how to get started with ezoic cloudflare as a member of Wealthy Affiliate

How To Get Started with Ezoic and Cloudflare On Weathy Affiliate

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It goes without saying that many people if they run a website for long enough then they will want to monetize through Ads.  

So it’s very possible that at some point they might ask about How To Get Started with Ezoic?

You will need a steady stream of traffic really before Ezoic decides to approve you for their services.  For their main account, your website will need at least 10,000 views a month although still even before this you can join through Ezoic Access Now.

Either way ad revenue can be a nice little incentive for bloggers that are not making consistent affiliate commissions and sales.  Some websites actually do well off just running ads on their own and the more traffic a website can accumulate the more ad revenue will be earned as a result.

There is a readability aspect of running ads of course.  Many bloggers can do well without Ads by just doing Affiliate Marketing and selling their own digital products.  Their websites will in most cases look much better for it but let’s face it this does not happen straightaway for everyone and many will ponder this question…

How To Get Started with Ezoic and Cloudflare On Wealthy Affiliate and WordPress

how to get started with ezoic and cloudflare on wealthy affiliate and wordpress

This guide will be written especially for members of Wealthy Affiliate – looking either for a step up from Google Adsense or just as a way to begin monetizing their website for a bit of extra income.  

These are basically the same steps I’ve just completed myself to get started with Ezoic on my other website  By the time you are reading this, you should see my Ads set up.  

Also, I will say another reason I added Cloudflare and Ezoic was for site speed.  

If you are curious to check type in my website on  I haven’t actually set this up just yet but likely by the time you read this, it should all be set up.  I will discuss a bit more about this toward the end.

So Why Join Ezoic?

The main apparent reason why anyone would want to consider joining Ezoic (I think) is that it offers better Ad revenue than Google Adsense or (Microsoft Ads).  It uses A.I technology to choose the best Ads for your website and automatically chooses whatever it deems the best from over 1500+ ad networks on the Google Ad Exchange. 

However, another reason that is quite possibly overlooked is Ezoics CDN features via Cloudflare and their impact on site speed.  Something which itself in turn is great for SEO and climbing the Google ladder.  

Mostly because once you have a fast-loading site people will not leave because of slow loading times and this will improve your bounce rate, CTR, and all the good stuff that Google ranks your site for.

Mobile Optimization and Better UX (user experience) are the other two things that Ezoic claims help SEO [R]  and there certainly is a lot of appeal from all of the things that Ezoic claims to be able to do.

But just in case you have never heard of this ad-serving platform…

What is Ezoic?

ezoic increase your site revenue streamlined optimization learn more banner

So Ezoic is an A.I (Artificial intelligence) technology platform for publishers designed to help with monetization, site speed, improving revenue, enhancing SEO, and much more.

For anyone already using Google Adsense the biggest claim by Ezoic is that it will help double your ad revenue.

It may even triple or quadruple this.  It really depends on how you have your Ads set up.

In a lot of ways if running ads on your website is your thing then, as a step up from Google Adsense or joining Ezoic really is a no-brainer.  Clearly, it can make you more money and possibly even increase traffic.

If what this company says is true then this is a logical route to monetizing your website for the future.

It should not be the only way you should think about monetizing your content but with all things considered…

When Should You Apply To Join Ezoic?

when should you apply to join ezoic

Firstly you must be approved to join Ezoic.  I would suggest for someone with a new website that after publishing your first 25 posts set up Google Adsense then after 75 posts try to see if you can get approved for Ezoic Access Now.  

I should point out that being approved for Google Adsense is an important step here.  If you have been restricted in the past this can be a HUGE problem here – you can try starting afresh with a new Gmail but not sure if this works.

ALSO Maybe you will need to get to 100 or 125 posts.  My guess would be once you are getting enough monthly impressions you should be approved.  I can not say when this will happen or not but just keep reapplying till you get approved.  You may even get approval much sooner I don’t really know but I think Ezoic Access Now is quite flexible so it very well may be worth trying sooner to see what happens.

 I really wish you the best of luck but ANYHOW…

How To Get Started

You can set up Ezoic in three different ways;

1.)  By Using their name servers with Cloudflare integration.

2.)  By Adding their plugin to your website

3.)  By Adding Ezoics source code to your website.

I would only do so with their name servers myself, as in my experience this is the easiest and best way to do it.  However, of course, if for any reason switching nameservers is a problem these other two options are still available. 

Then from here, you will need to set up a Cloudflare account (a free account is fine).  Then you must add Cloudflare’s nameservers to your domain settings.  THEN you can select set up with nameservers on your Ezoic account.

I really hope this is not too confusing.  I don’t blame you if you think it is.  I had trouble myself but anyway>

Applying For Ezoic As a Wealthy Affiliate Member?

If you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate open a support ticket and ask them to help you get set up.  Make sure you have set up Cloudflare and added their nameservers to your domain.

You can do this by selecting add website.  Type in your domain name without HTTP or HTTPS.  

Click continue on the page with all the listed nameservers and you should come to this page;

cloudflare nameservers

Copy the Cloudflare nameservers &<<<

Then on the Wealthy Affiliate top menu click websites and from the dropdown menu and select site domains.

From here click on settings next to your domain and select nameservers from the drop-down menu.

Copy in your Cloudflare nameservers and hit save.

Wealthy Affiliate Site Support from here will ask you to provide an access token to your Cloudflare account.

I had a bit of trouble with this but just follow these steps.

Use this link

From the Cloudflare dashboard, go to My Profile > API Tokens.

From here select Edit Zone DNS template.

You should see this screen;

cloudflare api token

From here keep permissions as Zone, DNS, and Edit.  Then for number 3.) click select and choose your domain.

Ignore IP address filtering and at the TTL section choose how long you’d like to make your Access token valid.

Click the blue continue to summary button and copy the API key to share with WA support.

This will allow them to switch your domain over to Cloudflare-compatible hosting and you should see that Ezoic is set up.

This may take a few hours but here you can proceed to the Ezoics introduction course.  This will explain everything you need to do to begin using Ezoic.  

Once this course is completed if you can’t access the next one change the 0 in the URL to 1.

*Note after adding the Cloudflare name servers you should actually switch to Ezoics nameservers in your WA domain settings.  These are = +

I will tell the truth here I had trouble with my website after installing Cloudflare’s name servers but I think where I must have messed up was I never switched over after this to Ezoics name servers. 

So follow the steps above but instead use Ezoics name servers instead of Cloudflare’s.

What Is Cloudflare?

So maybe this video will give you some idea already but if it doesn’t…

According to Wikipedia;  

*”Cloudflare, Inc. is an American content delivery network and DDoS mitigation company, founded in 2010. It primarily acts as a reverse proxy between a website’s visitor and the Cloudflare customer’s hosting provider. Its headquarters are in San Francisco, California.

Not too important in regards to How To Get Started with Ezoic but ANYWAY!

Who Are Wealthy Affiliate (WA)?

who are WA Wealthy Affiliate

OK so not everyone reading this post will know about Wealthy Affiliate.  Some might wonder what this even has to do with How To Get Started with Ezoic but I am just adding this in here because I myself have recently joined Ezoic as a member of this platform and I thought other members here might find this information useful.

So, I will quickly just summarise for anyone that wants to know.

Wealthy Affiliate or WA for short is an advanced platform that includes educational resources, web hosting, and social networking between its members.  Not everyone is a fan, I have discovered from reading other blogs but personally, I’ve been a member of WA since January 2020 and I have mostly been happy with my time here.

Probably I would say the best things for me have been the 24/7 site support (who have helped me so many times now I’ve lost count) and the fantastic community who are not only very helpful themselves but also frequently share their own on-site blog posts and expertise through their own training that is uploaded to the site.

I will cut this section short as this post is about How To Get Started with Ezoic and not really anything else but if you are interested to find out more definitely check out my WA review here<<<  Or if you prefer here is their website<<<.

IF you want you can check out their beginner’s course for free but let’s continue, shall we?

Ezoic Vs. Google Adsense

Google Adsense vs Ezoic Which is better

Actually, Ezoic is a partner of Google as well as Cloudflare and also several other ad networks.  

If we were to compare the 2 really you can’t as Ezoic is easily miles better, and here is WHY!

Once you add Ezoic to your website you will still use Google Adsense ads but you also use several (over 1500) others too.

Basically here is what Ezoic has to say about this;

who are ezoics ad partners

It is pretty clear there is no competition between Ezoic and Adsense ~ Ezoic is easily the better of the two.


Ezoic Vs. Mediavine Vs. Adthrive

Something else that is worth mentioning is the other alternatives to Ezoic.  Namely Mediavine and AdThrive.

Really many people will not even have the option to join the other two because you need at least 50K views a MONTH!

But both MediaVine and AdThrive are options for a bit further down the road.  

You can keep Ezoic as it’s still a much better option than Adsense but one thing is that Mediavine and AdThrive can help you earn even more from your Ad Revenue.

Mostly because both Mediavine and AdThrive are Independent Ad Networks and not a 3rd party A.I platform that bids for Ads on other Ad Exchanges like Ezoic.

It is not that Ezoic is bad for what it is but it is just that for a lot of websites that use either Mediavine or AdThrive there is potentially a bit more money to be made.

How much?  is a matter of debate.  Different websites have different results although there is another incentive to join Ezoic – which is…   

How To Make Money Through Ezoic

I didn’t actually know this till I got set up with Ezoic on my other website BUT Ezoic has an affiliate program.  ?

It might not seem like much but as well as earning ad revenue that is double that of Google Adsense on top of this you can earn 3% every month from every one of your affiliate’s ad revenue.   

I mean you would want to either recruit a good number of affiliates or someone that will make (let’s say) over $1000 a month but still I thought it might be worth mentioning.  It sounds like a nice little earner to me as you can pretty much join their affiliate program as soon as you start using them. 

It obviously is not the best product to promote for every website but if you know anyone that runs a website you can always share this with them.

I’m sure that they would rather you made this 3% rather than Ezoic and I’m pretty sure this doesn’t equate to an extra 3% that you will lose if you join through Ezoic’s website rather than using your friend’s referral link.

So there is this and probably another thing I should mention is THIS…

Setting Up Ads with Ezoic

Having just completed this step myself (sort of) I think this is something that definitely I need to mention.  

For those wondering about How To Get Started with Ezoic, one very BIG part of this will actually be setting up the Ads.

You should find there are educational resources to help you do this yourself.

Downloading the Ezoic plugin and the Ezoic web browser extension is basically a pre-requisite for this but once this is done follow these steps;

1.)  Make sure you are signed out of your WordPress website.

2.)  Go to your website and on the puzzle piece next to the address bar click here and make sure the Ezoic extension is selected.

3.)  Use the web browser extension to choose 6-10 placeholders for your ads.  Ezoic recommends adding 10-15 ads throughout your site.  Make sure to add at least 6!

4.)  I think the plugin helps place ads automatically where it identifies as the best places. Still working this out!

*Some people I have spoken to say if you contact Ezoic then they will set the Ads up for you.  Apparently, just play dumb and they will help.   I have just paid someone on Fiverr to do this for me but starting to wonder if I really needed to.

Basically, I opened a thread on Reddit to ask people what I should do here and some said this was a total nightmare to do.  Hence why I hired someone to do it for me but then others said you can easily do it automatically with the Ezoic plugin so maybe they are right. 

I kind of hope so as still got to set up ads on this website at some point and hoping I don’t need to pay again ?

NOW just to conclude make sure you follow the steps to get set up with Ezoic Leap.  Deactivate any other speed optimization plugins and just follow the steps as instructed by Ezoic.  You will want this for site speed optimization!

Certainly, this was a big reason why I joined Ezoic but yes I hope this guide has been helpful, and one last thing…

Other Ways To Monetize Besides Ezoic

other ways to monetize a website besides ezoic

I think it is safe to assume that anyone looking to get set up with Ezoic will also be keen on other ideas on how to monetize their website content.  I’m sure you are already familiar with all the following but I will just briefly detail these ideas here; 

i.)  Digital Products and Services

One good way for a website to earn money is by selling digital products and services.  EBooks, Checklists, Courses, Templates, Tools, etc., and of course any services that you are able to personally offer.

What you might find is if you are not making much from Ads and if people are not taking the bait so to speak with your affiliate products then this could be something to definitely look into.

Many products can be found online with PLR (private label rights).  This means the author of these products allows the new owners of these products to distribute them however they please.  

So then you are free to sell these products on your own websites.

Also, if you are able to write an ebook or produce any of your own products these are too great things to list for sale.

ii.)  Donations

Not everyone will feel too comfortable about this but many content creators will include a link for people to make a donation.

Websites that you can use to set this up include; 

Check out my donation link here>>

buy me a coffee donation link

*Seriously you don’t have to but just to show this as an example.  Any donations (coffees) I would be grateful for but really you don’t have to just give this post a share on social media if you would like to do something for me and that would be awesome ☕  Now…

iii.)  Affiliate Marketing

This of course is one of the best ways to earn money from running an online business.  

Selling other people’s products has a wide range of benefits and if you are struggling to create good digital products of your own, or find good PLR products to resell then this is simply something that really must not be overlooked.

I think many people reading this will already know about Affiliate Marketing but for further reading check out these links below;

>>>Learn Affiliate Marketing with iBusinessToday<<<
>>>64 Lessons To Learn About Affiliate Marketing<<<
>>>Join Wealthy Affiliate – My No.1 Recommendation<<
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This would be awesome if you can and you definitely will not regret it. Also if you have found any of today’s content helpful, inspiring, or in any way something you have enjoyed reading definitely ~ check out some of our other posts;


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