how to improve site ranking with jaaxy

How to Improve Site Ranking with Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

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Hello Guys,  So for today’s post I will be writing another Self Help GuideHow to Improve Site Ranking with Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool.  Also, I will be looking into other techniques about how to determine site rank, and how to correctly choose your main keyword.

Basically, this post will be about how to improve SEO by building your content around ranking keywords.  For this reason, Jaaxy I will be referencing heavily in this post but also I will be looking at other tools as well.  Such as KWfinder + LongTailPro

Some of these ideas I will be based off my own experiences, in web development, since I started at the beginning of 2020 although as well I will be sourcing different information to make this guide as comprehensive as possible.

Hope this information finds you well and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section below,

How to Improve Site Ranking with Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Table of Contents

  1. How To Find the Right Keywords
  2. Utilizing Jaaxys SEO Scores
  3. Why I Personally Choose Jaaxy
  4. Other Features Within Jaaxy
  5. Jaaxy Vs. LongTail Pro Vs KWfinder
    i.)  Jaaxy Vs LongTailPro
    ii) Jaaxy Pro Vs. LongTailPro Pro
  6. Jaaxy Vs. KWFinder
  7. My Final Thoughts

FTC Disclosure:  Please note that this post does contain affiliate links.  Find out more here.

1# – How To Find the Right Keywords

Now, about my own experience, with keyword research I’m not going to lie, I have not really been doing for a very long time really.  Compared to the time that I have been building my websites for.

I’m definitely more clued up now but some of this is still quite new to me.  So, If you have some experience with choosing keywords already GREAT but if not then the first thing (In my view) you should look for is the main keyword for the post your writing.

For this post, as an example, the keyword(s) or key phrase I have chosen is How to Improve Site Ranking.  The title for this post is actually longer but within this title, I’ve chosen a phrase that is a search term and that is not too long.  My key phrase is Just the first 5 words.

I recommend that for the length of your keyphrase you should aim for 4 words.  I have 5 here and you can use 6 but I think 4 words to a key phrase is best.

This is also called a Longtail Keyword.

Now, you don’t need to pack your posts with keywords just choose one good one.  As well, you can add another 1-2 keyphrases (for subtitles) but the main thing you should choose a keyword that you can get into the start of your main title that you can repeat the required amount of times to get a positive SEO score.

To find Keywords just type into Jaaxy your ideas and choose the right keyword based on what makes grammatical sense and that gives you the right numbers through Jaaxy’s scoring system.

This I will explain in the next section.  To sample Jaaxy’s Free KW research tool just type into the box below;

2# – Utilizing Jaaxys SEO Scores

Above in this screenshot are the results back from Jaaxy for the keyword ‘How to Determine Site Rank‘.  I was going to use this originally as my main title, but the keyword I choose here was ‘How to Find the Right keywords‘, and I used this a subtitle.  Not my main title.

My basis here is a simple rule that I was taught to follow ever since I joined Jaaxy.

This is as follows; #1 make sure the AVG (Average) score is over 30, and #2 the QSR (Quoted Search Results) is below 100.  Then you can also check the Keyword Quality Indicator for its own rating and SEO score ~ THE HIGHER THE BETTER!

Although do make sure that this is a key phrase that makes sense as a search term that somebody would likely type into a search engine.  Above is a good example.  What is someone more likely to search in google for; a.)  Find the Right Keywords, or b.) How to Find the Right Keywords?.

ANSWER is b.)  Think about your own activity within search engines – what you type in is the search term.  To find a good keyword try to base this on this concept.  Though as well at the same time also use Jaaxy to see if any variations of this term have a higher score.

#3 – Why I Personally Choose Jaaxy

Honestly, I do really like using Jaaxy and use it almost every day nearly but why I use this instead of other keyword research tools is because it comes as part of the package with Wealthy Affiliate.

Within WA there is a lot of tools + training to get you started other than Jaaxy but here is the thing WA is basically only $30 on top of Jaaxy which is $19 a month (on its own) for the package I use (Jaaxy Lite).    I would say they both really work well together.

It’s definitely worth having both but saying that there are also other keyword research tools such as AHREFS, LongTail Keyword Pro, and KWFinder.  I haven’t tried any of these out yet but for where I am now for my own needs Jaaxy is ideal I would say.

It has a few different features, and some of these I will look at in the next section.

4# – Other Features in Jaaxy

In the image above you can see most of what Jaaxy offers but below I will quickly summarize

  • i.)  Site Rank – Search either your own domains or your competition for what keywords they are ranking with.
  • ii.)  Affiliate Program – Earn from Jaaxy by referring to others.
  • iii.)  Alphabet Soup – Enter search terms to find different ideas from A-Z
  • iv.)  Saved Keyword lists.
  • v.)  Search Keyword / Search Analysis – Research Keywords and Competitors
  • vi.)  Affiliate Programs – Search Aff. Programs based on keywords on Clickbank, Digital River, Linkshare and CJ.
  • vii.)  Brainstorm – search for keyword ideas based on things like Google Trends and Alexa Topics.

5# – Jaaxy Vs. LongTail Pro Vs KWfinder

i.)  Jaaxy Vs Long Tail Pro

Which is better?  Now, This is a good question.  LongTailPro is a keyword research tool created by Spencer Haws, who also happens to be the owner of the Niche Pursuits platform.  Compared to LTP Jaaxy is a bit more expensive for its pro membership.  But If you decide to go the Wealthy Affiliate route you can use Jaaxy Lite free.  Jaaxy is also owned (I believe) by Kyle + Carson of WA.

Now, LongTailPro is $37 USD for its starter plan and $27 with its annual plan.  It is much the same as Jaaxy Lite which you get with WA pro membership.  There are some differences here though of course.  I personally am not going to confuse myself by trying to explain this but this screenshot should give you a clearer idea.

So, here in this screenshot.  First, this shows LTP’s starter membership.  Next to it is Jaaxys Free Starter Membership, and next to that is Jaaxy Lite which you will get included with Wealthy Affiliate’s $49 a month Premium membership.

Jaaxy is the clear winner here (for me) and honestly unless you are paying for LTP’s annual plan you may as well pay the extra $12 for Wealthy Affiliate Premium. Although as I said above (in some ways) these are quite different programs and if you would like to try out Long Tail Pro…

=>Try Out a 7-Day Free Trial with Long Tail Pro <=

See what you think.

ii.Jaaxy Pro + Enterprise Vs. Long Tail Pro Pro + Agency

As for the higher tier memberships of both platforms.  They are almost the same except if you want to use LTP Pro or Agency for the same price as Jaaxy Pro + Enterprise you will need an annual membership.  Otherwise it will cost you $67 a month for LTP Pro and $147 for the Agency plan.  Jaaxy does not require you to subscribe annually and for their Pro plan it is $49 and $99 for their Enterprise plan.

The value is definitely in Jaaxy (I think) but if you are looking at these higher tier subscriptions this is when you might actually want to give Long Tail Pro a look into.  I do not have too much information on the platform to be honest but if you like you can sign up to their email series which should shed a bit more light on things.

See here

6# – Jaaxy Vs. KWFinder

Now, KWfinder is a bit of a different animal compared to both Jaaxy and LongTailPro.  It is actually part of something a lot bigger – it is only available as part of the Mangools platform.  A selection of products packaged together which also includes;

  1. SERP Checker
  2. SERP Watcher
  3. Link Miner
  4. Site Profiler.

To quickly summarise 1.) SERP checker is for Search Engine Result Analysis and 2.) SERP Watcher is to check where you are ranked in search engines.  Both things I’m pretty sure are features found within Jaaxy.  But 3.)  This is a HUGE selling point for MANGOOLS foe me if it does what it says on the box.  Tool number 3.) Link Miner analysizes Backlinks.  This is something you want to know about ~ when adding links to a post balance is VERY important.

As, for #5 Site Profiler – I thin k you can also use Jaaxy for this (seriously) and other free tools such as monster insights, and  Google Analytics but in my view if you have the cash to splash going the KWfinder route is not a bad idea.

Just make sure you are making enough money already from you current operation to afford this service.

It’s not too pricey actually;

Mangools is cheaper than both LongTailPro and Jaaxy – Bottom line! But Jaaxy is the Winner for me handsdown but I actually will repeat what I said earlier if you are doing well and have the cash to spare.  I don’t know so much about LongTailPro ~ I have heard good things about it but KWfinder, or should I say MangoolsI think could be a beneficial tool to have.

My reasoning – 100% my belief – the LinkMiner tool.  Having affiliate links within your content is essential to make money by Affiliate Marketing but too many and Google/Bing/Yahoo will not want to know.

That is my thoughts on the matter.

But Yes Jaaxy is my personal choice;

My Final Thoughts On the Matter

Depending on where you are currently at with your business I would say if you are new try jaaxy;

code here

but even more so try Wealthy Affiliate because Jaaxy come’s as part of the package.

KWfinder is the same in a way being that it comes with other tools but Wealthy Affiliate/Jaaxy comes with web hosting included and lot’s of very helpful up to date training.  If you are new to the concept of making money online, or affiliate marketing seriously I have just paid for the annual package (AGAIN BTW) and the deal is incredible.

So, yes I would so go for Wealthy Affiliate & Jaaxy together!


Finally before I go I hope you have found this information helpful and if you would like to ask any questions or leave feedback it would be great to hear from you.  You can do so in the comments section below or contact me directly at

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Many Thanks

Yours Sincerely

Alex B. Chivers

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