making money from facebook ads in 2022

How to Make Money With Facebook Ads in 2022

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Are you interested in How to Make Money With Facebook Ads in 2022?  Indeed, Facebook can be an excellent source for generating leads for your business.  If you are not yet utilizing Facebook ads, then you are missing out on BIG opportunities.

It might seem like a complicated process.   The thought alone can be quite off-putting but quite frankly, this couldn’t be further away from the truth.  

As long as you have your Facebook business account set up and ready this is all you need to generate leads for potential sales and profits.

Simply, If you are looking for a means of paid advertising this is definitely a good place to start.

Many of us will certainly have heard about setting up Facebook Ads.  Either to promote our existing business or as a direct means of affiliate marketing.  Although, understanding how this works before we begin is something we definitely need to do.

So, Let’s look at the most critical parts of creating a Facebook ad, starting from the campaign…

How to Make Money With Facebook Ads in 2022! ?

how to make money with facebook ads

Before we continue – Just to let you know that this post will be split up into 3 different parts.  

Part 1:  The Campaign
Part 2:  The Creative
Part 3:  Targeting Your Audience

Hopefully, our goal by the end of this post should be to give you a much better idea of how Facebook ads can work for your business in 2022.   If there is anything you feel we might have missed please do let us know in the comments.

Also, if you would like to contact me privately my email address is

Now, with this out of the way let’s begin, shall we? with…

Part 1 of 3: The Campaign

Now, this is probably the main thing to consider for beginners

Let’s Start by Accessing Facebook Ads Manager…

facebook ads manager

 If you are using a desktop, you can access the ads manager from your Facebook business suite.

Alternatively, you can use the Facebook ads manager mobile app if you already have joined via desktop.

From here on it’s pretty straightforward.  You will need a Facebook Business page first but once you have one you should see 3 options – Create Post, Create Story and Create Ad. [See Screenshot below]

dynamic ideas 4 life facebook business page

From here select ‘Create an Ad’ to begin.  Pretty simple really and once this is done you can successfully get to work.

Now let’s get to the basics of How to Make Money With Facebook Ads in 2022  

Here is how in case you need any guidance…

How To Create a Facebook Ads Campaign

After clicking on the Create Ad tab here is everything else you will need to know –  follow these 7 steps…

1. The Campaign Objective

Firstly, when starting a Facebook Ads campaign you need to select your campaign objective

To create the right objective for your business, it’s essential that you first define the goals you want to achieve.

For instance, one option you can choose from is creating brand awareness.

In this case, click the “brand awareness” option.

Likewise, if you want to drive traffic, click the “drive traffic” option.

In hindsight, you should choose an objective that aligns with your advertising goals because Facebook will optimize the ads differently based on your goals.

facebook ads - create ad page

2. Now, Choose a Name for Your Campaign

This surely goes without saying but another thing your campaign will need is for you to choose a name.   

You can save it as a generic name or number automatically created by Facebook but in the long run, you will find it easier to have your campaigns organized, especially if you plan on running multiple campaigns at once.  

What’s more, this also makes it easier when it comes to analyzing the effectiveness of your campaigns.

3. Choose Special Ad Categories

Now let’s take some time to analyse your campaign a bit more closely.

Firstly you will need to select the correct ad categories.

This allows you to choose which category your ad will fall under.

While this step isn’t essential, determining which your specific ad campaign falls under can help you to get your ad seen by the right people (audience).  See Part 3 to learn more about targeting.

Then secondly, find out if you will need to run A/B testing.

By running experiments, you can find out which areas of your ad campaigns are more effective so you can further capitalize on them for future reference.

Therefore, it is recommended to set up A/B testing to show you the most efficient way to run your campaign.

Finally, the other thing to consider is budget optimization. All you need to do here is turn this feature on.

Facebook then determines the best way to allocate your budget on your various campaigns.

However, you can also decide for yourself the budget allocation and how your money will be distributed amongst your different ad campaigns.

4.  And Speaking of Your Facebook Ad Budget

Setting a budget and bidding are two of the most important factors for Facebook ad campaigns.

To begin start by selecting your type of budget.

You have two options here between daily or lifetime budget.

Also, select your budget amount. 

Finally, choose the start date and also your end date when to run your campaign.

5. Select Your Audience

With Facebook ads, you have plenty of options to choose from on how you will target your audience.

Here you will choose between a previously saved audience or creating a new Facebook audience.

Learn more about this towards the end of the article.

6. Set placement

Here you choose where your ads will appear through the Facebook Ads network.

Just bear in mind that the goal of your advertisement will have a significant influence on where your ads will appear.

For instance, Facebook ads can appear in the feed, through Facebook stories and within search results.

7. Oh, and Finally, creating the ad campaign

Once you have gone through the above steps, you can finally make your desired Facebook ads.

Here you can choose from your ad image and the copy.

Note that these are very important elements of your ad, as they will catch the attention of the user and speak of your value proposition.  Make sure you pay extra attention here to make sure you get this right.

Summary – Part 1:  The Campaign

Now, Whilst you might think that creating the perfect ad is complicated, it is really not.

Facebook ads campaigns open your business to a global market and can help take your business to the next level. 

Therefore, it is essential to understand the fundamentals of FB ads and then apply them to your business!

As we mentioned, the ad image and copy are two very important aspects of How to Make Money With Facebook Ads in 2022.  If you would like to learn more please keep reading for Part 2… 

How to Make Money With Facebook Ads in 2022 

Part 2 – The Creative

how to make a facebook ads creative

The Facebook ad creative refers to the advertisement as users see it in various digital spaces such as live streams, social media, websites, or apps.  The ad creative can be in the form of a video, image, gif, or any other format.

With this in mind, there are many different types of Facebook creatives, so throughout your campaign, you must test different types and then determine which one works best for you!

Hint: Videos are recommended as these work really well.

Different Facebook Ad Creatives

facebook ad examples 2022

Pictured above is an example of a Facebook ad creative.   Yours might look different but the main thing to know is that when it comes to Facebook Ad creatives, you have several options to choose between video and display.

These include the following sizes:

  •  300×250
  • 336×280
  • 728×90
  • 300×600
  • 320×100

The display you choose will depend on the type of experience you want to provide throughout the ad.  

Different Ads are suitable for different placements and some may work better in different situations.  Just be wise to keep in mind your objectives and who your targeted audience mostly is.  


Avoid Creative Fatigue

creative fatigue

One thing that is very important to consider is when customers see an ad too many times, its effectiveness can start to wane over time.  In the business, this is what is known as creative fatigue, and this is ‘the strange thing’…

With the Facebook ad creatives, it can seem that the better and more effective they are, the more one needs to work on them.  Mostly, because more successful ads burn out faster as ad spending increases.

Plus what this also means is that to achieve the same level of results, marketers need to work even harder. (Something which is called, the law of diminishing marginal returns…) [R]

the law of diminishing returns

It is a bit confusing (I know) but Anyhow there is this and there is also the problem of breaking through the barriers of your own creative comfort zone. Many marketing teams often get caught up with sticking to the same strategies because after all, these have been proven to work well in the past.  

However, this rinse and repeat process can ultimately over time cause the Ad creativity to get a bit boring.

So be sure to keep this in mind… Be more exciting and give people what they want to see.

Come Out of Your Creative Comfort Zone

One good idea to practice here (To get out of your creative comfort zone), is to try regular ad campaign analysis. 

You can follow this up by conducting a competitive analysis to find out how the ads are performing.

Facebook Ad Library is a great tool to help you with this.  Check out this video below to learn more.

So Facebook Ad Library.  Not only is this a great way to become more data-driven, but it will also help you come up with new ideas.  You can also hold competitions between different in-house teams or between in-house and outhouse teams. From which you can use to then compare performances between your different teams.

However, there is a downside and this is that it can take a longer duration (i.e more than a month for any data to be reliable.). Anything less and what is often the case is the data will not be good enough to build on your results.

So, it can be hard work but another option you can also try is outsourcing.  Hiring freelancers through websites such as Fiverr and new member promo
For all new members of $20 worth of Free Credit [Join HERE<<}

This can be beneficial if you have little knowledge of these practices as it lets you gain access to world-class marketers. Many of which will know how to make money with Facebook ads from years of experience.

Still, you will likely want to know how to do this yourself.   So…

How To Create The Perfect Ad Creative

how to create the perfect facebook ad creative

So with the importance of your ad creativity in mind, let’s have a look at some actionable tips you can utilize in order to craft your perfect ad creative ?

Please Note, that just because it looks good in your eyes and you like it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be effective.  Just be sure to pay attention to how your ad actually looks after you have it up and running.

Try these tips below if you need help to understand how this works for the best results.

1.  Start with a Quality Image

quality image for facebook ads

When developing your Facebook ad, keep in mind that even while you may feel that you have the best ad copy around, this is not the first thing that potential customers will see.  Of course, the first thing they will see is the ad image.

In fact, scientists at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) have found that it takes as little as only 13 milliseconds for the brain to identify an image, but it takes far longer to read and interpret a small section of text. [R

This is why ultimately, doing what needs to be done to create an eye-catching image for your ad matters. 

So, definitely get creative. 

The kid part of our brains LOVES animated things and can grasp them very easily. Try to develop images like these.

2. Then, Actually Placing the Ad

With Facebook, you have the option of placing the ad in front of the desktop news feed, the right-hand column, and the mobile news feed.  Placing the creative or ad in the wrong place can impact the performance of your ad.

It is a matter of finding out how well your audience will respond and the best place to show the ad to them.

And this is best done by… You guessed it – TESTING!

The Data tells no lies – but also consider this…

3.  Limit the Words

Another important tip to consider when creating your ad creative is that when it comes to words alongside your image, keep it limited.  People would rather focus on the image instead of the copy (the text for the image) so keep it short. If it is too long chances are that people will not click on your CTA (Call To Action).

That said, when it comes to the headline, for instance, ensure it clearly states the benefits of the product.

People need to know what they are potentially buying so an advert must definitely make this clear.


Summary – Part 2: The Creative

In conclusion, when it comes to brand awareness one of the best things that can happen is building a loyal following.  In respect of How to Make Money With Facebook Ads in 2022, this is an important step to generate leads.

As a general rule, it is essential to test your ad creativity and invest in creating the best Facebook ads that appeal to your target audience.  Think of your Facebook ad creative as the first part of your marketing funnel from which you can use for someone to land on your sales page.

Think of it like this – Your Facebook ad is the first sales pitch.  It shouldn’t reveal all your cards at once, but just show that you have aces up your sleeves that are up for grabs.

In part 3 of this article series, you will learn about something a bit more specific regarding your advertisement (and, in fact, something even more important) – which is Targeting the Right Audience!

Please keep reading for our final part in this 3 part series…

How to Make Money With Facebook Ads in 2022 

Part 3 – Targeting Your Audience

Your Audience

Now, here is the incredible thing, as of January 2022 it is estimated that much of the world’s population use Facebook. According to Statista as of the 2nd quarter of 2021, 2.89 Billion monthly used Facebook.  [R]

Actually, 3.51 Billion if you include all of the Apps owned by Facebook; ~ Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp.

It is definitely clear that with so many people all using this platform it creates the perfect business opportunity.

Many brands and businesses can now reach out to potential customers via Facebook, and this is likely a trend that will only continue throughout the remainder of the 2020s.  Possibly even beyond this until the next decade after that… 

But there is a downside. In early 2019 Facebook changed its algorithm so that unique personal content received greater priority than public content from brands. [R]

Consequently, the reach of organic traffic because of this was severely affected.

Although still Businesses and Brands have continued to pay for Facebook ads. Even though paying for ads doesn’t always mean they will be a success.

For that, you will need to optimize your targeting and really think of “paying for ads” as “investing in data” – Because that’s what it really is.

Now let’s find out more about finding the right audience for your business – Think of this as finding the right customer avatar.

Follow these tips below to find out out how you can make the most of Facebook Ad Targeting.

1. Define your Demographic the Right Way

When creating a new Facebook ad campaign, you will be required to select a demographic. 

The three main ones include location, age, and gender.

However, this doesn’t mean you should go with these broad categories. Instead, you must appeal to a specific group.

For instance, just because people of different age groups can buy your product doesn’t mean that you should create a generalized ad campaign.

This is sure to fail in the long run. Instead, try to appeal to a certain age bracket.

  • Baby Boomers (Roughly 50 to 70 years old)
  • Generation X (Roughly 35 – 50 years old)
  • Millennials, or Generation Y (18 – 34 years old)
  • Generation Z, or iGeneration (Teens & younger)

Different niche ideas and different products should appeal to different groups.  For example Minecraft or Fortnite you would have more interest in from under 18’s.  Dance music might be more popular with 18-34-year-olds.  Cult collectables will likely be quite fitting for the 35 to 50-year-olds and so on…

which… actually brings me to my next point.

2. Define a Specific Interest For Your Audience

To target your ads to a specific niche, you will need to start by defining their particular interest.

Remember what we said about creating a generalized ad? Well, with such ads, the click-through rate is much lower, which will eventually cause it to fail.  

So, in this situation Avoid going with the demographics. 

For instance, even if you plan on selling your products to men, be a bit less broad and define a specific group’s interest.

Ask yourself what type of interests a true fan would have. Then use this when creating your Facebook ad.

3. Find People Who Will Be Interested

One of the many advantages of Facebook is that you can see customers who are interested in your type of product.

Sending an ad to these individuals may significantly increase the odds of conversions.

Simply go to your Facebook ads manager and locate the behaviours menu. 

behavioral targeting for facebook ads

There is also a sub-menu allowing you to narrow down your search based on purchase habits.

Up to 75% of customers will search for a product online before committing to buying it.

With this in mind, however, note that you have a week to convince the customers to buy your product.

Any longer than this, and they are likely not going to make a purchase.

In fact, this is another good point to make…

4. Consider Peoples Income Level

income bracket demographic example for facebook ads

The above chart is just an example but from this, you can typically see that different households have different income brackets.  This is just the start of it although this basic data does go some way to targetting the right groups.

You must get this part right though.  You wouldn’t want to target broke university students with $5000 products.  This simply would not work but if you managed to target those in the $30-$35K bracket it could be a very different story.

This is why you must target your ads based on income level.

Facebook lets you do this by going to the demographics section in your Facebook ads manager.

demographics facebook ads

Here you have the option of targeting your ads based on net worth, income, or Liquid Assets.

While Facebook doesn’t provide accurate information, it does decode people’s net worth and income based on several secondary data sources, including spending habits.

The estimation is good enough to make the right targeting. For example, it is far more effective to send ads for affordable products to lower-income groups and more expensive products to people with a higher income than sending a generalized ad to everyone. 

This is important as Facebook Ad spending can get very high very quick so you really want to make sure you are getting your money’s worth.

Final Thoughts

How to Make Money With Facebook Ads in 2022.  Well, there are plenty of targeting options with Facebooks ads that allow you to send tailored campaigns to the right people.  This increases the chances of getting a response and significantly improves the odds of making conversions and sales.

This is important to understand for any new Facebook marketer. Although, before I finish this post off…

There is one final thing that is very important that any new marketer using Facebook ads must consider.  Facebook are notorious for suspending peoples ad accounts.  It’s happened to me and no doubt it has happened to many others as well.  Really you must be very careful as it can be very hard to recover restricted accounts. ?

So, definitely, do your research on what Facebook allow and what they do not.  Weight loss and health supplements seem to get a particularly difficult rap and since COVID many claims that due to AI being used more to decide which Ads should be restricted or not more people are losing their accounts than ever.

I can not really help with this but this is a link for someone that can apparently help you set up several accounts at a time.  I am not an affiliate and please proceed with caution.

However…  One Last Thing!

2 products I am an affiliate of that might be worth a look at are 

  • 1#.)  Commission Hero by Robby Blanchard
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I haven’t tried the first one (Commission Hero) yet but Simple Social Media Sales I did buy for $7 and also I upgraded to Pro for $27.00.   In my experience, this was extremely helpful for learning free Facebook marketing techniques.  I’ve so far managed to get several leads in my GetResponse account with this and I’m fairly sure I could get a lot more as well.

I am an affiliate as I have mentioned already.  If you use my link I will earn a small commission but if you are interested in checking this out it is a course I do recommend

Commission Hero maybe not so much but anyhow I will share the links below.

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I will finish this up here but of course any questions or anything else please let us know in the comments section.

Please like and share with anyone you think might find this content interesting or helpful.

Many thanks and #ToYourFutureSuccess ?

Alex B. Chivers

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14 thoughts on “How to Make Money With Facebook Ads in 2022”

  1. Many thanks for a very detailed layout of how to generate money with facebook ads in 2022. The problem is that social media platforms like Facebook constantly evolves and so does the way their advertising system and rules works also. It can be quite frustrating to keep up with all the changes, so is always nice if someone else can do the research for you.

  2. Very extensive and complete article on running Facebook ads successfully. I have not run F/B ads in a while but have run them successfully in the past with an affiliate product on one of my sites. Thanks for organizing all these details. All the Best.

    1. Thanks Joseph, Yes I actually got the spine of this article from 3 different articles. Its from subscription with a platform called I took the articles and basically rewrote them and did a bit more research around the topics. It took me maybe a week. Longest I’ve spent on a post in a while but glad you liked.

      Kind regards;


  3. Hi Alex,

    Your article is detailed that everyone who likes to make money by Facebook ads must read it! I love the step-by-step tutorials to start a campaign & the tips for making creative ads and targeting audiences. Those give so much value to help people make the perfect Facebook ads to make affiliate sales if they are willing to do the A/B test and are not short of ad budget.


    1. Thanks Matt, Yes I hope it is. I created the spine of this post around 3 short articles I got from my subscription with I added my own spin on everything of course. Did my research on the latest updates etc. I think Facebook can be very tricky – many people can spend a lot of money and end up disappointed. Also, another thing is they can be a total nightmare – I believe most the approval process for ads now is run by A.I and worst part they have made it almost impossible to reinstate accounts. You can nopt even get hold of them to talk its ridiculous really.

  4. i Alex, sadly I lost my Facebook Ads account about 10 years ago. It certainly looks like a great way of collecting data, though I’m sure you can also lose a lot of money! You’ve explained the whole process of creating a Facebook ad really well, and I agree the image is most important. There’s certainly a lot of potential in choosing the right target audience, and Facebook makes this very easy.

    1. Hi Kathy, Yes I lost my Facebook Ads account over a year ago. I was able to get it reinstated twice basically for a few amateur mistakes but since then I’ve tried to be more careful and still got restricted again. Their review process is totally appalling. Very hard to please with your submitted Ads as well. Quite unfair really but I’m sure for those that can make it work it can be a very good source of income.

  5. Hey Alex, a very good read, and lots of useful information. I was looking to making ads in Facebook, but wasn’t too sure. Your post, is very clear, laid out nicely and easy to follow, graphs and all!
    Also ad creative is a useful tool to have, may look at that again!
    I didn’t know about Facebook Ad library, shown in the youtube video, another useful piece of info. to have up your sleeve.
    Glad I checked this post out all good stuff to pave my way.
    Keep up the good work.
    Julia? (ps. I wondered what No/10 on your list is?)

    1. Hi Julia, Thanks for your comment. Glad you found this post helpful. I didn’t know about Facebook Ad library before researching this post so will be one to check out for me also. Hope this can be helpful for you.

      As for your question. I am not really sure what you mean unfortunately. Could you please elaborate further?

  6. Hey Alex. Thanks for your thorough walk through the Facebook Ads. I tried to create some already, but every time I did that, my ad was disapproved, because it was promoting digital services. Do you have any update on this? Further, really great guide! Cheers

    1. Hi Julius, Yes I know what you mean they are a total headache. There are ways around promoting digital products but I am no expert really. It is definitely worth doing your research into. I should definitely do the same. I know some products though if you email them for affiliate resources you can get facebook friendly ad landers.

      I think promoting your blog through Facebook Ads doesn’t ever really end well. It hasn’t for me at least but I think one hack is to use Blogger as a median. I have tried this and found it to work before.

  7. Hi Alex,

    Thanks for this highly informative piece. I particularly understand how Facebook ads are necessary to promote business in times like this, but it’s always seemed a little complex until now.

    I like how you broke down the outlines into three main topics, and where you said “People would rather focus on the image instead of the copy (the text for the image) so keep it short.” intrigued me, because it’s so true. Especially in these times where attention span is at its lowest.

    I have a little bit more of understanding to do with the right target audience. I’ll probably read the article again to get more light on this.
    All in all, highly educative and simple. You’ve spurred me today.
    Thanks a bunch!


    1. Hi Femi,

      Thanks, man. Glad you enjoyed the article. Took me a while to write so glad it could be helpful to you. Hope this can help you get better results.

      Best regards;


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