How to Invest In Online Business ~ Freelancers, Tools, and Subscriptions!

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Hi,  For today’s post – How to Invest in Online Business.  I’ve had a few thoughts that have come to me lately about this idea.   How could my money be best spent on for further developing my current online setup, and actually could these investments really benefit what I am trying to currently do?

So, with this in mind what can I consider a worthy investment?

From my experience, I would say your best investment for an online business is the time you put into it.
100%.  Although, you might not start earning straight away the time that you put into learning new skills will always become more and more valuable as you begin to implement them more, and more.

Here Is What I mean?

For example, time is not always something we all have to spare, and whilst we are learning what can be convenient, and helpful is to pay others.  Just make sure that any money spent hiring is spent on high-quality work that gets done to a high enough standard.  So, you are not spending too much time afterwards correcting their mistakes.

I know this only too well – some of the articles I have got off Freelancer and Fiverr – my god.  The work I have had to do after I may as well have written the whole things myself.

Now, in this kind of instance, You might find you are better off spending your money on something else?

My point, well we will all come across these questions at some point for sure about different ways – How to Invest in Online Business effectively.  Although how we actually do invest this is what is key ?

How to Invest Money in Online Business

#1 – Content and Graphics

i.)  Introduction

To begin with, I think one thing for certain to consider investing in for an online business is outsourcing content.  If your business is running a website then consistency is important.  You need to be able to post new content on a regular basis.

You may find that working on one post can take a long time and that writing is only just the first stage.  You will also need to do other things such as SEO, proofreading, adding images and promotion.

You should take the time to master developing these things for yourself most definitely, but at some point, you may want to consider hiring people to get things done more quickly.

People can be hired for both writing new content and reworking old content as a VA (Virtual Assistant).  A good idea is to try and find the right people and be brutal when necessary.  If somebody’s work doesn’t
meet your standards – do not accept it and continue your search for somebody new that you can work with faster.

ii.)  Useful Links

To find freelancers to hire there are 5 sites that spring to mind;

iii.)  Content + Graphics:  In Summary

To begin with, decide what articles you want written and research keywords.  Then once you have a title and let’s say 2-3 keywords look at hiring somebody to write your content.

To begin with, you can look at paying $3-5 for 5-600 words.  You can work on the rest yourself after and once you develop better relationships you can start charging a bit more for longer articles.

As for graphics decide what size images you want and where you want them.   You may also want to invest in things like banners and logos to improve the look of your site.  Also, let the person you hire know what file format you want them to use.  I would suggest using PNG format as they are better supported for faster loading times.

Note:  If you are interested in developing your own graphics I highly recommended Canva.

If you are hiring a VA, maybe the best idea is to make sure you give them clear instructions.  For me, after first publishing my content – the work I need to do is usually proofreading, and correcting mistakes.  Adding featured images, a linkable menu, SEO, and promotional content.

#2 – Social Media Marketing and SEO

i.)  How to Invest in Social Media Marketing

Just to expand on the last section just a little bit.  On Fiverr for example you can hire people to create promotional content for your Social Media.  If you already have good experience in Social Media Marketing then this can give you a good headstart for sure.

Like, let’s say that you spend 3 hours creating 6 pins (for Pinterest), 5 Tweets for Twitter, and 2 posts for both LinkedIn and Facebook.  You could effectively just hire somebody for $15-20 for this content and post yourself within a half-hour.  You could actually use a variety of methods but overall it is definitely worth building these kinds of relationships.

Also if you don’t feel this is your department at all you can also just provide your link to share and even find somebody to manage your Social Media profiles.  This I would say is definitely worth the time once you have enough content.  But each to our own.

Another idea also is to invest in tools and training.  Here are my main suggestions;

Canva Premium (Includes Social Media Scheduler)
Tailwind (for Pinterest & Instagram – lots of potential for extra traffic here) (Good to build a following on Twitter plus more)
TweetDeck – For scheduling Tweets far in advance

ii.) SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Another idea you might want to consider when you thinking about how to invest in an online business is your website’s SEO.  This is maybe more for the experienced website owner if you are hiring for SEO services but for beginners, you might want to invest in training to learn about keywords, etc.

You can also invest in keyword research tools.  Two I would recommend are Jaaxy and LongTailPro.

Another suggestion to maybe consider is a membership with SEMRush.

#3 How to Invest in Online Business:  Advertising

If you have a product, or products to sell within your posts you may well want to consider advertising.  There are many ways to advertise online and if you feel that your content is really that good then this might just be the way to go.

Google, Bing, and Facebook Ads are maybe the main ones that spring into most people’s minds.  In my experience, I’m yet to do much here but for any newbies, I will advise you to be very careful with Facebook ads.

Do your research because they won’t just let you boost any post for example.  I have found this the hard way and had my ads account suspended because of this.  You can get this sorted but the main issue is Facebook ads is very hard to get in contact with.

Google and Bing I have yet to try it out but from what I hear Google especially doesn’t like Affiliate Marketing Links.  This I will look into for a future post.  Hopefully soon will be covering my experience using Google AdWords.

Update:  Bing Ads I have since tried it’s a good testing ground before trying Google, and it still makes up for 30% of web traffic.

Other ideas for advertising;  Solo Ads, Native Ads, Banner Ads.  Youtube, Twitter then Pinterest, Reddit and Instagram also offer ads which is another thing to look at.  Even TikTok, Snapchat, WhatsApp.  Also, there are Classified Ads such as Craigslist and Gumtree.

#4 – Invest in Plug-Ins, Useful Tools, and Site Speed Optimization

Two of these spring to mind for me right off the bat – Yoast and Grammarly.  Both are great for their free versions and I think are must-have tools but also like anything they have even better-paid upgrades.

By far the first tools I think about when I am recommending to others are these.  Yoast is to check SEO and Readability, and Grammarly is to check Grammar.  These are must-have tools for me.  I’m not a premium member personally but it’s certainly something I will consider in the future.

One I do pay for though is GetResponse ~ for new website owners you might not be looking at an Email Marketing solution right away but at some point, you will I would say.  This is my personal choice as it is only £11 a month for 1k contacts.  I may need to upgrade soon but will cross that bridge later.

Otherwise, I think another good idea for investment is site speed optimization.  A good plugin to have is WPRocket.  It’s price last time I checked was $39 a year.

This I think is quite worth it as certain tests have shown that Google expects websites to load in 2-3 seconds and if they do not it can affect their ranking.  My suggestion would be to test your website with GTmetrix to check your speed and from there either invest in the right tools/plugins or hire a freelancer to sort this out for you.

#5 – Invest in Subscriptions and Memberships.

So obviously domains and hosting are the main costs that a website owner will usually have to pay.  Domains I don’t really think are too relevant for this article but then saying that there is something called Domain Authority and investing in a costly domain 100% does more often than not have its benefits.

As for hosting this is somewhere in which I think it’s good to shop around with because it can sometimes be expensive.  Personally, my choice is hosting my websites on the Wealthy Affiliate platform.   This costs me $49 a month but also includes tons of other cool features and up to date training.

As well as this I pay £11 a month for GetResponse and $19 a month for LeadsLeap.

LeadsLeap is actually free to join but it offers more advertising and higher commissions as a premium member.  It is excellent to use for building email lists and some very useful tools also such as landing page builder, ad bars and opt-in forms.

Other than this 2 other platforms to look at that I like are All-In-One-Profits and Elite Downline BuilderBoth very good if you can get people to join as referrals.

#6 – How to Invest in Online Business:  Training

Almost forgot about this one.  If you are looking to start a business on eBay, Amazon, Shopify or in Affiliate Marketing – just about any business than training is an essential part of the learning process.

The internet is stacked full of opportunities for everyone.  I am currently in the midst of training with Wealthy Affiliate and another platform called MyOnlineStartUP.

The latter is actually free to join for the whole course but you can upgrade to Partner for $199 which from what I hear opens the door to a lot of new opportunities.  I will be looking at this myself in the future but for now, I’m still going through the free course.

As for other training programs, I can think of there is 12MinuteAffiliate, Affiliorama, John Crestianis Super Affiliate System, Wesley Virgins Overnight Millionaire and Clickbanks CB University. Plus countless others.  None of which I would personally recommend but you might think otherwise.

What I would suggest is, of course, Wealthy Affiliates free membership to get started, or taking individual training for things like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, YouTube Marketing, SEO, Content Creation and even Content writing.

A good place to look is Udemy which is an online training centre with people selling their own individual courses.  Although, also Youtube has tons of videos that can teach you loads also.

My Final Opinion…

How to Invest Money in Online Business?  So my general advice is if you want to make money online then the easiest way I tell everyone is eBay and if you have enough products to sell on Amazon.  Even Shopify if you know what you’re doing.

Other than this my other tip is Affiliate Marketing.  Even every day running of a blog or website to make money just by advertising if you can get good quality content and traffic together.
YouTube also this can be just as lucrative.

So take your time to think and spend your money wisely.  A good business is built on trust and this is not just the customer experience.  Finding the right partners to delegate can increase your earning potential repeatedly.  Definitely think about this because as one person you only have so much time on your hands in comparison to say 2,3 people all working on the same project.

It will cost you money, yes but once you have got to the point where you are offering consistent quality goods than before this starts to pay for itself is only just a matter of time.

For example, you might find after a few months of building out a website all of a sudden one day you make your first sale, or whatever.  You never know just invest in what you can afford, and see what happens.  You be surprised.



If you have any questions, feedback etc. please feel free to leave us a message in the comments section below.  It will be to hear from you.  Also,  if you have found this content helpful than please support by sharing on Social Media, Following Us on Facebook/Twitter and also by becoming a subscriber to our email list.

Many thanks;

Kind regards

Yours Sincerely;

Alex Chivers

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