The Best Ways How To Use PLR Articles Plagiarism Free in 2023

The Best Ways How To Use PLR Articles Plagiarism Free in 2023

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What Are The Best Ways To Use PLR Articles Plagiarism Free in 2023?  

This is certainly an interesting topic.  Having a blog or website is a very demanding job – especially now with the rise of A.I. – the competition is more fierce than ever.  Especially since content creation is a tough job already and not only this but it is definitely getting a lot harder to compete with others.

Perhaps one reason why people might want to consider using content from PLR articles and EBooks

Building a steady stream of content is important and there are plenty of places where you can get free-to-use PLR products from. Even Google can be used to search for free-to-use PLR articles. 

Even if you look on Warrior+ you can buy huge bundles of PLR content for very cheap here too.

But how about this, is this really the answer?

Certainly, one of the key ways to make money online with blogging is ranking on the first page of Google, but how do you do this (if you even can) with recycled content?  

It’s a good question and one reason why I have decided to put together today’s article.

How To Use PLR Articles Plagiarism Free in 2023

the best ways how to use PLR articles

So PLR in the digital marketing space (for anyone new) is short for Private Label Rights.  

Here is a screenshot from Google that (I think) explains it all quite well.

what does PLR mean in digital marketing

So, I personally love PLR products.  They are great for so many things (lead magnets are probably the main one for me but there are definitely plenty of others).  

Note: If you are trying to get people to join your email list good lead magnets are pretty much like gold dust.

But getting straight to the point one thing PLR articles/ebooks aren’t great for is you can’t just freely publish them on your website and hope that they will make the first page of Google.

Mostly because several people, probably hundreds, thousands, if not more will probably have the same content that you’re planning to publish and many will have already published this content themselves.  

The fact is that Google does NOT like PLAGIARISM.  And as PLR content is likely already published elsewhere this is the main issue with it.  PLR content has likely been published countless times already so It definitely can be considered as plagiarized if you publish it yourself.

In fact, many PLR articles probably start life as blog posts. If you think people just throw them together for nothing you are surely mistaken.  

Just think about if you are buying a PLR package of 10K articles the author likely hasn’t spent 20 years cranking out 1-2 articles a day. They have rather likely instead packaged together as many pre-existing PLR products as possible.  

So really, the chances you can find one PLR article that is plagiarism free are very unlikely but here is the thing.

There is still plenty you can do with PLR products.

I really want to drive this point home today so let’s get started here…

How To Publish PLR Articles On Your Website Plagiarism Free!

what is plagiarism on a website

Here are a few tips for using PLR articles without being flagged for plagiarism –

#1 Use Plagiarism Detection Tools

 Before anything else if your intent is to publish PLR content (articles) on your website then before publishing run your text through a plagiarism detection tool.  Some examples include;

And you never know maybe you will get lucky and the whole body of text is plagiarism free – this probably won’t happen lol but either way, this will help you identify any areas of this content that have been plagiarized.  

It might be only a few lines or it might be the whole lot you need to edit but here is how you find out.

*Note: If your PLR content does pass the plagiarism checker with little or no plagiarism still it is always a good idea to put it through a 2nd check with another tool.  You might actually be surprised. What one Plagiarism checker will miss another one will pick up.  So definitely always try to consider this.

Also, I know (been there and done this myself) it can be a long process but if you pick up Plagiarism here is what you need to do. SERIOUSLY…

#2 Make Sure To Rephrase Your Content and Make It Unique

Take the time to rephrase the content you pick up with Plagiarism and make it your own. 

Find the areas of text you need to edit, and then get to work rephrasing.   

The Grammarly Pro editor is an amazing tool for this.  If anyone reading is interested it not only can let you edit plagiarised content in real-time but if you write your own articles it can really help here too in case of the unfortunate times your own original work may get flagged for plagiarism.

Quillbot is a popular tool here because this will automatically spin and rephrase your whole article. 

You may find doing this once is enough to get a 100% pass through any plagiarism checker but you may find that you still need to edit this content because of how it reads on the page. 

Quite often article spinners will present this problem. Even if they remove all traces of plagiarism with what they respin often your new reworded content will not flow properly across the page.

So don’t expect a quick fix here.

Although, there is a nice little trick you can implement here instead if you prefer…

#3 Provide Proper Attribution and Use Canonical Tags: 

This is overlooked a bit too often but another thing you can do with PLR articles is just publish them as they are and provide proper attribution to the original author.  

This means including a citation that gives credit to your content to let people know that this is not your original work. 

In fact, you can go one better here and I’d say this is an absolute must – use a canonical tag and provide a link to the original article within your HTML. 

I do this myself fairly often and many big publications such as Forbes do this too. Personally, what I do is use the Rankmath WordPress plugin

Although, any SEO plugin I think lets you do this and it is so easy once you know how.  

In Rankmath just look in advanced settings (the 2nd tab) you literally can’t miss it.  All you have to do here is paste the link to the original author’s published content and that is it.

See the screenshot below;

rankmath SEO screenshot canonical tags

Note: I can’t really say whether it is best to Index or noindex your blog posts when doing this.  If you do have a preference for one article getting indexed over the other then make sure you give it 1-2 weeks in between or select noindex.

Although another thing that I think is so true…   

#4 Don’t Overdo It With PLR Content On Your Website: 

As much as you can use PLR articles and reap many benefits, especially if you can completely rework them to be their own thing still you should not rely too heavily on them.

Use PLR articles occasionally to help keep up the demand with your readers but don’t overdo it. 

PLR articles are great for filler content but make sure you are also posting regular content that is from you.  People like to read original pieces.

A lot of people when they visit websites like to know the person whose work they are reading is their own writing. This becomes less the case when the likes of A. I and recycled content are thrown into the mix.

You might be surprised how much people actually like your own work but besides the point, PLR content is great if you use it in the right way – so let’s get back to this…

What Are the Best Tools To Help Rewrite PLR Articles With

*I’ve mentioned most of the tools I use already when I am using PLR articles for my blog posts but for anyone who would like to know more here are these tools again plus a couple of others.

#1 Grammarly Premium: 


Grammarly (the free version) I think is an absolute must-have tool for any writer.  Not having it is one of the biggest amateur mistakes there is in my opinion.  It’s an absolute game changer when it comes to checking Grammar in real time but if you can afford it Grammarly Pro is on a whole level above this.  And mostly because of its Plagiarism checker.  You can copy and paste your content into the Grammarly editor and here you can easily edit plagiarized content in real-time.

For anyone that has had to do this with free tools, you will know what a nightmare this can be.  Repeatedly having to copy and paste your content into a plagiarism checker until it’s all gone.  It can take hours but with GP you can do it in minutes.

#2 Copyscape: 

copyscape plagiarism detection tool logo

Copyscape is a plagiarism checker that can also help you identify and rewrite duplicate content. It searches the web for identical or similar content and provides you with a report that highlights any areas of your text that match other sources.

Some might be put off using CopyScape as you have to buy credits to use but it is a good tool. If you use free tools you will know what a nuisance it is only checking 500 words at a time.

Copyscape lets you check your whole article at once. It is not free as I have said but it is very affordable. $10 a month you can do loads with.

However, for rewriting content one thing I know is good here is…

#3 Quillbot for Rephrasing PLR Content 

Quillbot logo

Quillbot is a rephrasing tool that can help you rephrase your text and make it more unique. It uses advanced AI algorithms to understand the meaning of your text and suggest alternative phrasing.

If you are looking to use PLR articles and you would like to make them your own this is a good tool to check out. It is also great for rewriting AI content which is another good thing to note.

I may have to look into this more in another article but yes there is this and alternatively…

#4 The Best Spinner and Article Rewriter

These are 2 tools that you can try out for rephrasing besides Quillbot.  

The Best Spinner is a text rewriting tool that can help you rephrase your text and make it more unique.  It uses a thesaurus to suggest alternative words and phrases and also allows you to spin entire sentences or paragraphs.

Whilst Article Rewriter is a tool that can also help you rephrase your text and make it more unique.  It uses advanced algorithms to understand the meaning of your text and suggest alternative phrasing.

*My pick is Quillbot but check out each one to see what you personally prefer.

#5 – Honoury Mention:  SmallSEOTools

Not much to say here but if you are on a budget for free this is my top pick for a Plagiarism checker.  You can only scan 500 words at a time but I’ve always found it to work very well.

#6 – Side Note

However, still It is important to keep in mind that no matter how advanced these tools are, it is still important to proofread and edit the article yourself to make sure it makes sense, flows well, and is not just a jumble of words that do not make sense.

The best tools for checking plagiarism and rewriting PLR articles will depend on your individual needs and preferences but It certainly is always helpful to try out a few different options to see which one works best for you.

Time-Saving Tips for Publishing PLR Articles?

Based on the information I’ve shared above here are a few things to bear in mind.

  • Use Premium (Paid) Tools:  If time really is important then a good idea is to invest in tools that can help you work faster.  Grammarly Pro I think is definitely my pick but all the others have premium upgrades and they really can speed things up.
  • Create an Editing Checklist:  Having a checklist of things to look out for before publishing an article can save you a lot of time.  As you begin to become more organized you can easily rinse and repeat the process for maximum effect.
  • Learn To Recognize Common PLR Content:  Over time, you will get familiar with the common phrases and sentences used in PLR articles. This can help you quickly identify and rewrite sections that may be flagged for plagiarism.
  • Use a Tool that Automates Rewriting: There are several tools available that can help you quickly and automatically rewrite PLR content to make it more unique.  See the last section for examples.
  • Use a Template or an Outline:  Having a template or an outline can help you to structure your article in an efficient way, making it easier to rewrite and edit the article.  This can save you time and effort when republishing PLR articles.
  • Use a Team:  If you have a team working on publishing PLR articles, you can divide the work among the team members. One can work on rewriting, another one on editing, and another one on proofreading, and so on.

So really I add this section because here is the thing about using PLR material.  You might think it is a quick fix but sometimes it can take nearly as long as it takes to write a whole original article. 

Although, it can be quick and convenient with the right system in place to help you get your PLR blog posts published faster.  So…

Other Uses For PLR Content

One of the great marketing ploys of those selling PLR bundles is that you can sell each PLR article, eBook, etc. as its own thing.  Some platforms do not allow the resale of PLR products. 

For instance, Gumroad is a great website that will allow you to list your EBooks for sale but if you get found out for using PLR material you will get your account suspended.

However, eBay is a different story.  They actually will allow you to sell PLR products.  Many people do this but what many people say is for each product you want to put your own spin on it make it your own.

Some claim you can even sell on Gumroad this way but these are not the only two places.  There are actually loads.

  • PayHip (I got banned here for selling PLR) but is a good platform just bear this in mind.
  • Shopify, BigCommerce, Your Own Website – if you make your own store you can sell whatever.
  • SendOwl – Have never used but their slogan is “The Wise Way to Sell Digital Products.
  • PublishDrive – Platform dedicated to selling EBooks
  • Apple Books – Never used but seems very similar to Amazon KDP
  • Google Play – Another very good platform with high traffic
  • Amazon KDP – Free to join. Very popular marketplace but does not allow PLR content.
  • Clickbank & Warrior+ – If you can really make PLR content your own to create expansive digital products these are extra options to consider.

I mean I think this is probably really the main thing to think about with PLR content if you are not using it for your blogs.  Just make it your own and list it for sale on any one of the marketplaces I’ve mentioned above.

Actually love this idea.  John Thornhill really made me think about this in his webinar for his Success Partnership.  What he used to do was buy CD-ROMS full of hundreds of EBooks and relist them 1 by 1 on eBay. You can still do this now ~ I should do this more only 2 books are listed at the moment.

But seriously, if only I had thought of this back in the day but what else.  So really the other thing is if you can find a way to do it use your eBooks as lead magnets to draw people in to sign up for your email list.

If you can do this then I think you really are on to a winner.  I will leave the rest up to you but if you do need some help…

Check This Out

I came across this product in its initial incarnation earlier this year.  I got an email and for $9.95 I got a digital guide with step-by-step videos and to my surprise a physical book as well, and honestly, I’ve read it a few times now.  A great book. John Thornhill – Rapid Digital Assets

This actually gave me so many ideas about releasing my own digital products.  I have been blogging now pretty much full-time for 3 1/2 years.  Running a website or websites in my case is not as easy as people make it sound.  I’ve read some people who have said that within a year your traffic will just continue to grow and grow with your earnings.

But I have seen a few crashes in my time.  One new Google update and it can totally wipe you out.

So it can be testing but if you are really interested in digital marketing which is basically affiliate marketing on steroids you will know that if you can successfully create and sell your own digital products this is your license to print money.

And I think the link below should definitely help you if you are lacking confidence about how you can do this for yourself>>

And Just To Close Out…

Creating and selling your own digital products is a lot easier than people think.  Plenty of tutorials are on Youtube to check out.  I personally, love using Canva which is a must-have tool for creating EBooks, printables, and graphics.  I’ve read people say people prefer ebooks because they can just save them and read them at their own pace.

I really could go on here but getting back to PLR products you can do whatever you like with them.  If you don’t own any check out some of the packages on Warrior+ you should not be disappointed…

So I will leave this here but any questions feel free to reach out in the comments section below.

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2 thoughts on “The Best Ways How To Use PLR Articles Plagiarism Free in 2023”

  1. This is just my experience with PLR content and putting them in eBooks. It’s usually just rehashed content that doesn’t provide much value to the readers. I have been working with affiliate marketing for 15 years now and I can easily tell when PLR articles are used in eBooks.

    I can say that using them for emails with your email list can be effective. I typically, just customize them to put my own flare on it.

    1. Hi Garen, Yes I know what you mean a lot of it is rubbish. I joined a platform called Virality content last year. I was kind of desperate to get more content published on this website and used this for about 4 months. My experience was that it was too much work. Every piece I had to rewrite and make longer. It was not really worth my time I thought in the end. I mean really if I am feeling inspired I can easily write 2k words in a day without messing around with plagiarism detectors and the article rewriters.

      Although, I think you can do plenty with PLR content still and actually eBay you can publish ebooks from PLR content. I made this recently;

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