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Attention website owners are you looking for new Ideas on How to Get More Organic Traffic?  

This of course is very important.  When we write we want people to find us.  We want our audience to grow and in a way that we don’t have to spend too much time and money promoting our content. 

Many site owners want to be more visible to potential customers than their competition.  For this reason alone they will spend a considerable amount of their investment on SEO.

But there is plenty one can do to help rank their site without having to spend all this much money.

That is what we are going to look at in our post…

How To Maximize Organic Traffic in the Most Efficient Way.

Let’s discover!  What we can do to help this along!

How to Get More Organic Traffic – 6 Ideas To Try!

If you are looking for a solution to Get More Organic Traffic here are just a few things that you can try out.  You may be familiar with some of these ideas already but perhaps you might find some of these helpful.  

Finding the best methods to practice when developing your new content will go a long way to improving your data.  Being able to see noticeable changes within your CTR, average search position, impressions and total clicks is always a good sign.

This is really the lifeblood of any blogger after of course earnings and exactly why finding areas for improvement will make all the difference in the long run.  Of course, you can pay for a virtual assistant on Fiverr or wherever else but STILL there is plenty that can be done during the content creation process.

Follow these easy tips for all-around better SEO by increasing organic traffic. 

i.)  Focus on Your Readers and not SEO

focus on your readers not seo for more organic traffic

Very often site owners will optimize for SEO to rank as high as possible on search engines.

However, remember who you are creating content for…your readers. 

Instead, focus on creating something that the readers will find useful, and naturally, your SEO will improve.

To create content that is helpful to readers, start by researching their needs.  Check out other blogs and read the comments, look at Facebook groups, use Quora to see which questions people are asking and join forums related to your niche.

Doing so will help you to understand them (your audience) better.  When you know what their wants and needs are you can then begin to develop content that helps figure out their problems.

SEO keyword research is great and everything but if if you can spend this time instead of writing more constructive, and helpful content that is more straight to the point you should soon that it begins to make a difference.

ii.)  Utilize Long-Tail Keywords

get the long tail pro software to improve organic traffic

Many site owners and bloggers will use the most common keywords for a specific subject.  It’s a VERY EASY MISTAKE TO MAKE!

The downside to this is that such keywords will have a lot of competition as many competitors are also using them.  

This makes it harder for readers to find you and it’s one of the biggest rookie mistakes but fortunately, by being aware of this you are already on the path to ranking your articles higher.

Using long-tail keywords allows you to rank for a specific topic. They have less competition which makes it easier for readers to find your content.  So definitely research this – google your competitors to see if they are using your keywords already or not.

After all, you want to target your content to individuals who are searching for answers to a specific question.  Once you can help solve problems and give people what they need they should come flocking. 

iii.)  Blog More – Publish New Content More Often!

blog more regularly for more organic traffic

Surely, this is the most obvious way to get more organic traffic.  Publish more content!

One of the best ways to gain organic traffic is to blog on a regular basis.  Google for instance loves seeing new content published.  The websites that publish several articles a day such as and press publications will always get the front seat when it comes to ranking.  It’s annoying but here is why – THEY publish new content several times a day.

Of course, no way could you achieve this on your own.  Having a team of writers will definitely help here but if you do not have such a workforce you might be surprised by how much a bit of extra hard work can pay off. 

One thing that you should be careful about however is creating spammy content.  As good as frequently publishing new content is you must be careful not to spam.  Also do not plagiarize other peoples content. 

This will have a negative effect and will cause your site to lose rankings.

iv.)  Create More Quality Content

publish more quality content for organic traffic

Contrary to the last idea about blogging more if you wish to get more organic traffic you can’t just publish any dribble you want.  

Remember what we said about creating blogs that are useful to readers?  This point adds to that. 

Simply creating more content than you usually would is simply not good enough.  You must create QUALITY content.  It has to be something that your audience will want to read.  The longer you can get them to stay on your page the better it will reflect on your website SEO.

It is good to publish new content every day or even more often, but make sure that you never sacrifice quality.

This will help draw in more organic traffic without having to risk your site’s SEO. 

The more quality content that you have on your site, the higher your chances are of increasing organic views and impressions are.  Be consistent definitely but be consistent with the content that people are actually going to respond to.

v.)  Internal Linking

internal linking for better SEO

Q:  What Is the way to guide readers to more useful content on your website? 

A:  Use internal linking.  

Hyperlink within your content to other related posts or pages on your website. 

Note that you should only use internal linking when you have quality content to share on your site or blog.

The benefit of this is that it can also increase the time that readers spend on your site.  The same goes for videos and images.  The longer your readers stay on your website the better it is for Google and other search engines.

When someone visits your website and stays for a prolonged period it lets the likes of Google know that your website offers quality content.  As a result, this signals to them that your content is good and it helps improve your rankings.

Remember however that you should never use too many internal links on a blog.  Just try to leave them whenever it seems appropriate.  Too many links and your reader might look at your content and think that it is spammy.

Vi.)  Use of Social Media

use social media to boost organic traffic

Social media offers an excellent way for you to drive organic traffic to your site.  The most popular way is that you can promote your content through your followers.  Sharing your content on your chosen social media platform such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram create backlinks that add to the metrics that the likes of google use for site ranking.

Another thing having share buttons available within your content allows your visitors to also share your content which can increase your backlink tally even further.

Not only this but people actually finding your content on Social Media can lead to conversions and commissions all by itself.  If your content is that good then people will respond to it.  For this to happen you don’t even need your site to be ranked.

Although, getting more shares across multiple Social Media platforms will almost certainly help this.

Just be aware that to maximize the use of social media in promoting your site, you may want to increase the number of followers. You can do this by offering and promoting useful and interesting content.

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Final Thoughts

Gaining organic content doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. With a few tips and tricks, you can increase traffic to your site which will translate to more conversions. Just make sure that you uphold quality in everything that you do.

This is definitely the key here.  Before anything else post quality content.  Make it your own.  Check out the competition for the main keyword that you are trying to rank your post for.  Then make sure that your content is a bit different.  In fact, write this down – look at all the top pages for your subject and make notes on how you can make a better article. 

If you can actually do this then ranking your content to get more organic traffic should be easier than you think.

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Also, do you know anyone that might like to read this?  How about any groups on social media that this might be good to share with?   If so please pass this link on.

Many thanks in advance ~ look forward to seeing you all again soon.

All the Best #ToYourFutureSuccess xx

Alex B. Chivers

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