  However, if you already have a realistic value of how much your item is indeed worth then Buy It Now (BIN) is definitely a better option.  This way you can also accept offers and you can list your items for much longer.

3# – Take good photos and create detailed descriptions

Put yourself in the shoes of your customers.  What do you expect when buying from eBay.  Ask yourself this.  If the picture is blurry and the description is only 2 sentences long would you still be interested?  

When you create your eBay listings definitely try to think – what does your customer need to know?

4# – Be realistic with estimated delivery dates and when you will post out.

When you create listings you will be given several options to choose from.  

For instance, in the UK we have Royal Mail and you can select from;

1st class (1-2 Days)
2nd Class (2-3 Days)  &
Guaranteed Next Day Delivery Before 1:00 AM

It is different for different countries I am sure but here is my point…

Do what you can actually commit to.  Don’t set your order settings to same-day delivery and 1st class postage if you can not definitely send as 1st class on the same day.  If you need to search for an item in piles and piles of inventory then select that you will ship within 2 days.  Going back to tip 1# on How to Create an eBay Account to Sell with – make sure your delivery rate is good.  Ship your orders on time in whatever way suits you best.

5# – Make sure you know where you store your inventory

This might sound kind of silly but when you sell something on eBay make sure you know where you have put it.  In my experience, this is a sure way to upset your customer and get negative feedback.  

So be careful here if you have a new account keep your inventory organized so you can find everything.

Also, as you start to accumulate more inventory create a system for finding your items.  Label each box with a similar item either by type or alphabetical order.

6# – Check Sold and Active Listings Before You Buy…

Here is a great tip if you are at say a thrift store (A charity shop for us in England) or a Garage Sale (car boot sale) if you see something you think is valuable look it up on your smartphone before you buy.  Try and be careful here as some sellers might get funny about this but this can really make the difference.  Especially if the item isn’t as valuable as you think


What Happens When Your eBay Seller Account is Suspended?  Some Ideas To Try Out…

Now, I have explained How to Create an eBay Account to Sell Stuff there is one last thing to cover.  What to do if your eBay account is actually restricted.  This can be for any number of reasons.  Hopefully, if you have taken in my tips from above this shouldn’t happen but if it does here is what to do.

1# – Select Help and Contact From the Top Left on Your eBay Dashboard

2# – Scroll Down to the bottom of the page and click on the box that says Contact Us

what to do if your eBay account is restricted - select contact us

3# – Select Your Issue – and then Managing Your Account

4# – Select Account Holds and Restrictions

5# – You should see either on your left or at the bottom the option to either, live chat or request a callback;

ebay have us call you

6# – Request a call back if you can.  You might not have this option available but the best thing you can do is actually talk to an eBay representative on the phone.  If you are not getting this chance this is likely eBays A.I. making things difficult for you.  Try selecting different issues to see if you can get this to appear this way.  If not at least try to get a one-time passcode.

With a one-time passcode make a call.   eBay UK is 08003586552 and for eBay USA   (866) 348-9519

This is definitely the best course of action.  Live Chat is the worst but another option, if you can’t get on the phone, is to send eBay an email.  Their email address is (UK) or (USA/Intl.)

*Of course you must communicate your issue in the right way.  I can not really help much more here apart from this link with an article from another blogger that I felt explained this process quite well.  [Click This Link]

In Conclusion

How to Create an eBay Account to Sell Stuff in 2022?  So my main point here is that even though opening an eBay account might appear to be easy enough – there is a lot of care that needs to be taken. 

In the first few days, weeks and even months there are plenty of mistakes that can be made.  I know many people will not mean to make these mistakes but if eBay wants to be it can be very unfair.

Many might feel this information today is unnecessary.  Indeed, on eBays end, you would think they would want their platform to be as user friendly as possible.  

Surely, any business would prioritise over two main things – attracting new customers and keeping existing customers satisfied but many that have actually lost their eBay accounts may wonder if this is really the case.

eBay has definitely prioritised online security more in the past few years.  For good reason, some might say but how about all the innocent new sellers like my friend?  It just goes to show that selling on eBay is not always a walk in the park and it does take a bit of prior knowledge to really do things right.

…Which I hope I have been able to share some helpful advice today about.  If you have any questions or would like to share your feedback about anything discussed in today’s post please drop us a message in the comments below.

Many thanks if you have read this far (a long post I know) but #ToYourFutureSuccess xx

Best regards;

Alex B. Chivers

Email Address if you would like to contact me privately:

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2 thoughts on “How to Create an eBay Account to Sell Stuff in 2022 – Top 10 Tips”

  1. All good tips….

    I thought the digital world was here to make our lives easier. But the reality is that sometimes things just don’t work out the way we want them to.
    The big monopolies want to control, maintain, and expand their market share and so we have to do things their way…. or it’s the highway!
    I opened my account in 2005, I think. I Don’t use it very often at all and have been lucky enough not to have any issues with them, as yet. (fingers crossed.)

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Andrew, Yes I totally agree both eBay and Amazon I’ve heard all sorts of stories about. Amazon I have had a lot of trouble with recently only just got my account back up in the past week. As for eBay they have really beefed up their security over the past years. Since COVID they’ve definitely got a lot worse – I get that they need to protect their community but from what I understand this is actually affecting genuine resellers as well.

      My post I’ve written I know it’s quite out there. Maybe I sound like I’m scaremongering but honestly I really hope this post can help people start up their own eBay businesses. I’ve used eBay now for over 10 years and has been my bread and butter ever since. I 100% recommend but yes not as easy to do as was back in 2012 when I got started.

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