How To Integrate with Elementor, Bloom and Other 3rd Party Tools

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Just a quick post today. I feel like a HUGE weight has been lifted off my shoulders. In terms of blogging and lead generation, I’ve had quite the year. This post How To Integrate with Elementor, Bloom, and Other 3rd Party Tools is about overcoming this issue. I expect other people will be facing this as well so here goes.

I left GetResponse for about 10 months ago. And seriously it was not the land of milk and honey I thought it would be. I mean now it potentially is after all this time but this was my problem I quickly realized that all my lead generation elements with tools like Thrive Leads, Bloom, and Elementor had no way of Integrating with

The reason I left GetResponse was I only had 1K contacts and I was paying about $15 a month. you can get started for free with the following offer. join for free offer

You really don’t need much more than this for a single website I’d say but if you want to run multiple marketing campaigns outside of your website too then you probably should upgrade. You get 3 funnels with the free plan and 10 with their upgrade plan.

I paid $228 for mine for 1 YEAR I think it was and they migrated everything over from GetResponse. It was a nightmare through and through if I’m being honest but it has worked out now I think. As I’ve got my solution. Seriously I hope this will be helpful.


How To Integrate with Elementor, Bloom, and Other 3rd Party Tools

This part actually took some getting my head around. I didn’t want to pay for another email marketing service provider after I already had a account with 5K spaces available for new contacts. I spent so much time just asking on Reddit, asking on Facebook, asking on Forums what I needed to do. Even offered gigs on Fiverr and

It was an easy fix. I still need to work out similar solutions for my other websites but what I did was create a free MailChimp account and used Zapier to set up a Zap so when someone subscribes to my campaign on MailChimp it adds them to my funnel on

This is also 100% free to do. Mailchimp is free for your first 500 contacts, Zapier is free for your first 500 Zaps, and is free for your 1st 3 Funnels.

I will share the links below. is great. Once your funnel is built check out their inline forms. You can easily add with just a piece of code.


This is great for the home page of your website and you can use this exact same process for creating pop-ups. It’s coming up to my second year and I will have to pay again but I’m guessing it will be a lot different. I hit a bit of a slump over my frustrations with getting this integration to work but now it does I am very happy to share.

About Zapier 3rd Party Integrations

about zapier for

I had a lot of anxiety about using Zapier. If I’m being honest I didn’t even know you could use it for free but seriously it is VERY EASY TO USE.

All you do is tell Zapier what you want it to do. They have an AI that is pretty fast with solutions like I wrote “When someone subscribes to Mailchimp add them to my funnel on I can’t believe how much grief this caused me before this.

It took me about 10 minutes to do. They have a test function as well and within about 20 minutes it made a test subscription to MailChimp and I got my first autoresponder from

It’s a bit of a pain as you can only do this for 5 processes (5 Zaps) but it’s easy and it works.

Why You Should Join

The reason I joined Systeme was because of my founding partner membership with MyOnlineStartUp. They launched their DFY system about a year ago. Their landing page is tied to a series of about 180 emails. The condition was if you join as a paid member they would set this all up for you.

This is why I joined and left GetResponse. The carrot for me was more email contacts and as I was paying up for the year I could save on what I was paying for GetResponse.

For other people interested in becoming a member here is what you might like to know.

Email Marketing offers several features for email marketing. Of course, this is much of the appeal for new members. A generous amount of contacts for what you pay, send unlimited emails either through your funnel campaigns or as email blasts and other good things are the inline forms/pop-ups you can add to WordPress and their landing page builder. I hated this about GetResponse so this is one thing that sells it for me.

I think it’s pretty straightforward to use too and their support is very helpful.

Blog Posts

I haven’t used for Blog posts. Typically this I will do on my WordPress website. It has a pretty straightforward page builder if you should choose to use it.

Setting Up An Online Store

Digital products are big business and Systeme is very popular for this reason. With this platform, you can upload your ebooks and other products such as printables with an in-house checkout utilizing PayPal, Stripe, and card payments.

I haven’t personally tried this but seriously look for some of the videos on YouTube and for some of the groups on Facebook for tutorials.

11k in 7 days with free training

Creating Your Own Course(s)

This is HUGE for content creators. If you should choose to start your own coaching besides your online business you can get started right away with


This requires the $ 47-a-month plan or $396 annually. You can use it to host 10 evergreen webinars. This is a big deal for those launching their own digital products.

Other platforms like GetResponse and Aweber offer nothing like this and it is an all-in-one deal. It costs a fraction of other tools with the same capabilities. Not everyone will be ready to take this leap but it is something to consider especially as you grow your list beyond the initial 5K contacts.

The Affiliate Program

This is quite possibly one of the best things to promote as an affiliate as they offer 50% rolling commissions on memberships. It is an amazing opportunity. You can gain access even with a free membership as well. PLUS not only this but through Systeme you can also host your very own Affiliate programs for your courses, webinars, and digital products. There is so much value it’s unreal.

The Down Side

Currently is in it’s development stage for its commercial API and Integrations. This is what I have struggled with so much for the past year. I’ve already made quite a big deal about this in the introduction but it is an easy fix.

IF ONLY I’D KNOWN SOONER. Find an EMS with a free plan with integrations such as MailChimp and use this for all your forms on Elementor, Bloom, Thrive Leads, etc.

Then set up Zapier to auto-migrate your contacts you collect to your funnel.

You would never believe how much I struggled to get my head around this but it is this easy. It put me off updating this blog for a while but now I’m so excited to get back to it.

In Conclusion

So this post is ESPECIALLY for those with banging their head against the wall (like I was) because they can’t figure out how to set up with 3rd party tools on WordPress. Recently I purchased Post Gopher by Promote Labs (Cyber Monday week). When I realized I couldn’t directly integrate this with I was desperate.

The answer gave me wasn’t exactly the one I wanted but I had this lightbulb moment and for anyone stuck this is what you need to do.

Check out the links below (Sign up for a Free Account. (Sign Up For a Free Account) (Sign up for a Free Account)

You should find this is only a temporary thing. is working on updating its public API but this is a great way to start building your email list if you haven’t already begun. If you are not making money from marketing I highly recommend and it’s free.

Hope this is helpful and any questions I will be happy to try and answer. See the comments section below. All the best and again hope this is helpful.

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2 thoughts on “How To Integrate with Elementor, Bloom and Other 3rd Party Tools”

  1. Hey,

    Thank you for sharing such an informative article on what looks like a good system.

    Systeme looks like it could help me with my Email marketing as I have been struggling with that lately. I need it to become more streamlined and the right type of Emails that help me to sell my products and services, but also to inspire my Email list to make a difference.

    I will let you know how I get on with Systeme and if I have any questions or queries that you can help me with then I will get in touch. If that is OK with you?

    Thank you again for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    1. Hi Tom, Yes absolutely is a great platform. To be honest I’ve really struggled with it for a while now and the integration issue but this is pretty much solved now for me with the method I use in this post. I think if you just use mailchimps free account this is a good place to start along with Zapier. I was a bit intimidated by this but seriously was easy to do really. You can use mailchimp for 3rd party tools if you use them but if not you can create forms with code to place in your right sidebar and in post. You can also create a pop up with Systeme also which I think is pretty cool.

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