How to Easily Create an Ebook – #2 Ways, Free and Paid

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Hello Everyone,  For today’s post How to Easily Create an Ebook – #2 Ways Free and Paid.

This will be the first of two posts I am going to write about setting up a successful sales funnel.  This Ebook that I will create here and maybe you will create following these instructions will act as a lead magnet.  This will be for my follow up post for creating a sales funnel.  If this is something that might interest you I am going to look at doing this with #2 different methods.

The first will be a free method using canva, and the second a much quicker paid method using another platform called designrr.  For this, I will be adding an affiliate link so just a heads up.

How to Easily Create an Ebook – #2 Ways Free and Paid

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction – How to Easily Create an Ebook
  2. #1 Free Method for Creating an Ebook – Canva
    a.)  Select a Template for Your Ebook
    b.)  Creating the  1st Page
    c.)  Adding Links to your .PDF
  3. #2 Paid Method – Designrr
  4. In Conclusion / Your Feedback

Introduction – How to Easily Create an Ebook

Before I begin you might wonder first of all about sourcing the content for your Ebook.

You may wish to write your own but if not, I just want to give you some quick advice.  For my Ebook as an example, I’ve used a set of blog posts.  These I actually copied from the affiliate tools of one product on Clickbank.

This product will also be used in my funnel that I’m going to create in my next post.  I did write a few sentences of my own but if you are only using this ebook as a lead magnet you don’t need to do much as long as it’s good enough to offer to someone in exchange for their email.

If you want you can use this idea for yourself, or even you can bundle a few of your own blog posts together.  Or, even somebody else’s blog posts you can use, as long as you have their permission.

You just want enough content to bundle it together so you can then offer it to people.  Most people do not want to give personal information like their email address away for free so you want to be able to offer something good in exchange.

Not to mention that if your lead actually reads your ebook you can add your affiliate links inside.  Much like a regular blog post.  This I will discuss a little bit more in my next post, but, without further ado – my first method.  The free one…

#1 – Free Method for How to Create an Ebook

This way requires patience.  Trust me on this because with my Ebook I created it took me a good couple of hours.  Longer, in fact, I say a couple of hours because for you it might be quicker but still, this is why I’ve also added information about a 2nd faster option.

If you are looking to save time I would skip this part and go to the paid method.

Personally I think I will maybe look at using the paid method more in the future, but this free method is still good if you can figure it out.  I will, of course, try to make my instructions as clear as possible.  Throughout this post, I will add screenshots just so you can copy me if you wish to do so.

For this,  I am going to use two websites.  The first will be of course Canva and the second is another free website, a .pdf editor called Sedja.

My ebook I finished with Canva last night.  If you would like to take a look for some ideas you are welcome to do so.

View it online here.

Anyway so to begin with the first thing to do log into Canva.  When you are logged in locate the ‘Search Box’ in the top right corner (it says + Custom Dimensions as the first option) and type in ‘Magazine Cover‘.

Once you get this up – click on ‘Create a Design‘.  The box in the screenshot below.

Then next up select a template.

Choose a cover that fits your theme.  If you are new to Canva then have a little play around with things like background image, elements and text.  This is an amazing platform for creating high-quality graphics.  If you are on Pinterest and not using Canva you are missing out big time.

Anyway, this is going to be for the first page of your ebook.  Your front cover.

See what I have done as an example for my front cover;

So I have added an Outer Space background, as this matches my overall theme.  If you wanted to do the same, for example, you would go to the ‘background tab‘ on the left menu section and write ‘Outer Space’ in the search bar, and here all the related pictures will come up.

I also added my own image to this front cover.  If you would like to do this as well, for yourself, you can do so from the ‘Uploads Section‘.  Which, is the 2nd option down on the left menu section.

Also, the other two things I did was #1 added a square at the top of the page (from the ‘elements section‘) and #2 I added the top, and bottom sections of text.  The EBook title and a short bit of writing.  This can all be done from the fifth option down on the left menu.

Once you do all this click on the ‘add page button‘.  I have added an arrow to the screenshot above if you can not find this.

Creating the 1st page – #1 Free Method

Right now hopefully you have created a blank page.  What I did with mine – you don’t have to do yourself – but as you can see in the bottom of my screenshot above I added a border.

If you wish to do this yourself go to >Elements and then >Shapes click on ‘See All’ and find border from here.  This is optional you don’t need to do this part but what you do need to is obviously add your text that you want in your EBook.

To do this go to the ‘Text’ section and select whatever text you want to use.   I would suggest adding a title to this first page.  Either use the ‘Heading’ or ‘Subheading’ option.  Then most importantly next add from the ‘Text’ section >Add a little bit of body text, and paste your content inside.

See my image.  To get a better idea.

So, with this text area – ‘drag and drop’ to fit all the text you can fit on this page into place.    My advice is to use keyboard shortcuts when convenient such as;

CTRL+A – Which is Select All
CTRL+C – Which is Copy
CTRL+X – Which is Cut
CTRL+V – Which is Paste

The text size I used, by the way, was size 22 with the font selected Open Sans Light.  Although you can do however you like.  Whichever you are most comfortable with.

One thing you should also take note of once you are ready to work on the next page though is there is a duplicate page button.  This copies your last page which you can then edit afterwards.  See image.

This can save you a ton of time if you are using a border or whatever such as myself.  You just need to delete the duplicated text afterwards and replace with your new text.

What I do is once the page is duplicated I double click the text till a part of the text is highlighted then do the keyboard shortcut CTRL+ A to select all text.  Once selected you can then copy onto this page (same way) and use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+V to paste.

This is basically a rinse and repeat process.  Very tedious but you wanted to know ‘how to make a free ebook’ – this is one way I found how to do it.  With mine, I just finished before I began this post.

Remember to Download once you are finished.  To do this select the downwards arrow with the line underneath, and once done select .pdf print and click on the green ‘Download Button‘.

See the image underneath to see what I mean.

Right so, now you should have your free ebook as a .pdf, but before I discuss the much, much quicker paid method for creating ebooks for anyone that has used my free method.  Here is how to add clickable links inside of your pdf ebook.

Adding Links to Your .PDF EBook

For this part, I will be using a second website called Sedja PDF EditorThis is a wonderful free tool that you can use to edit any .PDF file.  I began using this myself a few months ago as I needed to edit a free EBook that I got given to help promote one of my health products.

Anyway, so once you are on the screen, as in the screenshot above, the first thing to do is to upload your .PDF.  Pretty straightforward really, but I will guide you through.

So, as soon as this has loaded the next thing is to press the ‘links’ button and then select the area of text you would like to add links to.

Hope this is not too confusing.  If you need any help please message me in the comments section.

If you have got this far then well done.  If you have done this (added link) as shown above just simply click on another area of the page, and rinse repeat for any other areas you’d like to add links to.  Then once done click ‘Apply Changes‘ and then download the final version of your .PDF.

This is more or less it for creating your EBook but one last bit of advice.  If you are adding links – change the colour of the text or embolden as it may put people off clicking your links.

You can also add in banners if you wish – it is the exact same method for adding links to text.  You just need to add these images in Canva in the first place before you use Sedja.

Anyway, I have a much better way How to Easily Create an EBook.  Miles better and you can also do a lot of other things with this platform as well.

This is my

for How to Easily Create an EBook.

#2 – Paid Method for Creating an Ebook

There is not as much for me to say here as in the last section.  When I was looking up a way to create an ebook step by step earlier I came across a youtube video.  In this, it said something like ‘Make an Ebook with a blog post in 5 mins‘.

I watched this and I found out about a platform called designrr.

This is an amazing platform I think.  Just looking at the website.  Here is what you get…

  • Create Ebooks in Minutes
  • 100 Project Templates
  • 720 Google Fonts
  • Unlimited Copyright Free Images
  • Publish  Unlimited Ebooks
  • FREE Commercial license
  • Easy To Use

This is definitely something to consider if you have the money spare, and here is the best part I think.

Membership is usually $29.99 a month for the standard package but if you use my link below you can get lifetime access to the Designrr standard plan for just $27.

Use my link below to find out more.

Click Here

Why I think This Is a Good Idea

This I think is a good idea for the long term, as I have found if you are running an online business then time is very important.  As, good as the first idea is – the fact is that using this will take you 1-2 hours plus and this is time that could be better spent.

The first idea – don’t get me wrong I like it and if you are just starting up you don’t want to be spending your money left, right, and centre.  Although looking forward if you are going to want to use this technique again, and again then you will likely at this stage need to be a lot more efficient with how you spend your time.

This I only know too well how this 1-2 hours could be better spent.  Whether it’s working on new content, or fine-tuning your old content, or well, any task to do with running a website.

Time is money, but if you don’t want to spend it I totally understand.

Take it from Uncle Scrooge himself!

However, one last thing about Designrr if you go to their website you can take a 7-day free trial to see if this platform is for you, or not.   And if you find it isn’t for you at least you are not out of pocket.  But if you do decide to purchase – remember to bookmark this page for my link above to get lifetime access for a one time $27 payment.

In Conclusion…

So, if you are still reading I hope you have enjoyed this post How to Easily Create an Ebook – #2 Ways Free and Paid.

I have enjoyed this myself and if the truth be told this has been a learning curve for me as well.  I started writing my other post before this one.

It was my idea to only do a post about How to Easily Create a Sales Funnel but then I could not find an EBook online.  So,  I came to the conclusion I would need to create one for myself.

This is why I wrote this post, but in my next one I will be discussing this idea above – how to set up a successful sales funnel.

Once this is published you can find this in the following link…

So that is everything for now.  If you could please before you go check out our feedback section.

Your Feedback

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4.)  Any questions you have, or any feedback etc. this is as always most welcome.

See comments section down below.

Many thanks;

Yours Sincerely

Alex Chivers

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20 thoughts on “How to Easily Create an Ebook – #2 Ways, Free and Paid”

  1. Ebooks are what a lot of people make use of this days to get information down to other people. Those that use the tonmake money can tell that it is really important to them. I have been looking at the possibility of making mine but I didn’t know how to go about it. Now that you have shared this, I will try to make an ebook for free.

  2. I have been thinking for so many months now about writing an ebook (I have already started back in December 2019) so far I had 10k words written but I got so unmotivated because I felt like I was wasting my time so I just let it sit on my notes; haven’t touched it ever since, but now that you brought this article up I feel like I might give it another try. Maybe write some more things and see where I can start creating my ebook from all the recommendations that you have provided. 

    1. Hi Stephanie,  Yes I know what you mean I started writing a book in like 2011.  I went back to it a few times over the years but you just got to keep at it.  This idea is really for creating an ebook quick to use as a lead magnet but sounds like you put a lot of work into your ebook – hope you can finish soon.

  3. Having a lead magnet is such an important aspect of online marketing. Why should someone give you their email address without something back in return?

    I know what you mean about time, you need it more than anything else, so the paid option here may be the best solution. Given there is a free trial on offer with designrr as well makes this an easier choice. The amount you pay as well could be earned many times over with all the leads this could generate.

    The thought of creating an ebook can be a bit overwhelming for some, I think your article will show people just how easy it can be. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great to hear other options to use when writing an ebook. I will definitely look at those options. I wrote a short ebook using Amazon and found it to be very easy to use as well.

    This is a great way to promote your website or product while offering something in return.

    I look forward to writing more short ebooks to help others and in time write a full ebook that I can publish in on Amazon.

  5. I added comments on your website post. I would also recommend that you read the entire post to yourself a few times just to make sure that your readers are not getting lost in the explanations. I would also probably add numbers to clearly show step 1, step 2, etc. Otherwise, great post to help others start writing ebooks that can be used to promote a website or product.

    1. Thanks Carmen,  I do need to go over this post again so will give these ideas some consideration.  I will take a look if you have left comments on other posts and will try and leave some back for you.

  6. Very good and detailed explanation on how to create an eBook. Thank you for providing the Sedja PDF Editor and the designrr as tools of the trade to help me create eBooks. I have a tool called Scrivener but I see your tools are more simple than mine. I appreciate the step by step instruction on how to create my own eBook, I have been meaning to do it for a long time but as always have been procrastinating on it. Thanks so much for your article, I really appreciate your information. 

    1. Hi Eugene,  I downloaded something called Sigil before settling on the Canva method.  I could not make heads nor tail of it.  Anyway, I know how things like this can be such a headache for people so glad to be able to help.

  7. Thank you for sharing your E book post. It is a lot of work but this can be extremely rewarding and fun when one picks a topic that one is an expert at. The content needs to be informative and raw. Even if it takes awhile to complete, the rewards are great and we are helping others get the information they need and want in any particular subject. Thank you for the good information and advice.

  8. Hello Alex, ebooks are really making some name for itself because of the relatively high demand for it by people and so making money off it would be really nice and its starts with learning to make an ebook. I have never seen any way to learn about it and seeing how you’ve assisted with it makes me happy

  9. This is really great advice that you have given in your article and I’m sure that it will be especially useful to a lot of people. I enjoyed reading your article as it was easy to understand while being educative and informing which is hard to pull off. I was truly impressed by the sheer amount of information that was entrenched in your article. 

    1. Hi Beesan,  Thanks glad to hear.  Have come a long way with my content now I just need to keep pushing on.

  10. The one thing I’m always on the fence with when it comes to ebooks is that I almost feel like it’s an extra step I’m making my audience go through instead of putting them directly in front of the training that would help them the most. Like, gathering their email is great, but that click could have been better, both for me and them, if it had been a click towards the actual product I’m looking to connect them with. Still on the fence if it’s something I want to add to my site.

    1. Hi Eric, Yes I get your point but the beauty of this idea is lead generation. Offering something valuable in return for an email address that you can use to notify buyers when new posts are published and also that you can use to market your products to with people most likely to be interested in what you are selling.

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