how to get more traffic organically for your blog or website

How to Get More Organic Traffic – 6 Ideas To Try for Struggling Businesses – That Want To Succeed!

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Attention website owners: Are you looking for new Ideas on How to Get More Organic Traffic?

For anyone that runs a blog/website or even an online store one of the most important things to have in both the short term and the long run is organic traffic. It really goes without saying that if we publish content online we will want people to find us.  For this reason, traffic is the lifeblood that every online business needs to survive.

Doing what it takes for our audience to grow and in a way that we don’t have to spend too much time and money promoting our content is the real key though. Passive income is what it is all about.

Ask any website owners and they will tell you what they want is to really stand out from their competitors.

Why for a lot of businesses they will spend a considerable amount of their investment on SEO.

Although, still there is plenty one can do to help rank their site without having to spend all this good money.

That is what we are going to look at in our post today…

Ways How To Get More Organic Traffic for your Blogs, Websites and Business Pages!

Let’s discover!  What we can do to help this along!

How to Get More Organic Traffic – 6 Ideas To Try!

If you are looking for a solution How To Get More Organic Traffic here are just a few things that you can try out. 

If you are looking for the key to unlock passive earnings on autopilot here are some things you really must know.

What are the best methods to practice when developing your new content? How can you improve your metrics to show what you are doing currently is starting to work? Where can you make the noticeable changes that will positively affect your CTR, average search position, impressions and total clicks?

All these are important questions and each holds a solution to finding areas for improvement that will make all the difference once these ideas are implemented.  You can pay for a virtual assistant on Fiverr or Freelancer if needs be. However, Just remember what your goals are and that STILL there is plenty that can be done with your content.

? Follow these easy tips for all-around better SEO for increasing your organic traffics reach. 

Now, for my first tip – here is something you definitely must consider before anything else…

i.)  Focus on Your Readers First and Not SEO!

focus on your readership not SEO if you want more organic traffic

This is fairly common, as one might suspect. Very often especially new content creators will fall into this trap. This is where one might put all their eggs into SEO hoping to rank as high as possible on search engines without focusing on producing quality content.

It needs to happen somehow this is not wrong but what people forget is who they are creating content for… they focus on everything else apart from producing good content that their readers will like. Which really must be prioritized as the foundation of any online business.

Simply put before anything else, we must publish content that people either enjoy reading or find useful. If we can do this we may even find that our SEO without any work will improve on its own.

Now with this in mind, we can next decide upon what can do to write better for our audience…

How To Create Content that is Helpful to Your Readers?

We can first start by researching what we can help our readers with.  To do so we can check out other blogs and read the comments, look at Facebook groups, use Quora to see what questions people are asking another idea to try is to join forums related to our niche.

Doing so whether these actual people will read our blogs or not can still help others with the same kinds of problems.  If you can find out what they are looking for before they have even clicked on your link it is very likely that they will respond favourably to your content.

When you know what the wants and needs are of those likely to read your work then you can start to tailor it especially to offer the solutions that these people are actually looking for.

As great as SEO and keyword research is spending this time instead for writing more constructive, and helpful content should always come first. If you are looking for a way how to get more organic traffic this is definitely a good place to start.

ii.)  Utilize Long-Tail Keywords

try longtail pro software.  If you are looking to improve keyword research how to get more organic traffic this is a great tool to check out.

One way that a lot of content creators go wrong without realising it is that they will use the most common keywords for their marketing efforts.

It’s a VERY EASY MISTAKE TO MAKE! If you are wondering how to get more organic traffic this is something to really bear in mind.

Short tail keywords might seem convenient but as they are often very high competition they can actually make it more difficult in the long run for people to find you.

So yes this definitely one of the biggest rookie mistakes for marketers but fortunately, by being aware of this you are already on the path to ranking your articles higher.

This is because using long-tail keywords helps to target a more defined audience. By doing so you can rank for more specific topics which have less competition. Something which makes it easier for readers to find your content.  So definitely research this – google to see what unique long-tail keywords you can find.

You should either find keywords that are much lower competition or even better ones that haven’t even been used before. Either way, you should find that this is a great technique to target your content to individuals who are searching for answers to a specific question. 

If you can help solve these problems and give people what they are actually looking for they should be very satisfied with the content you have on display for them.  Which, is of course a great way how to get more organic traffic.

However, also try this next tip as well…

iii.)  Blog More – Publish New Content More Often!

blog more regularly for more organic traffic

Surely, this is the most obvious way how to get more organic traffic.  Publish more content! More Often!

One of the best ways to get more organic traffic is to blog on a regular basis.  In terms of SEO Google feeds off seeing websites that regularly publish new content.

What you will find is that it’s the websites that publish several articles a day that have the highest Domain and Page Authority. Those such as and press publications will often be found on the front pages of search engines for this exact reason.  It’s annoying but these websites are the ones that will always rank because they are always publishing new content. Many, many times a day in most cases.

Of course, no way could you do what they do on your own. 

Hence why hiring other writers can be helpful. It is not cheap in the long run but if you are not publishing regularly this can really help make the difference.

However, you might be surprised by how much a bit of extra hard work can pay off with getting your content found. 

Just be careful about publishing spammy, low-quality content.  Yes, it might help to get you more noticed by google but you must keep your readers occupied.  Google measures several things such as how long someone stays on your page, CTA, Impressions and clicks.

It is no good to publish new content just for the sake of it. It has to be either entertaining or useful for people.

Also do not plagiarize other people’s content as this as well is not good for your SEO. Either use a Plagiarism checker such as or use rel=canonical tags to indicate where an article was originally published.

iv.)  Create More Quality Content

publish more quality content for organic traffic

Contrary to the last idea about publishing on a more regular basis if you wish to know how to get more organic traffic – you can’t just publish any dribble you want.   It has to be good.

Of course, we’ve already discussed the importance of good quality content.  Without going back over the same stuff again I would just like to try and elaborate on this a bit further. 

So simply just creating a bit more content than you usually would is all good.  In fact, if you can produce a LOT more content this is of course even better. Except, as I’ve said already, numerous times, this has to be something that your audience will want to read. 

Not only this but the longer you can get your visitors to stay on your page the better it will reflect on your website SEO. Which will mostly be helped by creating more quality content. Either new content or rehashed old content.

I would also recommend learning the basics of copywriting. Check out my post from last year to see what I mean.

Basically, you want to grab your audience’s attention right from the very beginning of your content.

v.)  Internal Linking

internal linking for better SEO

Another very important tip for SEO how to get more organic traffic is to use internal linking. This obviously gets easier the more often that you publish new content but yes link to other posts, pages and even categories and tags.

What you will notice is with plugins such as Rank Math SEO and Yoast is what they will recommend helping you rank is that you at least add one internal link. This is just to fit the SEO criteria but you definitely want to add more.

This is because internal links can be helpful for increasing the time that readers spend on your website.  This is the real trick – any way you can get your visitors to stay on your site for longer is good for SEO.

One reason why videos, images, GIFs and other inserts are good. They are all tricks to show google that people are finding value in your website. Internal links to other posts are great like this as well because these are a great way to lure your readers to your other content.

Although, one tip set your links to open up in a new tab. Here your readers might keep your tab open for longer without realising plus they still have your original post to read the rest of.

Just DON’T GET carried away – share your internal links naturally where they seem a good fit. The same goes for affiliate links because sometimes this can actually affect your SEO negatively – as it might put your audience off reading more. Definitely think about this in the grand scheme of things – now…

Vi.)  Use Social Media To Promote Your Content!

use social media to boost organic traffic

Actually, Social Media is a great way to get more traffic without SEO. Learning to use it as a tool for promoting your content and for of course marketing is an absolute must for any growing business.

Although, another way how to get more organic traffic to your site is with backlinks.  Each time you or someone else shares your content on social media this creates a backlink that boosts SEO.

There is quite a bit of controversy with backlinks and google has really got strict with spammy links over the past few years. If anyone wants to sell you backlinks don’t even bother but still, you want to get social shares.

Well known Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc. are all high domain authority websites. Backlinks from social media are good how to get more organic traffic.

So don’t forget to add social share buttons to your pages. The more shares the better.

Also, Just be aware that to maximize the use of social media in promoting your site, you may want to increase the number of followers. You can do this by sharing and promoting useful and interesting content.

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Final Thoughts

Now to get more organic traffic this doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Certainly, the tips I have shared above can be used to increase traffic, all day long. More traffic will translate to more conversions.

Just make sure that you share either enjoyable, interesting or helpful content. This is definitely the key here. 

Use a tool like Rank Math for SEO but at the same time make sure your content is good quality and not too spammy.

If you can do all this then ranking your content to get more organic traffic should be a lot easier than you think.

Side note:  If you like this article.  I have written most of it myself but 650 words of it including the title, sub-headings I got as a part of a content subscription service called  If you are a blogger like myself and need an injection of extra content to boost your website traffic check them out.  All big Niches covered! 


Your Feedback – Please Share Your Thoughts Below!

Do you want to know how to get more organic traffic?  What do you think of the ideas that I shared above?  Are they helpful?   Is there anything that I missed?  Please let me know what you think in the comments section below.

Also, do you know anyone that might like to read this?  How about any groups on social media that this might be good to share with?   If so please pass this link on.

Many thanks in advance ~ look forward to seeing you all again soon.

All the Best #ToYourFutureSuccess ?

Alex B. Chivers

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