How To Learn Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

How To Learn Affiliate Marketing for Beginners?

Excellent question, and if you are reading this post I’m hoping I can share at least some of my knowledge with you.  I’m not going to lie to people, you have got guys like Wesley Virgin, John Crestani, Rob Blanchard, Russell Brunson blah, blah, blah etc. etc. that all have their own programs.

There are loads, and a lot of these will cost you an arm and a leg.

Not only this but they won’t always be much help to you.  They work for some people sure but let’s not kid ourselves here there is a lot of programs that will not only leave you out of pocket but actually put you off affiliate marketing for good.

I am no expert.  Don’t get me wrong but I am not directly after your money.  Only for you to read this and be successful.

Also, there is a program I’d like to recommend for sure but let’s cross this bridge when we get to it.  I will link this in a bit.

For now though just to let you know what my idea for this article is about.

What I will do is leave a bit of information about some of the different Affiliate Marketing ideas that I have and a little bit about what kind of training you should be looking for.  Mostly what you should avoid as a beginner, and of course what my No.1 Suggestion is;

My No.1 Suggestion CTA

How To Learn Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

affiliate marketing for begginers

FTC Disclosure: Please note that this post contains affiliate links and if you click on one of these links and make a purchase I may receive an affiliate commission.  Read more about this (here).

How To Learn Affiliate Marketing for Beginners?

1.)  What is Affiliate Marketing?

I think a lot of people will have a pretty good idea of what affiliate marketing is already no doubt.  Many people that are reading this post may have moderate experience already but for those that haven’t.  Just to make this clear about what this is (Affiliate Marketing).  It’s selling somebody else’s product for a commission.  Affiliate means partner and marketing mean that you display something for sale.

The general idea for affiliated marketing online is that basically, you are canvassing your very own unique product links to people and any sales that are made as a result you automatically earn from.

2.)  My Advice for Anybody Looking To Try Affiliate Marketing

So, I do have some affiliate marketing advice for people looking to try this out.  There is still so much I am yet still to learn myself.  There is lots I don’t know but here goes;

First, you have to find a product that you want to promote.  Choose something that is ethical that you can build a trusted brand with.

For example, you don’t want to be selling something like a shampoo that makes peoples hair fall out.

Or even a money-making system that doesn’t make people money.

Do your research about the best online business marketing strategies and choose products that you really believe in.  This is very important.

Then build content around these products.  Write articles and if you feel comfortable doing so then record videos for platforms such as Youtube which you can share online.

Ultimately it’s these links from your content alongside the actual affiliate links you want to share.  Places like social media posts and blogs are known to convert.  Plus if you can manage to build an email list sending email swipes through autoresponders this gives you even more chances to target potential customers several times in a row.

3.)  How To Promote Affiliate Marketing Products?

OK, so I have already given my thoughts briefly on this, in the last section.  To elaborate on this more though what I usually do with my content once I’m finished is a few things.  I share on my Facebook profile and business page.  Then on Twitter and Pinterest.  Followed by  Oh, and also I share my links around the Wealthy Affiliate community.

These are just things I do myself but maybe these are things you implement yourselves already.  I don’t know, but these I think are the more obvious things to do with affiliate links, but of course, there is much, much more to do than this.

Anyway, another way that can sometimes work is by searching on Google for appropriate places to link your content.

To do this you type in – Site: then the website you want to search on.

Site: search example

So for example site:,,, etc.

or another idea is to set up Google Alerts and utilise this to respond in the comments of websites and blog posts.

4.) How To Promote Affiliate Marketing Products with Free Traffic

This video below I found recently to be helpful myself.  It’s much the same as what I’ve written above but for any small details that I might have missed, you can see for yourself.

4.)  How to be Successful with Affiliate Marketing?

The million-dollar question and I can’t give you a solid answer for this.  What I found interesting though was this snippet which appeared on Google earlier today.  It’s from an affiliate marketing program called Affiliorama.  

I do not recommend this by the way but what this says, in essence, I think answers this question very well.

Maybe not very helpful you want to actually learn how to be successful at Affiliate Marketing not just know the steps to take how to be successful.  This is essentially it but it leaves even more questions.  It’s kind of like this other image that I found whilst surfing online today.

How to draw an owl

I think if you really want to Learn Affiliate Marketing you need to choose the right training.  Sure there are many different options for this.  Mine you can find out more about by clicking on the button below but do your research because what is good for me might not be good for you.

My No 1 Suggestion

5.)  Best Affiliate Marketing Program for Beginners

Do Something Great

i.)  Affilorama

So.  I’ve already mentioned Affiliorama.  As I’ve said above I do not recommend this.  I’ll be honest why – I have done my research about this, and the biggest question mark here is if in 2020 this platform is still relevant.

2 articles I’ve looked at today.  One a favourable review, and one a not too kind but very detailed review.  They both say the same thing that it’s very out of date.  Which is a shame really because Affiliorama has 100% helped people countless times from what I can gather.

It’s maybe one of the pioneers for many of the affiliate marketing platforms to come and go over the years.  Since it’s inception in 2006 it has offered valuable training to many people.  They have something like 600K active members but they have not bothered to update their training materials in years which is a massive turn off.

If you would like to give it a go by all means then do so.  Be sure to take full advantage of the free training;

Affiliate Marketing Quick Start Guide and Roadmap to Success.   You can get both with a free account.

Affilorama free account Sign up!  Click here

ii.)  12 Minute Affiliate

Another platform I’d say to avoid.  Affiliorama at least some credibility about it but 12 Minute Affiliate you only need to look into this one and find out it is a scam.  It sucks people in with its training and actually it isn’t that it can’t make you money but there are a lot of hidden costs here and it’s kind of like the Owl picture above.

It’s OK if you can draw the Owl already but if you can’t it’s going to cost you.  From what I actually read the amount you make from this is in most cases is just making your money back you’ve spent on the traffic.

It lures you into buying the upsells making you think this is why your not turning a profit, and it’s just off-putting I think.  You don’t want to be chucking money at something if it’s not worth doing…  They trick you into buying the upsells with no real value at the end.  This is what I’ve heard but by all means if anyone wants to give a try>

12 Minute Affiliate Sign Up Here!

iii.)  Wealthy Affiliate

I know this might sound a bit biased here as I a member but this is my No.#1 Suggestion at the time of writing this article.  The only drawback is if your not making money it’s $49 a month and $15 a year for each domain.  Although if you can get a domain cheaper elsewhere which I usually do you can transfer over fairly easy if you know how to do it.

What I find attractive is the whole website has tons and tons to offer.  If your willing to actually educate yourself and ask the right questions to do so than this website is great.

Resources wise there are loads including an online entrepreneur certification,  affiliate boot camp and more training than you could ever finish from its thousands, and thousands of members being published on a daily basis.  Add to that a huge 24/7 support network, it’s site content section and full access with premium to the Jaaxy keyword research tool.

From here you can easily set up your own WordPress website, and not forgetting its own affiliate program.  If you have the know-how to get 3 premium sign ups a month than this will pay for your membership.  The best bit is that this is very appealing to people.  I like the fact that if you actually work it out running a website without WA will typically cost you $25 anyway.  $5 for hosting and $20 for Jaaxy.  With Jaaxy once you use you will not want to go without it again it’s that good.


6.)  Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Programs – Where To Find?

Clickbank is maybe the most common platforms I can think of, where you can go to and find promotable products.  Next to only Amazon, I would say but as it is so well known, and so many affiliate marketers base their training around its products that it can cause quite a headache competition-wise.

I would say it’s a good platform for beginners learning how to build sites and there are some very good opportunities to be had here.  There is however though other marketplaces that offer more low competition products.  The only trouble being though is getting accepted in the first place.

These are;

  • CJ – Commission Junction
  • Linkshare – Rakuten
  • Share-A-Sale
  • JV Zoo
  • Max Bounty
  • Peerfly
  • eBay Partner Network
  • GlobalWide Media
  • Tradedoubler
  • Market Health
  • Neverblue
  • M4Trix

So it’s very possible I can tell you that certainly as a beginner you may not be accepted by some of these platforms.  JV Zoo should not be a problem but Neverblue I’ve hard can be notoriously difficult to get accepted by but don’t give up chances are you can still reapply later.  Just work on your content and your SEO and see what happens.

I would say you don’t want to rely too much on Clickbank and joining these other networks are the logical next step.

Final Thoughts

Definitely creating worthy content is the key to making affiliate commissions.  Take Levis Jeans, for example, they have their own marketing team that will do their utmost best to make as many sales as possible but there is always somebody else that can do something different to attract customers in other ways.

Why there is even such a thing as affiliated marketing because it is a golden opportunity for product promotion and sales.  So, if this is something you’re looking to do write content and record videos to promote products.  The better the content and the more convincing it is the more chance you have of making commissions.

If you like to see my number #1 suggestion of where to get started

Free Training and Starter Membership!

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Many thanks; andHopefully will see you again in the not too distant future!

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  • Learning how affiliate programme work for me has been a great challenge because, am still trying to learn how it works and also the programs that is been held here also. Have read alot of stories about Wesley virgin just to mention a few, and this guyz have proven to be great and a genius in their field. Affiliate marketing is not just about your comment but also your advertisements of their products/content so as to get commission on a purchased.

    • Hi Kevwe,  I hope things go well for you and if you need any help I am here.  I reviewed Wesley Virgins Overnight Millionaire on my other website.  I thought it sounded great at the time but doesn’t stack up against WA I don’t think.   There is a list in this article of Affiliate programs you may find useful,  best regards  Alex 

  • Hey there nice article you have , your thoughts about affiliate marketing are quite impressive, every techniques needed to promote a products in e- marketing is well observe. I have been on affiliate marketing for sometime now, and it has really help to boost my sales , also it has given me and edge over my competitors that are not into affiliate marketing.

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