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How to Write Product Reviews that Convert into Sales – A Quick Guide

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How To Write Product Reviews that Convert into Sales?  Many that get started with blogging should take notice here.  Product Reviews can be a great way to attract readers but at the same time, they must be written in a way that keeps your readers interested.  Many struggles for this reason and the sooner people realize this the better.

Quite a lot of new bloggers will consider writing product reviews as a possible avenue for affiliate marketing.  From my own experience, I have earned several commissions by writing product reviews.  In fact, one of the very first product reviews I ever wrote was one that made me several commissions in only my first month.

So publishing product reviews in general can be very lucrative.  Although, as true as this is at the same time with a lot of affiliate programs the competion here is so fierce that it hardly feels worth doing.

For instance just take a look at the top 10 Clickbank products.  Each of these will possibly have hundreds if not thousands of bloggers and YouTubers putting together product reviews to try to rank on Google.

Really it is quite off-putting but actually, this is a good tip on How to Write Product Reviews that Convert into Sales – choose the products for your reviews very wisely.  

I would suggest not avoiding Clickbank completely (as you never really know) but definitely looking elsewhere is a good idea.

Share A Sale, Max Bounty, Rev Offers and countless others are there to choose from but actually, this is not the only point I hope to make throughout this new article.  Please keep reading if you’d like to learn more.

How to Write Product Reviews that Convert into Sales

i.)  Choose Your Offers Carefully

I know I’ve made this point already.  If you want to write product reviews that convert into sales then choose your offers wisely.  Like you will want to promote products that actually work.  If you are developing a health and fitness blog for instance you will want to build a good reputation to keep your readers coming back.

If you are promoting crappy products all the time and you are not being honest about their quality then people will pick up on this.  It is better to do your research before making the decision to write a product review.  Plus if you can identify quality products during this process then this is only good for your site long term. 

ii.) Make a Good First Impression 

make a good first impression when writing product reviews

I would say this is very important for writing any blog post.  As soon as your reader starts on the top of the page you will want to keep them reading.  Taking a copywriting course may be very helpful here but basically, when you read a newspaper the first line will be something like” 20 Killed in Bomb Blast” or “The Coldest Winter In 20 Years” – it will make an immediate impact.

It’s not quite the same – the beginning of a product review and a news article but in theory, it is these first words that keep your readers on the page.  This is an important factor for SEO and actually increases the conversion rate considerably.

If you want to know how to write product reviews that convert into sales then an important part is keeping your readers interested.  They must if you are hoping for any small chance of them visiting your affiliate link be reading up to the point on the page where you have added your CTA (i will talk more about this shortly!).

But besides this just a few more important points to make first – continuing with…

iii.)  Make Sure Your Content is Unique

One consistent problem with many product reviews online is so many of them are so similar.  Even though a lot of affiliate marketers are not directly copying from each other the same typical points are being made;

  • What Is the Product?
  • Product Features?
  • What Does It Do?
  • What Are the Ingredients or components?
  • How To Use 
  • Customer Reviews
  • Where To Buy?

Many reviews are basically just put together by asking and answering from this same set of questions and really the end result is to be expected – the same boring article repeated again and again.

It is not that people are deliberately copying off each other but because these people are using the same template they are coming up with the same end product.   

To really be different here it is not that you can’t use this formula but you must add your own spin and offer something that these other reviews are not.  Take time to study your competition first.  Read the first page of reviews on Google and see what you can add to your review that others haven’t added to their own.

Also, add your own unique questions, and be sure to write from your own viewpoint to make your content really stand out. 

iv.)   Offer Value First

Many affiliate marketers will make this mistake.  Of course, making money is paramount to running an online business but one thing people do not like is the feeling that somebody is trying to sell them something.  

If we think about going to a market or anything similar – when are you more likely to make a purchase when you see something and ask about it or when someone approaches you trying to sell something?

Of course, you will want to feel like you are making the decision to buy something and not someone else.  Nothing is worse than someone trying to pressure you into giving them money – even if you are getting something back in return.

You want to look at things from your reader’s perspective.  The kind of value that you expect from reading someone else’s product review is what you should offer to other people.   

Also valuable content will keep your readers on your site for longer which helps SEO and page ranking. 

v.)  Target Low Competition Keywords

how to find low competition keywords for your product reviews

If you are wondering How to Write Product Reviews that Convert into Sales then pay close attention.  If you are hoping to be found on Google or Bing then this is not going to happen if you are using all the same keywords as your competitors.

Long Tail Keywords are really what you want if you want to be found on Google but also at the same time you will want to consider search volume.  You will want to choose keywords that are low competition but still with enough searches every month for your readers to find your content.

vi.)  Use Clear CTAs – Call To Actions

Now, so you are getting traffic to your page, and people are reading through your content but here is the stinger – are people taking the bait?  This should not be too difficult if you are already offering value and people like what they see.  This is the key to making your content convert – having a clear call to action that your readers will click on

This could be an image, a highlighted section of the text, or a button.  What I do is use Gutenberg blocks.  I add 2 columns – one with an image and the other with a bit of text and a button.  See my example above 

However, using CTAs effectively is a task in itself.  Do you add in the beginning in the middle or towards the end?

There is quite a few variables here so check out these videos to get a better idea of how you can make this work for you.

vii.)  Use Your Reviews To Collect Leads Rather Than Make Sales

Has anybody ever told you that “it is all in the list“?  Seriously it is not that you can’t write product reviews that convert into Sales on a frequent basis just by linking to the sales page or checkout but the numbers do not lie.  

Only around 5% of your visitors will read your product review and decide to buy your product right there and then.   

And this is only if it is a good piece of content with a good stream of traffic but if you are instead collecting leads that you can email every day this 5% becomes significantly higher.  

You of course must write a very compelling autoresponder series but this is the real key to successfully writing product reviews.  Don’t try to sell try to collect leads.  Once you have leads on your email list then you can contact them again to tell them more about your affiliate products.  Some stats suggest that a customer will usually see a product around 7 times before deciding on making a purchase.  [R]

Viii.)  Don’t Write Product Reviews

This is another thing to think about if you want to write product reviews that convert into sales.  Don’t write product reviews!  

Seriously I know this is a post about writing product reviews but look at creating informational pieces that target low-competition keywords.  You can still write product reviews that you can link to from other pieces of content but try this to lure your readers in.  Research the product that you are looking to promote and do keyword research based on the key features.

Like, let’s say we have a product called the ultra cool and effective digital marketing course that works with a secret social media marketing and SEO hack.  So instead of targeting “Ultra Cool and Effective Digital Marketing Review” instead you could target “How SEO Can Work With Social Media To Help You Succeed At Digital Marketing”.

The principle is the same you will craft your content to drive your readers toward your CTA with your affiliate link or landing page where you will collect your leads.  Except for the main difference this way, you have more chance of ranking your content.

In Conclusion

If you are struggling to make your product reviews convert then you will need to make changes and improvements to your content.  One tip I think that is really good is the one in the second CTA video about using corresponding colors for your theme and CTA.  eg. Use Green for your theme and use Red for your CTA.  Google ‘Color wheel’ for more ideas.

So I would guess that my list is not everything but in a nutshell make sure your sales copy is good, unique, and has a good CTA.

Also, target low competition to make sure you have a decent flow of traffic, and definitely do your research to find products that will actually help people. Don’t sugarcoat it – if a product is a load of crap make sure to tell your readers why!

You should find this helps but one more thing – learn how to split test and measure your results.  Sharpen your axe and see what you can do to sharpen it even more.  Take note of the steps above and also check out Skillshare to learn more about writing effective Sales Copy, Powerful Email Autoresponders, and also their tips on how to write product reviews that convert into sales.

Also, Read More About Googles Guidelines on how to write product reviews that rank>>> 

Google guidelines for writing a product review that ranks

So this is really pretty much everything but just before I go I have one last thing I’d like to share with you…

lets stay in touch

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