how to set up sales funnels step by step guide

How to Set Up Sales Funnels – Step by Step Guide

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Hello Guys, So for this post I’m going to look at something that I think is very important. How to Set Up Sales Funnels?  Sales Funnels if you are not familiar with them are a series of different actions triggered by one single action.  For instance a visitor to your website may click on an image to download an ebook.  Then upon doing so they will be asked to sign up to your email list, and upon doing so will be sent to your landing page etc.

This already creates 3+ different opportunities to market your product, and your brand.  1.)  the ebook itself 2.) email series auto responder linked to your email list and 3.)  the landing page, and thank you page.

So personally I’ve been thinking about this now since last night. Laying down in bed and thinking what I can maybe do to improve my websites. This idea kind of hit me as there is one website I have which needs a sales funnels set up in my opinion. So for this post I’m going to go through this exact process with you.

Also, if you missed my last post you might want to take a look at also.  The reason being is if you don’t have a lead magnet ready to use this will show you how to easily create an ebook.  Check it out here

How to Easily Set Up a Sales Funnel – Step by Step Guide?

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How to Easily Set Up a Sales Funnel?


OK, so using my own website as an example for this process the first thing I’m going to be looking at is the widgets here in my right sidebar.

I currently have 4 on the right sidebar.  Pictured above are 2 of these widgets.  Both products are from Clickbank and if you click on any of these it will redirect to the Clickbank sales page(s).

Now the first of these pictured has its own sales funnel set up.  It isn’t one of my own it is actually linked to the product but regardless once you click on this link it goes to a sign-up form which you need to fill out to get your free ebook.  Once this is done you will then be put onto the email list for this product and be sent a series of emails.

If you click on it you can see what I mean but what I am going to look at doing today is setting up a sales funnel of my own linked to a new widget on this page.

To do this I’m first going to build an image on based around the ebook I created in my last post and the product which I am promoting through this lead magnet.  Which if you are wondering is a product called Soul Manifestation.

Now, let’s begin shall we.

Step #1 – Creating a Widget to Place in your Right Sidebar

You can actually do this for anywhere on your site.  Header, footer or within your post but in my opinion I personally prefer using the right sidebar.  Maybe you can follow up with a review and a pop up / opt in box within a future post but first let’s just walk through this process right here…

So the first thing I’m going to do is go to and create an image with the custom dimensions of 300x300px.

*Note:  Canva is a must have free tool if you never heard of it.  I’ve not used myself for long but honestly I don’t know what I ever did without it.  You can get a premium membership but the free version is still very, very useful. 

Anyway,  so for this widget I will firstly select a background.  As you can see see below I have chosen a background that fits the theme of meditation.  Then on this background I have added an image, some text and a couple different elements.


With this image I have included a button to download my ebook.  This is the first step of my sales funnel.

Step 2# – Setting Up Your Landing Page

For this part of the process if you don’t have somewhere to create a landing page already I would recommend signing up for an account with Getresponse.  Or otherwise MailChimp, or Aweber but GetResponse Is my personal choice and I think this is the more affordable option for newbies.

I could be wrong about this but what I currently pay is $15 a month for 1k contacts.  Which is more than suitable I think.

Alternatively both LeadsLeap and All In One Profits have these same resources also.  The latter AIOP if you can get the best out of it allows you to build email lists with unlimited contacts for $10 a month but I personally prefer GetResponse as it has tons of professional templates.   Much better than what is available at AIOP.

Anyway so setting up a landing page on GetResponse;

1.)  Go to lists and create an email list for your offer.  Mine for example I will name – 3_minute-meditations!

2.) Once your list is created click on ‘menu’ in the top left corner and then afterwards select ‘Landing pages’.

3.)  Once here click on ‘Create Landing Page’.  From here you can either start from scratch or choose a template.

Personally I am going to choose a template but you can do whatever you feel is best for you.  Just bear in mind that the goal of this landing page is to get people to sign up to your email list.

4.)  Within my template I have gone for 2 pages with 3 different opportunities to click on the download button.  Plus I have also got a sign up form which I will link to my main email list for my website.

5.)  So you might be wondering about the links within these buttons.  I obviously want to get sign ups so 2/3 of these download buttons I will link to an optin form.  1/3 will link straight to the ebook.

Step #3 – Opt In and Thank You Page

Follow these instructions below to create your own Opt In and Thank You page.

1.)  To create Opt In and Thank You page select landing pages from menu.  Do the same as above then what I would recommend is this time instead of using a template start from scratch.

2.)  Choose a template.  If you are using GetResponse I would recommend either plain template 1 or 10.

3.)  Find a wallpaper to use that matches your theme.  Then double click on either side of page and you should see this box.

4.)  From here select how you’d like to have your background image from the 5 boxes and then click on the image icon to select your background image.  Keep your opt in basic and be sure to add something under the sign up form like – ‘we promise not to spam’.  See my optin below

5.)  Also,  click on the mobile icon to also create a viewable page for smartphone users.

6.)  The other thing you will want to do is add a link to your EBook.  To do this you must first upload your EBook online.  This can also be done through GetResponse.

Step #4 – Upload Your EBook Online

1.)  Click menu in the top left corner.  It has the 9 small black dots next to it.  Then click on files and images.

2.)  Click the ‘Add Files’ button to the top right.

3.)  Upload your EBook PDF

Step #5 – Thank You Page.

1.)  Next click on the tab for Thank you page.  Here you are basically just going to say Thank You for your leads email address.  I have also included a message instructing my new lead to whitelist my welcome email if it is not in their main inbox.  You will want to do this to make sure that your lead receives your follow up emails.

Here is my Thank You Page here;

2.)  Double click on Download now button to add your link for your ebook.

Step #6 – Set Up Your Autoresponder Email Series

For this next step we will be setting up an Email series.  This you can make as long as you like but for me I will probably look at creating 5-7 different emails.

The first obviously will be a welcome email with another chance to download the EBook.  This should have a catchy title that gets your leads to actually open and read this first email.  I use a website called which rates your headlines for you.  I use this for my posts also but anyway the most important thing is getting this first email open.

Also, inside this email you will want to write in there to ask your lead to whitelist this email if it has gone to their junk folder.  This is to make sure that they will receive future emails from your email series.

To set up emails with GetResponse follow these steps below;

1.)  Click on menu in the top left corner (it’s next to the 9 small black dots!).  From here select autoresponders.

2.)  Click on ‘Create autoresponder’.

3.)  Add autoresponder name.  Write the day you want the first email to be received (I suggest day ‘0’) and then choose the correct list that you want these emails to link to.

4.)  Scroll down and select ‘Create new email’.

5.)  Add message name (to help you personally identify the email within GetResponse) and add the subject line (This is what you need to jump out at people to get them to open the email.  My tip add 1 or 2 emojis to make look more attractive.

6.)  Either choose a template or start from scratch.  My 2 tips are to add a logo at top of email for personal branding and also after you sign off put your website name underneath your name and link this to either your website or facebook page.

7.)  For the rest of the emails do the same and content use email swipes and get creative with helpful valuable information.

Quicknote:  you may wish to hire a freelancer to help with your landing pages and email series.  If you do (providing you don’t have an account already) you can get $20 free credit by signing up with this link to a website called  Here using this link once you join you can start hiring right away.

How to Set Up a Sales Funnel – Step by Step Guide

Summarized Overview

Right so before I bring this post to a close I’m just going to run through how this sales funnel can potentially work towards getting you affiliate commissions.  So the first thing that will happen once you click on the lead magnet widget is you will arrive at the first landing page (pre sell page).  This will trigger at least 4 different actions.

These include 3 download buttons and a sign up form for my main email list for my website.  2 of these buttons will redirect to the optin page and one direct to the EBook.  Also, you can add Social Media icons as well if you would like to have them and also a link to your website.  And this is only the beginning so next thing that will happen…

On the optin page you will sign up for the email series and then be taken to the thank you page.  Here you will be instructed to whitelist incoming emails and finally you will be able to click the button to take you to the ebook (lead magnet).

The first of the product links associated with the EBook will appear inside the EBook as clickable links.  Then the email series will also contain links within them as well plus you can also include links to your website, social media and even to other landing pages to get your leads to join your other lists.

There is many ways this can work and this by far the best way to do affiliate marketing.

In Conclusion

Also don’t forget that you can use these landing pages within social media campaigns, solo ads and page ads.  One good idea is to sign up for a free account with LeadsLeap and use this website for other advertising.  You can also use your membership here to add an ad bar to your landing pages which can be an extra tool within your funnel as if anybody clicks on your ad bar it can take them to another page which you can also engineer towards gaining affiliate commissions.

There is so much you can do basically.  You don’t need an expensive Clickfunnels membership just follow these steps.  Clickfunnels maybe quicker but if your only a relative newcomer to internet marketing you don’t want to be throwing a load of cash around that you don’t yet have.  You can I’m not telling you what to do but this is my stance anyway.

Just get a GetResponse, Mailchimp or Aweber account and follow these steps as instructed above.

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Also, any feedback, questions etc. please don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below.

Many thanks

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