How to Use Social Media to Increase Sales

Using Social Media to Increase Sales

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Using Social Media to Increase Sales

Hi Everyone, For today’s post I’m going to be looking at How to Use Social Media to Increase Sales, and Free Social Media Lead Generation… How does it work?  How to Use Social Media to get leads… This is the thing a lot of people use Social Media alongside there business but for a lot of people, it isn’t enough to just share your links.

Sure using Facebook cool, Twitter lot’s of potential, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and if you can figure out how to use it Reddit.  There is a method to using all these platforms but the main thing I would say you must be engaging.  It is called Social Media after all so be Social.

If you are reading this post then you must be looking for help to boost your online business.  Well, you have come to the right place because I have something very special for you.

Actually, it might not be – it really depends on you whether if you use this information to help yourself as intended, or you don’t.   That is what I would like to show you today.  This video;

Find out more here >>Buy Simple Social Media Sales for $7@ JVZOO or Warrior+<~~

or carry on reading.  Let’s look at how we can actually get this to work…

Using Social Media to Increase Sales

Table of Contents;

  1. Introduction: How to Use Social Media to Increase Sales
  2. Social Media Lead Generation Software
  3. My Personal Review of Simple Social Media Sales
    3a. What I Like About This Product
    3b. What I Don’t Like About This Product
    3c. My Verdict – To Buy or Not To Buy?
  4. My Recommendations for Landing Page Builders
  5. As for the Upsells
  6. Social Media Lead Generation#
  7. In Conclusion / Your Feedback

Introduction: Using Social Media to Increase Sales

How to Use Social Media to Increase Sales

It’s no secret in the 2020’s Social Media is everything.  As much as we don’t like the fact.  If we thought TV was bad then this is worse.  I agree, but from an opportunity-seeking point of view, there are certain agreeable things here.

Like at this time of writing this there is an estimated 4.57 million people that use the internet with an estimated 3.8 billion Social media users.  4.57 Million estimated customers and 4.57 billion people potentially that you could find something for.

We all have our own separate interests – Star Trek, Star Wars, DC, Marvel, Sports, Music, Knitting, Health, Travel, Religion, Yadda, Yadda, Random Thing, Random Thing etc.

Straight to the point though Social Media is popular – it’s a household thing – and as long as you have something that people need or want – then YOU are in Business!  You can use Social Media to find your audience of Like-Minded people with common interests.  Happy customers for your products that will buy from you again, and again!

Social Media Lead Generation Software

Now, Let’s get this straight – my post today I’m not trying to sell you some short stories.  You are here I would suspect because you’re looking for powerful wise words.  This is actually what I’m trying to promote today some online training that I have recently purchased that I found has really helped me.

It might not help you, or it might help you more than me.  I definitely think it has the potential there.  It is a training program called Simple Social Media Sales by a guy called John ‘Bones’ Rodriguez, and to purchase this it is a very affordable $7.

Now, this is not any kind of software – not exactly.  What it is – is a digital product with various training resources from a Professional Social Media and Affiliate Marketing expert for a very good price$$

I have joined this program – straight up – I am just like you I want to be a successful money-making machine.  I am already one (I think) but a bit of reinforcement is a powerful thing.

Put this in perspective – you can make money but will your method of making it always work?

In a nutshell;  Social Media Promotion + Business Opportunities + XX% of 4.57 Billion! people that are interested!

My Personal Review of Simple Social Media Sales

My Personal Review of Simple Social Media Sales

Product Name:  Simple Social Media Sales 2020
Creator:  John ‘Bones’ Rodriguez
Price:  $7 & $27 for SSMS Pro
Rating:  3.5/5 Stars⭐⭐⭐

Quick Summary:  Simple Social Media Sales or SSMS for short is a recently released training portal released by Actor, Author and Entrepreneur John ‘Bones’ Rodriguez that teaches you how you can turn your time on Social Media into a Powerful High-Conversion Sales Lead Magnet!


What I Like About This Product

I bought SSMS only very recently after talking to Bones on Facebook.  He actually managed to sell me this product with one of the techniques that he teaches in this training.  This method alone to learn is worth the $7.  I don’t really want to give away too much about what this is but my first day of using it I was able to make 2 commissions.  Not a lot of money like $10 but if you can get this to work it’s great.

The other thing is Bones Rodriguez took maybe 1-2 hours out his day to talk to me on Facebook chat about creating a landing page.  This I found was very valuable at least from a basic principle point of view.  I had to make a few tweaks over the next day to get this page right but this was the best part for me I didn’t need to write any content to promote this idea.

I just had to build a simple landing page to collect emails and to bypass Facebook’s annoying algorithms that don’t like JVZOO links.  It is a great bit of training I think.  Was able to get like 30 email sign-ups in like 4 days.  Maybe not a lot to some but trust me if you are new to this all then this is great.  Plus personally, I think if I didn’t miss one vital detail about responding to my Facebook comments I might have done a lot better.

What I Don’t Like About This Product

Right this the brutal truth it took me way too long to purchase this product.  On the Sign-Up forms, it insists on taking your phone number.  It gives no instructions on how to enter with international dialling code.  For me example, it is +44 minus the first digit of my mobile phone number (0).  This was one issue and then it wouldn’t take my main card so had to use my credit card which at the moment I’m trying to use very sparingly.

This I thought was very annoying, and the other thing the number of people I have sent to this offer which haven’t actually bought this.  I wonder if this is actually why – they lost their patience like I almost did at checkout.  Not sure if this a JVZOO thing or not, or is actually to do with Bones himself!

He does also have a marketing tool he promotes called MyTextRobot that automatically sends marketing texts to his list of phone contacts by SMS.  Pretty convenient if you ask me, and I wouldn’t mind but if this is really the reason why my conversion rate for this product hasn’t been as high as I would have liked than I think this is a huge problem.

Personally, I think a one-time fee of $7 is reasonable enough for people to want to buy this product.  It’s worth it as well but what people don’t want is to be spending more than 10-15 minutes trying to pay for something.

My Verdict – To Buy or Not To Buy?

My Verdict

I have given a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars for this product. The reason I haven’t give it 5 stars is because of the issues I faced with buying this in the first place. Mostly though I think because paying $7 to learn this one trick and everything that come’s with being a member of SSMS is well worth it in my eyes.


Also just to note there is a 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. Just email Bones and if he can not help you make money than he will refund you.  I have found him very helpful and easy to get hold of so far and I would expect this would be the same for anybody.

As long as he is free he will give you all the support that you need.  The only thing if you don’t have a landing page builder yet get one.  This is a very important part of this process.

My Recommendations for Landing Page Builders

1.) LeadsLeap – I absolutely love this platform. You should just use this anyway. Even on there free membership you get to advertise, earn $$, build a list and landing pages – although not my ideal way – much prefer GetResponse.

Join Here:

2.) All-In-One-Profits – $10 a month but there is an excellent affiliate program offering 100% commissions. So if you get someone else to join also you are covered. Not tried there landing page builder but possibly similar to LeadsLeap.

3.) GetResponse – $15 a month for up to 1k contacts but highly recommend. Very easy to use plus lot’s of other quality tools including funnel builder, list builder and a whole ton of templates.

Join Here:

4.) Aweber – $19 a month for up to 500 contacts. Which on the face of it does not seem like such a great deal? I’ve not really looked how GetResponse compares on a grander scale but anyway I think Aweber has better templates. A lot of people seem to prefer it I find.

As for the Upsells

I have only got the Simple Social Media Sales Pro upgrade.  I have not gone through all the tools and resources provided yet but definitely something to consider after you have purchased the $7 offer.

The others are the Facebook Groups Unleashed eBook which is $47 and the FB Groups Unleashed Pro Package for $97.

Oh, and you can also buy the resale rights to everything for $199.

Links I will include for anybody that is interested below;

Facebook Groups Unleashed eBook – Click Here
Resale Rights – Click Here

Social Media Lead Generation#

Social Media Lead Generation

Using social media for lead generation.  For this final section let me tell you this.  It is the best free way to generate leads there is.  You just need to be methodical.  Find ways to get into conversations with people.  There are millions and millions of people using Social Media at any given time.

People are addicted to it on a grand scale.  Facebook as a business tool is revolutionary.  So is Twitter if you know how to get engagements and retweets etc.  Pinterest and Instagram also, and if your able to break the 4th wall Reddit is full of golden opportunities.  Generally, it’s just all about taking the right approach – talk to people and then let them know what you are selling.

How to Use Social Media to Increase Sales isn’t really hard when you know how to.  It is finding the right audience that is all I can say.  If you’re trying to flog a lorry load of inflatable Darth Vaders maybe post on the Facebook group called ‘We Love Star Wars’.  Easy really just communicate effectively and efficiently that’s it

In Conclusion

A $7 one time payment that’s it.  If you get the same trouble as I did at checkout don’t give up.  It will be worth it once you get it.  Just pay attention to the training, and put this into action.

Also, make sure that you get your landing page builder this is vital.  The other thing make sure your landing page is good enough to capture leads, and the more difficult part write a quality autoresponder series but do your research.  The great part about this program as it is a foray into email marketing.

Once you get this down it will be the most valuable thing you ever learn.  Get people to sign up to your email list before going to your affiliate offers and you are effectively exchanging once chance to sell something to somebody to multiple chances through different emails.  Also not forgetting all the valuable new skills you will have with SMM – Social Media Marketing.

Purchase Simple Social Media Sales Below;

Click Here Gif


Your Feedback

So before I go just wanted to say a huge thanks for reading this post.  If you would like to leave a comment or have any questions, and if there is anything whatsoever I can help you with please leave your replies in the comments section below.

Also if you please like, share and subscribe this would be totally awesome.

and until next time – stay safe

All the Best x

from Alex

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4 thoughts on “Using Social Media to Increase Sales”

  1. Hello Alex 

    I had a great read on this article I have heard people talk about the benefits of using social media to increase sales but i never knew how to go about it or even had the time to check it out, having come across this article and watching your YouTube video is really an eye opener for me. Thank you for this detailed article 

    1. Your Welcome Layefa,  definitely check out Simple Social Sales is very helpful I thought

  2. Hello there, thanks for sharing this amazing content here with us. I must confess, i really did enjoy going through your review as i have learnt a lot from going through this. I will be trying this tips you have shared here to increase my sales online, i will also try out those landing page builders as well, thanks for sharing.

    1. No problem.  GetResponse id my personal choice but LeadsLeap is a real hidden gem.  Their ads are something else.  Best way after FB so far I’ve found to get new leads;  Check out this Free Report it’s amazing

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